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Central Oregon

La Pine volunteers help clean up abandoned campsite

LA PINE, Ore. (KTVZ) --Paula Walters and a group of fellow volunteers spent the last four days cleaning up debris from an abandoned campsite in La Pine.

Walters said the people who had been staying at the campsite along Paulina Lake Road and Highway 97 were there for a few years, until the federal Bureau of Land Management asked them to leave earlier this year.

“This one has been sitting abandoned since February, and we’ve been keeping an eye on it," Walters said. "It’s just got to the point where we can’t leave this campsite abandoned anymore, because it's just getting worse and worse every day.”

The volunteer group spent 10 to 12 hours a day cleaning up the area and even filled up a large dumpster with all the trash they gathered.

Walters said that among the trash in the area were wrecked vehicles, abandoned appliances, needles and children’s toys.

"The biggest thing is the environmental impact that it has, not only the land but also the animals, eating rotten garbage -- it causes diseases. There's just so many things that go into it," she said.

Walters also owns a conservation business, Friends of Squatch, that helps clean up areas around Oregon, but this cleanup was all volunteer-based.

Walters said she is always looking for volunteers for the cleanups who can help tow some of the bigger items, like abandoned RVs and boats.

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Leslie Cano

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    1. Wow, there really are some dim people on this comment section. And yes, homelessness is a problem in Sisters, La Pine, and everywhere in the country. What planet are you on?

    1. What do you expect in a country that’s been dominated by “conservatives” since 1981? We have no healthcare system, no capacity to handle a pandemic, an economy that almost requires a two earner household to raise children and a culture that shuns technology and the jobs that come with it.

      1. And yet 100% of the poorest and largest homeless populated areas of the country have been ruled over by Democrat/socialist for 30 years or more. Your pronouncements are patently false. Why do you persist with such lies?

        1. I think its because she’s an angry little troll. I wondered if she actually believed the garbage she was spewing but now I think she is just to stupid to realize shes got everything backwards. I think she may be one of those flat earthers. To ignorant to think for herself. Its actually kind of sad.

        2. The people driven out of red areas or states almost always end up in cities which are usually full of blue residents. Ask any of these homeless arrivals where they’re coming from and you’ll see.

      2. And just like Magic Ronald Reagan wiped out the great economy Carter had ushered in. I assume you didn’t live through the Carter years. But not to worry. The Biden economy will put Carter’s to shame.

  1. How many times are private citizens going to be forced to clean up after these people before our ineffectual leaders do something? Thanks for cleaning this up folks. You shouldn’t need to.

    1. Dig a little deeper into red policies and how this health challenged population ends up here in one of the few states that’s actually doing it right. Go visit one of the health challenged exporter states like Oklahoma, Missouri or Texas and see why they end up in places like this.

    2. Congrats on a job well done. Kudos to you. And a pox on the slobs that left all that stuff behind them; you brought it in, you can take it out.

  2. About time to start sending the State and Federal government a bill for private citizens going out and cleaning these sites up. If I remember right, Kates husband claims to have sent President Trump a bill for cleaning up a park site, which turned out to be a state park.

  3. Why do we welcome these people into our communities???? They leave trash everywhere, let their dogs poop and pee without cleaning it up, pose a health danger, and are incredibly unsightly. Not to mention they have no respect for the law because there is no enforcement. Can all the liberal progressives please invite them to live in your homes and backyards and get them out of our downtown and beautiful forest?

  4. So the people just get kicked out of their filthy “camp” and it is left for citizens to clean up? Where are they now? No repercussions? DCSO – you know these are there, stop turning a blind eye! These slobs should be made to do community Service by cleaning up these sites. Not only their own, but all the others out there in our forests where we live and love to recreate.
    I’m sorry you’re homeless but there’s a lot of job openings out there and help for those who really want to get a hand UP. Oh and get off the drugs!!!!

  5. I think it’s time to have more state ran psychiatric hospitals. Right now there is only about 11 beds per 1000 people. It’s no wonder why there’s so much homelessness & attacks, killings….
    The state hospitals had a bad stigma but atleast disturbed people weren’t stealing & killing regular people. While they’re so upset about taking guns out of normal citizens hands why don’t the start with mental health. Maybe we wouldn’t have the major messes we are dealing with now.

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