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Oregon medical examiner: 2 deaths at Hunnell Road homeless camp were not caused by heat

Dozens of RVs, cars and tents have been located for months at a homeless encampment along Hunnell Road in Bend
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Dozens of RVs, cars and tents have been located for months at a homeless encampment along Hunnell Road in Bend

Two men living at camp had been on preliminary list

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Two residents of the homeless camp along Hunnell Road who died recently amid record heat have been determined to have died of other, non-heat-related causes, the Oregon state medical examiner reported.

Late Friday, the Office of State Medical Examiner updated a previous report of 116 possibly heat-related deaths. The office confirmed 83 deaths around the state were caused by hyperthermia related to the record-breaking heat wave, but said four deaths in the preliminary count were excluded and determined not to be caused by the heat.

The other 32 deaths on the earlier list are still pending further investigation, with a final cause of death not yet determined. The state did not identify those listed, only providing their county and earlier, their gender and ages.

Oregon State Police Captain Tim Fox confirmed Monday that the four removed from the list Friday included the two deaths in Deschutes County males, 60 and 64, that were among the preliminary numbers.

While state officials did not identify any of the people on the list, Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel, after family notifications, had identified the men who died at the Hunnell Road camp on Sunday, June 27 as Alonzo Boardman, 60, and Joseph Davis, 64.

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  1. Why is it that government officials cannot think before they speak? I mean, did anyone believe that the only heat-related deaths the first days in Bend were on the same stretch of road amongst the same demographic? The public didn’t except our Mayor and the homeless enablers, who were quick to jump on the bandwagon.

    1. – although prudent reflection before speaking is probably commendable counsel… come on man – coming from you?

      – homeless enablers? … raging capitalist profiteers?

    1. The odds are zero; they had an opportunity to score points for their point of view. Even if they admit they were wrong, a retraction contains about 1% of the impact of the original misstatement. Besides, how many times have you seen the media publish a retraction or correction?

    2. I don’t understand your criticism. Are you saying everyone should die on the streets of Bend? Or it’s okay if poor people die on the streets of Bend? Not having people dying on the streets of a community seems a perfectly reasonable goal for elected officials to hold. How we achieve that is a reasonable topic for debate.

  2. Where’s everyone who came out swinging saying these deaths were heat related? A lot of you took some ugly shots at me and others for simply saying that we need to wait until we jump to conclusions.

    People will never learn

    I hope the deceased rest in peace and if something could have been prevented then i hope it gets fixed.

  3. Well, the loudest and most adamant voices on these two deaths came from the Central Oregon “peacekeepers” on their multiple FB pages/sites.

    Verbose outrage laced with profanity and dressed up with “we told you so!”.

    Along with promises of unseating council members this next election cycle.

    If anyone in the city government is still taking this group seriously one has to ask “Why?”

      1. Doesn’t this fall under information available for public records? I’m sure people would be interested in what these deaths and the other non heat related deaths are.

          1. You are spending a lot of frivolous time playing up your intelligence… did you fix your hacker problem ? Are you now guaranteeing that conservative comments are protected and free speech is protected ??? I somehow doubt it- Libs simply don’t care… Go ahead prove me wrong !

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