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C. Oregon school districts provide update on employee vaccination counts as state deadline nears

(Update: New Redmond schools numbers)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Central Oregon school districts and health care facilities have been tracking vaccination rates among its employees as next Monday's deadline approaches for Gov. Kate Brown's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The state mandate has led to speculation about whether it would seriously harm staffing levels in these crucial businesses.

The mandate requires all school staff and health care workers to be vaccinated or be granted a religious or medical vaccine exception by their employers.

With the mandate taking effect in the next few days, local school districts have provided NewsChannel 21 with the latest information on employee vaccination rates.

As of now, 91.2% of Bend-La Pine Schools' roughly 2,000 staff members have submitted proof of vaccination, the school district said Wednesday. Another 8.4% submitted a religious exception form and .04% of employees have submitted a medical exception form.

As of Thursday morning, Redmond schools reported all but 14 of their 940 staff, or about 1.5% have either provided proof of vaccination or received a religious or medical exception.

Of those who have complied, 72% are fully vaccinated and 18% have received a medical or religious exemption, district spokeswoman Sheila Miller said.

Staffing impacts were anticipated to occur to both school and health care industries, but Bend-La Pine Schools told NewsChannel 21,“With more than 96% of our staff members having already submitted required vaccine documentation, we do not anticipate widespread staffing impacts.”

The Oregon Health Authority has a dashboard that breaks down the percentage of vaccinations of the health care workforce population for each Oregon county. It currently shows Deschutes County state licensed health care workers have a vaccination rate of 82%, as of Oct 4.

With neither industry being at 100% in vaccination rate, staffing impacts may still occur when Monday's deadline arrives. 

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Leslie Cano

Leslie Cano is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Leslie here.



    1. The reality will show that many of the people that got exceptions just to buy time will quit soon after the deadline. We will see if the media will report the massive shortage of people in a few months…

  1. Every school board should be required to have their school nurse and science teachers explain the reasoning behind three CV19 bell curves- proving that vaccinations have absolutely no effect on reducing new case loads. More cases continue to prove deadly for the over 70 years of age group. There is is a measurable “cause and effect” correlation here that is both visible and consistent. Anyone ignoring this i a science denier- a flat Earther- and agenda driven phony… lets make sure it’s not anyone here. The facts don’t lie- let me know if you want to see the OHA chart on vaccines and new cases. “Cause and Effect” !

      1. Hilarious isn’t it… that three times over this year- Oregon has suffered through a surge in new cases and fatalities- followed by a brief decline- only to surge again… so where’s the proof the vaccines- the mandates- the closures have worked one iota ?

        1. The proof, which you avoid because you can’t refute, is at St. Charles and the ICU, where the vast majority of those seriously ill with (or due to if you listen to the grieving families) the virus are not fully vaccinated.
          And as every government agency, local and national, has pointed to the vaccine greatly reducing – not eliminating, don’t you watch a single drug ad on TV? – the risk of serious illness and death.
          But you or anyone else dare use the word “hilarious” or LOL etc. on ANY story about the daily reported death toll and I promise you will be talking only to me, who will hit ‘delete’ so fast it’ll make your head spin. And promptly forget I ever read it.

  2. Better they quit than spread the disease amongst our children. And those who seek religious exemptions should be forced through the same scrutiny as those who try to get religious exemptions for peyote. Those exemptions are being given out to anti-vaxxers far too easily.

    1. Religious exemptions for peyote? Never heard of that myself and I spend time with a lot of folks that are follower’s of Christ or as you state “religious”. I can say this, if something is important to follower’s of Christ like myself and we have been granted a medical exemption why does that bother you? If you are vaccinated arent you safe? If you are wearing a mask arent you safe blue? Judging us that have been granted a religious exemption is wrong and I can assure you it was not an easy process to be granted the religious exemption, it took many chats, many letters and even our Pastor had to get involved. We wrote research papers filled with science that backed up why we were seeking a religious exemption and we were granted by our employers. Now that does not mean if a business requires a vaccination card that we can enter the business, it just means that we can continue to work for our companies and not worry about the need to get vaccinated. I personally feel that my bodies natural immunities are strong and dont worry or fear covid. If the vaccine was helping slow the spread of covid than that is a potential reason to take it to help support all of humanity but it has been proven by science and data that the vaccine does not stop spread but does mitigate symptoms. With all that in mind, I ask that you continue to be respectful to those making choices you dont agree with. We used to be able to talk about disagreements in society and now we just turn on each other and tear each other down. I respect that covid has caused fear for you and your life, I respect that you care enough about your life and potentially your families life that you want to see all vaccinated. I respect that but I feel differently than you do and ask that you respect my family in how we are working through the pandemic. Have a great day Blue!

        1. Of course and my family is VERY community oriented. We serve at our church doing all sorts of things from yard work to cleaning to teaching children. Community is very important and keeping others safe is an important part of being in a community. It is why I brought up the fact that the vaccine does not stop transmission and if it did my family would be considering it more. Since it does not stop transmission but mitigates symptoms then it is not a worry about how my family is affecting the community because vaccinated and unvaccinated folks can pass and catch covid. So where my family thrives is in supporting others in this community regardless if you are vaccinated or not. We love you either way and we would be excited to get to you regardless of your vaccinated status.

          1. But the largely unvaccinated COVID-19 patients filling ICUs and making hospital staffing challenges worse here and across the country DO affect the community! Ask the 1,000s who have been waiting many months cannot get ‘elective’ but crucial, often severe pain-relieving procedures done! We’ve heard from many, interviewed a few.

          2. Where is this “vaccine does not stop transmission” stuff coming from? From the very first tests the vaccines were shown to stop transmission. If it didn’t stop transmission, the efficacy rating would have been 0%, not 90%.

            Just because you can die with a seatbelt on doesn’t mean seatbelts do not prevent death.

              1. It never has stopped transmission- that was a Biden lie- But we still have posters here completely ignorant of Biden’s falsehood- refusing the science… More science data proves that after a record setting number of vaccine shots in March (54,000 per day)- Oregon followed that with a record number of new cases (2,611 in August)- culminating in 1300 additional deaths by October… the Bell Curve of surges and declines couldn’t care less about vaccines- masks- closed businesses ! In short- nothing Biden and the Dumbokrat party are doing to control this virus is working… Basic cause and effect !

      1. Interesting that you point out “to not judge those with religious exceptions.” I truly hope you practice what you preach. As an atheist I’ve felt judgement from almost every Christian I’ve come in contact with. Except for one friend in college that is.

  3. Way to go now the state knows they can force you to do anything they want just by threatening your paycheck. This is just the start. To everyone that didn’t want the jab but got it to keep your paycheck your a sellout and always will be.

    1. “A new study found that approximately 90,000 lives lost to COVID-19 between June 2021 and September likely would have been saved with vaccinations. “Researchers at the Peterson Center on Healthcare and the Kaiser Family Foundation found that during that four month period, approximately 102,200 Americans died of the virus. Over 98,000 of them were unvaccinated. Using CDC data about vaccine effectiveness against death, the researchers estimated that 91% of those unvaccinated fatalities would have survived if they had gotten inoculated.” KFF 10/14

      1. And they made the decision to not get the shot knowing the consequences of doing so since when is it ok to take someone’s right to make decisions for themselves? If this is really about health then overweight/obese people need to be forced to get to a healthy weight all tobacco, alcohol, and drugs needs to be banned.

      2. Key word I read is “estimated” which I take as they really dont know but gave there best estimated guess. Sadly there is a big push to vaccinate all so it is hard to trust all the data the CDC is providing from my viewpoint as it seems rushed or pushed to fit one side of the agenda. I love data but I want to see 4-5 years of data on the vaccination before I consider it for me and my family. At one point asbestosis was used in society and nobody knew or had any idea that it was a killer, it took years to figure that out. Everyone is worried about right now, but my thought process is about the long road ahead. My family has all had covid, all my siblings, my parents, my inlaws, my coworkers, everyone I know has all had covid. What I worry about is what are the long term effects of covid and what are the long term affects of the vaccination. I already have to worry about the long term effects of covid for my family so for now, I choose to not worry about the potential long term effects of a vaccination that is really still a trial vaccine no matter how it is sold right now. We have no idea what this vaccine can do to a 5 year old child and I wont let my child be a test dummy.

        1. You want your kids to be free but I guarantee you’ve pushed them to be religious since the day they were born. Do you make them attend church? What’s free about that. Ask most young adults why they believe in god and they will say they’ve been going to church their whole lives. My parents tried brainwash me. As a kid I compared religion to Aesop’s fables. I have a hard time listening to anyone who thinks they’re better then people who don’t believe in a sky daddy. Please don’t pray for us.

      3. Your new study completely ignores the discussion concerning “underlying conditions”- so by the CDC-OHA standards… the actual death toll of 102,000- solely related to the virus would be 2040- nationwide… on average 8,000 Americans die every day- there are 92 days between June and September… for an expected total of 736,000 deaths… on average… Think about that !

    2. Sellout or rational, sane, mature decision making?Take the vaxx that’s been been given billions of times with very rare adverse side effects and good ability to prevent severe disease in the vaxxed or face the loss of being able to support your family. Seems like a no brainer for anyone with any gray matter left after all the lies and corrupting brain washing rot of the last 4 years. From the stats given in the article, it would seem the majority chose their jobs and getting back to normal. But you do you and then claim some self appointed civic and perhaps moral superiority in your minority standing. LOL!

      1. You can twist my response however you want to take it. I am just trying to have positive discussions with those that have different opinions. No judgement from me just conversing. Thank you for your reply

      2. So getting the vaccine will get us back to normal? Just like wearing masks got us back to normal?
        You are aware of how countries with the highest vaccination rates are doing…right?

  4. Not my quote but worth repeating…
    “Why do the protected need to be protected by forcing the unprotected to use the same protection that didn’t protect the protected in the first place?

      1. Actually the very ill or worse- continue to be identified daily as having “underlying conditions”… 100% of your most recent fatality list once again proves that statement to be factual.

        1. So what does that prove? That the COVID-19 virus did not cause/hasten their death? How borderline offensive. That’s very close to “they are old and would have died anyway.” And you should be ashamed for continually making that case in the face of grieving loved ones and friends.

          “Just because people had, say, heart disease or obesity doesn’t mean the virus wasn’t their cause of death. If they hadn’t gotten COVID-19, those people would probably still be alive.

          The CDC’s report simply emphasizes how dangerous COVID-19 is for the many people who already have other health conditions. ”
          Keep it up, see more comments deleted. If you can’t show a minimal level of sensitivity and civility, then you will see very few of your comments get through. Good luck elsewhere with them. You will be downvoted/moderated into invisibility, and rightfully so.

  5. If your vaxxed why do you care what I do your protected right? Plus I have had COVID and didn’t die so why risk something happening from the shot even if it is “rare”. I also have another job lined up when the state fires me so apparently I have enough gray matter to do that.

      1. Ummm I’m pretty sure the current president said that if you got the jab you were protected not really hard to find video proof of that. I know what your going to say next science changes if you want to go that route what are the long term effects of the jab?

          1. No misstatement- Biden tried to convince Americans that “his” vaccine was an immunization shot- that glaring mistake helped create the massive summer surge- why sugar coat it- President Trump was called a racist for shutting down borders- air out of Wuhan- Biden is fair game and the criticism is accurate.

      1. 1 in 200 wow it’s that deadly huh over a 99% chance of living but 1 in 200 are dieing that math doesn’t really add up to me but hey I don’t use common core math.

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