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Gov. Brown issues wide business closure list, orders Oregonians to ‘stay home, save lives’

Art mask downtown Bend Benjamin Hanes 322
Benjamin Hanes
'Art' wears a mask on the empty streets of downtown Bend early Sunday morning, March 22

Recommendations become orders when people flock to beaches, parks

(Update: Governor issues executive order, details businesses to close)

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ)—Gov. Kate Brown on Monday issued Executive Order 20-12, directing everyone in Oregon to stay at home to the maximum extent possible and adding to the list of businesses that will be temporarily closed to stem the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The order is effective immediately, and remains in effect until ended by the governor.

“We are learning more about this virus and how people react to it every day," Brown said in a news release announcing her steps. "Not just from a medical standpoint, but from a social and behavioral standpoint."

“I started by asking Oregonians to stay home and practice social distancing. Then I urged the public to follow these recommendations. Instead, thousands crowded the beaches of our coastal communities, our trails, our parks, and our city streets, potentially spreading COVID-19 and endangering the lives of others across the state. Now, I’m ordering it. To save lives and protect our community.

“Today, I am issuing a new executive order further requiring social distancing measures because we know this is the most effective way to flatten the curve and slow the spread of this virus. I hope everyone in Oregon abides by its core message: stay home unless absolutely necessary.

“Staying home both keeps you safe from infection, and ensures you do not unknowingly infect others.

“We’ve already put a number of measures forward specifically aimed at increasing hospital capacity, such as cutting down on non-emergency care so we conserve masks, gloves, and gowns to save the lives of the health care workers who are working so hard to save others. All of these things add up, and by slowing the infection rate, we preserve hospital beds so that there will be one available if and when you need it.

“None of us have ever been through this before, and that means there is no way to know exactly what lies ahead. We don’t know yet when this outbreak will end, or what changes this will bring for our state and for our country. But I want to make sure that we’ve done all we can to end it as quickly as possible.”

About the order:

  • All non-essential social and recreational gatherings of individuals are prohibited immediately, regardless of size, if a distance of at least six feet between individuals cannot be maintained. Gatherings of members of the same residential household are permitted.
  • It closes and prohibits shopping at specific categories of retail businesses, for which close personal contact is difficult to avoid, such as arcades, barber shops, hair salons, gyms and fitness studios, skating rinks, theaters, and yoga studios.
  • It requires businesses not closed by the order to implement social distancing policies in order to remain open, and requires workplaces to implement teleworking and work-at-home options when possible.
  • It directs Oregonians to stay home whenever possible, while permitting activities outside the home when social distance is maintained.
  • It closes playgrounds, sports courts, and skate parks, among other types of outdoor recreation facilities. Those that remain open are required to strictly adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • It outlines new guidelines for child care facilities, setting limits and rules on amounts of children allowed in care, and outlining that child care groups may not change participants.
  • Failure to comply with the order will be considered an immediate danger to public health and subject to a Class C misdemeanor.

Following this order will save lives, Brown said, while still allowing businesses to function -- if they can protect employees and customers through social distancing.

While many businesses and organizations that are heavily dependent on foot traffic and in-person interactions have already closed or will close under the expanded order, other businesses that make robust plans to meet social distancing requirements—and enforce those requirements—may remain in operation, preserving jobs while ensuring health, she said.

This distinction from closing all businesses except for those categorized as essential as mandated in other states, aims to minimize unintended consequences and add clarity for businesses who can adjust their business models to accommodate vital social distancing measures.

“This order is designed to flatten the curve over the coming weeks, preserving scarce hospital space and equipment. It will also ensure that any place of business that remains operational does its part to enforce social distancing rules,” Brown said. “It is designed to be more sustainable over time, to allow Oregonians to keep their jobs, when their work does not add to the growth of COVID-19 in Oregon.”

Retail businesses closed by Executive Order 20-12 include:

  • Shopping: Outdoor and indoor malls and retail complexes, although individual types of businesses not subject to the measures may stay open.
  • Fitness: Gyms, sports and fitness centers, health clubs, and exercise studios
  • Grooming: Barbershops, beauty and nail salons, and non-medical wellness spas
  • Entertainment: Theaters, amusement parks, arcades, bowling alleys, and pool halls

Other retail businesses will not be able to continue to operate unless they can implement strict social distancing measures and designate an employee or officer charged with ensuring compliance. Retail businesses able to adapt to take-out style shopping experiences can also remain open. If businesses can have employees work from home, then they must do so.

Many of the businesses outlined in the order have voluntarily closed their doors already, to do their part to protect Oregon’s communities. In addition, non-retail businesses like manufacturers and the construction industry must ensure that their employees are maintaining social distancing measures.

Please read the full details on all businesses listed in the executive order here.

In addition to businesses, Executive Order 20-12 also orders state executive branch offices and buildings to close to the public and provide public services by phone to the extent possible. When public services require in-person interactions, the order requires social distancing measures to be implemented and enforced. State agencies must also facilitate telework and work-at-home for state employees whenever possible.

While the order does not apply to local, federal, or tribal governments, those governments are strongly encouraged to follow these directives.

The order also directs state agencies to close parks and other outdoor spaces where social distancing cannot be maintained –– expanding on actions already taken by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.

All coronavirus executive orders will be posted on the Oregon Coronavirus Information and Resources Page after they have been issued and signed.

Violations of the executive order will be subject to penalties described in ORS 401.990, a Class C misdemeanor, Brown's order said.

Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson told NewsChannel 21 late Sunday, "We are prepared for it and will approach it from an education standpoint. We will educate and encourage/support voluntary compliance and will not arrest or cite anyone related to the governor's order."

"Given that our community has taken the recommendations seriously to this point, I believe they will continue to do so," Nelson added.

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Barney Lerten

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    1. Exactly, unfortunately. People will still go to four different grocery stores to find their several very specific items. Now isn’t the time for shopping around.

  1. Must be nice to be a government employee that will be paid, no matter what, while destroying the Oregon economy and every small business in the state. How long until people get sick of this? But good thing plastic bags are banned, a new business tax was forced on the state, and millions were given to the climate bureaucracy.

    1. based on your behavior, you don’t seem to be an employee of any type, or have any productive vocation of any sort, yet you present yourself as the authority of every scenario imaginable with a goal of cutting someone, something down –

      1. You are dodging around and spinning off into a personal attack- the charges are clear-

        “Must be nice to be a government employee that will be paid, no matter what, while destroying the Oregon economy and every small business in the state.”

        So do you agree or disagree ! Explain !

        That is the whole basis for these comment sections- personal opinions- not personal attacks !

    2. Government employees that I know still work for a living, whether it’s at home or (when required) at the place of employment. And yes, it’s a good thing single-use plastic bags are banned.

    1. virtually everyone at fred meyer yesterday. it was insane. a lady came so close to me, our shoulders touched. i jumped back and asked her to keep a social distance of 6 feet. she didn’t seem to really get or understand my point at all. had to skip an aisle to get away from this psycho.

      i was shocked at the lack of distancing at the store and then when we drove by drake park – it was like any other spring day with nice weather – jammed with people – surfers near the old mill in a group, groups of people playing hackey sack and such – it was like nothing to see here.

      glad brown passed down the edict today to stay at home. clearly the majority are just plum dumb.

    1. People like you and your families will be the ones inundating our hospitals and putting the rest of us at risk. Hopefully arrest and jail time is coming to protect us from the likes of you.

      1. Wake up Barney- You guys are threatening the livelihoods over a pandemic that is now isolated to four US states- making up for 356 of the nations 460 deaths- a virus that clearly targets an identified “at risk” group- the same as all seasonal viruses every year.

        So let’s put the whole “threatening” talk away and stop looking for ways to muzzle the masses.

        Cripes if you had any- your cognitive dissonance must be taking a beating ! Imagine a journalist in favor of censorship !

        1. Censorship? No. Defining truly dangerous lies as “offensive” and a violation of Terms of Service? Keep it up, you’ll see. Many in the masses we deal with would cheer your removal, they think you’ve crossed the line 1,000s of times over years.
          Every state in the US has had cases. Every expert the president you claim to love trusts says this is a severe threat to the country. But Bigshot Owen knows better than our president eh? Give it a rest, please. The conspiracy theorists can run amok on Facebook. NOT HERE.

          1. “they think you’ve crossed the line 1,000s of times over years.”

            Yeh they probably did- especially when I told them Hillary will not win in a landslide-There was no Russian Collusion- There is no Obstruction- Stormy is irrelevant- Avennati go to jail before he ever becomes President- Brett Kavanaugh did not rape women in College- The Covington Boys did not start a riot while wearing Maga hats.

            The list is endless- and yes indeed- a large number of the fringe establishment that hangs here- couldn’t stand those facts as I laid them out- albiet in direct contrast to what CNN was flooding this site with.

            The President and i clearly see eye-to-eye… that the current proposed “cure- has become worse than the illness” and it needs to stop ! Just wait for the bills to roll in- and people have no money to pay for them ! Man-made crisis- 100% !

              1. You’ve allowed such articles as Covington, and MANY comments on here about folks thinking we should have been overran and ahniliated at the refuge, MULTIPLE false claims from the left media that do nothing but incite….

              2. The response to the Wuhan virus is clearly inconsistent with the previous pandemic in 2009. in addition- the decision to implode the economy- when we allow as many as 30,000-70,000 deaths from the common flu virus every season- clearly indicates “politics” at work- and not a national strategy to address a threat to the human race.

                Now no-body can claim there is no treatment- we know that other nations have been using the malaria drug chloroquine for months now- with excellent results.

                Irrational response not based on historical perspective- ignorance of proven methods to fight the virus (including MuGuWu)- an unreasonable plan to criminalize public movement- immediate closures of establishments utilizing the healthiest of our population- while ignoring the “at risk” population- no financial safety net for millions about to become unemployed and out of work for months.

                You read all of that- absorb it- then feel free to identify the state-wide response as anything other than a hoax ! What remains in question- for what purpose is this hoax being played out by Governor Kate Brown ?

                1. Sorry sweetie but this is what top research scientists, Drs, public health agencies and municipalities in Oregon are all advocating. You obviously consider your knowledge and training gained through your GED to be supperior to theirs. LMAO!!!!
                  Golf anyone!!!

                2. And, still, nobody has addressed all of our local folks who have already had the virus, gotten over it, and are doing just fine – wondering what all the fuss is about.

            1. The only “man (and I use the term loosely)-made” crisis is the crisis of truth that you seem to be addicted to pursuing. You need to get a grasp on reality, Wishy, before life passes you by.

          2. If your taking votes to remove this tool then count me in. He’s just baiting you at this point and knows it. Perhaps the best thing is we all ignore him and he moves to Fox or some other blog that will feed his stupidity?

          3. Wait a minute??!! so ‘Barneygetshiswish’ is that ****** Owen Mattison, or whatever his name was? That explains so much!

            Freedom of speech is one thing, but this guy is standing in a crowded room and yelling ‘fire’.

        2. That “at-risk” groups you so frequently refer to includes millions of Americans including seniors, diabetics, those with heart and lung diseases and cancer patients of all ages, people you imply are somehow expendable for the sake of money. You are a poor excuse for a human being. and probably wore a black hood and used an axe and a chopping block as tools in a previous life. I have no guilt in hoping that karma bites you in your a$$. It would be a sign that justice still exists.

        3. I appreciated being thanked by Trump today for being one of the many Americans who are making sacrifices and being self-less by adherring to the 15-day Stop the Spread campaign, thereby protecting myself and my community members from Covid-19. Too bad his thanks didn’t apply to you, Comrade.

      2. Speaking of illegal action…did ANY reporter question what statute this falls under…no…no they didn’t. This order has no legal basis. NONE. Therefore I shall not comply. You have no problems whatsoever posting illegal actions taken by the government against us.

          1. Not one single soul. Bunch of cowards. They don’t even try, and refuse to comment when asked…which I’ve done thousands of times to quite a few. They’ll dam sure take public funds in their school grants to gain their journalism degree tho, and then won’t hesitate to thumb their nose at being answerable/accountable to the public taxpayers that paid for those grants and loans

  2. The average number of deaths in the USA from the flu is around 36,000 per flu season. During 2017-2018 season 80,000 Americans died. From what I find there has been 471 deaths in the USA from this virus as of now. There is something else behind all these government mandates. It’s a test to see how we will react to total control. Everyone needs to ignore Kate Brown and her cronies and live their life. Or live in fear as government wants. Don’t forget get some toilet paper. It’s the most important thing in life!

      1. “it’s way more contagious and the symptoms are much worse”

        The Oregon Health and Science University would disagree completely. They have termed the virus “mild” at best. Potentially harmful to “at risk populations”. In short- the University declares it no more dangerous than the common “A or B” flu virus that kills on average 30,,000 Americans a year- and way more children.

        But those facts will not stop you of accusing others of lacking research or ranting.

          1. “AS usual, no link”

            As of you’ve never heard of OHSU ???
            Is Covid19 Fatal- From the Top-Today- as in Right Now…

            “Scientists haven’t pinned down a mortality rate. Without widespread testing, the true number of cases remains unknown, making mortality-rate figures unreliable. What’s known includes:

            Among those with COVID-19, about 80% have mild illness, about 15% have serious illness, and about 5% become critically ill, according to the World Health Organization.”

            Oh My ! There’s that word “mild” !

            1. We’ve reported all along the vast majority recover without any problem, many don’t have symptoms (part of the problem!) – and yes, the mortality rate varies from country to country and changes a lot. All reported before, just about every time. While you claim I want death or somesuch balderdash, the experts have said it’s better to do what feels like overreacting now than to look back and say we wish we’d done more.

        1. Where do they say that Owen? As usual, you are putting your purposely misinformed spin on what is actually said. And most of OHSU’s info in regards to the Virus is quotes from the CDC and WHO.

          “Not all coronaviruses spread easily, but this one appears to be highly contagious.”

          “Among those with COVID-19, about 80% have mild illness, about 15% have serious illness, and about 5% become critically ill, according to the World Health Organization.
          A study to be published in the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal says the portion of people infected with COVID-19 who have died is probably in the broad range of 0.25% to 3.0%.
          The World Health Organization’s director-general, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, reported a 3.4% rate worldwide as of March 3, based on reported cases at the time.” OHSU

            1. We should have a story about the dems holding up corona aid for airline carbon footprint and other totally unrelated business. The silence about it is deafening, especially since it’s live right now on Capitol Hill

          1. “Where do they say that”

            The quote is pulled verbatim off the OHSU website under the section:

            Is Covid19 Fatal ? The same as your quote- which begs the question… if you know that the Wuhan Bat virus from China is demonstrating “mild” symptoms in 80% of all those affected- why on Earth would we drive the nation’s economy towards a depression ?

            To prove some kind of sick and twisted political point ??? Are you all insane ! The negative mental health fallout associated with bankruptcies, unemployment, and emotional stress will easily surpass the final US death count from this thing.

            It is a known scientific fact that all humans carry the cancer gene- but what triggers it is still under ongoing research- however it has been proven that one element that influences your chances of developing cancer is a sudden case of mental depression. A death in the family- a divorce- an unforeseen crisis… exactly like this Wuhan virus. The long term effects will be devastating- and the President announced today- we need to get life back to normal asap !

      2. How did you decide it’s more contagious and the symptoms are much worse than the flu ?
        We have had several very serious outbreaks over the years, but the difference is
        those took place before everything was done on computers, so they didn’t have the
        continual statistics updates every half hour, and it wasn’t plastered on all the
        news channels and newspapers, and ironically we didn’t have the panic and hysteria
        that we see with this virus…
        – As far as symptoms, I would rather have this virus than I would the common flu virus because while some of the symptoms are similar, at least with this, it seems that diarrhea and vomiting are very uncommon. Yes some people get extremely sick, but some people don’t even really feel sick. Like most people I’ve had the flu several times over the years, but I’ve never heard of people who do have the flu, but don’t have any symptoms…

  3. Kate brown continues to hammer away at small businesses while Wall Street Multi-nationals (Banks) stay open. When is Kate going to address the imminent collapse of the housing industry as Banks demand that mortgages and loans be paid on time- in full ?

    This is your depression people- it is now upon us. The only thing yet to verify this statement is that the data has yet to file in. The wolves will be knocking at your door in no time- and the average American is not prepared to weather this storm.

    We need Presidential Martial Law- and we need it now !

    1. The President has just essentially “agreed” with everything I’ve written- about 5 minutes ago-


      He then goes on to say that this “shelter in place- house arrest garbage is now on the clock !

      Governor Kate Brown has set no timeline- making Oregonians think that this could go on for months and months- the US President has now clearly stated- 15 days and we need to adjust.

      I said it before- I would gladly accept his directives under Martial Law ! Remove Kate Brown and her hysterics from the equation and get people back to work while “at riskers” stay isolated. Every single new death in the US is attributed to these at risk groups. Not a single healthy 20-30 something has up and keeled over from this virus. We are not seeing the number of new cases or fatalities “double daily” as predicted by the CNN pundits and pushed off here as “accurate” or responsible journalism.

      The fog of war on facts and data continues to be at the forefront of our news media- they need to stop !

      1. new news – there’s a 12 year old girl who was not high risk in ICU with COVID. she might die. but yeah – you’re the expert. give it a rest – would love for you to just go away. you’re a toxic person.

        1. Terrible news indeed- but how does it measure up to the 150 children who have already died from this years flu virus B epidemic ?

        2. And there are childrens’ hospitals that are full of infants and young children
          who live with devastating terminal illnesses, pain and treatments that for many
          will never make a difference. It’s very unfortunate that this young girl contracted
          this virus. No child should get sick or have to deal with painful terminal diseases.
          Most of those kids don’t have any hope for recovering and living long healthy lives,
          but at least this young girl has a virus that she has a chance of surviving and
          fully recovering from…

    2. You’re upset over what limited steps the governor will take and yet you want the president to declare martial law over what you claim is a virus “hoax”? You can’t even be consistent in your tantrums.

      1. Save it for the Prez- he just agreed with me !

        He has now said that we will not go on forever like this- that the current cure is becoming worse than the problem.

        So lets try to promote the President’s long term vision here over Kate Brown’s girly over-reaction to a virus that is no-where near as lethal as you all made it out to be.

          1. “or is considering similar steps”

            I see you caught yerself there- cause you know I have the facts to prove that “no- not all” Governors are sacrificing their economies and over-all well-being of their citizens to play along here.

            Cmon B- do us all a favor today- find out when Kate Brown is going to halt the utility bills ? The Mortgage Payments- how long is the grace period for those who will not make their water bill this month. I have yet to hear from a single “urgent” City Council meeting- in heated talks with the City Manager to discuss this krap.

            How on earth can “your” Governor shut down business- with no back-up plan to support the people put out of work… “UNEMPLOYMENT IS NOT THE SOLUTION- MANY DON”T QUALIFY” !

            This is insane- like banging your head on a gravestone with you !

          2. I was out and about this morning making sure I didn’t have the phone shut down on me under these guidelines to close off everything in Oregon.

            I get one clear car-radio station at the bottom of the hill- KBND. And at noon today Lars Larson just unloaded on Kate Brown’s disastrous press conference on Friday night at 8 pm. He said “this” is the time period when you try to sneak something by the public- cause you know nobody is watching. He went on to say that Kate’s message was so wishy-washy- more flippin’ than what goes on during the morning breakfast rush at an IHOP- that it was no wonder Oregonians headed for the beaches- the resorts- the mountains over the weekend.

            Kate is simply failing to communicate and Oregonians far and wide are simply tuning her out- wait though- more to come !

        1. “Save it for the Prez- he just agreed with me !”

          That’s classic confirmation bias at work, right there.

          Trump is given a pass when he puts the measures in place, and lauded when he removes his own restrictions. It’s a way to win easy points with his base.

          You see a similar effect when he fires people he hired.

          And it sounds great, even for things that are completely obvious like “we can’t do this forever” or “we can’t let the cure be worse than the disease”. And he didn’t even have to say anything definitive. He just said that in 15 days we might or might not change the restrictions.

          Maybe eventually he’ll learn “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Would he have prevented this? It’s not in the best interest of a “war president” to prevent war, and he did sit on his hands for an awfully long time.

          1. Now here’s that “dangerous misinformation” that should be openly challenged- so I will.

            and he did sit on his hands for an awfully long time.

            It is now nationally accepted- DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WHITE HOUSE CORONAVIRUS TASK FORCE:

            Question: — the quarantine that the president did within three weeks. Do you believe –was the fastest ever, do you believe it likely prevented thousands of Americans from contracting the virus and was a smart thing to do?

            FAUCI: Yes, I think there’s no question. Yes, there’s no question that if we had not done that in a timely way, there would have been many more travel-related cases from China. And as you know, the outbreak that we’re having here in the country, these cases originated from travel-related cases that came from China and the then we had the issue in Washington state and what we’re seeing now in other states.”

            But it was unprecedented. You’ve never seen anything like it?

            FAUCI: Well, no, I have not. The reason is that there’s a lot of skepticism about whether when you do a travel ban, whether or not you’re really going to interfere with any aspect of an outbreak, because you might delay it, but what’s going to happen is that you’ll wind up having a big outbreak anyway. That’s true. When you have multiple different countries at the same time who have outbreaks and you can’t exclude the entire world.

            “But the unique situation with China back at the end of December, the beginning of January, was that they were the sole source of that at first. And to block them from coming in was unquestionable the right move. Even though it was a controversial move, it was the right move.”

            You must have President Trump confused with Obama’s fiddling around during his H1N1 Pandemic 2009- when he waited well over 5 months- past summer- where children went off to camp and spread the H1N1- before declaring a national emergency.

            He did indeed sit on his hands for an awfully long time !

            1. OK, the travel ban. So maybe he was only sitting on 8 fingers.

              We needed testing so bad. We could have saved so much pain. That’s something we put off until it was way too late.

              And, arguably, his travel ban was way too late, as well, since apparently the virus got into the country with ease. (Nevertheless, it was a good idea to flatten the curve.)

              In Obama’s defense, there were only 3500 confirmed deaths (a number we’ll be lucky to hit this time), the economy didn’t collapse, and I wasn’t told to stop going to restaurants. Ironically, Obama’s response is the one you have been promoting.

        2. What long term vision? Dump can’t even comprehend a question put to him by the press let alone comprehend what’s going to happen in the near or long-term future.

      2. BTW- can you define “the limited steps the Governor will take” ???

        She’s Executive Ordered” the complete shut down of businesses state-wide- put the population essentially under house arrest- allows banks and loan institutions to continue to “charge/bill” people who now have no secure income !

        “I’m upset” ??? Just wait till the reality of millions of foreclosures and bankruptcies hit your front pages- you will have borderline anarchy on your hands- yeh- good for you-

        “Film at 11” !!!

        1. She hasn’t done ANYTHING yet. This article is on a draft, and the details may change, but clearly you either didn’t read or don’t believe what it says re: the limits she is considering.
          We don’t use film any more. I hate what is happening, like most Americans and hope we avoid the worst of what could happen, but am trying to move beyond the petty blame that threatens our future more than any virus. Your line of thought, a prime example.

              1. Or, you could consider that the readers here are intelligent enough to evaluate comments from both sides and come to their own conclusions. Anyone who reads or comments on this bulletin board has the ability to do their own research.

                1. Barney wants to cite “dangerous misinformation”- yet a quick peruse around the country shows States without a single death- businesses open as usual- schools still open- no real consensus nationwide for a blanket solution. Each state is required to make their own decisions- so this “dangerous misinformation” is very selective.

                  Currently Governor Brown considers all Oregonians to be irresponsible as she takes legal action through Executive Orders to place the whole of the state under some form of house arrest- with the real threat of criminal actions.

                  Our Wuhan virus data is no-where near Washington and California- so why is she taking their counsel- instead of say Idaho- who is clearly making their decisions based on regional data and not girly hysterics.

                  Kate Brown is the victim of an organized campaign of misinformation- Barney doesn’t see it that way- but you (Harg) are right- censorship has never been the American way- but since we now have an open supporter of communist socialism running for the Democrat nomination- maybe we need to re-think Barney’s urge to “delete-remove-censor- and Ban”.

                2. And yet, I allow this comment, putting the lie to you as usual. 99.99 percent of your prattle gets through and .0001 gets any reaction from me. NO one, even threatening-violence DT, causes as much grief. You stand alone, and are ignored by the vast majority. Wish I could…

            1. In short- Because there is a small part of Barney that cannot refute the facts and data I post. He clearly doesn’t like my observation that Z21 should be held accountable for “everything” that flows their website- especially the CNN national news.

              But at the end of the day- when I accurately point out that it took Obama 5 months to declare a national emergency during the H1N1 pandemic and President- already has… you cannot deny the facts.

              My concern though is for people like you who do not want the hard core data as presented by John Hopkins- the CDC- the Oregon.Gov website.

              You attack the messenger- not the message- and that is being intellectually lazy.

              1. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who has to deal with you in real life. May God have mercy on souls.

                I have to give you credit: you are a genius at googling info that fits your narrative, and then twist it in with a dose of hate and splash of racism and a pinch of self-congratulation to drive a disinformation campaign here that must make your Russian handlers so proud.

                1. What Wishy can’t google is simply fantasized. He/she does make an easy target though, the only problem being which fantasy or insane comment to respond to.

                2. ” I have to give you credit: you are a genius at googling info that fits your narrative, and then twist it in with a dose of hate and splash of racism and a pinch of self-congratulation to drive a disinformation campaign here that must make your Russian handlers so proud.”

                  Amazingly, even though it wasn’t your intention, you perfectly described all of your liberal leaders. Liberals don’t have to waste time Googling something,
                  because it’s easier for them to just believe and accept everything that their
                  fellow liberal politicians tell them…

          1. My “line of thought”- confirmed on the front lines today”

            Like I said- out and about today. At 12:25 this afternoon- Lars Larson read a local story of a lady who was in the Safeway parking- put on a mask and a pair of gloves- only to hear small groups of individuals mildly harass her for the way she looked- “ridiculous-unnecessary-fear mongering”.

            As the story goes- Lars said that when this woman returned to her car- there were two Paramedics parked near by who complimented her for being the only person properly prepared for an outing such as going to the market.

            Now- anyone reading this can contact Lars’ radio program and ask if this anecdote was indeed shared today- and if so why ?

            Moving along- while out and about- I counted 9 individuals “masked and gloved up” in the single store I went to today- the first time I have seen this since being in Asia late last summer.

            Say what you want about “dangerous misinformation” and “falsehoods”… or simply admit yer wrong and will try to do better !

  4. I understand barber shops and hair salons being closed due to the close personal contact but it will be interesting to see how that turns out (people doing their own personal grooming, like haircuts).

    1. Gee- like they did for local restaurants- you think KTVZ will support the “gigger- the free-lancer- the un-licensed consultant” ???

      Fat chance ! Their goodwill only goes so far !

  5. Our country is (in theory) based on a system of equality under the law. Unfortunately the irresponsible segment of society forces the creation of laws that all of us, including the responsible ones, must follow in order to protect the public as a whole. Last weekend’s showing of the irresponsible hoards heading off to the beach and overwhelming the small communities has forced the Governor to take more forceful actions. It doesn’t have to be this way if the few would wake up to the fact that they the selfish risks they take endangers others, and the selfish risks others take can endanger them.

  6. There are people in our society tha live with depression. I expect, due to these measures, the suicide rate will soon out pace the fatalities caused by the virus.

    1. I made the comment a week ago- the day Kate Brown announced her Executive Orders to shut down the state’s economy- with no plan to address the individual debts about to face Oregonians state-wide.

      She has made no comment on the banks- loan agencies- or state-wide utilities. Bills need to be paid Kate- what is your plan for immediate debt relief ???

      Yeh- you have none !

      So along with suicide- I see drug and alcohol abuse rising- domestic violence surging- all kinds of social ills about to surge. You cannot put people out of work- exploit their financial hardships- isolate them- then expect everything to just be hunky dory !

  7. Barney: don’t censor Barney gets his wish. He brings up some very viable thoughts. We don’t have to agree on everything but all ideas should be presented. I guess I’ve always thought of you as a reporter but because of your very obvious bias I am wrong. Maybe it would help me and others on here if you stated want you are. If you’re like a Rachel Madow or a Sean Hanitty just say so but you are definitely not an objective reporter. I’m still very loyal to KTVZ but KOHD has a pretty refreshing news dept. I look forward to the chatter. Thanks Barney

    1. Not going to go into that trap. I’ve been very clear, we err on the side of freedom of speech here whenever possible, as is self-evident every day. But when the lies or misstatements get into posing potential danger to large numbers of people who believe it, we have to reassess. I/we try to disprove the allegations of bias every single day. We don’t write or edit the CNN news feed that our company, which runs 10 TV stations, chose to use, as does many other station groups around the country.

  8. I believe Kate has found a way to keep the kicker rebates, for those who have not yet filed their taxes anyway. There will be an “economic emergency” filing real soon.

  9. Still nothing about filthy reusable grocery bags spreading germs everywhere. Still businesses must be destroyed. Don’t expect any of these powers and regulations to be released.

  10. From ORS 401.165…”(5)Any proclamation of a state of emergency must specify the geographical area covered by the proclamation. Such area shall be no larger than necessary to effectively respond to the emergency.”

    She can blow it out her piehole

    1. if this was a republican governor doing this exact thing you’d be cheering his strong leadership and the need for us all to listen to his authority given to him by the majority of voters who obviously have the moral upper-hand in all things, but since it’s kate it’s an evil plan to use a hoax to destroy small business and our american way of life

      1. Moral upper hand ? LMAO… Thanks for the laugh. That’s both the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time as well as the biggest lie. That’s quite an accomplishment in only
        four sentences…

        1. What’s the problem? The christian right republican moral majority has spent a generation advancing the idea that they’re the party of morals and good judgement, and Democrats are godless heathens. This is not a secret. Are you ok dude, I keep wondering if you have a functioning brain or if it’s just willful ignorance?

          1. My brain works just fine thanks but I’m not religious. I don’t have a problem with those that are but I do have a big problem with the incredible hypocrisy many of those who claim to be, yet their actions prove continually otherwise…

            – The Democrats three year long impeachment disaster proved just how ethical and moral they truly aren’t. In their minds it was okay to lie, slander and liable someone purely for political gain. I get that they were mad because they lost but does that really seem moral to you ? It probably does because liberals would never dream of questioning their leaders, although towards the end of that mess some were seeing the light about the entire process and what the motives truly were.

            – I hate to tell you this but there are people in both parties that completely lack morals and good judgement so don’t try and make people think that the people that elected Brown have the moral upper hand. The people that elected her are the same
            ones that kept her sorry but in office during the recall effort, even though she
            has continually broken the law. So it’s awful hard for you to play the high morals card when you and others supported someone that is a criminal. Any guesses what that says about your morals?

    2. If you think that application of the declaration to the entire state is inappropriate or illegal, why don’t you simply collect your evidence (I think LaPine Bob has a lot of that sort of stuff in his garage, unless Wishy already picked it up) and challenge the State in court.

      1. The governor doesn’t get to break the law. There’s a protocol to follow, and she’s not done it. If there is no declared emergency in a county, she cannot lump them into a statewide declaration. Our founding fathers were very clear about elected officials that cross the line, and challenging them in court was not a stated option in the Constitution

  11. If it’s true, the collapse of society will soon begin. I just had a news story come up on
    my phone that said by tomorrow night all Mc Donalds will be completely closed…
    I’m sure the drive up will be packed with people trying to get their last fix of greasy
    disgusting food.

      1. I don’t eat fast food very often but I like a BK burger every once in awhile.
        An actual burger, not those stupid plant things that look like a burger.
        If it didn’t have a head and four legs before it ended up there, I’m not touching it.

  12. Just wondering how the LEO people will know someone driving past is not an essential worker without stopping them and asking, kinda like the drunk driving checkpoints that were declared unconstitutional several years back. Reasonable cause be damned I guess. Also, to prove you were a threat to the community, would they not have to give you the test to prove you where infectious at the time you where stopped?

  13. There is little change from yesterday’s guidance and direction from Salem and today’s announcement.

    The threat of citation or arrest is an empty one. A law enforcement officer must have Probable Cause to issue a citation or make a physical arrest. There are so many exceptions allowing for people to be out and about that establishing “PC” for a stop or interview is near impossible.

    No PC, no citation or arrest. Bad PC and the case is lost before it gets to a court…and an illegal arrest is a legal lawsuit.

    Sheriff Nelson saw this immediately and announced today DCSO will not be citing or arresting. Rather the agency will continue to educate via all mediums to encourage voluntary compliance.

    All enforcement agencies are already on record as to responding only to life-threatening emergencies. This to mitigate officer exposure to the virus and potential mass exposure to the Patrol, Corrections and Detective divisions.

    This will likely be the approach taken throughout the state with few exceptions.

    Only by declaring martial law can Americans have their freedom of movement curtailed…by force of arms and the use of deadly force to back curfews, areas off limits, and so on.

    And martial law is nowhere close to being implemented and would likely become a nightmare throughout the country if it were.

    In short, do the common sense things as recommended, educate to encourage compliance, leave home only when absolutely necessary, and this, too, will pass.

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