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Two more Oregon COVID-19 deaths bring total to 10; 57 new cases, tally now 266

Oregon coronavirus MGN

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed two more lives in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 10, the Oregon Health Authority reported Wednesday.

OHA also reported 57 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the state total to 266, as of 8:00 a.m. Wednesday.

The new COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday are in the following counties: Benton (2), Clackamas (4), Douglas (2), Jackson (1), Josephine (1), Lane (1), Lincoln (1), Linn (5), Marion (11), Multnomah (8), Washington (20), Yamhill (1). Oregon Health Authority reports new cases once a day on its website:

Oregon’s ninth COVID-19 death was an 80-year-old woman in Clackamas County, who tested positive on Monday and died Tuesday at Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center. She had underlying medical conditions.

The tenth COVID-19 death is a 73-year-old woman in Marion County, who tested positive on Sunday and died Monday at Salem Hospital. She, too, had underlying medical conditions, OHA said.

Clackamas, Marion, Multnomah and Washington counties have each had two deaths from COVID-19, while Lane and Linn counties have each had one death.

Oregon has had 266 positive and 5,476 negative test results since Jan. 24, for a total of 5,742 tests.

Deschutes County has had 10 positive test results and 106 negative results. Jefferson County has had nine negative results and no positive ones, while Crook County has had six negative results and, again, no positive COVID-19 cases.

Of the 266 positive cases, 25 were among those 80 and over, 34 were 70-79, 57 were 60-69, 42 were 50-59, 55 were 40-49, 32 were 30-39, 15 were 20-29 and five were under age 19. The age range was not available in one case.

There were 75 positive cases who were hospitalied and 135 were not.

For the first time, OHA provided a gender breakdown: 142 of the cases have been female and 123 were male, with one case's gender not available.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. The official release of new unemployment claims has gone into lockdown- so nobody really knows the exact number- but last week Tuesday 18,500 new claims were filed in Oregon… it is safe to estimate- by looking at the web traffic to the Oregon Employment department- that well over 100,000 unemployment claims are in the pipeline- Washington State saw “280,000 users on Monday and Tuesday, for more than 500,000 users in just two days.”

    So after about 2.5 Months- Oregon now sits at a staggeringly low number of fatalities to the Wuhan Bat virus- 10 !

    But Kate Brown has put 100,000 people out of work- we will wait and see how many small businesses go broke- then the personal filings for foreclosure- bankruptcies- financial ruin !

    Kate Brown has single handedly demonstrated how one politician can cause catastrophic pain to millions of people ! Citizens in Oregon should be protesting this hoax- this farce- this illegal assault on our US constitution… instead we get Martha ! We get Uncle Fester- DB- Tio- the voices of the sheeple that inhabit our once great state. One that used to be known for it’s rugged individualists- Now- it’s known for going Bahhhh !

    1. Why aren’t you listening to President Trump right now? Or disputing his daily insistence that this is a very serious issue? Not ONCE has he disputed any governor’s orders, including your hated villain. At least, not at these briefings. Just a bit ago, he said (in stimulus bill negotiations context): “The Democrats have treated us fairly.” Maybe he’s a brainwashed clone robot – only BGHW knows “the truth”! Ridiculous.

      1. Trump don’t speak for me. NO ELECTED official does. Obama’s stimulus was bad, and this is no better. NOW are you understanding that trump is NOT a republican? He’s more democrat than they are, and they can’t understand that. How many spending bills has he signed…after he said he wouldn’t? All of them

      2. Of course the President is going to stay positive- do you really expect him to address the public with a daily broadcast of death and destruction- especially when that clearly is not happening !

        But let’s also not be so short term memory challenged. The President said- Easter is the target to get back to work. No “ifs ands or buts”- you drag this on like the Democrats want to- and you’ll send the globe spiraling into a depression the likes the world has never seen- and I guarantee you- there will be some pretty PO’d folks out there that will pin the responsibility for this clearly on the shoulders of the Chinese Government !

        Their brand name is already- officially- Wuhan !

        1. Oh- and since I have your undivided attention- a question… when one goes to the Oregon Health Authority to study the seasonal flu data- we are provided all kinds of information- including “Infant Mortality Due to The Flu”… But why does Oregon “hide” the number of adult deaths caused by the flu virus A or B ?

          Is it because- if Oregonians knew the actual numbers- that we would be shutting down our businesses for 2-3 months every year ? Subsequently- thousands of deaths by the common flu is an accepted risk for doing business ?

          What says you ?

    2. When the death toll in OR is whatever multiple of 10 or 100 or 1000 as the result of the pandemic in all its phases, at the instruction of your handlers, you’ll reverse course and hatefully spew your blame vomitus in Brown’s direction for not having done enough. Isn’t that right, comrade?

      1. So go out on a real limb there calico cat- and tell us all exactly your timeline for peak fatalities- and the number of deaths from the Wuhan Bat Virus from China- will eventually produce here in Oregon !

        Time to put up or shut up- cause right now- imploding our once emerging economy- just before summer peak jobs activity- over 10 deaths (actually it was only 5 when Kate pulled the trigger of panic)- makes about as much sense as fartin in a Dixie cup !

    3. If, as you say, Oregon is at “staggeringly low” numbers of fatalities of COVID-19 I’d say that the Governor has done her job well, and the medical profession very well too. Positive proof of real leadership. Again, if you think her actions violate either the State or US Constitutions why don’t you just head on down to the courthouse and challenge her in a legal arena. Or are you too much of wussy and afraid that you’ll get laughed out of there? Maybe you could stand on the street corner preaching your gospel then, although I doubt that you’d have many disciples following you, if for no other reason than your logic sucks big time.

      Keep it up Kate!

    4. Why are you sooooo freaked out girl???
      “Its all a total hoax”. Remenber??? This the flattening of the curve that took place at the end of last week. LMAO!!! Hey at least its not windmilll cancer!!!
      Golf and a hooker anyone!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

    5. If a scientific study shows the death rate of coronavirus at 0.3% and current deaths total 18,894, and it takes one week for the virus to play out in your body, that means you take the total number of deaths today (18,894), divide that into the total number of known cases a week ago(198,195), take that number (10.489) and divide 0.3% into that, take that number (34.9) and multiply that by the number of known cases today (422,574) to get the total number of unknown cases today worldwide: 14,775,776
      You can also do this for the United States if you just want to know our number.
      If a scientific study shows the death rate of coronavirus at 0.3% and death total in America on 3/24 was 780 and it takes one week for the virus to play out in your body, that means you take the total number of deaths on 3/24 (780), divide that into the total number of known cases 3/17 (6,344) take that number (8.13) and divide 0.3% into that, take that number (27.1) and multiply that by the number of known cases 3/24 (54,856) to get the total number of unknown cases in the United States 1,487,207

      1. You continue to promote the same flawed logic day-after-day. So here we go again- “Cases” do not equal fatalities”. 80% of those infected with the Wuhan Bat Virus from Wuhan China report “mild” symptoms.

        Kate Brown has tanked our state economy over 10 deaths ! We had 764 cases of the normal seasonal flu in just one week- last week- The difference- the number of “adult fatalities” from the flu are not made public” ! But I’ll damn bet you it’s a helluva lot more than 10 !

  2. Props where props are due. I got a post card from Trump today that was named “President Trumps Coronavirus Guidelines For America” which listed EXACTLY ALL of the things Oregon is already doing because of Governor Kate, including limiting groups to less than 10 people, Staying home, Not shaking hands, washing your hands, generally caring for other human beings etc. I hereby agree with Trump on something, and thank whoever came up with this idea and did the work putting it out. Because seriously, you know he had nothing to do with it. But still, props, sir. Well done.

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