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Redmond PD: Man in gas mask, with BB gun threatened neighbor’s birthday party

Deschutes County Jail
Gabreial Russell

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- A Redmond man was arrested on charges he donned a gas mask, held a realistic-looking BB rifle and threatened neighbors holding a child’s “drive-by” birthday party that complied with the rules of Oregon’s stay-home order, police said Monday.

Officers responded around 5:40 p.m. Friday to the 2200 block of Southwest 33rd Street on a report of a man armed with a weapon who reportedly threatened others in the area, Lt. Curtis Chambers said.

An investigation found that a nearby homeowner was having a birthday party for their child that complied with the dictates of Gov. Kate Brown’s “Stay Home, Save Lives” executive order, Chambers said. In the spirit of social distancing, friends would drive by, honk their horn and sing “Happy Birthday” from inside their cars, the lieutenant said.

According to witnesses, Gabreial Russell, 45, walked out of his house, wearing a gas mask and holding a weapon, while allegedly making threatening statements to party participants, Chambers said.

Police officers and detectives took Russell into custody without incident on charges of menacing and unlawful use of a weapon.

A search warrant for Russell’s home was obtained and more evidence seized. Chambers said their investigation found the weapon Russell had was "a realistic-looking MP5-style BB rifle.”

Russell was arraigned Monday afternoon on the initial DA's charging document, which listed three counts of menacing, a Class A misdemeanor, alleging Russell intentionally tried to place three people "in fear of imminent serious physical injury."

A plea hearing was set for May 4. Russell was released from jail Monday afternoon after posting 10 percent of his $5,000 bail, a jail officer said.

Court records show Russell was convicted in 2015 of three counts of felon in possession of a firearm and sentenced to 13 months in prison. He had been arrested in 2014 and pleaded no contest in early 2015 to unlawful use of a weapon, the records show.

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Barney Lerten

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  1. I could see where it might get a little irritating if there were constantly people out in the street honking their horns non-stop, but if it was that bad he could have called the cops and complained. What an idiot…
    It’s probably a good thing this clown is a felon, otherwise he might have come out with a real gun.

    1. Did you not actually read the article? He was already convicted of unlawfully possessing a weapon as a felon in 2015. He obviously knows how to get a hold of one while still being a felon. Chances are he has one now I would wager. Again proof that laws only work for people who are willing to follow them.

      1. Actually yes I did read the article, all of it, and I’m sure he does know how to
        get one if he really wants one. It happens all the time. I wouldn’t have been surprised
        if he did have a real gun, but if you actually read all of the article, they didn’t mention finding one when they searched his house, but we don’t know for certain
        because he could have one stashed somewhere else.

          1. I honestly don’t know why I wrote it the way I did. Yesterday when I read it
            it made sense, today when I look at it, I can see why you made your comment.
            If you have read any of my comments in the past, you would know exactly what
            my feelings are on criminals, and yes I am well aware that criminals don’t
            follow the laws. Before they are caught and spend time in jail or prison, or after they are released, which is why a very high percentage of people released, end up right back where they were…

            – I always take full responsibility for everything I say and write, and don’t have a problem admitting I’m wrong. I’m not one to make excuses for things I do, however in this case, the only reason I can think of to explain why I wrote what I did is because I’ve been sick for over a week and obviously I’m not thinking as clearly as I normally would, and or paying enough attention to things. But, that’s a reason, not really an excuse because I am the one that wrote it…

            – In all honesty this isn’t the first thing I’ve written recently that didn’t really make sense, or was simply inaccurate…
            That said, it is what it is, and your questioning of my comment wasn’t unwarranted, so I’ll take the criticism and leave it at that.

  2. I don’t agree with his method…far from it. But I would be pretty annoyed if people were driving up by my house and honking for hours too.

    The parents should consider their neighbors too! I certainly would have called the police for that alone. People sleep durning the day. Who wants to listen to car horns?

    It’s your kids bday, not your neighborhoods’. It’s on you to give them a good bday, not annoy everyone else with it.

    Again, the guy with the BB-gun was in the wrong 100%. He should have just called the police on the annoying and inconsiderate neighbors..

    1. If it happens every day, or if it’s getting late, then maybe get a little bummed. Otherwise can’t we have some patience and compassion? Dude down the road used to tune up his Harley in the morning some times. Was pretty loud. You could either get mad, or go down there and tell him ‘cool bike’. Sunday morning I can hear what sounds like a war zone down from BLM. I could get bummed, or I can grab by blammies and some ammo and go down there and join em. Life is an attitude, have a good one.

  3. It would annoy me right now having people honk. Course normal people wouldn’t handle it that way. I’d have no problems with the singing, but honking the horn, that’s supposed to be for emergencies only. I’m also against having your horn honk when you lock your car. I had mine disabled.

  4. We cant let society collapse over fear of a disease that most people will survive… the isolation is neccessary but its time we all started working harder to make our quaratines functional for people and not cause terror or insanity, as we see here

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