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Not business (or life) as usual: Gov. Brown, health officials spell out reopening details

Gov. Kate Brown COVID-19 mask 57
Oregon Gov. Kate Brown holds up mask - state seal on one side, Douglas fir on other - during May 7 news conference

Big summer gatherings -- fairs, concerts -- can't happen as usual

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Gov. Kate Brown and state health officials tried to sound an upbeat tone Thursday as they spelled out a measured plan to start reopening businesses and other activities in most Oregon counties, as soon as a week from Friday.

But despite the state's success in curbing the spread of COVID-19 and “flattening the curve,” it was also clear there’s some sizable risk involved in the reopening plans. It won’t be business as usual – far from it -- and many traditional summer and even fall events either won’t happen or will be sharply curtailed or revised.

“We’ve joined the rest of the world in facing this historic pandemic head-on,” Brown said, “taking extraordinary measures to save lives.”

 And it’s worked, officials said, with the lowest COVID-19 hospitalizations on record reported last week, fewer than 100 across the state.

Supplies of personal protective equipment are improving, Brown said, amid rapid ramping up of testing and contact tracing. And while everyone present thanked Oregonians for their sacrifices, they couldn’t say it will all be over any time soon.

“Let me be clear, these choices are not easy,” Brown said, noting that cases may increase again as reopenings begin, even if most Oregonians continue do as requested in terms of physical distancing, wearing masks or face covering in public and frequent hand-washing.

“This virus is still very dangerous, and it still poses a great threat,” the governor said. “Until there’s a vaccine, unfortunately, we will not be able to go back to life as we knew it, in Oregon or, frankly, anywhere.”

Thanks to health care professionals and the actions of millions of Oregonians, Brown said, Oregon has been “a comparatively safe harbor during this pandemic.” But she said despite that, the measures that have been taken “will remain a part of our lives for many months to come.”

Each county has been drafting plans to meet a detailed set of prerequisites, working with the Oregon Health Authority, and they will be able to apply starting Friday to be part of a Phase 1 opening plan as soon as a week later, May 15.

Once they get the go-ahead to reopen, restaurants and bars can open for dining in, but only with adequate physical distancing, workers in face coverings and urging customers to do as well, though obviously “not while eating,” Brown said. Salons, barber shops, gyms and the like also can reopen in a limited way, and salons, for example, will need to track customers for contact tracing.

Local gatherings can increase to up to 25 people, while stores use one-way flow and tape marking to delineate proper distancing.

The counties that enter Phase 1 will need to meet the criteria for 21 days before they consider moving into the next phase, “so we can monitor if there’s an unsafe uptick in the virus,” the governor said. If things remain safe, without an increase in cases or hospital admissions, they may be able to move into Phase 2, which still has details being finalized but is expected to allow somewhat larger gatherings and more work in office settings.

But then came the “difficult news” that large gatherings such as concerts, festivals and conventions are out for this summer. “Until we have a reliable prevention, like a vaccine, any large gathering through September should be canceled or significantly modified,” the governor said.

“I know this is really, really hard,” she said. “I, too, will miss visiting our fairs and festivals this year.”

Brown said along with strong recommendations on face coverings – she showed off hers, with a state seal on one side and a fir tree on the other, saying they weren’t wearing them at the news conference so as not to be muffled – there will be additional lifting of some statewide restrictions next week, including expanded child care options and guidance for summer schools, camps and youth programs.

“Public health experts tell us under the right restrictions, we can take this step safely,” she said. The governor said it’s a priority, because “child care is essential to get parents back to work, and because education is the bedrock of our society.”

“As this process of reopening begins, I ask Oregonians to come together and be smart,” she said. “Please follow the guidelines allowing businesses to reopen … in a safe and strong way.”

OHA Director Patrick Allen said Oregon has at last report 56.2 infections per 100,000 residents, the fourth-lowest in the nation, and its death rate is the eighth-lowest in the country. Hospitals now have enough ventilators and bed space to handle surge in cases, if necessary.

But all that doesn’t mean COVID-19 has gone away, he said. “We’re not in the clear, in the country or in our state. COVD infections could spike quickly, if we aren’t careful – all of us.”

Guidelines have been issued not just for restaurants and personal care businesses, but for all employers and the general public. Outdoor recreation agencies, for example, are being advised to keep high-traffic areas such as pools, basketball courts and playgrounds closed.

“We are not returning to business as usual,” Allen said. “We are venturing into uncharted territory, (working at) safely reopening businesses in the midst of a pandemic.”

Allen said that based on the information so far, “It’s safe to assume that a majority of Oregon counties meet the metrics to be able to safely reopen.”

Dr. Renee Edwards, chief medical officer at OHSU and a member of the governor’s Medical Advisory Panel, noted that hospital ER visits are down sharply for all conditions and stressed that “seeking health care at this time is safe,” without any needed concern of contracting COVID-19. “Know that it is safe. We are there for you,” she said.

During questioning from reporters, Brown said fairs, for example, could still do some of their events, just differently to assure physical distancing and other steps, with fewer people.

As for school in the fall, the governor said, “It is a priority for me to get students back in school in the fall. It probably will look a little different than it has.”

Dr. Dean Sidelinger, state epidemiologist, said a planned 10 p.m. curfew for bars reflects that even with the changes, some people who don’t track how much they are drinking may also lose track of how close they are to others.

Asked about not requiring, only urging the public to wear masks, Brown said, “We’re asking Oregonians to be thoughtful and considerate of their neighbors.”

Sidelinger said taking the temperature of customers is not being required but they don’t believe it would significantly cut down on the spread of the disease, while Edwards noted that only about half of those who have COVID-19 have been found to have a fever.

The governor punted to Sidelinger on the question of high school or college football. He said no-contact sports like golf or tennis “probably will be able to come back first,” but for others that have close contact, such as football and basketball, much will depend on the disease’s behavior.

“Large gatherings likely will not be happening through the end of September,” he said, so they “likely would resume without fans in the stands, but watching safely from home.”

News release from Gov. Kate Brown's office:

Governor Kate Brown Releases Plan for Rebuilding a Safe and Strong Oregon

Phased approach for counties and businesses emphasizes data, safety, and physical distancing
 (Portland, OR) — Governor Kate Brown today announced new details of her framework for rebuilding a safe and strong Oregon, including new guidance for counties and businesses on the phased reopening process. The guidance is the product of a robust engagement process with stakeholders, doctors, health experts, business owners, and local officials to chart a path forward while keeping Oregonians healthy and safe.

“Today, thanks to millions of Oregonians following the strict physical distancing orders I put in place, I am happy to say these sacrifices have prevented as many as 70,000 COVID-19 infections, and 1,500 hospitalizations in Oregon,” said Governor Brown. “We are on track in meeting the goals that doctors and public health experts have laid out for us. And that means we now have the opportunity to begin rebuilding a safe and strong Oregon.”

By following the Governor's strict physical distancing guidelines over the past several weeks, Oregonians have successfully flattened the curve of COVID-19 cases. There are now fewer than 100 COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state, and Oregon has established plans for increasing testing capacity, expanding contact tracing capability, and building reserves of personal protective equipment.

Governor Brown emphasized that by taking steps gradually and carefully, and following science and data, Oregon can begin to reopen safely.

"But let me be very clear: these choices are not easy; as we reopen parts of our economy, we know and expect that there may be an uptick in new coronavirus cases," said Governor Brown. "That’s why we have to be prepared in every single corner of the state, because as we’ve seen, an outbreak can occur anywhere."

On May 1, Governor Brown lifted her order delaying non-urgent medical procedures, with safeguards in place for health care workers and patients. On May 5, Governor Brown announced the limited reopening of some outdoor parks and recreation areas. Next week, updated safety guidelines regarding transit, certain child care, summer school, and summer camps and youth programs will be issued. Each step of reopening is contingent on Oregonians following the safety guidelines for each sector.

Governor Brown’s new guidance on reopening calls for the widespread use of face coverings, maintaining physical distance of six feet between individuals as much as possible, and following good hygiene and disinfection practices.

Phase I Details

In addition, some counties will be eligible to begin the limited reopening of additional business sectors beginning as early as May 15 if they have demonstrated they have met all prerequisites for reopening. Oregon counties can begin submitting applications on Friday, May 8. Counties must:

  • Show a decline in COVID-19 or have fewer than 5 hospitalizations 
  • Have sufficient COVID-19 testing and contact tracing capability
  • Establish plans for the isolation and quarantine of new cases
  • Have the hospital capacity to handle any surge in COVID-19 cases
  • Have enough personal protective equipment for health care workers

Counties that meet all of the above criteria will be eligible to enter Phase I of reopening on May 15, pending approval of their application by the Governor after recommendations from the Oregon Health Authority.

In Phase I, counties can begin the limited reopening of the following sectors under specific safety guidelines:

  • Restaurants and bars for sit-down service
  • Personal care and services businesses, including barbers and salons
  • In-person gatherings of up to 25 people

Counties must remain in Phase I for at least 21 days before becoming eligible to advance to Phase II. If counties begin to see significant increases in COVID-19 cases or community spread, the Oregon Health Authority will work with local public health officials to evaluate what actions should be taken. Significant growth in COVID-19 spread could necessitate a county moving back from Phase I to a stay-home status. More details on Phases II and III are forthcoming.

The Governor also announced that large gatherings such as conventions, festivals, and major concerts and live audience sporting events will need to be cancelled at least through September. Restarting events of this size will require a reliable treatment or prevention, like a vaccine, which is many months off. Further guidance on large events will be provided in the coming months.

A full media kit is available under the Reopening Oregon Documents tab on the Oregon Health Authority’s website with more information. Documents include prerequisites for counties to apply for reopening, sector-specific guidance for employers and businesses, and a presentation on Oregon’s phased approach to reopening safely.

A full copy of Governor Brown’s remarks is available here.

Video of Governor Brown’s press availability is available here.

A video presentation explaining the phased reopening process is available here.

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  1. Of course the simple minded folk will blame Brown because logic and simple reasoning escapes them. Besides most of them don’t leave the trailer park and troll on here constantly like Biden’s Nose Hair, Comrade Moron or whatever he calls himself?

    1. I can’t recall a single one of your replies that EVER rebutted a claim I have made. Not one. All you do is insult and say “you’re stupid” and burn a few strawmen while clucking about like a cockerel who thinks crowing on a pile of dung makes him kind of the barnyard. Challenge me once in a while. Present your facts and show I’m wrong. Please. All you stonerfestertio clowns are capable of is insult and “CNN says.” I post arguments. I post links. I post opinion and you spew up insults like a cornered vomit bird.

    2. You are funny, wearing a mask suppresses your immune system. We need to build immunity! Besides it’s unconditional and against my religion so I’m not wearing no mask getting any vacancies and if Kate doesn’t like it I will see her in court!

    1. A lot of California and Washington plates today. I’d rather they visit the food trucks and take out then empty out our grocery stores.

      1. but not rather they obey their respective state’s orders? I mean that’s what the governors are pushing…stay at home orders in all three states

          1. So you’re not gonna answer the question? By the way….you have no clue what “Anarchy” even means. Now….about your deflection….gonna answer?

        1. Martha is as dim as a five watt bulb ! She must think all those Californians and Washingtonians are her to shop-go to restaurants- or see a movie-but we all know that Oregon, Washington, and California are all under the same lockdowns… except in one area- and that is construction jobs !

          And that is what all those out-of-state plates are doing here… poaching jobs.

          Don’t believe me ? i sent some parts and equipment to a client in the gorge late last week. My delivery team said that virtually every car in the data center construction parking lot was Washington, Idaho, or Utah- a thirty to one ratio !

          I dare anyone to check that out- the big jungle guys have numerous projects in Oregon- where they received huge tax breaks to set up shop- but the GC’s are all from the colonels home state- 11 herbs and spices !

  2. As difficult as this is to read – it sounds well thought out.
    It is hard to disagree. I want to be back to normal. But, then again, I don’t want to get this virus. Nor, do I want to give it to anyone should I get it myself.

    We all need to be on the same page – even the non-believers who want to think that they know more than the scientists & medical people.

  3. prevented as many as 70,000 – only this many???? If we are going to pick a number out thin air lets make it a bigger number than that – especially since you nor anyone else really has any idea. Did the measures work or did they seem to work because they were not necessary?

        1. The models have been historically wrong- and as of three weeks ago- virtually every illness in the US is being tagged “Wuhan Corona virus”.

          Do the monkey shines never end ???

          1. The Founding Fathers were explicit in their instruction on ending the monkey shine. Mention stacking rifles tho,and these freaks come unglued and say all sorts of things like “violence” “anarchy” “blah blah blah”

            I’m quite sure George Washington would have offered them blindfolds, but maybe not

    1. How about using some simple basic logic. Unless we in Oregon are biologically different from other humans on this planet, the social distancing has been effective. Just because you and some others don’t want to believe that a lot of people around the world have become sick and a lot died from this Virus does not mean it is not happening. As far as the number, they have computers for statistics and the numbers change as the data changes. Who knows why she said that but who knows why Trump said only 60,000 would die either. They’re both stupid.

      1. You should use some basic logic yourself. These computer models are being made by people with biases, failing to account for all variables and making tons of assumptions.

        There is absolutely no proof social distancing works, show me an actual double blind study for social distancing to curb viruses (the gold standard in science.). There is none, only flawed models.

        Besides, social distancing is not actually what we are angry about. We are angry that small businesses couldn’t remain open while taking precautions. If big box stores can remain open and where people congregate, then there is no reason small businesses shouldn’t be able remain open.

  4. she is planing in keeping us shutdown for up to a year

    “This virus is still very dangerous, and it still poses a great threat,” the governor said. “Until there’s a vaccine, unfortunately, we will not be able to go back to life as we knew it, in Oregon or, frankly, anywhere.”

    1. Democrat Governor’s nationwide are treating the Wuhan virus like it was Ebola… it’s not !

      Time for everyone to take minimal precautions- get back to work- and start a serious recall effort to throw Kate Brown out of office.

  5. And to think just this morning I was complimentary of the way Brown had so far avoided giving into her liberal DNA. By not enforcing strict obedience at the expense of our personal freedoms, but then comes her edict. The one that stands out is the contact tracing. The Chicom’s have had a version of this for decades a means of tracking their population, all for the common good. So what I figure is she probably got a call from Newsome or Inslee and possibly Cuomo. Telling her to get on board and keep your state shutdown. Especially if we’re going to be successful in extorting the federal government to pay for our decades of budget mismanagement and to advance the dems goal of subservience to the state.

  6. Does anyone have information as to how many of the infected people – living or dead – are/were living or work(ing) in nursing homes?

    1. It is safe to assume none of the “workers” have died. It’s all the elderly with “underlying medical conditions” that have been dying. And even then we don’t know because the CDC has encouraged ALL deaths be blamed on Kung flu.

        1. Awe how cute! I knew you two trolls would hit it off. Remember to share the keyboard and to value each others conspiracies equally.

          1. Awe- how worthless ! Like the vast majority of your posts- comments- idiotic opinions… have nothing to do with the article- should be ‘removed” for being off topic.

            If yer such a ‘political guy’- hows about we meet over at the ‘DOJ drops all charges against Michael Flynn” stories- you won’t show- tired of trying to run with that tail of shame tucked between yer legs.

            You guys ain’t been right about anything since this site opened- be it disqus or wordpress- your comments have been about as off target as a North Korean missile launch !

  7. This will not work! People will not put up with the restrictions on large gatherings if the curve stays flat and other states start allowing them!

      1. DT, I have had to delete two more of your totally specific threats of violence in past hour or so. Just keep in mind that we don’t really empty the trash bin, just in case someone in a position of authority makes a legal formal request. Heck, you know that – you’ve warned others of the same thing!

        1. I knew there was a reason that DT the PUNK hadn’t responded to me. Barney you shouldn’t delete that little weasel’s posts or any others, for that matter. We all could use a good laugh. 😂

        2. That’s a straight up lie. You have already decided using our tools that the founding fathers gave us is violent. They and nothing more are what I am professing to using. In Order. You people act like we can only either complain, or vote them out. If voting doesn’t work, then we can complain some more and that’s it. Wrong. You think the Second Amendment was for deer hunting, and invading armies on our shore. Wrong. It was designed by men that KNEW EXACTLY PEOPLE LIKE KATE BROWN would be in power some day, and they CLEARLY said and told us it IS OUR DUTY to be rid of these people. They also CLEARLY said what to do if the Constitution no longer fits your needs. Obviously, it no longer fits the needs of people like those in power here, those running this station, and millions of people… why aren’t they following the Constitution instead of breaking the law?

          And keep on threatening to submit my stuff to the law. Go on….keep it up. Violate my due process Barney…I dare ya

          1. No. But when you call for/threaten to burn down the state Capitol, just for instance, you go way beyond “the tools of the founding fathers.” I didn’t say I’m going to the cops. But if law enforcement ever comes to us, in due process, we’ll see what happens. The place to argue constitutionality is in court, and that’s already happening.

            1. That’s crap as well…Kate Brown does not place things before the courts…she just acts without thinking, as several of her things have been struck down AFTER THE FACT

          2. Perfect example of someone who should require extensive background check before owning a firearm. This chick has issues. Thoughts and prayers to anyone who has to deal with her irl.

  8. I’m not waiting until May 15th! I am going to enjoy a delicious sitdown Breakfast tomorrow at a local restaurant. As are many of my friends! Hope to see many of you there as well!

  9. ” Once they get the go-ahead to reopen, restaurants and bars can open for dining in, but only with adequate physical distancing, workers in face coverings and urging customers to do as well, though obviously “not while eating,” Brown said. Salons, barber shops, gyms and the like also can reopen in a limited way, and salons, for example, will need to track customers for contact tracing.”

    – OMG… This truly is the dumbest thing I’ve read all day, and really puts into perspective just how stupid this so called plan really is…
    Restaurants can open for dining if customers wear masks, except when eating of course LMAO… What an idiot. Why bother ? The time that people spend eating a meal while in a restaurant is a large portion of the time that they are inside, but I guess she is so intelligent that she has decided that the virus can’t be spread as long as you are eating.

    – As far as barber shops opening, they will need to track customers for contact tracing ?
    What exactly does that mean ? Are they going to document each persons identity and all of their personal information, and turn it into the Government ?

    – Open businesses up, use common sense, and start getting past this ridiculousness…

    1. When you say “use common sense” do you mean wear a mask and keep 6′ from people and wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds? Or do you mean you have no intention of doing any of those things because you’re bored with all of this, and if we want to try to wear a mask and stay 6′ away from you then you’ll probably taunt us and intentionally get too close because you think it’s all ridiculousness and nobody’s going to tell you what to do?
      Wife and I were just talking about this… if this disease only affected young children instead of just old people, I wonder how you and Trump would sell us opening up businesses and throwing kids under the bus so you can get a haircut and Trump can get re-elected. What would your sales pitch be? Would you blame the parents for the kid getting sick, or tell the parents to just get busy and have more kids, or question if it was even really the virus that killed the kid?
      As the US starts opening up it’s worth taking stock of where we are:
      The US has 4% of the world’s population.
      America has 33% of all confirmed cases right now, at 1,256,972.
      America has 28% of all deaths right now, at 75,670 since March.
      Cases in America are flat, around 25-30k/day since early april.
      Not what I’d classify as ‘Winning’, or American Exceptionalism’, but opinions vary.

      1. ” When you say “use common sense” do you mean wear a mask and keep 6′ from people and wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds? Or do you mean you have no intention of doing any of those things because you’re bored with all of this, and if we want to try to wear a mask and stay 6′ away from you then you’ll probably taunt us and intentionally get too close because you think it’s all ridiculousness and nobody’s going to tell you what to do? ”

        – Washing your hands is common sense, and I’ve never been one of the idiots that thinks
        they need to stand 6 inches away from other people, and I certainly don’t like it.
        That said, I don’t need Brown or Trump or anyone else to tell me what I should do,
        or even worse, try to force me to do it. I was raised to know the difference between
        right and wrong, and I don’t play childish games with people like taunting them…
        I’m not bored with all of this, I’m sick of it. It’s everywhere you look. I’m tired of the continual doom and gloom and sensationalizing. There are going to be more
        people affected by depression because of this than there will be people who are
        actually affected by the virus itself.

        – It’s your business what you want to do, but what are your thoughts about the ridiculousness of the dining in regulations that I used as an example ? Brown saying
        that it’s okay to go into a restaurant to eat, and only wear a mask part of the time is beyond ludicrous and serves absolutely no purpose. It’s just words.
        It’s like saying you have to wear a seat belt all the time, but you can go ahead and take it off on certain roads, or at certain speeds. It makes no sense…

        – There will never be a perfect time to return to the way things used to be, because
        there will never be a time where anyone can say with 100% certainty that nobody will
        get the virus, even if there is a vaccine developed because as we know, vaccines don’t
        always work. Knowing that, are people going to be okay with spending the rest of their life continuing to walk around with masks on, being germaphobes, like so many are doing now ? No thanks, not me. I’ve had the stupid virus and I’m not freaking out about everything.

      2. If-If-If… you know what they say about If’s- if ifs and buts were candy and nuts- we’d all have a Merry Christmas” !

        Fact is- the President is right to question those Governor’s who shut down whole school systems first- without addressing the needs of the “at risk”- and we know now that those “at risk” are the elderly and the “unhealthy” underlying condition folks… of which “children” are not… instead- you should be focusing your ‘hateful” comments on the seasonal flu virus A or B- which is the real threat to your precious children.

        At this point it’s best that you “stay at homers”-non-employables drop out of the discussion. You have no skin in this game and only come here to ridicule and post hateful comments towards people who have been forced out of work and are sitting at home pulling their hair out over their current financial losses- you are the worst of the worst as you prey on large numbers of people currently going through a real crisis- one that has been proven to be Democrat Governor Kate Brown made !

        1. You spun away from everything I said, it’s like we’re in two completely different conversations. Because as always, you have nothing.

  10. And so the fear-mongering continues… The One in Salem will not be satisfied until there are NO more infections. And so, lemmings, stay home, stay safe and don’t think for yourself… let The One do it for you.

  11. I know this may sound bad but I have a roommate that has not been paying rent since March when our governor put the no eviction law in place. He is working 40 hours a week making $14.00 per hour and thinks that because of this law he does not need to pay rent. I need help and need to know if I can proceed with filing an eviction notice with the courts without getting fined myself. This has put a hardship and toll on my family and my life. Please if anyone can help let me know.

    1. Your friend is stupid. Yes there is a no eviction right now. ( Can’t remember if it’s a set time period or until covid emergency declaration is over). BUT there is nothing that says you can’t be evicted the day after it’s over! I’m sure that’s what landlords will do for people that didn’t pay rent…they’ll evict them as soon as the emergency declaration is over! OR they can make the tenant pay the back rent and if they don’t, then evict. There’s nothing that says they can’t force them to pay back rent.

  12. Why does she sit down? Oh how I wish we had a real leader for this great state. Not a little mouse of a Governor who cant even stand for such an important event. Call me old fashioned but you stand when you are public speaking.

    1. That just means that she doesn’t have anything of importance to say, but she’s going
      to say it anyway, and it’s a chance to showcase her personalized State masks.
      That tells us just how serious this isn’t, and that she is planning on dragging
      this fiasco out as long as she possibly can.

  13. Daily dose of Founding Fathers….since Barney thinks I’m violent

    Daily dose of violence, brought to you by our Founding Fathers.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    John Adams

    “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
    Patrick Henry

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen”
    Samuel Adams

    “Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American…The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”
    Tench Coxe

    “A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Now…..let’s not disappoint them. We have a Constitution to protect. Let’s get to it

  14. Let’s talk about some real news, can you say Gen Flynn🤭 the Democrats are about to feel the pain🤣 I hope they have fun in priso

  15. Just like that big wig up at Washington DC when asked about Gov. Brown (Yes they have heard about her all the way up there) said…”She’s drunk on power”

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