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Gov. Brown’s office offers new details of what Phase 2 reopening will look like

Phase 2 draft guidelines
Gov. Kate Brown's office
Oregon county officials were given a draft report Friday of the planned changes under Phase 2 reopening

County leaders get draft review, told of requirements to make the move

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown's office on Friday provided county officials with new details of how a Phase 2 business and activity reopening will proceed, as counties meet requirements showing progress against COVID-19.

The current guidance of no more than 25 people in gatherings would be increased to 50 indoors and 100 outdoors, according to the draft presentation, to be adjusted based on feedback from counties and others.

Along with increased travel and a limited return to work (though remote working still "strongly recommended") would be a "limited reopening of certain sectors."

Venues such as theaters, movie theaters and churches would be allowed to reopen under as-yet unspecified "occupancy limitations," as well as sanitization requirements and physical distancing.

On Thursday, Gov. Brown's office sent a letter to county officials on how they can apply to move to Phase 2 after at least two weeks in Phase 1, and it would take effect at least three weeks after entering Phase 1 (after at least another week).

Counties must confirm they have enough personal protective equipment, list how many trained contact tracers are available and any major changes from their Phase 1 applications.

The new criteria include at least 95% of all new cases being contact-traced within 24 hours. At least 70% of new COVID-19 cases must be traced to an existing positive case.

There also cannot be a 5% or greater rise in new cases over the past week, or a significant increase in the percentage of positive cases.

Many other indoor-outdoor activities, from bowling and pool to arcades, ax throwing, jet boats, batting cages and mini-golf would not face the occupancy limitations, only the sanitization and distancing requirements.

Youth sports could resume, with physical distancing and requirements regarding equipment sharing, as well as overnight camps, with cohorts.

The current 10 p.m. curfew for restaurants and bars under Phase 1 would be extended to midnight. There also would be an increased footprint for table space and approved outdoor space, allowing partitions to curb physical distancing in booths.

Guidance is still forthcoming for Phase 2 outdoor recreation, such as pools and sports courts.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



    1. 200 in a grocery store is a big store. And they’re not all sitting next to each other, emitting droplets in each others faces via singing and/or talking, for an hour+, with the same group of people. That’s why funerals, choir practices, etc., have been documented as super-spreader events.

  1. “Many other indoor-outdoor activities, from bowling and pool to arcades, ax throwing…”

    “Ax throwing” ??? Democrat Governor Kate Brown believes Oregon is just chock-full of “ax throwers” ???

    This is why the Democrat completely destroyed the state’s economy- because she is completely out of touch with “who-what-where-and how” Oregonians live !

    Ax Throwing ??? Bwahahaaa !!!

      1. Yeah, thanks for that, Barney. I actually had to google ‘Axe Throwing Oregon’ and found out that it is surprisingly popular. There are venues and even some bars in the Willamette Valley that seem to feature indoor axe throwing , which certainly brings a 10 pm curfew into clearer focus…

      2. Too funny seeing that chic run her ignorant mouth all the time. Just constantly failing, so easily refuted. How stupid can you get? Oh well somebody’s got to do it!! Lol!!

      3. And… it appears Barney Lerten also believes that “ax throwing” is ready to compete with “Indoor soccer-pickle-ball-and “walleyball” as a “serious contender for the niche sports crown… I however would argue that there are more people (of all ages) involved in “quilting”- you know- that major event that overtakes Sisters Oregon every year- as an activity that should have been mentioned well above “ax throwing” !

        “Ax Throwing” seems to be one of them things them big city folks do- along with “escape houses”- lacrosse-tik-tok challenges”… Is it really no surprise- that Dem Gov Kate Brown- and Barney are on the same misguided page ?

  2. Can someone please explain to me why covid becomes so rampant after 10pm?
    It must, I’m sure there is a good reason for a 10pm curfew or can’t be that the restaurants need to clean because that should only take an hour or 2. Oh I know the night shift doesn’t know how to clean properly so it takes them longer. Ridiculous “rule” made by the government.

      1. Yea, but what does that have to do with a 10 pm curfew? Some people work late, or just like to go out late. Alcohol servers are already trained and experienced in preventing over-imbibing.

        1. You actually believe crowd behavior in bars is the same at 6pm vs 12am!! Wanna buy a car?? Lmao!!! Any cop, bartender or cab driver will tell you just how naive you are!!! Try and get out more

    1. “Can someone please explain to me why covid becomes so rampant after 10pm?”

      Actually- as we all know (except maybe Barney- because he couldn’t fathom an educated response) is because Democrat Governor Kate Brown wants to maintain her “nanny state” status- one that insists that humans are their own worst enemy and don’t know whats good for them… it really is that simple.

      Many Oregonians- especially those on the west side of the cascades- “need” this kind of government in their lives- one that controls- sets the agenda for all to follow- one with “flexible restrictions” that ebb and flow with the whims of the day.

      This is the key difference between Democrats and Republicans… Democrats want Government in charge- Republicans want individuals and their constitutional rights in charge… cut to the chase… how did Democrat Governor Kate Brown handle the Wuhan Coronavirus scare… she shut down the state via “executive order”- even though there was no clear and present immediate emergency… she “assumed- she predicted- she made a wild eyed guess”… and the state will now suffer for decades because of her itchy trigger finger !

      Votes and misinformation have consequences.

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