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State ‘stands ready’ to enforce mask order, Gov. Brown tells NewsChannel 21

Will be working with OSHA, other agencies to educate, inform customers

(Update: Adding video)

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Gov. Kate Brown spoke with NewsChannel 21 on Monday afternoon about her announcement earlier in the day expanding a face covering mandate statewide, due to the rise in COVID-19 cases:

Here's a full transcript of that conversation:

1.        How will businesses enforce this? Will they have to throw a customer out?

Gov. Brown:  My agencies stand ready to enforce this face-covering policy. It’s critically important to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

The case numbers we are seeing right now are alarming, and we absolutely have to stop the spread of the disease, and wearing face coverings is a good way to prevent transmission. So we will be working with our state agencies, including OSHA, to educate and inform customers.

And this is going to be a culture change for businesses across the state, but I’m confident they have the wherewithal to make it happen.

We know that businesses out there have already been able to do it, Costco being a great example. So we are asking them to educate and inform customers, and then we will move to the next step, which is enforcement.

2.        Would anyone have to throw a customer out or ask someone to leave for not complying with that?

Gov. Brown: Look, we’re going to start with education and information, letting Oregonians know that face coverings can help prevent the transmission of the disease.

When you talk, air comes out of your mouth, and there’s droplets of moisture in that air. You can unknowingly spread COVID-19. Oregonians don’t want to do that to their friends, their family, and their neighbors.

We’re ordering everyone to wear face coverings when they go out in public to help prevent transmission. We know that the CDC and scientists from John Hopkins and Stanford are saying that this will help prevent the transmission. So lets make it happen in Oregon -- we can do this.

3.        What will the penalty be for someone refusing to wear a mask? Jail? A fine? How much?

Gov. Brown:  Look, we have the ability to enforce these executive orders, but as I said earlier, our first approach is going to be to educate and inform consumers. I think it’s pretty straightforward.

It’s absolutely a culture change. We have to take this seriously across the entire state, and our agencies will be working with businesses to make sure that their customers, their clients, their patients are in compliance with this order.

Look, I don’t want to shut down our bars, our restaurants, our bookstores, our breweries. We have to have compliance here, if we are going to stop the spread of the disease. So, we can do this. This is Oregon!

4.        What have you heard from the other eight counties doing it? Any issues?

Look, my sense is that there’s really good compliance with the counties that have already had the face-covering order in place.

We know that we have higher density in these communities, and therefore, much more likely that the disease can be spread easier. But we are seeing outbreaks in rural Oregon, we are seeing outbreaks in urban Oregon, we are seeing outbreaks all over the state -- and wearing a face covering is a simple, yet effective tool to slow the transmission of the disease.

I know it’s really up to each and every one of us. Your actions can make this worse, or they can make this better. Its truly in your hands.

5.        Can you quantify how much impact this mask requirement will have on slowing the spread of the virus? 30%? 50%?

Gov. Brown:  Here’s what I do know. I know that scientists that have those calculations, physicians and scientists have made those calculations. But here’s what I know, and that is that by wearing a face-covering when you’re out in public in indoor public spaces, whether it’s a lobby, a reception room, a restroom, a kitchen area, you are less likely to transmit the COVID-19 disease.

And we know that a huge portion of folks that get this disease don’t have symptoms. So it’s really a challenge for us, so the best thing that we can do is be kind, be smart, be thoughtful, be considerate of your neighbors and your community members.

We know that the most challenging impacts are on our most vulnerable communities -- our communities of color, our African American neighbors and friends, our Latinx neighbors and friends, our Pacific Islander community members, and of course our elderly family and friends are also very much at risk, and folks with underlying health conditions.

We can protect them and prevent the spread of the disease by wearing a face covering. It’s as simple as that.

6.        Any other ways that we’re going to be able to enforce this? Any reparations for people not complying?

Gov. Brown: Great question. Look, we’re going to work hard to make sure that our small businesses that have been particularly hard-hit by COVID-19 closures have access to personal protection equipment. So we are getting those supplies out to communities around the state.

But Oregonians can easily make a fast face-covering out of a T-shirt, a bandanna. And I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve had neighbors make me great face coverings, including one with the State of Oregon seal on it.

So please wear your face coverings -- be kind, be smart, and be thoughtful. Happy Fourth of July! Celebrate local! Make it a barbecue with only your household members, just a few family members! Keep it small. Keep it local. Be safe.

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    1. It’s still backwards day, go figure. So Kate seems adament about enforcing such a rule but was sure silent when those rioters were out of control. I dont think I ever heard her with such a threatening tone when Portland was on fire. The hipocracy is so loud and yet sheep just keep being sheep.

      1. Local governments are responsible for that. Law enforcement, mayors, city councils, etc. Portland is not controlling their protests. Used to be that a group had to have a permit and they were allowed a place to protest. Counter protests were ok, but they too had to have a permit and a place to counter protest and it wasn’t at the same time or place as the original protesters.

    2. its ok to burn the place to the ground, but she’ll be right there with the long arm of the law if anyone doesn’t hide their face. crimes are ok, police defending themselves is a bad thing, lets make all political parties and beliefs a crime. it sounds like present day Oregon but I’ve also just described pre ww2 germany and the communist revolution in Russia and china

      1. The Nanny State is looking just like the Soviet Union. Marxist have infiltrated our Government & Media on all ends and our sheepish citizens just feed the wolf. You mention China and yet were racist for even wanting to throw them under the bus and yet they are still communist…they don’t deny that and how they control the media, etc and yet leftist would rather focus on how bad Russia is then dare insult the very folks they probably turn to for help with the left’s very own Marxist agenda. Backwards Day Everyday.

    1. Earlier word was they would not enforce it, I think that was yesterday. Now she says they will enforce it. She’s a brown stain on our state. You ain’t enforcing people to do anything.

      1. Thats true. You can’t trust anything that comes out of her mouth. She changes what mind she as very quickly. The lawyers will get fat in this state.

        1. It started with “no shoes, no shirt, no service” and now masks! Pretty soon they’ll inject us with mind-controlling microchips! Birds aren’t real! They’re government surveillance drones! The Earth is a rhombus! Chemtrails! Pizzagate! Benghazi!

    1. itit’s the nwo. been talking about it for years. the global government has been telling us they were going to do this. the average American is to caught up in their political purity to understand what their leaders are actually saying to them. ding bat political sheep will call all that a conspiracy theory. they been using the term “conspiracy theory ” ever since the CIA created the phrase for the sheep to use. good info , however most on this site fit the sayin , “cant fix stupid”

    2. Click through the footnotes to their “sources” and you’ll see that they’re often anonymous, unsubstantiated twitter posts or websites that curiously include no information other than the “source” being cited, and no way to find further information about the “experts” supposedly responsible for the material.

        1. Not really. Weren’t they mostly anecdotal, but still specifically factual, reporting? E.g., as to what was happening in China, then Italy, etc.? Certainly not some comprehensive data set, but verifiable information about specific cities.

      1. Republicans: “Question everything! Don’t listen to science experts!”
        Also Republicans: “Do not question my random link with no substantial fact-based evidence!”
        The blind hypocrisy is so insane.

        1. You marxist use the word science so loosely, kind of like the word racist. See the problem with you leftist is you follow only those who align with your narrative. Doesnt matter what financial ties they have or how bias they are you deem their knowledge, reports, science, whatever as fact no matter what, even if it’s been edited to fit the narrative. You follow a political party blindly, thinking your smart, just, above others and yet your the ones that are actually being duped. It doesnt take much to see the decisvieness with the political agenda behind BLM yet if anyone challenges that narrative their a racist. Basically use big words to shut people down. If you follow the data with covid you might actually see this has a low death rate. If you knew anything about covid you’d know the first strain was discovered in the 1969. You also know the typical life cycle is two years, which means we wont stop it no matter what. but the dems and your marxist friends have done an excellent job turning Americans against each other. Doesnt matter the facts, it’s about your team verses my team. That’s what the elites want and that’s what they got. Marxism has failed over and over again and will again but it’s cool, keep trying. Eventually it will catch up and you’d wish you weren’t a sheep.

    3. Are you really that ill-informed or just stupid? You think this all fake across the world to destroy their economy and destroy Oregons Economy.?

      1. Tell me everything you know about about the world’s economies, all of them. They are all based on one thing. If you don’t know what that thing is, then you are not qualified to even talk about it, aka, you’re stupid.

        1. You spout your inane unitelligible drivil with never a speck of proof or fact. Plenty of insults hurled though, do you really think you are showing intelligence of any sort?

    1. yeah just wait till they add the finishing touches. the nwo servance state is going to enslave us all. and people like you will be to blame

      1. How about CallOfDutyBootie? LoveYouHoneyBunny? ButHerEmails? You could have literally chosen any name, and you went with that one? What a goof…

  1. Funny that so many people originally thought it would be the Republicans that brought us to the point of living in a police state…

  2. Good luck with your culture change kitty. I saw how it was going in Lincoln City over the weekend. Nobody cares what you order, suggest, recommend, or say at all.

    I won’t wear a mask in public and I’d love to see you try to do something about it.

  3. She will enforce an order to force all private citizens to wear face masks, but she does nothing when violent protesters rampage their way through Portland and across the state.

    1. What goal? The only clear goal Kate Brown was honest about was, “ It’s absolutely a culture change.”
      Flatten the curve? That’s gone. Eradicate it completely? Fauci was suppose to eradicate AIDS 40 years ago. Until there is a vaccine? There are no coronavirus vaccines. Until there are treatment protocols? Well, there are. So what goal?

  4. Wear a mask or don’t. One way or the other, the winner of the battle between moral decency and callous indifference will be on your face.

    1. So funny reading from you guys. When it comes to the danger and murder of your Antifa BLM riots you’re all “we are patriots fighting for justice,” but when it comes to forcing the entire population to wear masks “ you’re all stupid rube Trump worshipers.”

      1. Fighting an establishment that has oppressed and killed innocent Americans for hundreds of years is exactly like not wanting to wear a piece of material on your face because it’s uncomfortable to you. Way to fight the good fight, comrade.

  5. i’m not wearing one, I have a condition. i’m physically not able to do what I am told. I tried it when I was a kid, I tried it when I was married, it didn’t work out

    1. I can tell none of you are gamers. A gamer would wear a chicken if it gave him even a slight health boost. Same with us libs, we could walk around with bananas in our ears and still roll the traitor this November. #Bluewave #Landslide #ByeDon #TraitorTrump

  6. Remember when governments forcing people to cover their faces in public was widely condemned by Democrats as a violation of basic human rights?

    Seems like just yesterday…

    1. And when it was racist to enact travel bans?
      And when it was encouraged by DeBlasio and Pelosi to join the crowds and take public transportation to Chinese New Years Celebrations?
      And when Fauci said there was nothing to worry about?
      And when CNN MSNBC. had experts that said it is extremely difficult to spread?
      And the democrats complained Trump had a coronavirus task force during the time they say he was doing nothing
      and should have acted faster even though he did?
      Yesterday, all the experts seemed so far away….

  7. Most masks are effective for less than an hour. When we exhale this degrades the unwoven material in the mask and allows larger particles to enter. If you can smell smoke while wearing a mask covid can pass thru.

    1. What is “unwoven material in a mask”? That’s not what it’s about anyway. Look at it simply as reducing the amount and distance of snot droplets (which are loaded with germs and possibly viruses) we project into the air when we breathe, talk, cough or sneeze. Masks do not keep the virus from entering, but they keep a much bigger percentage of the virus from being ejected halfway across the room at the speed of 75 mph. The fewer droplets we all spew out there, the less virus is out there to contaminate our masks. It’s that simple.

    2. The mask is not for your protection but for those around you. Masks are effective at keeping the droplets YOU spew every time you talk from spreading in the air. It is a selfless action that shows concern for others, especially those who have no choice than to be exposed to everyone due to their jobs such as grocery store workers. Something as simple as a mask can help keep folks like them healthy and as a result will also help keep the economy up and running.

      1. Actually the data shows cloth masks are only slightly helpful at preventing your own micro water droplets from spreading (depending on type of cloth mask…most of the ones people are using aren’t good.). So really wearing one is more of a symbol that you are doing something even though it doesn’t help much. (like so many things liberals push for).

        1. There may be some piece of “data” that “shows” that, but it’s not a remotely accurate description of all the available information. You’ve made your conclusion, but I think others should look at the various dispersion studies, comparisons in reproduction rate between states that mandated masks and those that didn’t, etc.

  8. Let me get this straight: Brown stated “We know that the most challenging impacts are on our most vulnerable communities — our communities of color, our African American neighbors and friends, our Latinx neighbors and friends, our Pacific Islander community members…”

    Yet, one county in our state has decided to exempt persons of color from wearing face coverings because they might be perceived to be about to commit a crime by racist whites of privilege. I can see how that might be an issue. But now that Brown has declared those persons to be “most vulnerable”, what is actually happening? elling POC to not protect themselves against an illness they are more likely to catch and are nearly three times more likely to die from than whites. COVID has already killed more blacks between March-May this year (20,000+) than all of the police killings of all POC over the last 3-1/2 years (1430, 755 of whom were black). Sounds kinda….racist to me!

    *Looks like they reversed their decision, because white people thought it was unfair that they had to wear them and POC didn’t. “Special treatment”. Damn, sometimes people really are stupid.

  9. Look, the infection rate is .001% in Deschutes County. Apparently kids under 12 are vulnerable but they don’t need to wear masks. Let’s face it, we’re all sick although we have no signs or symptoms.

  10. On the same front page as this story there is an article about reinstated lock downs in Arizona because of Covid spikes. That will be us if we don’t start bringing our numbers down. Wearing a mask in a grocery store is a temporary inconvenience for the greater good of others. You can take it off when you leave the store, not a big deal at all! I wear one at work 8+ hours per day at the hospital, you get used to it, it does not reduce your oxygen levels. I would implore those of you on here so adamantly opposed to this to pick your battles a little more wisely. Just curious how many on here stating this is a hoax have any medical education or work in healthcare? Because 100% of the people on my social media feeds who are spreading misinformation are Google “researchers” with no real medical education. It is getting tiring. From the standpoint of someone who works with actual patients: yes, this is real. We have had lower numbers in Deschutes county ( so far!), but yes this is a real disease with unique and serious symptoms, it is not the common flu. You don’t want this, you don’t want your family members to have it. Even if you contract a milder version it can have long lasting effects- lung damage, cardiovascular issues. Why even gamble with this? Why gamble with the possibility of spreading it without knowing? I would ask please find another conspiracy theory to watch you tube videos about and just wear your masks indoors so we can stop the spread and get back to normal, eventually.

  11. “It’s absolutely a culture change.“
    Yep. Get use to it folks. You will be made to care and these little liberties taken away day after day will not be returning. Your business closing, church shut down, beaches closed, parades shut down, concerts shut down, endless state of emergency…just get with the new culture and show your obedience. It use to be “flatten the curve” so hospitals can keep up. Now what it is stop the spread? How is that defined? Zero cases? Over how long?
    BUT I’d you want to have a “mostly peaceful” protest and riot in the streets for justice no problem.

  12. There is no law so trivial that the state won’t kill you to enforce it.

    Why was George Floyd killed? Untaxed Cigs
    Why was Eric Garner killed? Fake $20
    Why was Philando Castile killed? Broken tail light
    Why was Daniel Shaver killed? Pest control
    Why was Walter Scott killed? Broken tail light
    Why was Vicki Weaver killed? 1/2″ too short barrel

    Why was ________ killed? Failure to wear a mask.

    1. Technically, the weren’t killed over those things. Those things were just the initial reason why cops responded. It is what happened after for why they were killed (mostly because they were fighting the police instead of cooperating)

  13. The virus is primarily a health issue and has been secondarily politicized by both sides. But focusing on just the health aspect and the best recommendations, everyone wearing a mask is the best tool to slow the spread. If we don’t wear the masks, Governor Brown will be more likely to shut the economy down again and will give her the justification to further politicize this issue. I say pick your battles.

  14. This article is full of a whole lot of “political speak” – full of words but really says nothing and none of the questions were answered by her.

  15. Look. Stop saying Look. Just answer a question. But the answer is that the government has no way to enforce this, because at some point it will get taken up to the Supreme Court and found as unconstitutional. She doesn’t want that to happen, so she won’t enforce it. That way she can continue creating these absurdly broad-sweeping and unfounded orders. Literally nothing she said in that transcript is true. I check everyday and there are always 150 to (at most) 250 cases per day. Where’s this huge uptick in cases she’s talking about?? I’m a doctor who works in a hospital with literally NO patients in the ICU though we are over-prepared with PPE. Doctors around the state I talk to are the same. Where is she getting this fear of overwhelming hospitals? Death rates are on the decline. With about the same numbers of positive tests per day for weeks, haven’t we flattened the curve? What’s the end goal here? Does ANYONE know?? She changes stances by the hour and acts on a whim without analytically evaluating anything.

  16. But….but…but….Fauci literally said “people should NOT be walking around with masks…..There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask….Wearing a mask might make people feel better (lol)….It might even block a droplet….It’s not providing the perfect protection people think that it is…..Unintended consequences, people keep fiddling with the masks and keep touching their face”

  17. In 2018, there were 15,820 deaths among adults and adolescents with diagnosed HIV in the United States and 6 dependent areas. These deaths may be due to any cause.
    As with AIDS, just because you die, and they find that you have the COVID 19, does not mean you died from it, at least the AIDS stats admit that fact. we have no idea what the true death tole is, we know the numbers are skewed, by how much, we dont know, we do know that the state gets more monies, the more deaths that they contribute to the COVID 19, FACT.

  18. “A positive test result shows you might have antibodies from an infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. However, there is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold.”

    You read that right. The common cold virus can trigger a positive covid-19 test.

    I’ll bluntly call you a moron if you still worry about this ‘pandemic’.

  19. It makes sense to work together for a common good rather than against mask wearing. It can be enforced. It will be expensive, it will be difficult, and it will be somewhat scary. I think the children of the US have been through enough. Let’s think of them

  20. I was wearing my mask, distancing and avoiding crowds. I even made my own hand sanitizer with Everclear.

    But a mandate?

    My masks were tossed in the trash this morning. Will. Not. Comply.

  21. I’ve never heard of a virus with such intelligence! Is this the same science used to explain climate change? Dems can sure can spin things to fit their narrative!

    1. There are 207 total deaths in Oregon to date. Keeping the schools closed, the economy locked down and mandating masks is political. It is criminal.

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