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Crook County health official: Test confirmed C. Oregon’s first COVID-19 death

(Update: Test results confirm COVID-19)

63-year-old woman had no underlying conditions, OHA says

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) – Test results have confirmed that a 63-year-old Crook County woman was the first Central Oregon resident who died from COVID-19, a county health official said Monday.

The test results that came back from a Washington lab late Friday night were "a confirmed positive" case, said Vicky Ryan, Crook County's emergency preparedness coordinator and Health Department public information officer.

The 63-year-old woman came in contact with confirmed cases at a second home in California, had been in self-isolation since returning home but was showing "minimal symptoms " just a day earlier, Ryan said Thursday.

She told NewsChannel 21 the woman “was isolating, and we had checked in with her the day before yesterday (Tuesday). She seemed fine. And then yesterday (Wednesday), we got a report from our local law enforcement that she had passed.”

The woman was not hospitalized because “she had minimal symptoms,” Ryan said, “and we had actually thought she was into recovery with her symptoms. She never got bad with her symptoms.” Officials are aware of no underlying conditions, she added.

The woman contacted Crook County officials immediately after returning home and isolated immediately. Ryan said. She contacted her doctor and the test was taken at St. Charles Prineville.

Due to being a direct contact to four confirmed cases, she had been classified as a presumptive case for Crook County, "because she was symptomatic,” Ryan said.

The family owns a second home in California and was visiting there.

“I think that this may be a real awakening for Crook County,” Ryan said. “Because we have had such a low case count at this point, there may have been a false sense of security.”

“People need to recognize that the virus is still out there – it’s still going strong, there’s no sign of slowing. We’re starting to see more and more cases popping up,” Ryan said. She added that many are due to “large gatherings,” noting it’s a “high tourist area” and that she saw license plates from eight states in Prineville over the Fourth.

“So our local community needs to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” she said, wearing face coverings, frequent hand-washing, using hand sanitizer and to practice social distancing.

Earlier story:

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed six more lives in Oregon, including a Crook County woman -- Central Oregon's first such death -- raising the state’s death toll to 230, along with a record 389 cases, the Oregon Health Authority reported Thursday.

The agency said Oregon’s 225th COVID-19 death was a 63-year-old woman in Crook County who became symptomatic on July 1, after close contact with a confirmed case, and died on Wednesday at her residence. She had no underlying medical conditions, they added.

It was, however, not the first death in Central Oregon due to COVID-19. A Newberg woman died in April at St. Charles Bend, the day after nurses helped her celebrate her 95th birthday. The Oregon Health Authority counts COVID-19 deaths in their county of residence.

Meanwhile, the health authority reported 389 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday, bringing the state total to 11,188 cases, along with 270,887 negative test results.

Sixteen of Thursday's new cases were in Central Oregon.

The new cases are in the following counties: Benton (1), Clackamas (20), Clatsop (1), Columbia (2), Coos (4), Crook (3), Deschutes (5), Hood River (1), Jackson (7), Jefferson (8), Josephine (2), Lake (2), Lane (18), Lincoln (15), Linn (3), Malheur (31), Marion (47), Morrow (12), Multnomah (86), Polk (2), Umatilla (55), Union (4), Wallowa (1), Wasco (5), Washington (46), Yamhill (8).

Deschutes County has now had 229 cases and 11,960 negative results. Crook County has had 17 cases, one death and 1,148 negative test results. Jefferson County has had 145 cases and 2,195 negative test results.

Thursday’s case count is the highest total daily case count since the onset of the pandemic, OHA said. The recent increase in cases is attributed to workplace outbreaks and community spread. Newly diagnosed cases are being interviewed now.

As of 8:30 a.m. Thursday, St. Charles Bend reported nine COVID-19 patients, one of whom was in the ICU and on a ventilator.

Oregon’s 226th COVID-19 death is an 83-year-old man in Umatilla County whose positive test confirmation came on July 4, the day after he died. The place of death is being confirmed. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 227th COVID-19 death is a 71-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on June 26 and died on July 7, at his residence. He had underlying medical conditions.

Oregon’s 228th COVID-19 death is a 75-year-old woman in Clackamas County who tested positive on June 10 and died on July 2 at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. She had underlying medical conditions.

Oregon’s 229th COVID-19 death is a 78-year-old woman in Clackamas County who died on June 18 at her residence. More details are pending.

Oregon’s 230th COVID-19 death is a 90-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on May 9 and died on June 1, at his home. He had underlying conditions.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global respon

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  1. “Oregon’s 225th COVID-19 death was a 63-year-old woman in Crook County who became symptomatic on July 1, after close contact with a confirmed case, and died on Wednesday at her residence.”
    Close contact? With a confirmed case? It seems to be impossible for every last human being in Oregon (4.3 million) to be super cautious and stay far away from every other human being and maintain a sterile environment at all times. This is probably going to be the daily story from now on.

  2. My condolences to the family of the Crook County woman, and all others that have lost a loved one.
    That said, I’m assuming she is one of the many hundreds of “presumptive “ cases. No mention of her testing positive. Only that she apparently died suddenly after being exposed to someone who had it? Sounds fishy to me. Another example of inflated numbers by the government and the media.

      1. There’s still the assumption that she died from Covid…. Even if her presumptive case turns out positive, there is still the assumption that it is a covid death…. I mean… Even the doctors said her symptoms were very mild…it is more likely she died from something else…but it will be labeled a covid death because she will happen to test positive.

          1. I just want to see some news organization delve into the records (or at least interview the families) of some of the fishy cases that are being labeled as covid deaths (not the obvious ones).

            1. True story. Pisses me off that the media talking heads will not hesitate to call a positive corona test “covid-19″….the common cold is testing positive for corona because…well….the common cold is a coronavirus. That means if you have the common cold, the state will say you tested positive and are part of the problem. The media coul ask the hospitals about it, but they refuse. The info has been produced by WHO and CDC, but the media won’t even ask. WHO has also reported that asymptomatic people are not spreading the disease as previously reported…..the media won’t report on that either

              1. The Covid-19 test is specific to Covid-19. A common cold will NOT test positive.

                The CDC has changed its message about asymptomatic cases not spreading it. Actually they really never did say that. It was a misrepresentation of a statement that was made. The have come out with an update. Course it played into the hands of the Covid-19 deniers and conspiracy theorists.

            2. I’m sure there are some news media that are but why would they unless they are really an extremist instrument intent on proving some kind conspiracy. And what would the actually find? Nothing.

      1. We are in California as well as the other 6 states on the west coast weekly and as far as the east coast on occasion all along through this plandemic – in the real world it really is not coming to an end like we are hearing on the media and through our “public officials”. There are sick people and there are some who pass away, that is a sad fact – however it is not the majority of the real world that we can not see outside of our circle of life. It is easier to believe the news stories if you never go to where the story is about or talk to anyone who was there to confirm.

      2. We don’t have to – they are coming here! I’ve seen cars with plates from 12 different states yesterday alone when dropping things off at Goodwill. These people are coming here for vacation and bringing COVID with them.

  3. And in the real news today, there has been a spike in covid-19 testing making is seem like there has been a spike in cases. When the CDC has stated that there have likely been 10 times more cases that we new of because of the lack of testing. Not, with a vast increase in testing, the CDC is proven correct. There have been more cases that had gone untested until now. According to the CDC the mortality rate is at 0.26% but since there are believed to be 10 times more cases the mortality rate is likely 0.026%. YOu can all go about your daily lives now.

    1. Actually, the CDC number of .26% has the likely number of people infected calculated into it already…. Doesnt go by just number of people tested.

  4. Sad news and maybe not avoidable… it’s so easy to respect this virus until a vaccine is perfected. Lost a friend in Cali to the Covid, 48 and healthy but just not aware just how dangerous it was. RIP. Sorry for this families loss and hope others can learn from it… and yes I am not a fear monger, I wear a mask when appropriate, and keep to me family and they do the same… It is really pretty simple.

          1. Surprise! The rates are going back up again. What is funny is how everyone is only looking at death rates. If you get this, you can be sick for months! The virus stays in your body and can cause damage to every organ in your body PLUS the central nervous system AND the circulatory system. This thing is no joke. Try working with severe symptoms. I took out some disability insurance in case I get it and lose a month of income (and hopefully not give it to my spouse who would lose income not working as well).

      1. Tell that to my kid’s college roommate. He’s in his late thirties and pre-COVID was a personal trainer with a local access TV show in NY. He had the virus in March. Last week he came home and slept for 16 hours. He burned his hand on a pot and didn’t realize he had a second degree burn for a day this week. Yep. Not dangerous except for the fat elderly smoking diabetics. Well, ****, that’s half of Prineville.

  5. Already were mad, that’s Trumpland there. Anger at the world is a characteristic of Cult45. Their lives are very hard in the carnage he tells them that they live in.

      1. The left are the lunatics that are running around the country destroying everything thing that hurts their poor little feelings. Can’t find any real racism in present day so the bring up racism and slavery from up to 155 years ago. And then they fake racism like Jesse Smolich and his fake MAGA attack, and the MAGA hat wearing Christian kids being taunted by that fake Vietnam war veteran. Can you say stolen valor? That Native American should do about 10 years in federal prison. Good riddance to him. These along with multiple other fake racism accusations. Can’t find real racism then invent it right?

    1. Haha…sounds like a leftist who again acts as if their beliefs are some how the default and anyone who opposes such believes are mad, nut cases, right wingers, white nationalist, racist, fascist, etc, etc, etc. They call the right racist and yet leftist are the ones who believe the the sin of the world is “whiteness.” That’s racist! Riddle me this leftist….you are following a party that is clearly supporting Marxist. I’ll take Trump over Marxist supporters any day of the week. Furthermore, the Democrats have been throwing the fascist label at Republicans since 1970…doesn’t make it true, especially when you research the origin of fascism. However, when you do that you might see that fascism is actually a leftist ideology. The Democratic party is also the party that fought against every piece of legislation to assist African Americans out from bondage. Don’t believe me…of course not…look it up. Maybe start with Carol Swain, Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how the Democrats turn everything around in an effort to take the focus off of themselves. You are being misled and actually being taught an ideology that further divides American’s. Republicans are not perfect and they need to be held accountable but the Democrats are reckless and care only about controlling and conquering. #walkawy

      1. Our lovely Constitution has allowed for an alarming amount of intolerant people to think their opinions are valid. Karl Popper wrote:
        “Less well known [than other paradoxes Popper discusses] is the paradox of tolerance: Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.—In this formulation, I do not imply, for instance, that we should always suppress the utterance of intolerant philosophies; as long as we can counter them by rational argument and keep them in check by public opinion, suppression would certainly be most unwise. But we should claim the right to suppress them if necessary even by force; for it may easily turn out that they are not prepared to meet us on the level of rational argument, but begin by denouncing all argument; they may forbid their followers to listen to rational argument, because it is deceptive, and teach them to answer arguments by the use of their fists or pistols. We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.”

        So, yes, being a tolerant, objective person is the default. Intolerance is not acceptable, and when you remain subjective to your ideals that are based on hatred and inequality, you won’t be taken seriously. Go for a hike.

    2. What has this got to do with the immensely sad passing of a loved local lady? Wife (39 years), mother, grandmother. It’s tragic and anyone with a heart would be giving prayers and condolences. All of you making stupid, unrelated, hurtful comments should be ashamed of themselves and immediately delete your post!!!

    1. What has this got to do with the immensely sad passing of a loved local lady? Wife (39 years), mother, grandmother. It’s tragic and anyone with a heart would be giving prayers and condolences. All of you making stupid, unrelated, hurtful comments should be ashamed of themselves and immediately delete your post!!!

  6. And IF she is positive, it will be listed as a Central Oregon case and death even though she was exposed in California. So in reality, Central Oregon still doesn’t have a COVID death.

    1. Nice to see that this is what you got from the article. No remorse or compassion for the women that lost her life and her family who are probably devastated.

    2. Central Oregon had a COVID-19 death awhile ago in St Charles, Bend but she was from somewhere else so wasn’t counted as a Deschutes County death.

    3. Nope, wrong. They have been consistently using those rules from the beginning. Choose 1 way and stick to it. By extension. If someone actually caught it in Portland but didn’t know it and they had to drive through several counties to get home in Prineville, stopping for gas and snacks. But it’s impossible to know which county she actually got it? Which county has this specific case? Saying that Central Oregon still has no deaths is wishful thinking. Actually, Crook county does.

  7. “believed to have died from COVID-19”? They merely make the statement that they merely believe they died of covid-19. This person passed away. My heart goes out to friends and family. But to say they merely believe this person passed of covid-19 is pandering to the fear mongering. This person most likely passed of something else. But may have just been infected with covid-19. More numbers manipulation? I believe so.

        1. Thank you, Barney. Maybe you need to delete more. Like the ones that were made pre-revision and the racism ones which are clearly off topic. Oklahoma???

          This family is having to go through so much just because of losing their wife (39 years), mother, grandmother. But I expect they will be subjected to abuse because of the Crook County/Prineville biases.

          Commenters on here should be ashamed for their inhuman comments. So sad and scary that there are individuals like that in our community. An abomination.

    1. Based on the facts in the story revised how can you intelligently think it’s anything but Covid-19? What purpose does it serve to cling to your denial?

  8. Deschutes County has had 229 positive/presumptive cases but almost 12,000 negative test results. 11,960 to be exact. This is the number the media should be focusing on. How many negative test results in our country? Mortality is minimal. Hospitalization is still minimal. Stop with the scare tactics already. Start trying to report the hopeful side of it! And QUIT CNN

    1. Sorry you’ll probably have to “quit us” to quit CNN. They are far from perfect, as I’ve said many times, but not as horrible as the haters claim. I check their stories before they are featured on the site, but 1,000s flow through every day automatically. We do what we can. Have a nice night!

        1. NPR seems the most fair and balanced to me . CNN just goes too far in their hatred of the President. Even if you don’t like him who wants to hear such negativity and hatred all day.

          1. I hear negativity and hatred in these comments every day. That is far more distressing. I read every CNN story that goes in top stories. I believe they are factual. A few go too far and ‘get past me,” and I get untold grief about that. We have to focus our resources on local news.

          1. That’s the problem with too much of society today – not the media – too many write off people or news sources because they are not perfect or telling their side only. Over-generalization to the extreme. Most news organizations are doing much the same job they did 5-10-20 years ago, or trying very hard to. The audience has… changed. (Some would say has ‘wised up,’ I’d say has become way more divided.)

        1. Our company’s dozen or so stations, like 1,000s around the country, use CNN wire, as no other network offers a similar service I’m aware of for all their affiliates. We also use AP. No source is immune from attacks in today’s Blame Society. I don’t like all of CNN’s reporting, but much of it IS factual, tells both/all sides, etc. But that doesn’t seem to matter to some.

          1. “CNN’s reporting, but much of it IS factual, tells both/all sides”

            And this is why some of us old timers need to check in every once in awhile- to make sure that any newbies arriving know for a fact- without a doubt- willing to bet the family bible on… that none of that statement is true !

            CNN is a cesspool of lies- misinformation- and one-sided coverage… chalk full of political propaganda that is consistently parroted here at Z21… From “Hillary in a landslide” to “the experts say there is no need to wear a mask”- KTVZ has peddled their garbage for hours on end on a daily basis for years- with no apologies- no self awareness (or actualization)- and worst of all no regrets !

            And it infuriates them to no end when they are called out on it. 96% negative coverage of our President- our Nation- our Culture… yet the Big B will stand before you all and claim otherwise… Shameful !!!

            BGHW- OUT !

            1. Oh look who’s back. My wish was not granted, because I’m sure “OUT!” doesn’t mean out. Yes, sure, I’ve had some attacks in your absence, it’s that kind of world now, but… well, I knew you’d be back. Nothing brings me more sympathy than having to deal with your posts, but I would gladly live without that as well.

      1. Jackson County testing has been done by 4 times the amount done here. Barney never would run a story on it, because he was told not too, and it went directly against the State narrative and trounced what Cryin’ Joe from St. Chuck’s was telling Z21. Can’t have that now, can they…..

        1. I can’t recall ever being told what to run or not to run in the way you allege. They trust my judgment, and most folks are kind enough to say they support what we do. They’d never say that here because they’d be bashed mercilessly. I hear from them all the time.

    2. So, Fedup local, maybe just stop reading the KTVZ stories you don’t like. If you want to just get facts go to OHA website.

      And, I don’t think this is a CNN story anyway….

  9. I think youre wrong about the protests, minnesota isnt having any spike even after having the biggest protests, yet maga country is seeing big spikes WOWSA

    1. The ones in the videos anyway, especially since they are produced to incite. However when you go there or see random video you will notice most do not have a mask over their face, at least till the looting starts.

      1. OK I’M going to start deleting WAY off-topic posts in a story about a local woman who passed away. If you can’t show some decency and compassion, we’ll have to enforce it. May go back and delete comments too. A minimum of sensitivity, please!

  10. The decision means that only federal authorities, no longer state prosecutors, can lodge charges against Native Americans who commit serious alleged crimes on that land, which is home to 1.8 million people. Of those people, 15% or fewer are Native Americans.

  11. My condolences to the family and friends who knew her.

    I hope the media understands just how conflicting the “facts” have been since March and how confusing it is to trust the “experts” (who have been wrong many times) which is why some of us are asking for 100% transparency. We are asking our local new source to be proactive with giving us accurate news and not news from a one sided news sources such as CNN or Fox – that shows your stance on issues and it can’t be trusted. And regardless if you like our current president or not – it’s never ok to show disrespect. Stand taller KTVZ, post just the facts and maybe start questioning some of these stories you are sharing – get expert advise from both/all sides. We all want the same thing at the end of the day, so let’s stand together and fight for honesty and transparency so that we may know how to live life with COVID, protect others and protect ourselves.

    1. Standing together doesn’t seem to be what many want. They want to defeat and do away with the ‘evil other side.’ So who would YOU have us get our national news from? Do you consider AP neutral/unbiased? Reuters? I mean, I ‘hate’ the extremes from BOTH sides, the ones who claim the other side is evil and wants to destroy America and their side is right and holy. The COVID crisis is a sad example of how people who already hated government/the media just got new ammunition. Meanwhile we (and govt.!) just keep trying to do the best we can, and many in that ‘silent middle’ thank us and say they appreciate what we do. Which is the best we can. If you want to find “experts” who say the elected officials and the in-place govt. agencies are lying, agenda-driven etc. of course you can find them. But we can’t go there, it would be… madness.

          1. Thanks, Barney. If people truly want to get “facts” they should just go to the source. It’s very easy. At the top of everyone’s fb newsfeed is a little squiggly heart. That is the Covid-19 information page. That has a wealth of information. Including links to legitimate sources of information. As far I can determine after using it extensively everything on there is trustworthy.

    2. “Transparent”, or as close as possible can actually be found directly from CDC, OHA, County Health websites. It takes a little WORK to find it but at least it’s not 2nd hand. If you really want to know something, it’s probably there. They really aren’t doing the nefarious, conspiracy thing. That’s usually the source of any news story anywat.

  12. Not that this has a damn thing to do with Covid or a woman’s death in Prineville….

    The supreme court decision hardly “gives back” Indian Land. Instead, a man serving a life sentence for sex crimes gets to be retried in federal court. His victims get to relive the nightmare again, and we taxpayers get to foot the bill for a new trial. Not because his trial was unfair or biased, but because it was done at the state level, not the federal.

    As a small aside, the Indians that the Rez belongs to were slave owners that signed on with the Confederacy against our nation. Should we tear down some statues, take some land?? What pound of flesh should we extract?

  13. This thread should be deleted out of respect for this woman and her grieving family and friends. She was one of our community memebers…her son a police officer right her in Central Oregon. I hope her family feels support from our community and friends during this heartbreaking time.

      1. Hard to comprehend how we got to the point that a dangerous virus can become controversial. Barney I have no idea how you do your job day in and day out! Again I really do think this family deserves to see comments of prayers and condolences not the thread that is here. I hope her friends and family never see this page. Her life mattered and her passing should matter too.

        1. I recommend, especially on Facebook, which can’t be pre-moderated, that family friends cut-paste and filter comments to share, but everyone has grown a thicker skin in the too-often hateful world of social media. It’s very sad.

        2. Well you need to comprehend harder, because saying “dangerous virus” is controversial. Something being dangerous means it needs to be compared in relation to everything else. That comparison invites differing opinions.

          1. dan·ger·ous
            able or likely to cause harm or injury.

            Saying COVID is a dangerous virus is correct use of the adjective. The only ones saying that is controversial are those who are in a state of denial in regards to the pandemic the whole world is presently experiencing.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. Thankyou. It’s despicable that so many of our citizens use any opportunity to spout all their tired old nonsense. Says a lot about their character.

  14. I feel sorry for the family.Its sad to hear when anyone dies/ That being said. I have said this before and I will say it again. Don’t give me presumptions, give me facts. I could presume Im going to win the lottery tomorrow but that does not make it a fact. Sadly,over the years many people have died for no apparent reason. It will be interesting to see what the end results are. However that can’t even be trusted because they will put it down as COVID anyway. Ask the lady in Bend right now that is fighting to get her husband’s death certificate changed. They have him down as dying from COVID when the hospital knows for a fact, and it is recorded in his records, that is not what he died from.

    1. If you ‘trust the media,’ have this lady contact us. Sometimes people say we “refuse to report” this or that when no one contacts us and/or is willing to go on camera, understandably for a variety of reasons. We try hard not to report second- or third-hand information.

    2. “Presumption” is a nationwide standard that is used by all the Health Departments nation wide. If you have such a beef about how it is defined or used you would have to take it up with OHA & CDC. Its use isn’t just willy nilly. It has a specific rule everyone follows. (No test, (yet), has symptoms of Covid-19, has been in extended contact with someone who has TESTED positive). If, or when, they are tested they are no longer Presumptive. Then they are either yes Covid-19 or no, NOT Covid-19. But there is no room for the media to interpret it in any way.

    3. Hmmm, we have no deaths in Bend from COVID but a lady in Bend is fighting to have her husbands death certificate changed from showing he died of COVID. I guess I missed something.

  15. The DEFINITION of presumptive includes that she hasn’t been tested. As soon as there are test results she is no longer presumptive. This isn’t just some crooked health care worker trying to manipulate #s.

  16. Feduplocal, theres plenty of discussion about this from reliable sources. Yes, there is a large increase in testing. But the issue is there are more actual cases than can be explained by increased testing. If you increase testing by a factor of x% and cases also increase by x% then, yes, cases are not increasing. But that is not the case.

    What’s happening is testing is increasing by x%. But cases detected by testing are increasing by y%. And y% is greater than x%.

  17. It is really disturbing that people on here and thousands of other fb pages have somehow converted a deadly virus into an entity that justifies “taking sides”. The virus and everything about are indisputable facts. That there is misinformation and missteps is completely understandable and excusable. It is new and learning about its characteristics takes time.

    But the virus is not political. Any opinion about it, whether it exists or not or whether someone has it or not or whether it causes something or not are irrelevant. Every thing about it is “FACT” We are all trying our best to deal with those facts. But there are no “SIDES”.

    1. Agreed, the virus just is, and because it is here it needs to be dealt/lived with. The difference of opinion is how much control the government should have over our daily lives. The controlling folks like the mandates and lockdowns while the less panic strcken would prefer to get the facts and be allowed idea that we might just be smart enough to take care of ourselves.

      1. If your actions only affected your well-being, that would be a totally understandable approach. But what state and local health officials have consistently said (around the country) is that because asymptomatic people can spread the virus unknowingly (until it’s too late), your actions (or inactions) can directly affect the health and well-being of others. That’s the issue at hand, they say.

  18. I have to agree with the people saying get a new source of news, maybe 2-3 more sources perhaps. Barney, you do a solid job, but why are you all over these comment blogs? Why are your opinions so blatantly on display? As a member of the news media do you not try and relay factual content without your opinions influencing what you report? Your opinions are all over the comments pages of most of whats published. I understand you get attacked, but you should rise above it. After all, its is the job that you chose and not the other way around.

    1. Just like you don’t see all the comments I delete, you don’t see the many, many times I bite my tongue, or write something and hit cancel. I resist the vast majority of the time. But yeah, I’m human, and it’s hard to ignore attacks. I’ll keep trying.

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