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Gov. Brown rolls back Umatilla, Morrow counties due to fast COVID-19 spread

County status COVID-19 730-2
Gov. Kate Brown's office

Umatilla to 'stay home' status, Morrow to Phase 1

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon Gov. Kate Brown announced late Thursday that Umatilla County will be moved from Phase 2 back to a Baseline Stay Home status, while Morrow County will be moved to Phase 1 status, both effective at noon Friday.

COVID-19 has spread rapidly in the two counties over the past month, the governor noted Both counties had been placed on the state’s Watch List on July 3 and received additional support from state public health officials.

“COVID-19 has spread dramatically in both Umatilla and Morrow Counties for the past month,” Brown said. “My heart goes out to the families in Morrow County, Umatilla County, and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation who have been impacted by this disease.”

Brown continued, “If we do not act immediately, we could see the virus spread even more rapidly, infecting and killing more community members. I know that this is difficult news for business owners and working families in the region.”

COVID-19 Information for Umatilla County

  • Umatilla County has more cases of COVID-19 per capita than any other Oregon county, at 234 cases per 10,000 people.
  • The county has a weekly test positivity rate of 23%, far above the state average.
  • In the last two weeks, the county has reported an average of 51 new cases per day.
  • About 45% of cases in Umatilla County in the last week are sporadic cases that cannot be traced back to a known source.
  • COVID-19 spread in the county progressed from early outbreaks linked to social and family gatherings to outbreaks in large food processing facilities, as well as other agricultural settings, workplaces, nursing homes, correctional facilities, and among health care providers.
  • The Oregon Health Authority provided 7 case investigators and 29 contact tracers to Umatilla County on June 26, and has continued to support the county with case investigators and contact tracers since.

COVID-19 Update for Morrow County

  • Morrow County has 213 cases per 10,000 people.
  • The county has a weekly test positivity rate of 30%, far above the state average.
  • Morrow County has reported an average of 7 new cases per day over the last two weeks.
  • Roughly 52% of all cases from the last week were sporadic cases that could not be traced back to a known source.
  • The outbreak in Morrow County first began with social gatherings but that then led to cases linked to large food processing facilities and agricultural facilities.
  • The Oregon Health Authority deployed 2 case investigators and 1 public information officer to Morrow County on July 18.

“After weeks of trying other measures to get the disease under control, our only option is to temporarily close certain businesses and other community amenities,” Brown said. “I am hopeful that these measures will help the community control the spread of COVID-19 quickly.”

These changes in county reopening status will be in effect for 21 days. The governor’s office, along with public health experts, will review the situation and data on a weekly basis and act accordingly, in close communication with county leaders.

In Baseline Stay Home status, the following measures apply:

  • All individuals should minimize all non-essential travel and stay at their home or place of residence as much as possible.
  • All businesses and non-profits must implement work-from-home or telework policies for employees to the maximum extent possible.
  • Civic, cultural, and faith-based gatherings are limited to 25 people.
  • All indoor and outdoor social gatherings are limited to 10 people
  • Grocery stores and retail, museums, pharmacies, banks and credit unions, and gas stations remain open.
  • Restaurants must move to take-out or delivery only.
  • Gyms, malls, venues, indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities, and personal services businesses must close.
  • Recreational and youth sports are no longer permitted.
  • Pools, spas, sports courts, and playgrounds must close.

In Phase 1, recreational and youth sports, venues like movie theaters, bowling alleys, arcades, and pools remain closed. Non-essential local travel is allowed. Personal services businesses are allowed to operate with health and safety measures in place.

Restaurants and bars are open for dine-in service until 10 pm with health and safety measures in place. Indoor social gatherings remain capped at 10 people with physical distancing, with other gatherings limited to 50 indoors, 50 outdoors.

This means that indoor gatherings, including faith-based, civic and cultural gatherings are limited to 50 indoors and 50 outdoors.

Complete Phase 1 guidance is available here, and all statewide gatherings guidance is available here.

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  1. Wow no big george floyd protests or even big cities, certainly not many “liberals” and yet rural agricultural oregon has the most trouble with bat flu, magas might feign surprise or disbelief at this news but it just makes sense socially and demographically

    Ive eaten the entire oreida product line and let me tell you, its all good!
    Its time everyone pulls together and makes sure umatilla county comes out from bat flu stronger than before, not just because its the neighborly way, but also because fried potatoes

    1. Thousands of californians and washingtonians are traveling thru there every single day. 3 out of 4 cars at the casino are out of state people. Liberals flat out deny it and or ignore it… they don’t even try to “feign surprise”

      1. Any obese at risk hillbilly regressive will tell you that masks are an infringement on their rights aren’t needed anyway. Then they will tell you that the cause of the spread in Oregon is BLM protesters not wearing masks! How stupid are these fat slobs!! According to dt it’s of course the hated Californians who have conspired against morrow and umatilla counties. And has nothing to do with local social gatherings. You should’ve stayed in school!!
        Golf and a whore Anyone!!! Trump/Putin 2020!! MORE LYING DYING and DENYING!!!

        1. “school” certainly didn’t do you any favors. you and irrelevantrelevance are good examples of what programmed village idiots look like.

    2. Seriously flawed logic in full liberal view- “Wow no big george floyd protests or even big cities”

      As if george floyd protesters all arrived on bicycle or on foot… just local white folks out to tear krap up-loot-and destroy the neighborhood… Yeh right !

      Now- for those of you who paid attention to my posts a few months back- you were around when I exposed the cold hard truth about the work crews from “outside the state” that have arrived in the gorge to poach construction jobs meant for Oregonians… the parking lots full of Wa-Id-Ca-Nev-but the kicker- was that “The Colonel” was in town and he didn’t bring a bucket of chicken !

      Boardman Oregon in Morrow county is home to a bunch of new Amazon data center projects-most jobs taken by tri-county Wa folk… you remember tri-counties- ground zero for the original corona wuhan virus outbreak in damn near every nursing home earlier this year.

      More evidence that Kate Brown is “not” protecting the citizens of Oregon- these construction and job sites need to be temporarily shut down- sanitized- then given to Oregon workers who live in the area… can’t keep preaching the same message… sign the recall petition today !

      1. “ Now- for those of you who paid attention to my posts ‘…….watta tool. You give yourself too much credit: Nobody remembers your constant inane blathering.

        1. Wazzamatter Kumbaya- you got nothing to contribute today cept some whiny moaning ?

          Looks as if Queen Kate has let you down again- increased levels of “rona”- just knockin’ on yer door- and all she’s got for you is a finger of blame in your direction… you best stay under the covers- let the adults handle this.

          1. The longer you live elsewhere the more obsessed you get with our queen kate, its kind of cute but also kind of stalkery, im sorry you wont get the chance to vote against her but im sure theres some equally attractive politician in your new state… plenty of fish in the sea as they say, just not oregons sea because youre not an oregon resident anymore sorry

            1. You have no idea where anyone lives- pretending otherwise fits right into the delusional world of yours.

              Best go on back to SoCal fool- pretending to know anything about Oregon and our politics got you publicly shamed- and now yer workin’ double time to scrape that skid of dog dung off the bottom of yer shoe has you dancin’ all over the front lawn- just steppin’ in more !

              Hey why don’t you come on back when you get some new shoes- Brown’s gonna need a new campaign manager for her “next term” in office- and you sound just like the clown that could drive that car ! Nope- not even the Mod is gonna help you out from here !

  2. Failed Governor Kate Brown continues to try and micro-manage her way through these small scale cluster outbreaks through fear-intimidation- and loads of fake empathy ! It needs to stop !

    “Brown continued, “If we do not act immediately, we could see the virus spread even more rapidly, infecting and killing more community members. I know that this is difficult news for business owners and working families in the region.”

    Gee Kate- you mean we haven’t “acted immediately”- and because of this the virus “may spread- may kill” ??? So in the meantime continue with your failed policies that have seen an uptick in the virus since June ?

    Why is nobody pointing this out… that under Kate’s heavy handed tactics- the virus has actually increased since June- after hitting rock bottom in May.

    Go ahead- blame the re-opening… but who directed and approved that ??? Yup- the failed Governor of Oregon- through the power she gave herself of Executive Order is the sole responsible individual- nobody else ! Not you- not me- not the US President !

    Sign the recall petition- save Oregon lives- initiate new leadership- get our schools back open and save a generation of kids from the wuhan china virus stigma that will follow them throughout their lives- stop the liberal agenda and sign it today !

  3. Impossible for at least three reasons: 1) It’s a hoax. 2) If it’s not a hoax, it’s just like the flu and it’ll go away very quickly. 3) If it’s not a hoax or just like the flu, then those people are immune to it anyway.

  4. I find it funny, you didn’t post my comment about the Political BS in Deschutes county despite growing numbers and deaths….Truth sting a little Barney?

        1. Nobody said anything about not counting Shoe Shine ! Is that gonna be your motto for Kate Brown’s re-election campaign- “Vote for Kate- She Counts” !

          Can’t wait to see the rest of the adds- “Vote for Kate- get a Shine” !

          Hilarious !

  5. Gotta laugh my tail off at the never Trumpers that waste their final days around here- While Kate is bemoaning the necessity to act “quick”- in today’s hearings with Dr. Fauci he was forced to publicly admit that the swift and quick action taken by the US President earlier this year “saved lives” !

    That’s right- read the transcript… “the President’s actions- saved lives”… Can Governor Kate Brown make the same statement- or has Brown’s decision (as the data indicates) to implode the state- done more harm then good- the fact that the covid bat joe virus was in decline- days before she shut down schools and put Oregonians on welfare through her executive orders to put everyone under house arrest- it’s now clear- her policies have been flawed- inept- a complete failure- no matter what the Mod here says- we’re better off without her !

    Let the naysayers have at it !

      1. Don’t matter what I think there “Shoe Shine”… The OHA data seems to be your “propaganda” source- take it up with them- maybe they’ll help you get Kate re-elected… so when is that election date again ???

        Enjoy the fun folks- we’re just getting started !

        1. “Fun” in a story about people dying, whether you “believe” the cause or not? Keep it up and see more comments deleted. Not a threat – a promise, the moderator so very targeted by only you gets to make judgment calls on “offensive,” and I think many here would tell you to your face (bravely) I give you ENTIRELY too much leeway.

          1. “Fun in a story about people dying”- Oh my how dramatic !

            No- Fun in calling out your internet pet for being a rumor mongering “Shoe Shine Boy” who still doesn’t get that Kate Brown will not be up for re-election- there will be no voting her in for a third term… and “most of us” know why !

            Why don’t you just butt out for awhile and let the boys settle this on the playground old school ? Your constant interference in this bum whippin’ is just adding more evidence as to how you coddle your “kids” at the expense of free speech.

              1. “I’m the moderator” ! Sounds like an emphasis on “the” !

                As with all “ators” (especially dictators) one has to ask… who’s policing the police ?

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