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Three more COVID-19 deaths reported at Mt. Bachelor Memory Care, for total of 6

Mt. Bachelor Memory Care 715
KTVZ file photo
Mt. Bachelor Memory Care was hit by a COVID-19 outbreak in recent weeks; 64 staff, residents have tested positive

(Update: New info from Deschutes County, Mt. Bachelor Memory Care)

Total of 9 COVID-19 deaths in Deschutes County, State reports six more deaths, for total of 322; 17 new cases in C.O.

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Three more residents of Mt. Bachelor Memory Care in Bend have died from COVID-19, bringing the total to six at a facility where 64 staff and residents have tested positive in an outbreak of the virus, facility and Deschutes County health officials said Friday.

The Oregon Health Authority, meanwhile, reported Friday COVID-19 has claimed six more lives, raising the state’s death toll to 322.

Friday's OHA list included two recent Deschutes County deaths, though only one was a resident at Mt. Bachelor Memory Care, Deschutes County Health services spokeswoman Morgan Emerson said.

However, Emerson and a representative of Mt. Bachelor Memory Care confirmed there have now been six COVID-19-related deaths at the facility as of Friday, five of whom were on hospice care before the pandemic hit.

Mallory DaCosta, regional vice president with Mt. Bachelor Memory care’s managers, Frontier Management, provided a statement to NewsChannel 21.

"We are saddened to confirm the passing of three residents in association to the COVID-19 virus," she said. "Like three others who have passed recently, these three individuals had been in hospice care before the pandemic due to underlying, unrelated health conditions."

"This virus has caused challenges around the world, but we continue to aggressively implement disinfection practices, hand-washing, social distancing and mask/face shield use," DaCosta wrote.

"It appears that the number of positive cases is declining, and although health departments do not report recovery numbers for at least 60 days, we can share that most staff and residents who tested positive in our community are showing significant signs of recovery,” DaCosta added. “We continue to care for our residents while fighting this unprecedented virus."

The OHA also reported 373 new confirmed or presumptive COVID-19 cases, as of 12:01 a.m. Friday, including 17 in Central Oregon, for a total of 18,492 cases, along with 385,701 negative test results.

The new cases reported Friday are in the following counties: Baker (3), Benton (3), Clackamas (22), Crook (2), Deschutes (9), Douglas (3), Gilliam (1), Hood River (3), Jackson (17), Jefferson (6), Josephine (1), Klamath (8), Lane (17), Lincoln (6), Linn (5), Malheur (12), Marion (44), Morrow (20), Multnomah (77), Polk (6), Sherman (1), Umatilla (40), Union (2), Wasco (2), Washington (45), and Yamhill (18).

Central Oregon has now had 13 reported deaths related to COVID-19, including 11 reported so far by the OHA, who listed the new deaths in this manner:

Oregon’s 317th COVID-19 death is a 90-year-old woman in Deschutes County who tested positive on July 12 and died on July 28, in her residence. The presence of underlying conditions is being confirmed.

Oregon’s 318th COVID-19 death is an 81-year-old man in Deschutes County who tested positive on July 7 and died on July 29. Location of death is being confirmed. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 319th COVID-19 death is a 55-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on July 28 and died on July 29, at Adventist Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 320th COVID-19 death is a 58-year-old man in Umatilla County who tested positive on July 7 and died on July 29, at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland, WA. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 321st COVID-19 death is a 70-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on July 3 and died on July 30, at Legacy Emanuel Hospital. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 322nd COVID-19 death is an 81-year-old man in Lincoln County who tested positive on June 23 and died on July 29. Location of death is being confirmed. He had underlying conditions.

Crook County had two more cases reported Friday, for a total of 42 cases, one death and 1,651 negative test results. Deschutes County had nine more cases reported for a total of 517 cases, seven deaths and 17,141 negative test results. Jefferson County had six more cases reported Friday for a total of 299 cases, three deaths and 3,028 negative test results.

St. Charles Health System reported six COVID-19 patients as of 7:30 a.m. Friday. Three are in the ICU and on ventilators, officials said.

OHA Issues Report on Pediatric COVID-19 Data

On Friday, OHA issued a special report analyzing pediatric COVID-19 cases in Oregon since the beginning of the pandemic.

Of confirmed and presumptive cases in Oregon, 1,755 – 10.3 percent – have been pediatric patients, defined as people under age 18. The report noted that while pediatric case counts have increased sharply, these patients are still far less likely than adults to develop severe COVID-19.

Only 1.5 percent of pediatric patients have been hospitalized at some point during their COVID-19 illness. That is compared to 9.7 percent of adult COVID-19 patients.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority leads the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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Barney Lerten

Barney is the digital content director for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Barney here.



  1. “Central Oregon has now had 11 reported deaths related to COVID-19, according to the OHA.”

    Five of those are attributed to one LTC facility- and what was it I said way back in March about these places ? Yup- spot on then- spot on now !

    Now with all the contact tracing going on- where exactly did this exposure at Memory care originate ?

    I have my suspicions- but will give the Z time to investigate.

    1. Any obese, at risk regressive hillbilly trumpanzee will tell you these people were going to die anyway. So its not really important. They’ve been predicting the “flattening of the curve” for months now and of course will tellyou that the 1000 Americans dying each day now due to the total ans complete failure of their dear leader is china’s fault. ROTFLMAO!!!
      “China has been working very hard to contain the coronavirus,” Trump tweeted on Jan. 24.
      “The United States greatly appreciates their efforts and transparency. It will all work out well.
      In particular, on behalf of the American People, I want to thank President Xi!”
      “[g]reat discipline is taking place in China, as President Xi strongly leads what will be a very successful operation.”
      “I don’t talk about China’s transparency,” he told a reporter who referenced his tweets, speaking over her attempt at a follow-up question.
      if you hate America like bettygetsherbonbons above then you’ve got to love big fat failing donnie the snow flake!!
      trump / putin 2020!! LYING-DYING and DENYING!! Make China great again!! ROTFLMAO!!

      1. Cuomo killed over 6,200 nursing home and long term facility residents by making those facilities take covid patients. Then he has the balls to tell everyone during his press conferences that if you don’t where a mask you could kill someone’s grandma. Charge him with murder. Go ahead tell me about trumpanzee again.

          1. The term “trumpanzee” is a racial slur in many parts of the Southern US and should not be allowed on this site- this is either willful ignorance by the mod- or just plain violations of the TOS.

  2. The state of Oregon has had 322 deaths, 18,492 positive case. that is 1.74% mortality rate of those testing positive minus the number of people who actually passed on of something else. Or better put 98.26% survival rate. Let us be straight now. We have never shut down our state or country over a virus with a 98.26% survival rate! Oregon Population 4,300,000 people. .007488% of the population have passed on from the virus. That is less than 1/10 of a percent of the population in Oregon. FACT CHECK THAT MATH

      1. We have auto accidents all the time- many in “new” cars- nobody saw it coming- no warning- many cause serious injuries- even death… but like Fed Up is trying to convey- we don’t shut our lives down over “maybe-perhaps-might” !

        So once again- in full display- my accusation that you always see the cup half empty- while so many other’s see it half full. all that negativity you wallow in everyday is not healthy- and passing it on to others is an addiction- get help !

        1. Only half-empty when having to encounter your nasty negativity. My cup overfloweth with blessings, otherwise. We have taken many, many government-overseen safety steps for cars over the decades, and they have saved many lives. But yes, people still die in crashes, and we report on them too.

          1. You weren’t encountering me- you were posting your Blue-hoo-hoo Barneyisms to Fed Up- who is aptly named as we all are just that… Fed Up with the BS- the smoke and mirrors (hack-wheeze)- the blatant attempts to push fear and destruction through this portal to justify predictions gone bad… if this were Vegas they woulda showed you and your empty wallet the door Months ago !

            Cars will always result in fatalities- viruses- germs- and bacteria will always be around- evolving… Life is a crap shoot- no guarantees- wash yer hands- eat your veggies- go to bed early and rise before the sun !

            Sage advice that never goes out of style no matter what bug is in the air- but we’ve never destroyed our lives over it- and that is exactly what is happening now.

            Nobody out there has to follow my lead- cause I sure as hell aint gonna follow yours- Brown is a fool- history will lamblast her response as foolish- she is the Captain on the Titanic and she’s shuffling deck chairs ! You can choose to go down with her ship- I’m getting off at the next iceberg- I’ll take my chances with the next boat that comes along !

            1. Politically-driven analogies break down badly when one does such comparisons, so I simply can’t and won’t go there. The issues are not in any way alike. Deaths that can be prevented should be prevented whenever possible.

              1. So are you saying that the more than 90% of people who survive the Wuhan China virus are lucky ? Unbreakable ?? Or are just lying ???

                So many survivors- yet they all go pretty much ignored both here and in Salem because the American people refused to maintain Obama’s vision of America- and Hillary was the worst candidate ever… so here we sit in a completely made up crisis- draining the coffers- banning children from school- closing businesses- and pushing decent folks into bankruptcy… that is precisely what we are living through- statewide !

                I’ll say it again- you don’t get it because you maintain a job- how lucky of you- I see it exactly as the virus- some get it and die- some don’t- some never will.

                1. Cars have safety features like air bags, seat belts, crumple zones, etc. Public roads are intended to have clear markings and traffic control devices to keep traffic flowing safely. We have laws that are designed to keep people safe as well. Auto accidents occur when people KNOWINGLY ignore laws or markings, or traffic lights, or what have you. If everyone obeyed the laws of the road with their fully functional, properly maintained vehicle, there would be no auto accidents. Just like if everyone followed a mask mandate and physical distancing guidelines, we wouldn’t have the WORST response to a pandemic for a developed nation.
                  You ding dongs can’t even come up with a decent analogy.

                2. Untrue. Some crashes result from unforeseeable vehicle equipment failure, some due to medical conditions, some the causes are never known. Not all are driver error. So even on that side of this comparison, it’s more complicated than that. Things usually are, even in today’s world of blame.

              2. I get it because I openly voice my opposition to what Kate Brown has done to the state economy- I get it because I was forced out by her shut down (either adapt or die)- I get it because 260 people and their families are counting on a steady paycheck that my efforts provide- I get it because I won’t stand by in fear as my civil liberties and rights are taken away without an open debate !

                But I really get it because I’m on the front line- providing services- taking temperatures- doing site surveys to identify high traffic- touch points- litmus tests… don’t be fooled by these days where i rip you all a new one from sunrise to sunset- I get a lot of krap done in the hours you don’t feel my wrath.

                I get Mr. Lerten- I really do- and because I do get it- I cannot in good faith support the Governor and her evil intentions to completely take down the state so it can be more like California- a complete krap hole !

                You can start by signing the petition to recall her- provide updated info on the effort- if you can support a fringe radical group like BLM- you can support the cause to save the state from further destruction.

                1. There are two Recall Petitions being circulated at the same time by the same. I have signed them both.

          1. With a 99% survival rate. About half of all covid deaths nation wide are from nursing homes. Why isn’t Brown shutting them down? She shuts everything else down that has never had a covid death.

            1. You could open up your home to take in all the people from nursing homes. Problem solved. It’s all a hoax anyway. No mask needed, either, right?

              1. Never said anything about masks. I said it’s unfair that nursing homes account for approximately 40% of all covid deaths and the government thinks that’s ok. Even on lockdown, they are the most vulnerable. Cuomo killed 6200 hundred of these people but that’s ok. Sure they can stay at my place.

            2. The death rate will increase if ICUs are at max capacity. It is in everyones best interst if we try to do that. I have no underlying health issues. I would probably be fine. I know and care about people that wouldn’t. They are worth wearing a mask to me…

              1. Bend’s ICU has a covid patient average of what…about 1-2 patients since pandemic start. Not close to maxing out anything locally. Again, never said anything about mask wearing. I was trying to make a point that nursing homes have been the highest death rate of all covid deaths and no one seems to want to shut them down, yet schools will be closed and children will not get a education and there are zero youth deaths in central Oregon from covid. Seems twisted to me.

                1. Well, I certainly hope YOU won’t be trying to educate any kids at home! Sheesh!

                1. Cmon now Martha- “Where are you going to put thousands of people that need round the clock care?”

                  Gee I dunno- maybe in the same place you put baby’s,, infants, toddlers,, and children- under the care of their family- who are now sacrificing their jobs to become day care and nursery school providers when Brown suddenly and without warning imploded the State through her EO’s- You still don’t get it do you !

                  Brown’s actions put many more people at risk then the weak pandemic that flat-lined in April…. how many Oregonians will now die because medical procedures and examinations were all shut down for months ? I’m guessing way more than the what the Wuhan has produced- and that’s even with all the false documentation we’re seeing.

                1. WHOOSH!
                  May as well have been an SR-71 with how high that went over your head, friend.

          2. Above you posted “unfair analogy” when jonjibber linked the few CO covid deaths to road hazards… Yet on July 23rd KTVZ reporter Alec Nolan noted that Bend Mayor Sally Russel made the same analogy:

            “If you drive too fast on a road, you’re going to get a ticket, you know?” she said. “If you drink too much alcohol and you’re impaired, you know you’re going to get a DUI.

            There are clearly more hazards associated with driving in CO then this virus- 11 deaths- most in clusters- one in crook county that didn’t happen there-all since January !

            You all promised catastrophic numbers- Armageddon- but those seem to be words left best associated with the local economy- the Wuhan Bat Joe virus from China flat lined months ago- the OHA data says so- ED visits to hospitals are well below 1.5%- have been since April- 99% recovery rate- virtually nobody is dying from the covid alone- almost all deaths are associated with underlying conditions…
            the state economic numbers on the other hand are in the toilet- and will be for years to come ! Now- how ya gonna fix it ?

            Thanks to Kate Brown and a willing media that refuses to get answers !

              1. “It’s not the same thing at all”

                Bend Mayor Sally Russel would disagree- it was her analogy. I’m not sure what’s up with you and irrelevant… you both act as if the CDC- The WHO- Dr. Fauci have given the nation no guidelines to prevent exposure !

                Masks- hand washing- social distancing- closed schools- contact tracing Kate Brown’s Executive Orders…. these are your seat belts- your rules- regulations. You have the OLCC and OSHA acting as enforcement… it’s very clear that how we treat auto accidents and how we treat the corona are exactly the same- through the hierarchy of hazards control- the only difference is that we don’t ban cars- people from driving- close roads-take away licenses… maybe like we should !

                Are you gonna tell me that there is no evidence of drivers who are considered the “at risk” population- Insurance companies would laugh you outta your chair- they have clearly identified young inexperienced- and elderly drivers as higher risk… why the resistance here- because the logic doesn’t mesh with your political stance ?

                And that’s what “I know” !

              2. Barney, I appreciate you. I realize KTVZ is just reporting what facts they get. What I don’t get is why you, as a moderator responds with your opinion to these threads.

                1. I’m starting to think Barney feels threatened by Barneygetshiswish or it could be he likes to spar with him? Either way it’s not a moderators job to engage in comments as much as he does. But hey, The Z has a left wing agenda to keep on pushing.😉

          3. Sounds to me like a crappy scare tactic. You don’t know you have a virus or not so you can spread that virus that you may or may not have. Sorry, I refuse to buy this crap. There may be a virus but it has assuredly been weaponized by the Democrats to further their agenda. Anything they can do to out this sitting President they will do. Anything they can do to gain control over the people of the United States, they will do. Anything they can do to create a communist America, THEY WILL DO. They will continue to lie cheat and steel their way into the white house to gain full control over this country and the lives of the American people. It’s time for the silent majority to stand and be recognized. No more silence!

      2. We have had diseases that people have had that showed no symptoms and spread it around the world! Nice try Barney. HIV, the seasonal flu can be spread before showing symptoms as well. And probably many others as well. And you aren’t so smart. You didn’t even catch the intentional mistake in my math. So much for your fact checking skills Barney. The number I gave: “.007488% of the population” is less than 1/100 of the Oregon Population.

            1. No Barney gets pain by KTVZ who is an affiliate NBC who is an affiliate of CNN but pretty much the same type of leftist ideologue as CNN, New York Times, ABC, CBS, etc. The main stream media is all the same.

      1. Yeh-yeh-yeh… and you used to eat with your fingers- wet yer pants- and cry over spilled milk… tell us all that you’ve progressed past all that !

          1. “the only one that replies to your asinine comments”

            Ummm- “you” replied !

            You closet followers just can’t resist reading my comments. Yer like the clowns that complain about everything FOX news- well the only way you can make those complaints- is if you are actually watching FOX news- why do you do that ?

            Cause deep down you need me ! I fill your need to hate on someone- someone to vent at- someone to unload on… In short- many of you are lonely and depressed- stuck in your homes like good little followers of Kommander Kate- you know it’s wrong- it’s eating at you- so the best short term solution is to come on here- check out ol BGHW- and dump !

            Guess I’m providing a public service- your welcome !

        1. You’re the one that said the country has never been shut down because of a virus. You obviously don’t know your information or the history of the US because it’s documented that it was closed down during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. And it’s also documented that it did help the spread until people got tired of staying put. We obviously haven’t progressed much in 100 years because of people like you that deny what is happening.

            1. “Parts of the country do not equate to “the country”.”

              In Martha’s world “the country” is whatever CNN tells her it is- best avoid that one- this shutdown has her talking to the grass !

          1. Cmon now Martha- his post was correct- you bent it into your pretzel logic and it came out a pretzel stick ! Childish name calling won’t fix that… suck it up and move along.

            1. Hey, I thought you said I should butt out of others’ exchanges? Oh, I get it, just another of your many, many examples of hypocrisy and “do as I say, not as I do.” Or “if the mod can do it, so can I” 5-year-old mentality. Got it.

  3. A shark is seen in the ocean. But it will only eat 1% of those swimming. Are you going in the water?

    Well, actually, I hope that “Barney whatever he wishes” gives it a go…..
    Enough of him already…..

    1. “Barney whatever he wishes” has actually swam with many a shark- knowing that he don’t have to out swim the shark- just the chubby loudmouthed bison in the water nearby !

      1. Heh. I’ve sheparded divers like you – insecured loud mouthed braggarts that constantly are trying to prove themselves to themselves…

  4. Here’s some info for all you KTVZ arm chair epidemiologists. I heard that the intensive care unit at St Charles is maxed out with covid 19 patients. Many of those patients in intensive care at the hospital are not from here so they do not count in the Oregon totals. It is a good thing all the folks who believe it is all a big nothing burger will steadfastly refuse to go to the hospital if they get the virus and need treatment, there may not be room.

    1. “Many of those patients in intensive care at the hospital are not from here”

      So put em in a life flight chopper and send em home- we got our own problems to deal with coming from Salem !

    2. Alt View, from my arm chair I did actual research and there are 2 Icu Covid patients. So, yeah there are plenty of rooms left for this “surge”.

    3. 2 covid icu patients as of 7/29. Where did you “hear” this? Voices in your head? Might want to take your mask off and get some O2!!!

  5. More lies. There are absolutely zero substantiated deaths due to “Covid-19,” ZERO! This is not about protecting anyone, but rather it is an assault on our rights and freedoms and the purposeful destruction of the economy. The NWO has made its move, this is the end game.

    Nevertheless…….Have a nice day! 🙂

  6. PSA: Just in case anyone is looking at positive versus negative COVID test results (locally), keep in mind that ALL patients, prior to any procedure, are tested before allowed into a St Charles hospital for their procedure. So….lots of people with zero symptoms are diluting the positive:negative ratio. And……although I don’t know the current stats, when inpatient COVID numbers were soaring a couple weeks ago, roughly 80% were not from Central Oregon.

  7. 26 year old Oregonian dies, Covid test is negative. Health authority insists on continuing to count his death as Covid.
    news article excerpt:
    “Kim says Matthew started to experience symptoms four days before his death.
    “I thought maybe it was just the flu, but he did seem pretty sick, but not that I thought it was going to take his life,” Kim said.
    Matthew was tested for COVID-19, but she says the results came back negative.
    Health officials said COVID-19 is listed as the cause of death or a significant contribution to his death.”
    from KATU – source:

    1. “Matthew was tested for COVID-19, but she says the results came back negative.
      Health officials said COVID-19 is listed as the cause of death or a significant contribution to his death.”

      So how is that possible- that the test comes back negative- yet local health officials over-ride the test results- completely fudge the documents with their own opinions- then announce to the OHA a death by covid ???

      I’m pretty sure there is a “presumptive” process still in place- but that was ignored for what reason ? Where’s the urgency here- why not wait for a second test result.

      And now that the test samples have been sent “out of state”- there is no telling what they’ll come up with- this should have been verified in-house under the watchful eye of non-partisan medical professionals- this only adds fuel to the conspiracy fire- it’s a bad look !

  8. Get ready for the Deschutes County jail to have a major outbreak. They arrested a woman last night who has COVID and she’s still there on a $100 bail. Don’t say I didn’t warn the entire county about this. Nobody else seems to care.

  9. I am appalled that so many people commenting on this story are so selfish and uncaring. It’s discouraging. It’s also really unkind and unchristian. This isn’t a hoax or politically motivated. The only people trying to make the public health crisis about politics are the Trump supporters. No wants to unnecessarily shut down parts of our economy – neither Democrat nor Republican.

    It’s just very sad, especially since we all should be looking out for each other by following social distancing requirements and wearing masks. A few bad apples always spoils the bunch. That saying could not be most true during this pandemic. I realize it would be more convenient to blame China or deny this is even happening. But, it is happening. And this is real. And our actions effect others in our community directly and indirectly.

    I have been shocked by people complaining about masks. What an easy think to wear to protect others. How silly to make up a medical condition (unless you have COPD you can wear a mask without any detrimental health effects) or make this about some sort of liberty issue (it’s really not). Why are Americans throwing adult temper tantrums when asked to protect their neighbors from a virus that may kill or permanently disable even otherwise healthy, young people, much less the more vulnerable members of our communities? It just is so selfish.

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