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Oregon reports 3 more COVID-19 deaths, 1 in Deschutes County; 325 total

COVID-19 (Titled)

Latest addition was among 6 recent deaths at Mt. Bachelor Memory Care

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed three more lives in Oregon, including one in Deschutes County, raising the state’s death toll to 325, the Oregon Health Authority reported Saturday.

The Deschutes County death added to the list Saturday is one of three recent deaths of residents in hospice care at Mt. Bachelor Memory Care in Bend, as county and facility officials confirmed. One of those deaths, for a total of nine in the county, has yet to be added to the OHA's daily update list.

OHA also reported 330 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Saturday, including 17 in Central Oregon bringing the state total to 18,817 cases, along with 390,799 negative test results.

The new cases are in the following counties: Baker (2), Benton (3), Clackamas (16), Clatsop (5), Columbia (5), Crook (1), Deschutes (12), Douglas (3), Jackson (18), Jefferson  (4), Josephine (5), Klamath (1), Lane (12), Linn (6), Malheur (17), Marion (40), Morrow (8), Multnomah (69), Polk (4), Sherman (4), Umatilla (33), Wasco (4), Washington (43), and Yamhill (15).

Oregon’s 323rd COVID-19 death is an 86-year-old man in Washington County who tested positive on July 14 and died on July 31, in his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 324th COVID-19 death is a 73-year-old woman in Yamhill County who tested positive on July 26 and died on July 30, at Willamette Valley Medical Center. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 325th COVID-19 death is a 91-year-old woman in Deschutes County who tested positive on July 12 and died on July 28. Her place of death is being confirmed. She had underlying conditions.

See table below for total cases, deaths and negative tests by county.

CountyCases (1)Total deaths (2)Negative tests (3)
Hood River16503,558

1 - This includes cases confirmed by diagnostic testing and presumptive cases. Presumptive cases are those without a positive diagnostic test who present COVID-19-like symptoms and had close contact with a confirmed case. County of residence for cases may change as new information becomes available. If changes occur, we will update our counts accordingly.

2 - For additional details on individuals who have died from COVID-19 in Oregon, please refer to our press releases.

3 - This includes cases who test negative and are not epi-linked to a confirmed case.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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  1. Oregon reports three more deaths due to things that have absolutely nothing to do with “Covid-19” should have been the headline. But the mainstream media is incapable of truth, whether it be finding it, or reporting it. All information is owned, including that which is provided by KTVZ and it’s affiliates. Thus all information is not about telling the truth, but rather supporting an agenda.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    1. IQ 87, since you have the inside scoop on the actual causes of these deaths, as well as other happenings in this world, why don’t you start your own news outlet. The motto could be “Damn the facts, full speed ahead.” And yes, I’ve had a wonderful day in sunny Central Oregon.

      1. Guess what if nick opened up his own news shop coronavirus would be gone. There wouldn’t be anyone to create fear and barney would be gone which would be incredible.

      2. Facts? LMAO! Just because they say it doesn’t make it true. Why did the CDC tell doctors all over the country to LIE about “COVID-19” and count any death that they could as “Covid-19” even if it wasn’t? If it is that bad, then why lie about it?

        1. You’re right in that “Just because they say it doesn’t make it true.” That’s why Bunker Baby is having so many problems. You should take your quote to heart and stick with the truth and those that are unafraid to say it. Try it, you may even have a better understanding of reality. I’m going to have a great day in sunny Central Oregon. I hope you do too.

    2. How do you know all this truth Nikki? Please get your press release out there asap! Tweet it at Dr. Fuaci and Dr. Birx now! Get your sources and timeline together bcz u are going to fix this mess! Woot! Truth is finally here folks from a random poster in Central Oregon! Who would’ve known…Praise be to the almighty living room researchers! Saved! Oh and why do we need those dumb doctors anyway, they’re all lying to us right? All the other countries too…liars! All knowing Nick the Random Poster is here to make things right! Truth!! Wait, what? My aunt died of Covid19? Okay nevermind, covid is real 😷🤦‍♂️👎🏽 #growup Nikki and wear ur mask.

        1. please use some critical thinking skills – all you are doing is repeating agenda driven foolishness, and guess what – the people cooking up this drivel know this crisis is real, but getting paranoids to repeat their cap is beneficial to their $$$ power aspirations

        2. You sound like a Very Stable Genius in the news lately. No facts to back it up – just some inane statement like “everybody says” (Trump ad nauseum) or “Common sense and critical thinking skills are all I need” (Comrade Nikolai 87 above).

      1. Maybe get your head out of the sand and see all the articles out there about death certificates saying covid death when covid had nothing to do with the death and the articles about doctors saying they are forced to put it down even if covid had nothing to do with the death. And the other articles about some states removing deaths.

    3. Whew! For a minute there i though the 158,000 American lives that have been lost to date were real. Out of curiosity

      do you fancy yourself as someone who is intelligent? (intelligent is a big word that means smart)

      if you answered no

      we thought so but didn’t want to say it out loud because that is rude

      1. Critical thinking skills and common sense are part of being intelligent. Do you believe everything you here? Do you ever think or investigate for yourself?

        Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.

              1. Yeah Barney, it’s called the CDC. You can find the document they sent out to doctors around the country telling them how to count Covid-19 deaths. Anyone who reads it and still doesn’t understand that they are basically telling doctors to lie to the public about Covid-19 has no critical thinking skills. I have posted the articles about the doctors who called BS on the CDC document on this site before and you ignored them or dismissed them even though they came from medical professionals. And Barney really, Snoops? The left wing rag and pro propaganda website? You’ll have to do better than that.

                1. The April notice about vital records definitely doesn’t say that, and some states have posted their own guidance explicitly noting that the CDC guidance doesn’t say that, so you’re going to have to be a little more specific. Thanks.

  2. Rate we’re steamrolling the numbers in we’ll be neck and neck with idaho at 20,000 by wednesday. Uneducated person would think people are driving around town looking for people not masked up and running up coughing on them and then slapping each other backsides and yelling bingo

  3. The state of Oregon and the public schools are being punished because we have a governor that is a politician, and nothing more.
    Doesnt she realize what caused the spike in covid 19??
    Let me spell it out for you Kate.
    From the first part of June until now the influx of people coming to Oregon on vacation or for whatever reason, is why it spiked. I have seen more out of state people here this summer than any summer before. Are you stupid Kate, or do you just not get it.
    Every place I saw, Sunriver, Cascade lakes highway, all the lakes, with tons of people not wearing masks. There was no social distancing, its no wonder a case showed up at Elk lake with one of their employees.
    That is because we have every one from Washington, California, Idaho, Utah, and dont forget Texas, here in our State not wearing masks, not doing social distancing.
    And you wonder why the spike? To the point that schools cant open, Oregon cant open.
    Are you kidding me?? The governor and her advisors didnt see this??
    So Hawaii can quarantine, but we cant?? With a two week quarantine in place, we would not of spiked and all these out of state morons could of stayed in their own state instead of infecting ours, and causing our numbers to climb.
    So glad that all of you were allowed to vacation here and bring your virus with you, especially Washington.
    So now Oregon gets punished because– for lack of a better phrase– our governor is stupid.
    And that goes with our very own Visit Bend, which took an act of God and our city counsel to finally put a warning up on their website, the scary part is they were not going to do that on their own, they had to be told to put the warning up. Which makes them stupid, and selfish, and uneducated, and because of their lack of anything, they rolled out the red carpet for the virus to flood us.
    So thanks Visit Bend and Kate Brown, for punishing Oregon and its schools, due to your incapability to actually think and respond in a way that would of helped us instead of hurt us. But its no surprise, because there isnt one local that is working for Visit Bend, they are all from out of State, and not to mention, wait for it– millennial’s,so there you have it, an antidote for doing whatever they want with no responsibility or accountability, the calling cards of that generation.

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