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Gov. Brown extends COVID-19 state of emergency 60 days, through Nov. 3

Gov, Kate Brown COVID-19 schools 728
Gov. Kate Brown details school reopening guidelines, requirements on July 28

Calls Labor Day weekend 'another critical moment in the crisis'; state reports 6 deaths (including 27-year-old), 243 new cases Tuesday

 SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday extended her declaration of a state of emergency regarding COVID-19 for another 60 days, until Nov. 3.

The declaration is the legal underpinning for the governor’s COVID-19 executive orders and the Oregon Health Authority’s health and safety guidance. The governor reviews and reevaluates her emergency orders every 60 days.

Brown issued the following statement:

“When I last extended the COVID-19 state of emergency in June, I told Oregonians that we were at a crossroads: we could work together to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Oregon, or we could watch infections and hospitalizations spike.

“Now, six months after this crisis began, we have made progress. Together, we have slowed the spread of this disease. Oregon has one of the lowest mortality rates in the country. But, as students across Oregon begin a school year far different than any other before, it is clear that, at current COVID-19 levels, it will not be safe in much of the state for children to return to in-classroom instruction for months to come.

“This Labor Day weekend is another critical moment in this crisis.

“We can work together to stay safe and put Oregon on the path to return more students to classrooms. Or, we could see Labor Day celebrations unknowingly sow the seeds of COVID-19 outbreaks that could set us back for months. Until there is an effective vaccine for COVID-19, this disease can spread like wildfire, if we let our guard down.

“Small social get-togethers like barbecues and family celebrations have fueled wider community outbreaks in counties across Oregon. This weekend, you have a choice. Please, stay local this Labor Day, and practice safe COVID-19 habits. Wear a face covering, watch your physical distance, and wash your hands.

“We know this can work. We have seen it work in rural and urban communities that have experienced significant outbreaks. Last week, Multnomah and Hood River counties came off the Watch List. All we need now is the will to follow this through to the end.

“We have come this far together. And that’s the only way we’ll get through this –– working together, day by day, to keep each other healthy and safe until we reach the day that there is an effective vaccine or treatment for this disease.”

The state of emergency declaration is the legal underpinning for the executive orders the governor has issued to keep Oregonians healthy and safe throughout this crisis, including her orders on reopening Oregon while maintaining essential health and safety protections, as well as orders around child care, schools, and higher education operations.

Extending the state of emergency declaration allows those orders to stay in effect.

The governor reviews and reevaluates each of her emergency orders every 60 days, to determine whether those orders should be continued, modified, or rescinded. The findings of this review process are listed in the executive order.

Oregon reports 243 new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases, 6 new deaths

PORTLAND, Ore. — COVID-19 has claimed six more lives in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 465, the Oregon Health Authority reported Tuesday.

OHA also reported 243 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, bringing the state total to 26,946 cases, 534,854 negative test results.

The new cases are in the following counties: Baker (4), Benton (4), Clackamas (26), Clatsop (1), Deschutes (1), Douglas (1), Hood River (2), Jackson (10), Jefferson (4), Josephine (4), Lane (9), Lincoln (2), Malheur (10), Marion (39), Morrow (2), Multnomah (50), Polk (4), Umatilla (15), Union (1), Washington (42), and Yamhill (12).

Crook County has had 55 COVID-19 cases, one death and 2,300 negative test results, OHA reported. Deschutes County has had 693 cases, 11 deaths and 24,366 negative test results. Jefferson County has had 461 cases, seven deaths and 4,211 negative test results.

St. Charles Health System reported having three COVID-19 patients as of 7:15 a.m. Tuesday, one of whom is in the ICU and on a ventilator.

Oregon’s 460th COVID-19 death is a 41-year-old man in Washington County who tested positive on Aug. 7 and died on Aug. 23, at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 461st COVID-19 death is an 86-year-old woman in Linn County who tested positive on Aug. 24 and died on Aug. 28, at Samaritan Albany General Hospital. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 462nd COVID-19 death is a 66-year-old man in Umatilla County who tested positive on July 31 and died on Aug. 28, at Good Shepherd Hospital. Presence of underlying conditions is being confirmed.

Oregon’s 463rd COVID-19 death is a 27-year-old man in Washington County who tested positive on July 31 and died on Aug. 28, in his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 464th COVID-19 death is a 91-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on Aug. 22 and died on Aug. 27. Location of death is being confirmed. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 465th COVID-19 death is an 88-year-old woman in Multnomah County who tested positive on Aug. 7 and died on Aug. 28, in her residence. She had underlying conditions.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response leads the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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  1. So the emergency will magically end on election day. Whodathunkit? The Commiecrats aren’t even bothering to hide the fact the scamdemic is
    all about politics.

      1. All shriveled with 2 Supreme court justices, 180 federal judges, Job creating tax cuts, rebuilding a democrat inspired limping economy twice, PRISON REFORM!

            1. You do realize that factors like obesity And binge drinking (as defined by 5 or more drinks within a 2 hour span) are classified as “underlying conditions”.? All you fat hillbillies at the bar should be very nervous.

            1. We are posting the daily Oregon Health Authority numbers, as we have since the beginning. We don’t write national news. I read in our Facebook page when people keep posting the new CDC info on the number of deaths solely attributed to COVID-19 that people are basically twisting the data to make unsubstantiated claims, that health experts know quite well that “cause of death” is a complex deal (like most of health care). Not about to dive into that here. Feel free to keep posting links to the govt. data and then… making your own conclusions about what they represent.

              1. Health experts (medical doctors) have also said they can successfully treat COVID and have also said masks are useless – but let’s keep up with Kate’s political theater when there’s NO evidence or scientific data to justify her orders. You can better believe that KTVZ is not a trusted source for news nor will they get real doctors who are treating COVID to talk about it. Never heard a follow up story from the one Bend woman who had been battling COVID for weeks – no sources to back up her stores, just more fear mongering. Kate Brown wants to fine people for not wearing masks because “you might accidentally kill someone” yet she’s not going after murderers in Portland. Tell me how that makes any sense? And you can’t accidentally kill someone because that’s what the media is telling you. No research or data behind that. The Dems are losing every single vote this election.

              2. Well since it’s a “covid 19” pandemic, it kind of stands to reason ONLY covid numbers should be counted. It’s bizarre that NO oregon media will send a reporter with evidence produced by science to question was was ordered by kate. That is nothing but fact. No conspiracy no spin no opinion

                We sure would like to know why

                1. If you have a car accident and die because you sustained a crushed skull, cause of death is MVA. Same thing with Covid. It’s an easy cause and effect concept, not difficult to understand if you aren’t looking for a way to rationalize lack of response to 186K American deaths.

              3. Why aren’t influenza patients with underlying conditions, like copd, not called a influenza death. Usually death cause is copd exacerbation, as a example. Why do we have different rules for covid? If the cause of death was treated the same as influenza then those CDC numbers would be accurate. Under 10,000 truly covid deaths.

                1. I have explained this to you before, but your ignorance and stupidity must be overwhelming your ability to retain information. If somebody purposefully hits you in the head with a hammer and you have a brain hemorrhage and die, the cause of death is homicide, not the hammer or the brain hemorrhage. Cause and effect is easy to understand for anyone with a minimum of grey matter.

                2. You still didn’t explain Frog Eyes point ! And why you are responding on his bug-eyed behalf is probably not so difficult to figure out- those of you that need multiple handles because smart guys like me get bored with your idiotic tantrums and ignore you all together.

                  So once again- you’ve just prattled off childish insults but never got around to explaining your position… so again… why is the state of Oregon declaring “death with covid- as death by covid”- when “underlying conditions” are clearly the main agent of death- to the point that even families are now protesting the practice.

                  It is clear that many covid exposures are occurring “within” the hospital setting- numerous “outbreaks” have occurred at St Charles- exposing a sanitation and disinfection program out of sorts ! More than 70% of contact tracing has no original source- how convenient for those hospitals- who are then rewarded with millions of dollars in covid relief funds… follow the money bug eyes- find out who your daddy really is !

          1. I thought the total was 11 deaths and 8 were from the memory care facility. So that leaves 3 in general public. Heard 1 of the 3 isn’t counted now, but I can’t confirm. Bend’s population over 100,000. Pretty low percentage to shut everything down. Currently St Charles has been posting their numbers and they average 2-3. Hospital is not overburdened. I thought the Kate Brown’s lockdown was to flatten the curve (which we did) and to make sure hospitals aren’t overrun. I think the most Covid patients st Charles reported ever at once was 16, not all in the ICU.

          2. They have died “with” covid….not “of” covid. That is the big scam these governors and health officials are doing to get more money.

            Oh….so comrade Brown thinks that after the election covid will be gone? These people are straight up corrupt politicians!

              1. Nobody dies “with” cancer- it is a catastrophic illness that people die directly because of… your post should have been removed for being insensitive- offensive- and downright ghoulish !

                1. So you’re saying cancer is the cause of death, even when cancer has aggravated other underlying conditions that contributed to death? Gee, sounds just like your argument about not counting all deaths as Covid when there are underlying conditions.

                2. Here’s what investigative journalism tells us… August 7th 2020-


                  McCrary said her father tested positive for COVID-19 around the same time of his cancer diagnosis.

                  “He had no symptoms. He wasn’t even quarantined,” said McCrary.

                  McCrary said her dad died from advanced cancer and Avamere considered Creasy recovered from the coronavirus. A few days after his death, Lincoln County Public Health reported Creasy as the county’s ninth COVID-19 death.

                  “I mean, that’s not what he died from. He died from colon cancer, not COVID and places are listing loved ones as COVID deaths. And they’re labeling that and it’s just not true,” said McCrary.

                  McCrary said Creasy died with COVID-19, not from COVID-19, and there’s obviously a difference.

                  The floor is yours- post your own facts as provided to the masses- or shut up and take this bum kickin’ with all the tough love intended !

                3. Nor does it “disprove” any of my assertions either… so there you go again- you wanna argue that the glass is half empty- I say no it’s half full !

                  How exactly do your loved ones tolerate such a grouchy curmudgeon ? I’ll bet you got cats !

                4. No, you keep trying to smash the glass on my head and tell me it’s raining. We love our cats, and they love us. They treat us far nicer than you, and we return the favor. (Guess what – not disproving something doesn’t prove it either! Only in the Bizarro World of Barney Never Gets His Wish.

      1. This week the CDC released the official numbers. Only 6% of the US deaths were solely from Covid 19..which is only 9500 people in the US. 94% had other comorbidities. For oregon that would mean more people died in car crashes than from Covid 19 alone.
        This is a scam to find fault with Trump and maybe rig the election. The riots looting and murders the Communists are doing is on the Democrats.
        Practice Socialist Distancing!!!!!

        1. You are correct- more people have been killed in CO auto accidents this summer than have died in the past 6 months from the effects of covid19… yet the Governor hasn’t banned cars or trucks- and Z21 cringes every-time we bring this up !

          Oregonians had their opportunity to end the inept leadership of Kate Brown- but have instead decided to use their voices in support of protests- riots and murder in Portland.

          This is your Oregon- your reality- I refuse to encourage any more of the carnage.

          1. I only cringe when I have to read your posts. Falsely claiming anyone who doesn’t hate our governor celebrates murder. The more outlandish you get, the fewer people will pay any attention, so I suppose that’s a good thing.

            1. The Governor has refused the President’s ongoing offer of assistance… so she must enjoy the carnage… so go ahead- after 100 days of Portland destruction- you’d have a hard time arguing otherwise.

              I find it amazing that you don’t term the Governor’s response to the riots-arson-looting-and now murder… “outlandish” !

                1. The flames- the fist-fights- the vulgarities- the destruction of public property- the “gun fire”… Kate Brown “enjoys” it all- cause if she didn’t- she would have put an end to it 99 days ago !

                  But you don’t know any of that- because she won’t sit in the room or answer a phone call from any single one of your reporters… go ahead- prove me wrong… and until then- the actual fact that “no action- is action” permeates the story !

                  Kate Brown supports the complete destruction of the city of Portland- if she didn’t- she would have ended it months ago ! “That” is a fair and accurate observation.

                2. Name calling (troll) won’t change this fact…

                  “Kate Brown supports the complete destruction of the city of Portland- if she didn’t- she would have ended it months ago ! “That” is a fair and accurate observation.”

                  Nighty Night !

                3. That’s hard to believe Barney. The media these days is about as useless as our politicians. The left leaning media outlets take a story and paint a narrative in an effort to get “clicks.” Maybe KTVZ isn’t as corrupt as a CNN but I sincerely doubt individuals bias doesn’t get in the way of how they report facts, data, or what they chose to report for that matter. It is easy for media outlets, including KTVZ to tell bits and pieces and or twist the truth to fit their narrative. When it comes to COVID, the data has been all over the place and we have been told this and then that, you can’t deny that. That causes confusion but also creates skeptics and rightfully so when we are suppose to consider these people as trust worthy and knowledgeable. A skeptic begins to research such figures and the dirt begins to pile up, which just leads to more skepticism. All while we have media outlets and their alike, follow such figures as if they are the all and knowing. Maybe you can explain why the media word usage of such words like white supremacist, whiteness, toxic masculinity, racist, etc all seemed to have sprung up forming a hockey style graph beginning in 2010. It’s as if they drew a line in the sand and said this is our new target market.

                4. I know for a fact we provide a very useful service for thousands of Central Oregonians and are thankful they tell us so. The political hurricane of spin is something I try to avoid, as do many folks I know.

                5. BTW- for those of you watching this back and forth between the Mod and myself… let’s not forget that Kate Brown has put millions of Oregonians out of work- on welfare- closed schools- violated civil rights and civil liberties in the process- all over a virus- a pandemic that never materialized… yet she can’t put an end to 100 days of rioting- looting- arson and now murder in the mean streets of Portland Oregon ???

                  It’s not that she “can’t”… it’s that she doesn’t “want to” !

                  Some brainiac is gonna have to explain to me in great detail how this scum has avoided a recall ! Cause the only thing that makes sense- is that Oregonians- especially in Portland- agree with her- that the violence and destruction of Portland… is a good thing… that doesn’t need to be stopped !

                  Yup- how sick is that ! But that is Oregon in this calendar year 2020 ! _

                6. I meant to follow up on this topic earlier today- I was driving around when Lars came on- and he made the same observation… that Governor Kate Brown is with purpose and intent “joyfully” watching the destruction of the city of Portland- that she somehow believes that she can pin it all on President Trump and he will lose re-election… so let’s put this argument to bed- find Feme and have him interview the Governor with those direct questions.

                  Her answers might just surprise you !

      2. Not true ! More have died in auto accidents- but you have never stated that “several Oregonians” have died in CO auto crashes this year… your choice of terminology is based on what criteria ?

        This appears to be another ongoing attempt by the local media to “inflate” the death toll and misery index for political purposes- let’s stop the shenanigans shall we.

        The Wuhan China virus has completely skipped over the state- yet the Governor has everyone in lock-down.

        “That” is your story- the pandemic that never was ! So please stop covering for Brown’s ill-conceived response and focus on the suffering Central Oregonians who have lost their jobs- their education- their dreams- their livelihoods… because Kate Brown got it wrong !

          1. True or false… more people have died in auto related accidents in Central Oregon this summer- than have died from the Corona Wuhan Bat Joe covid19 !

            True or False ??? Data don’t lie !

    1. You know, I’m waiting for one of you bozos to take your conspiracy theories one step further and claim Democrats created the coronavirus. Your paranoid fairy tale narratives are nothing more than plagiarized rhetoric from Q and the WH.

      1. Well. Cuomo did put infected patients in “old folk homes” and Pelosi encouraged people to go out and celebrate. And many talking heads in the media said “no big deal.”
        Your memory is as short as Biden’s eyes.

            1. With “Dr.” Atlas in Trump’s ear advocating herd immunity, there’s the potential for millions more American dead along with the 186K already gone under Trump’s watch. Fact!

      2. Jeez, yesterday one of the community was going on that the problem with the left is that they wouldn’t listen to any of the right’s opinions. I hope he’s reading this garbage. It’s one thing to consider another’s opinion based on facts, it’s another to read all this conspiracy stuff and be expected to consider it logical or accurate knowledge.

        1. Gee Martha- does that mean that you no longer cling to the conspiracy theory that the President didn’t term the China virus a hoax- but instead defined the Demokrat response as “the hoax” ?-

          You spent months on end plugging that nonsense- even after on lefty internet blog after another posted otherwise… you even had the Mod here repeating your conspiracy… so when exactly did you become some enlightened- so woke ?

          Now- back under your bed- the world remains much too dangerous for the cookies and milk crowd.

  2. “Flatten the curve” made sense. The goal was to prevent Bend’s medical system from being overwhelmed. But when “flatten the curve” morphed into “shelter in place” I knew an epic mistake was being made. The Great Mistake had its basis in a total lack of understanding of viruses.

    Though it makes sense for vulnerable individuals to isolate the application of that policy to the wider population is perhaps the greatest stupidity I have ever seen exhibited in the United States. All it has done is to delay the inevitable spread of a contagious virus through the population. The idea that the masses will avoid infection via isolation is absurd. Oregon will experience Covid long after other areas of the country have largely gotten past it.

    You can’t fix stupid.

    1. I disagree with your assessment. The mere fact that Oregon’s infection and fatality rates are much lower than many other states that did not initiate lockdown and mask orders is proof that the actions were not stupid or a mistake. Your comment seems to recommend herd immunity. You need only look to Sweden to see their lack of success using that strategy.

        1. Fredrik Elgh, a professor of virology at Umea University “We have almost 6,000 dead. We have betrayed our elderly,” he said in the Svenska Dagbladet report. “We should test and trace infection much more. But the Public Health Agency does not want that.”

          This was in response today to WHO coming out in praise of Sweden’s handling of virus. Of course our President has declared WHO as a bunch of imbeciles. Guess you need to decide which agenda you’re going to back.

          1. “Of course our President has declared WHO as a bunch of imbeciles.”

            *Do you wear a mask while out in public ? The WHO said you didn’t need to !
            *Do you believe that the Wuhan can be transferred between humans ? The WHO said it couldn’t !

            Seems this US President has your best interests at stake- why hate on him ?

      1. You are comparing Oregon to NY? People are packed into NYC, of course all viral numbers are higher than Oregon. Can you please reply with influenza numbers comparing Oregon to NY?

      2. as other countries, who did shut down, are catching up with Sweden’s illness and death rates and some surpassing we are finding out the failure in Sweden may be actually a success story. Probably the reason the media hasn’t been blasting us with “Swenden’s failures” in recent months.

      3. Infections and fatalities rose significantly “after” Brown’s Executive Orders. You are ignoring the data as presented by the OHA to the detriment of nobody but yerself.

        There is no factual data out there that demonstrates that Brown’s actions have had “any positive” impact at all !

        Brown’s attempts to shut down society were constantly ignored by violent riots in Portland and BLM protests in Bend, the EPI data has not changed since April, contact tracing has been a mitigated disaster with as much as 70% of new cases being untraceable, and more than 535,000 negative tests- that prove what ???

        Your rose colored assessment of Brown’s performance also completely ignores that other states have done much better than Oregon- all of them under GOP control !

        Oregon’s death’s per 1 million population remains in triple digits- 110- this is way up from 68 just a few weeks ago !

    2. “All it has done is to delay the inevitable spread of a contagious virus through the population”
      So inevitable that the US is the only affluent nation to suffer so many deaths and infections. The rest of the developed world has a MUCH better handle of this outbreak. Or maybe you meant inevitable because you agree that the Trump Administration is full of inept morons who are not fit to lead and are actively making decisions that result in THOUSANDS of more dead Americans.

    1. You can very easily stop reading KTVZ if you don’t like it, but you tell Barney he should upend his life to satisfy you? The truth about C.O. is that C.O. is a better place with Barney in it. As for you who thinks anybody with a differing opinions should leave – not so much.

      1. Actually- many no longer “watch” KTVZ- the ratings don’t lie… COD has taken a serious chunk outta the “once high and mighty” only game in town- and continues to cause them “concern”… the website tho is another animal- so for now- have at it… Barney and all… they do provide a different view of CO- and that’s fair… completely delusional- but fair !

        1. And our competitors, of course, report the same OHA daily COVID-19 data we do. Do you ever give them the grief you give us? No, because you have a problem. And you’d rather pick on someone who has to listen to you, and didn’t miss you for several days this week.

          1. Your competitors had an excellent story on the violent assault on Ted Wheeler’s apartment complex this evening… but I’m sure you know that because yer watching their every move… and you should !

    2. Pretty sad that you are attacked on this site. I was around you before retiring and knew you were the one that would track me down wanting to get information correct before you wrote up a story. It is pretty easy to be blatantly disrespectful when you do not have to identify yourself. All the best.

  3. So this is how our governor rewards our “working together to slow the spread of COVID-19”: she unilaterally extends her decree another 60 days. How many more businesses will fail in the next 60 days? How many more jobs will be lost? How many more people will suffer from depression and anxiety? How many more people will look to the bottom of the bottle or the end of the needle or the back of a stick of week and play along with her decrees? Look at Deschutes county’s numbers of the past 5 days: the number of actual/presumed cases is at an all time low… and yet the governor thinks this is not low enough. So Deschutes County must pay for Portland’s lack of effort to slow COVID there? Does she not understand that there will NEVER be zero cases of COVID? Is she justified by aiming at an impossibility? I don’t think so. She could have limited her decree to 30 days but no, she has the power and the political lemmings to extend this indefinitely. Enough is enough, Governor Brown.

    1. Wow until Nov. 3rd now when is the election? Just one week away from that date it seems like everything is just waiting to fall on the election. I bet everything I own if Biden wins within a month this virus will suddenly start disappearing. But if trump wins it will come back even stronger. Wake up people and see what is going on by your so called leaders in the democratic party. Polosi can get in a salon without a mask but all of her state must where one and most are unemployed because of this virus but she is immune? Fact check things people not on Google that’s demoratically run by the way.But try some diff. Search engines and see what is actually the truth. Brown and the rest of the democrats are being led by more powerful democrats and you people believe everything that comes out of her mouth.WAKE UP.

      1. Probably. Just like when Hillary dropped out of the race all those repeated investigations suddenly stopped and found no wrongdoing. That’s politics for you!

    2. It really is amazing… there has been absolutely no “slowing” of the spread since April ! The OHA data is clear- that once the terminology and parameters were changed- the state has shown dramatic increases across the board- except for ED visits- the important stuff !

      Brown’s attempts to inflate the data make her look like a bumbling fool ! More cases- more negative tests- more this- more that… but in the end… Oregonians are dying from “underlying conditions”… not the Wuhan China virus… and KTVZ can’t get an interview with the Governor to ask her directly about it- she’s gone all Joe Biden in his bunker on the issues- and now prefers to speak “to us” from the safe confines of a press conference desk… No questions from the media !

      Our News agencies are failing us big time ! Can we recall them ???

      1. She takes about 30-45 minutes of reporter questions at every news conference – we have offered a livestream of most of them. As for your last line – no, but you can go watch/read someone else. No one is forcing you to stay here.

        1. “and KTVZ can’t get an interview with the Governor to ask her”

          So is this wrong or not ?

          Cmon B- your attempts to squirm outta the hot seat is akin to a 6 year old lying about the frog in his pocket !

          1. You are on here about every 5 minutes with a new complaint. You obviously aren’t contributing to society except by being a troll and harassing someone who is actually doing their job.

            Why don’t you pry yourself off the recliner, turn off fox and actually do something.

            If you don’t like Barney, then become a journalist. If not, shut your trump hole and take something for your political ed.

      2. “Your” news agencies owe you nothing. They’re businesses protected by the First Amendment. You can “recall” them by voting with your feet and going elsewhere so they stop making money off you. But as businesses, they don’t care if you’re happy or sad. All they care about is that you’re here.

        And here you are.

  4. I’m pleased that Barney has a thicker skin than some of you on this site. He is at least letting my innuendos be published. That is more than I can say about most social media and news agencies. Yahoo news just recently decided to do away with their comment section. I noticed that the conservative point of view on their so called news was overwhelming pro Trump. Yahoo couldn’t handle that so they stopped the comments. Can we say censorship??? I certainly can say it is censorship!

    1. Probably don’t have enough people to do the fact checking required for all the lies and misinformation Trump supporters post. Not censorship – just another case of bad actors ruining it for everyone.

    1. It’s not just Pelosi- From the office of lunatic Brown- August 18th 2020

      Statewide Reopening Guidance –
      General Guidance for Employers
      Authority: Executive Order No. 20-27, ORS 443.441, ORS 433.443, ORS 431A.010
      Applicability: All employers, except for state government.
      Enforcement: To the extent this guidance requires compliance with certain provisions, it is
      enforceable as specified in Executive Order 20-27, paragraph 26.

      Note- “except for state government” !

      Brown is a pathetic hypocrite that Portland voters deserve.

  5. Kate is only doing what she is instructed to do by her DNC Marxist Communist handlers. Notice the riots are still happening and well funded and the Multnomah County DA not prosecuting anyone as the local DA is trying to jump on the SJW bandwagon and make brownie points with Kate.These people are lying soul-less selfish power seekers. All wrapped up in a soft little package claiming to care about all of us.

  6. I love how all you leftists blame trump for someone dying of covid19 why did Barack Obama give the wutan facility hundreds of millions a few years ago? Was it because they had an agenda way before this all broke out? The only way they were gonna get trump out of office was to ruin the economy. Wow look at what is going on but you democrats believe that it is all trumps fault. Wake up you idiots and look at what your so called leaders are doing. They haven’t let trump do his job because he is actually telling the truth about what is going on in politics and they are trying every way they can to ruin him even killing innocent people with this virus that was let loose by your so called great leaders in the democratic party. Its time to wake up people and put the blame on the real people not Donald trump your President but your leftists who all hate him. Start fact checking things people and quit watching all the democratic run news channels just look up fact check on the web not Google but the real web and see what is true instead of listening to all the lies.

  7. There is no damned state of emergency in Oregon! Get a clue people! Foolish people can’t think for themselves. Just follow the lead lemming right off the cliff!

  8. I find it hard to believe anyone even cares about COVID anymore. With the new CDC info, why are we all still participating in these charades?? Get some guts and stop wearing masks. See and hug your friends. Go out and try to support failing local businesses before they’re totally gone. It’s all we can do to keep some amount of self dignity without following Gov Brown like lemmings. So disappointing that more people aren’t questioning while their liberties are being taken away.

    1. Look up lemmings again before you spew that useless horse**** out of your idiot pie hole. Your dignity was gone the day you allowed that bloated sack of fecal bonespurs to assume office. So disappointing that more people aren’t questioning while their liberties are being taken away.

      1. So how effective are wearing masks and social distancing when Brown and Wheeler allow riots-protests-and thug life to run rampant in Oregon streets… the data is clear- that within weeks of the George Floyd protests in Portland- the number of Wuhan China virus cases “doubled”- and have yet to decline to the levels we saw in March and April.

        Where’s your outrage bunky ? Misguided as usual !

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