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Oregon reports 1 more COVID-19 death, 208 new cases

COVID-19 (Titled)

PORTLAND, Ore.  (KTVZ) — COVID-19 has claimed one more life in Oregon, raising the state’s death toll to 526, the Oregon Health Authority reported Sunday.

OHA also reported 208 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Sunday, bringing the state total to 30,801 cases, along with 605,268 negative test results.

The new cases reported Sunday are in the following counties: Benton (7), Clackamas (18), Clatsop (4), Columbia (3), Coos (2), Deschutes (9), Douglas (2), Gilliam (1), Hood River (4), Jackson (5), Jefferson (2), Klamath (1), Lane (23), Linn (7), Malheur (15), Marion (21), Morrow (3), Multnomah (41), Polk (1), Umatilla (8), Washington (28), and Yamhill (3).

Oregon’s 526th COVID-19 death is a 73-year-old woman in Marion County who tested positive on Sept. 1 and died on Sept.18, at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center. She had underlying conditions.

See table below for total cases, deaths, and negative tests by county.

CountyCases 1Total deaths 2Negative tests 3
Hood River24504,772

1 This includes cases confirmed by diagnostic testing and presumptive cases. Presumptive cases are those without a positive diagnostic test who present COVID-19-like symptoms and had close contact with a confirmed case. County of residence for cases may change as new information becomes available. If changes occur, we will update our counts accordingly.

2 For additional details on individuals who have died from COVID-19 in Oregon, please refer to our press releases.

3 This includes cases who test negative and are not epi-linked to a confirmed case.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Office of Emergency Management lead the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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  1. 7 Months.. 500 deaths out of 4 million people in Oregon.. 94% of the deaths had serious comorbidities and very advanced age.
    End this mask BS and fear mongering. How about make Monday mask day for stores and restaurants and let the rest of us free the other 6 days a week. This is an insane abuse of Kate Browns powers. Osha’s fines buisness when they dont bend the knee to Dictator Kate Brown.

    1. I understand the frustration, but our numbers are low in Oregon because we’re doing most of the right things like wearing masks, social distancing, virtual classes, etc. The Federal government left it up to the states to figure this out and I have to say, Governor Brown’s plan for Oregon is a hellofa lot better than Gov Herbert’s from my home state of Utah! It’s a mess down there rn! Schools don’t know what to do, high school football in full swing, anti maskers everywhere and no official plan to keep folks informed and safe. Nada! Scary bcz I have family there. So the consequences? They recorded their highest covid numbers yet! Utah just spiked over a thousand infected yesterday and 900 plus today! Let’s just follow what seems to be working, trust the science and stamp this out by winter or early spring. Almost there, what do u say?

      1. Doesn’t matter about the number of infections when the mortality rate is .26% (directly from the CDC website.). That is only slightly more than the flu. And we don’t shut down the entire economy for it.

          1. Are you in need of a health plan? How about a job plan? You can work for the school district in any capacity with full pay and benny and do squat. How bout the almighty state run your whole life? Next best thing to living with your mommy. 😻

        1. 200,000 dead since March is no joke either. So let’s stay the course and isolate this virus out of our communities once and for all. Please wear yr mask, social distance etc. bcz it’s working! #staythecourse

          1. First of all….the 200,000 is a flat-out lie, and second…The sun and temps are whats killing covid, third….just over 1 out of three are false positives. Try again champ

          2. Sorry but there is actually more data that shows lockdowns and masks do nothing if not just exacerbate the problem longer term. Be smart but don’t be a moronic sheep. If you are driving, outside, etc don’t be an idiot and take off that damn mask!

        2. The number of infections matters more than you give it credit for. It places an undue burden on our healthcare system, affects the economy by forcing people to quarantine and take sick leave, diverts $$$ to deal with the disease rather than other goods and services, and as we are now finding out, results in long term physical damage to many of those infected.

          1. So does the flu but I don’t recall surrendering our civli liberties for that. The only community activity allowed is setting the police station ablaze. Excellent plan.

      2. The OHA data is clear on this- our state numbers peaked and dropped way back in April- well before masks- social distancing or massive shutdowns could have any effect. Since that time- our new (supposed) case numbers have shot up over 200 (doubling the previous highs of 100) and have yet to return to below 100… yet the fatality rate remains the same.

        If Brown’s Executive Orders were as effective as you say- then the new case numbers would plummet (everyone is masked up-social distancing-and staying home going broke). In addition- the death rates would reflect this- but it hasn’t changed since day one- and that’s with the addition of “Covid Like Illness” instead of Influenza Like Illness” to the vernacular… in essence combining the flu into the corona cases.

        None of this passes the smell test. the numbers just don’t support any action taken by Brown- and the early data suggests that even if she had done nothing but mandate masks and distancing- without closing anything- the virus would remain below the 100 cases per day day rate with the occasional death within the “at risk” population.

        Kate Brown manipulated the data to make it appear as if this virus was ravaging the state- it wasn’t ! And I sense some class action lawsuits on the horizon for the thousands of businesses and individuals that have gone bankrupt.

          1. I’m not saying anything of the sorts… I am clearly saying the exact opposite- that Brown’s Executive Orders to shut down the state have had no bearing on the number of cases or deaths… but her manipulation of the vocabulary and methodology (more testing) has made the numbers appear worse- justification for her EO’s.

            You (like many others here) seem easily confused. Covid19/corona bat flu is not solely responsible for the 500 deaths across Oregon- if we take the CDC to heart- 6% of deaths are solely attributed to the Wuhan China virus- for Oregon… that equals 30 people !

            Did the State really go bankrupt for that ?

      3. My civil liberties do not end when there is danger near. We just gave the green light to strip us of anything at any time for any reason.
        Stay Home Stay Safe, unless you want to Burn Loot Murder, this will be encouraged.
        Here in Oregon we are in a State of Emergency (6 months) which interestingly enough ends on election day.
        Between this and the Democrat riots…… let’s just say that a reckoning is imminent.

    2. This is not insane abuse of Kate’s powers. The left has appointed her as one of a select few governators so stupid and devoid of conscience that they happily crap in their own sandbox when told to do it: The cluck would jam scissors in a light socket just to please Mr Bloomberg.

      1. Yup, the DOW lost 800 points this morning because Wall St heard Kate is abusing her Coronavirus powers, not because several states are at record high cases and we’re at 200k deaths.

        1. The “DOW losing 800 POINTS” Thats what the DOW does friend.. its called the stock market.. it goes up and down and my bet it has nothing to do with the CHINA FLU. The DOW always recovers but will Oregon Recover? PERS, record deficits, riots, anarchist, Marxist BLM and ANTIFA looting and 1 million Oregonians or 25% on some sort of Government aid. Oregon Democrat Communists pandering for votes to the mindless leftist and those dependent on a handout to get by. A governor and leftist have a agenda of theft to TAX the producers and businesses as much as they can get away with. Meanwhile you “Normal” Democrats” support this crap? Masks do nothing except prove people will BEND THE KNEE to the crappy Governor Kate Brown. Oh my God you people are so stupid.

    3. Those chronically ill people were living their lives just fine until those of you afflicted with terminal entitlement and no degrees in biology, infectious diseases, pandemics, mutating viruses started spouting bs. then it cost a lot of people their lives unnecessarily. Your ignorance of infectious disease containment is stunning.

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