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Old Mill trick-or-treating canceled; Bend parent has alternative for Halloween fun

(Update: adding video, comments from Bend residents)

BEND, Ore (KTVZ) -- As we get into the spooky season, many parents are worried about the pandemic and trick-or-treating.

However, some Central Oregon parents are getting creative for Halloween, striving to give their kids a fun, more regular experience.

People who visit Andrea Newcomb's "yard haunt" will be able to have an authentic Halloween time, while hopefully staying safe as well.

Newcomb is setting up a sort of outdoor haunted house in northeast Bend for children and families to get a good Halloween spook, and some candy, while staying safe.

"It is kind of stepping up to answer just a lot of the sadness and dismay around the canceling of Halloween due to COVID," she told NewsChannel21 on Tuesday.

To make her yard haunt work, Newcomb is enforcing safety guidelines. Everyone has to wear a mask and stay at least six feet away from everyone else at all times.

And there won't be any of the typical bowls of candy.

"We will have a couple of tables set out that will have pieces set up so you grab your one,” she said. “And probably a sign or somebody standing there to remind people to take just one."

Under the CDC’s recently released Halloween guidance, traditional trick-or-treating and haunted houses are noted as higher-risk activities.

Rocky Miner, whose grandchildren would have trick-or-treated this year, said, "I would be pretty cautious and hesitant on having them go door to door, like our old-time Halloween."

Bend resident Spencer Fuller added, "It's just kind of a weird line to walk, so we probably won't be putting out candy."

A spokesperson from the Old Mill District said stores there will not hold their traditional trick-or-treating festivities on Halloween.

But traditional trick-or-treating will be a big loss to many children in what's already a tough year.

"It's that trick-or-treat, being able to say it and being able to say like, 'Oh, my gosh, I love your costume!" Fuller said.

And that's exactly what motivates Newcomb.

"It's a big holiday for a lot of people, so trying to say not to do it felt impossible, really," she said.

Some of the CDC's lower-risk activities include holding a virtual costume contest, or having a Halloween-related gathering with just your immediate family.

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  1. why dont the city have cops that they spare park in neighborhoods and when kids go out to trick or treat cite the parents and tell them if they see them out again kids are going to cps while the parents will be headed to jail for disobeying state order.

  2. So I can go into a bar and play video poker…..but kids can’t go to school or go trick or treating? Anyone else understand the levels of hypocrisy? Please keep in mind over 200,000 residents in Deschutes County, 12 deaths (8 of which are from a nursing home…so 3 in general population). Less than 1000 positives in Deschutes County since March. So, for every 1000 positives, there are 12 deaths, 3 deaths in general population. BARNEY!!!! Hey from now on can you please put percentages on your headlines instead of total ever positives? What percentage of Deschutes County has ever been positive? What percentage is actively positive? What percentage has died???? Like what are the active positives in Deschutes County? 20? We deserve this information as they are using the numbers to shut down schools while old men play video poker. WTF??? We are sick of the scare tactics without real time data or percentages…..because 961 positives sounds scarier than less than 1% of Deschutes County ever being positive.

    1. Thanks for reminding us how many lives we’ve saved! Let’s keep up the good work and eliminate unimportant things like halloween so we can get the kids back in school!

      1. More deaths in auto related accidents in CO this year than from anything to do with Kates Korona-Kovid Hoax- three more tragic deaths just out in Sisters- yet we still get behind the wheel…. and “drive” ! Where’s yer outrage- yer micro-tantrums- your attempts to shut down Henry Fords mass produced gas guzzling air polluting machines of risk ? Your attempts to cover for Brown’s inept actions remains a sad commentary on politics 2020.

  3. I’ll have a super spooky picture back-lit on my front deck next to a bowl of quality candy, love to see the kida have a good time. …..a pic of Mrs Clinton behind a podium with a Presidential Seal!

    1. Shouldn’t that pic of Mrs. Clinton be from behind bars ? As recent released sealed documents from Brennan prove that she concocted the whole “Russia-Russia-Russia” scam to pull the media’s attention away from her e-mail scandal- President Trump has now approved the release of “all” the documents- which will further implicate Obama and of course “Smokin’ Joe Biden” !

      Damn shame the Z has blocked this story from their pages- I mean really- the biggest scandal in US political history- and Big Lee goes quiet ???

    1. I don’t believe it will stop there. Kate Brown is too vested and sugar highing on her new found powers… She sees how simple it really was for the state of four million people to buckle under her heavy-handed irrational decisions- without even a successful recall campaign.

      The bar here has been forever lowered- it will take a complete overhaul of Oregon politics to cleanse this scum from the sides of our bathtub. Not much will change come November- Trump will win a second term- and Brown will dig in deeper as she vents her anger against the state.

  4. I’ve been to one of Andrea’s haunted houses in the past. The COVID rules will make it harder, but she puts on a great display. The kids will love it! Glad someone is helping out the kids during all this craziness.

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