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Oregon reports 14 more COVID-19 deaths, including Crook Co. woman; 555 cases

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(Update: Oregon death toll equals highest recorded; OHA speaks to delays in some reports; more info from Deschutes County health official)

Deschutes County reports single-day record of 31 cases, has had 106 in 4 days

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- COVID-19 has claimed 14 more lives in Oregon, including a Crook County woman, raising the state’s death toll to 689, along with 555 new cases, 31 in Deschutes County, the Oregon Health Authority reported Saturday.

The 14 deaths equal the highest recorded daily death toll in Oregon since the pandemic began, first reached on July 28.

OHA reported 555 new confirmed and presumptive cases of COVID-19 as of 12:01 a.m. Saturday, bringing the state total to 44,921 cases, along with 817,028 negative test results.

A 66-year-old Crook County woman died Friday at St. Charles Bend, eight days after testing positive for the virus, the OHA reported.

The 14 Oregon deaths are the most recorded in a single day since July, while the 555 cases are the state's third-highest daily tally of cases, after records set on Thursday and Friday. The state has reported 3,250 new COVID-19 cases in the past week and 36 deaths, according to the OHA.

The new confirmed and presumptive COVID-19 cases reported Saturday are in the following counties: Baker (1), Clackamas (46), Clatsop (3), Coos (4), Curry (2), Deschutes (31), Douglas (3), Gilliam (5), Harney (2), Hood River (2), Jackson (12), Jefferson (2), Josephine (4), Klamath (3),  Lane (65), Linn (19), Malheur (10), Marion (54), Morrow (3), Multnomah (138), Polk (14), Tillamook (2), Umatilla (15), Union (6), Wallowa (4), Wasco (6), Washington (86), Yamhill (13).

Deschutes County's 31 cases reported Saturday were its largest single-day total, topping a 28-case count in July. The county has reported 106 cases over the past four days.

"We've seen over 130 cases in the past seven days, and we are monitoring over 200 close contacts of those cases," Morgan Emerson, an information officer with Deschutes County Health Services, told NewsChannel 21 Saturday.

"The county's increase in cases is coming from a variety of sources across the community, not from one large outbreak," she added in an email.

Emerson said the county is seeing many cases from:

  • Close contacts, like friends having informal get-togethers or parties
  • Household contacts, transmission within household units
  • Workplace exposures, we have seen some cases where employees follow precautions while working but socialize with coworkers outside of work and spread the virus
  • Travel history, when you travel you generally have contact with more people
  • Community spread, where our case investigators are unable to determine the source of infection.

"Our case investigation and contact tracing team is also hearing that people have 'COVID fatigue' and are becoming less careful with their behaviors," Emerson said.

"With cases rising higher than we've seen, now is the time to keep your guard up and continue being vigilant with precautions. Wear your mask, even around people you trust. Keep your social 'bubble' small. If you're spending time with people you don't live with, do so outside and with a mask on."

Asked why in some cases there was a weeks-long delay in the health authority reporting deaths, spokeswoman Delia Hernandez told The Associated Press that the OHA is working to improve the data collection process.

“Information is processed by several individuals, and somewhere along the chain, delays or errors happen,” Hernandez said.

Oregon’s 676th COVID-19 death is a 91-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on Sept. 36 and died on Oct. 14 at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 677th COVID-19 death is an 89-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on Sep. 21 and died on Oct. 1 at his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 678th COVID-19 death is an 89-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on Sept. 25 and died on Oct. 4 at Samaritan Albany General Hospital. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 679th COVID-19 death is an 89-year-old woman in Multnomah County who tested positive on Sept. 8 and died on Oct. 10 at her residence. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 680th COVID-19 death is a 96-year-old man in Linn County who tested positive on Sept. 19 and died on Oct. 21 at his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 681st COVID-19 death is a 57-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on Oct. 20 and died on Oct. 24 at his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 682nd COVID-19 death is a 92-year-old woman in Curry County who tested positive on Oct. 5 and died on Oct. 25 at Curry General Hospital. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 683rd COVID-19 death is a 75-year-old man in Lane County who tested positive on Oct. 8 and died on Oct. 29 at Peace Health Sacred Heart Riverbend Medical Center. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 684th COVID-19 death is a 73-year-old woman in Columbia County who tested positive on Sept. 23 and died on Oct. 6 at her residence. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 685th COVID-19 death is an 81-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on Sept. 25 and died on Oct. 19 at his residence. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 686th COVID-19 death is a 62-year-old man in Marion County who tested positive on Oct. 1 and died on Oct. 6 at Salem Hospital. He had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 687th COVID-19 death is an 80-year-old woman in Multnomah County who tested positive on Sept. 4 and died on Sept. 26 at her residence. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 688th COVID-19 death is a 66-year-old woman in Crook County who tested positive on Oct. 22 and died on Oct. 30 at St. Charles Bend. She had underlying conditions.

Oregon’s 689th COVID-19 death is a 78-year-old man in Multnomah County who tested positive on Oct. 28 and died on Oct. 29. His location of death and presence of underlying conditions are still being determined.

See table below for total cases, deaths and negative tests by county.

CountyCases 1Total deaths 2Negative tests 3
Hood River28815962

1 This includes cases confirmed by diagnostic testing and presumptive cases. Presumptive cases are those without a positive diagnostic test who present COVID-19-like symptoms and had close contact with a confirmed case. County of residence for cases may change as new information becomes available. If changes occur, we will update our counts accordingly.

2 For additional details on individuals who have died from COVID-19 in Oregon, please refer to our press releases.

3 This includes cases who test negative and are not epi-linked to a confirmed case.

Stay informed about COVID-19:

Oregon response: The Oregon Health Authority leads the state response.

United States response: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention leads the U.S. response.

Global response: The World Health Organization guides the global response.

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  1. I think some people are premature in their excitement to get back to school. We might not even meet the substantially loosened school metrics just put out yesterday with these kinds of numbers. To my knowledge, the last few days aren’t even being associated with large gatherings/weddings, etc., or from workplace outbreaks, making this even more concerning. If you are not taking this seriously, you are being wantonly in denial.

    1. “the last few days aren’t even being associated with large gatherings/weddings, etc., or from workplace outbreaks”

      Idiot Brown sold you that line and you never bothered to go out and check the OHA data concerning contact tracing- so here’s the link-!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19PublicHealthIndicators/COVID-19Burden—————-The site mentions that the State wants to limit the number of unknown traceables to less than 30%- “THIS” has not consistently happened since late June- going on five months now !

      —More evidence that Brown’s irrational strategies in the face of this mild virus are a complete failure- but yet many of you still quote her stupidity ad nauseam ! Please stop !

        1. Nonsense ! Brown has ignored international strategies that work in favor of political posturing to extend and maximize the misery that this “mild” virus causes. President Trump was the first global leader to shut down the China attack- he provided the nation with an all-star cast of scientists like Dr. Fauci to lead the national response… Kate brown “ignored” his recommendations- and will thus be held solely responsible- much like Demokrat governor Cuomo in NY- who went out and ignored the science that clearly stated that “elderly” persons in long term care facilities are at risk- his actions to place infected individuals with healthy geriatrics will go down in history as a monumental and catastrophic error in judgement- so where’s yer outrage you stupid CNN pawn !

      1. It is amazing to me that a minority (but still substantial number) of people can stare at plain and simple, factual, mathematical evidence and still manufacture an alternative reality. The problem is that people are dying due to dis-information and denial at the highest level of government–and worse, their are people who “believe” in the crazy narrative that Covid-19 is no big deal. “Please stop” or at least, try to educate yourself from more legitimate sources.

        1. “try to educate yourself from more legitimate sources.”……….. So do you consider the OHA a legitimate source of accurate information ??? and if I told you that their data indicates that Governor Brown’s executive orders have been a complete failure- would you believe it- or just go off on an irrational conspiracy theory argument. So here’s all you really need to know… that according to the OHA the EPI data for emergency room visits to hospitals flat-lined way back in spring- well below the 2.0% target for acceptable range This proves that (contrary to the Governor’s hysterics) there will never be a “run on hospital ICU or care units”. The OHA data also shows that the number of fatalities (no matter how many new cases spring up) for children or youth aged 1-19 has been zero !!! Yet brown prioritized closing schools- forced parents to stay home- provide for their own education-many lost their jobs- their careers- and their homes ! So please- stop lecturing others about simple, factual, mathematical evidence- The biggest science denier in the State lives in Salem- and the likes of enablers like yerself only increase the problem- so shut yer hole and go away !

  2. Any return to a lockdown will only prolong the dynamics of the spread. The vulnerable need to use extreme caution, everyone else rely on masks and distancing.

          1. Barney, that article is very misleading. It gives the impression hospitals are almost full of covid patients.

            “As of Thursday afternoon there were 156 confirmed COVID-19 patients in hospitals. However there have been days in months past, such as July and August, where the number has surpassed 165.” “Out of Oregon’s 721 listed intensive care unit beds, 24% were available, based on data on from the health authority’s website Thursday. Out of the non-ICU adult hospital beds in the state, 14% were available.”

            Sure hospitals are full, but not with covid patients. Just like pre-covid, hospitals were full. St. Charles would often take patients from far away because hospitals were at capacity, pre-covid. We know hospitalized patients with covid are extremely low at this time and has never overwhelmed Oregon hospitals. Instead of having the title of this article “COVID-19: Oregon hospitals could reach capacity by December”, they could easily have title it “Oregon hospitals could reach capacity by December”.

            1. Well John…. “Barney, that article is very misleading.”………..Much of what has been going on here has been misleading, slanted, and highly suspect ! Brown’s most recent statements regarding the relaxation of school guidelines should be the talk of every newsroom region-wide- as she has finally been conceded that her strategy to shut down schools, force parents to stay home, jeopardize their professions…. has done absolutely nothing to curb the Wuhan China virus “new case numbers”. In fact- nothing she has implemented has shown any effect whatsoever… we know this because the new case loads increase- BUT- the fatality rates have flt lined for months-and EPI cases are well below posted target rate of 2% provided by the OHA……….. Kate brown must resign immediately and Z21 owes everyone an apology for not being more diligent about their coverage ! Simply saying that they are quoting the “experts” fails to admit that their “experts” are wrong and have been using the station to drive their political agenda- Shameful !

        1. You be the canary in the coal mine then. YOU go out to bars, YOU go to family gatherings, and YOU spend time with your grandparents after you’ve gone around maskless for a while. Report back on how that works out for ya.

          1. OK no problem, already have and will continue. Myself and family and friends have yet to have a runny nose. Your welcome, I understand your scared and have been tricked by the media. RYANCAMMER go back to your basement, put your damn muzzle on (that is totally ineffective against viral transmission), make sure to have a stock of tp and sanitizer, don’t go outside, don’t sing or play wind instruments, keep your kids from getting a education, please do not go to church, report anyone you may think is positive, get a tracer app for your phone, if you work in public consider quitting to reduce human interaction, if you own a small business it is probably closed or cut by 50% of your previous service, wait for your government stimulus check, make sure you are in your basement by yourself on Thanksgiving and Christmas……but if you feel like you want to “protest” something with thousands that’s ok, if you want to shop for a 65 inch tv at Costco with hundreds of other humans that could kill your grandmother – well that’s ok too. Stay isolated!!! We will be sure to knock on your bunker when this whole thing is over. I’ll put my life on the line for the love of science, I’ll be supporting local businesses, brew pubs having beer with friends even, I’ll have as many family members I can get to come over for the holidays, I’ll probably not wear masks as much as you’d like, I’ll risk my life….WHY? Because we are being manipulated. Look at the numbers in Deschutes County……and THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!

            1. first of all, work on your basic English skills – your writing is an absolute embarrassment to any reasonably competent 7th grader – you are not supporting anything other than your “i do what i want” proclivities – you are not a rebel, or a hero, or a patriot, and there is absolutely nothing brave about your rhetoric or your behavior

              1. “first of all, work on your basic English skills”
                You too ! As “first” needs to be capitalized !! Then go to work on posting comments addressing the story at hand- your never-ending attacks and personal insults got boring a long time ago ! Either shut yer yap or be civil. If the Mod won’t tell you- I will !

          2. Have been since the beginning, and conducting business as far as Wallowa, not to mention the “social gatherings” all throughout the summer. What is it that you’d like a report on? None of us were, or have been sick.

        2. only a really damaged and self-obsessed person would have a response of whoopty doo when someone you know dies from this – i do hope that you never have to deal with such a person

          1. People die all the time- from various illnesses, disease, accidents, and natural causes… what makes this China virus command so much of your attention ?

      1. I don’t see anything wrong with what Quatermass said. However, in looking at the numbers, based on the Deschutes County data, it appears that the culprits for the spread are the 20-29 year olds, who are probably the ones going to bars and parties, and then families have events, where it spreads. It’s a highly infection disease.

        Also, you can buy KN95s online, which don’t seem to be in short supply. They’re ostensibly not as good as N95s because they don’t have the second strap, but I’ll take them over regular masks any day.

        1. When you say spread in Deschutes County….you are referring to positives right? Because St. Charles is doing great and our death rate is 13 out of 200,000. When you look at the positives don’t be fooled by the total number since March, because those are scary numbers, look at active cases…..187 active cases in Deschutes County out of 200,000!!! Basically you are more likely to die of heart disease, stroke, car accident, slipping in the shower, or choking on steak than even getting covid here. Deschutes County needs to open all the way up based on these numbers. You are right N95’s are effective, the cloth and paper crap are not effective in viral transmission.


    According to the CDC, individuals that are at high-risk of becoming ill from COVID-19 include older adults and individuals with serious chronic or long-term medical conditions.

    No Risk
    Walking by or briefly being in the same room as a person who tested positive for COVID-19 and was experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath.

    Low Risk
    Being in the same room as a person who tested positive for COVID-19 and had symptoms, but you were not within six feet.

    Medium Risk
    Sustained close contact (10 minutes or longer) within six feet of a person with COVID-19 while they had symptoms.

    High Risk
    Close household contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.
    (memorial hermann is the largest hospital system in the Houston, Tx area)

    1. The State of Oregon is unable to accurately repeat or verify what you have posted because of poor tracing data. Here is the OHA website concerning traceable sources- it is a complete joke !!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19PublicHealthIndicators/COVID-19Burden……… I personally believe that the vast majority of Oregon infections- especially those associated with deaths- are due to poor hygiene and sanitary practices in the state’s hospitals and clinic. In short- too many Oregonians who have died with covid in their systems- were somehow directly connected to a hospital setting. I do not believe that fatal exposures are because of family gatherings as the Governor has tried to suggest… By looking at the OHA data- there is no way she could have concluded that. Oregon transmissions are two-fold…. Somewhere in the hospital settings- or within migrant labor institutions… the OHA data is very strong on this- but for some reason the Governor and the media continue to ignore these sources- to the detriment of the citizens.

  4. Highest deaths since July, yet when you look at the 14 deaths reported, they go back to oct 1st, 5th, 6th ect. So it isn’t truly a daily total…can’t believe anything these days…

  5. Simple statistics folks. Seems the average age of death is near or often exceeds the life expectancy in the U.S. I’m not intending to be callous or wish anyone to suffer, but people die. Death and taxes are guaranteed to all of us.

    1. The simple statistics show that there have been hundreds of thousands of deaths beyond expectations for 2020 in the US. People die, but if you don’t care that hundreds of thousands of people are dying *early*, forgive me for finding you callous despite your protestations to the contrary.

      1. “beyond expectations” ??? You do realize that the various shutdowns impacted “preventive” and ongoing medical care for millions in the US. Once again we see hard evidence that the State’s cures have become more fatal than the virus itself.

        1. Back up your claim, you delusional apologist. Face it, under the leadership of the illegitimate president, America has had its ass kicked,

          1. “Back up your claim” ??? OK half wit !!! From the CDC- updated September of 2020- “Delay or Avoidance of Medical Care Because of COVID-19–Related Concerns”….. key findings-“By June 30, 2020, because of concerns about COVID-19, an estimated 41% of U.S. adults had delayed or avoided medical care including urgent or emergency care (12%) and routine care (32%).”…. Here’s your link- read it- comprehend it- then go suck a lemon !

            1. More lies. Says nothing at all about your original claims, you ignorant clown. Is this all an act for you, or are you genuinely so stupid that you can’t see the difference yawning chasm between the facts you dig up and the conclusions your try to peddle?

  6. Well said there turn right and some of the reported deaths are a month old. Barney will defend thr daily numbers saying some counties reporting and testing methods aren’t as updated as other counties so hence the delayed reports.

  7. Medical doctors are getting paid $$$ to write down Covid! We all knew it and Trump finally said it. However, CNN will never admit that but I was happy CNN finally said Trump deserves to win because of everything good he has done. Shocked but happy they finally realized that. We know a young girl that died from a horse fall and they wrote down Covid. They could not take it off. That’s just one, I know 2 more and that’s just me alone.

  8. Are you serious? For the past week we’ve had a HUGE spike in cases. How are schools able to get a waiver? Instead of creating the jobs needed to keep our children safe with online schooling and making parents responsible, you’ve alienated our children. Putting them in harms way, messing with their mental health and causing irreversible damage by directly causing the deaths of anyone that now dies because of it. You constantly take the wrong actions and you don’t care about the consequences. Like our future means nothing to you.

    The sickness and death you are now actively putting our children and subsequently the rest of our community through is criminal.

    You either don’t know or just don’t care about how easily a virus can spread. A reduction in the amount of people that can get the virus through partial student attendance DOES NOT WORK. LOOK AT EVERYONE ELSE. Yet, you want a full reopening! You knowingly put our children in the way of death. Something they should not have to go through at a learning age! Shame on you. Not only is god watching, but hopefully the rightful authorities when this is all over.

    Parents if you have any inkling at all to keep your children safe, then you need to understand the only way to get rid of this virus is to do the right thing. Teach your children. Help them learn. Enforce good choices. If you can’t then at the very least, make your voice heard that you want a safe method of teaching for your child. Anything that gives the slightest risk of your child dying is not worth it and the excuse that you can’t find a better way to teach is not going to fly.


    Find the answer without risking any lives. If that means creating more jobs, THEN GOOD. DO IT. Don’t have the money for it? Find it.

    For those of you who still think this isnt real. Tell that to the families of those who have died. Ask them if going back to school was worth the risk. It may not have happened in our schools YET, but do we really have to keep going until it does? Your inability to believe that this is happening does not stop it from killing anyone. You are not only putting yourself at risk, but ALL OF US, which if we had a governor that cared even a little bit, would be considered criminal.

    1. No children in Oregon have died from the China virus- so let’s stop the melodramatics. But if it’s jobs you want to create- there are millions of opportunities for cleaning and disinfecting shops- schools- business complexes. All Theaters should be open- with deep cleaning programs going on between shows. Any shipment coming out of an Amazon distribution center should be disinfected immediately upon arrival- that goes for “every single” truck shipment from a factory, warehouse, or processing plant that delivers within two days. We know that Amazon has had two outbreaks here in Oregon- we also know that the virus can live a day on cardboard and up to three days on the plastic labeling… so what is Amazon doing to protect the public ? Lamb Weston- same story. Multiple outbreaks- yet what are their sanitation programs doing to mitigate the risk of large scale contaminants- especially to family and home gatherings. This is a major “gap” in Oregon’s defense plan- other states are already implementing programs and are hiring large numbers of cleaning crews to do more than just wipe handles ! Kate Brown is a science denier- so don’t expect any help there.

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