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  1. I feel very bad for Mr Hunzinker. Bend of years past would not be doing this. It just shows what “Turning from red to liberal blue” does to a decent place. My best wishes to Mr Hunzinker and employees

    1. Not defending the behaviour aimed at the truck driver, it was clearly wrong but since you want to make it political; do you mean “Turning from red to liberal blue” as in when trump makes fun of a handicapped person? Or do you mean when it like when the president badmouths a gold star mother or a war hero even after he has died? Or is that behaviour ok and a few people behaving poorly towards a company that had five cases of COVID not ok?

    2. He has been putting his workers and the community at risk since the first shutdown. His crews don’t distance and don’t wear masks. Check the OLCC complaint logs about it.

      We have photo proof too.

  2. Kate Brown and the OHA made a big deal about not pointing blame- avoiding racism and the stigma associated with an outbreak … but that message was aimed at “minority” persons ! Go ahead- look at the Governors website- it’s all there- for Hispanics and minorities- not Old White Guys running roofing companies !…. No wonder Mr. Hunziker is confused- Kate Brown’s liberal agenda and Democrat views don’t need him or his company.

    1. I hope people realize that many businesses will either close forever or move out of state. Don’t be shocked when prices for goods and services go out of sight. Business is the enemy in Kate’s world.

      1. Capitalism in plain sight seems to irritate you ! The fact that making money and profits leads to crew and personnel hirings has you foaming at the mouth- no wonder you hate on President Trump so much- This standard form of trickle down has both you and Kate looking for ways to halt the progress- what a couple of jerks you must be !

  3. We need to make it so these people don’t need to worry about their businesses during this time. That means stopping payments from being collected. We have the ability to put a pause on these things so our businesses and people living at home don’t have to worry about how they’re going to make their next payment. Next, we need to implement a job program to create the jobs we need which are work from home and delivery services.

    It’s our local governments job to provide these things during times like this. If they can’t create the specific jobs needed with the specific safety enforced then we need one that can.

    There are mask that work and there are plenty available. Maybe specific jobs need full face mask with actual filters that work.

    The main job needed right now is teachers to work from home so that we can have online teaching that works and is reinforced by the parents to ensure proper education is achieved.

    Once we stop trying to fight this like it’s a normal thing and start fighting it like it’s a virus, we will get through it much quicker. That doesn’t mean staying at home all the time or staying in your house. It means having better protection, better guidance on social distancing measures and enforcement of anyone not doing their part to adhere to the guidelines to not get anyone else sick.

    No one cares if you go out, but have common courtesy and do the right thing to protect others around you if not yourself.

      1. You’ve clearly never run or attempted to open a business ! There is so much more satisfaction in developing staff- personnel- dreams… stuff that you hate on because yer a hater- like Guv Brown- you hate success and will look to destroy it at any cost. Dude- you both suck !

    1. You have many good points. The Governor shut down our businesses while promising to adequately take care of the short term inconveniences… when that didn’t pan out- she said “tough- too bad- blame Trump” ! She continues to tell everyone within ear shot that “we’re all in this together”- total BS ! She hasn’t lost a paycheck- nor have the people here that peddle her lies ! Brown destroyed the economy through her failed executive orders- then had the audacity to blame the victims ! She is scum- should have been recalled- but the same people in Oregon that voted in favor of Meth-Crack-Heroin and Joe Biden couldn’t find the time to sign a sheet of paper. That is Oregon 2020 !

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