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Gov. Brown ‘shocked and appalled’ by ‘no federal reserve’ of vaccine doses


Calls it 'deception on a national scale'

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Friday the state’s efforts to increase COVID-19 vaccinations have been thrown in disarray because of “deception on a national scale” by the Trump administration.

Via Twitter on Friday morning the Democrat said she was told by General Gustave F. Perna, who leads the “Operation Warp Speed” federal vaccine effort, that states will not be receiving increased shipments of vaccines from the national stockpile next week “because there is no federal reserve of doses.”

Brown said she was demanding answers from federal officials and that she was “shocked and appalled" that they set an expectation on which they could not deliver. Brown scheduled a news conference for Friday afternoon.

News release:

Governor Kate Brown Statement on Federal Reserve of COVID-19 Vaccines

 (Salem, OR) — Governor Kate Brown today issued the following statement on new information about the federal reserve of COVID-19 vaccines:

"Last night, I received disturbing news, confirmed to me directly by General Perna of Operation Warp Speed: States will not be receiving increased shipments of vaccines from the national stockpile next week, because there is no federal reserve of doses.

"I am demanding answers from the Trump Administration. I am shocked and appalled that they have set an expectation on which they could not deliver, with such grave consequences.

"This is a deception on a national scale. Oregon’s seniors, teachers, and all of us were depending on the promise of Oregon’s share of the federal reserve of vaccines being released to us."

A copy of a letter that Oregon Health Authority Director Pat Allen sent to U.S. DHS Secretary Azar about this discrepancy is available here.

Governor Brown will hold a press availability today at 2 p.m. to discuss the state's ongoing response to COVID-19.

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  1. Excellent job of deflection Kate. Have you not forgotten complaining before that you were not getting all the doses promised and then not being able to swiftly get the doses you have into the arms of those waiting. And was there not an article recently that Oregon has 200K of unused doses. Everybody wants to play the blame game. How about everybody just suck it up and do your jobs…

    1. Exactly. Unfortunately nothing will change. 2 party system has both sides butting heads, and totally disregarding facts. I can’t understand how people can support how poorly both state and federal goverment performs.

      The solution to getting vaccines in arms is the military. They do mass vaccines,medical and dental far more efficiently than anyone. I suspect it would be far more cost effective.

      But by all means, pat Brown on the back. She should be given credit for the state vaccine rollout, state economy, school performance, unemployment system, foster care, crime rate, or even drivers licenses updated to meet the federal standards to fly domestically.

      Starting to see a trend? Oregon received funds from the federal government to fix all the above, in some cases more than a decade ago.

      In the big picture we don’t even know for sure that the vaccine will stop spread(according to the scientists). Imagine what happens if that ends up being proven.

      1. Kovid Kate Brown is “shocked and appalled” by everything but her approval ratings- the number of dead Oregonians on her watch- and the never ending violence and riots that are destroying the state on a daily basis ! Why is this cretin still in office ?

    1. There is no trouble ramping up production- both Pfizer and Moderna are businesses- and they simply don’t see the demand ! Why exactly do you think otherwise ??? Cause Kate told you to be afraid- get yer vaccine- don’t ask questions ??? FOOL !!!

  2. She should be “shocked and appalled” at the manufacturer of the vaccine, they are the ones who tell the feds how many doses are out there, how many they are making and how fast it will be on the market. Easier to throw mud I guess. Poor Kate, do not have a stroke over it. Your Messiah China Joe Obiden will save you.

              1. Fife,
                You should try an act of journalism and investigate the matter. You should investigate just how many doses are out there just sitting while Kate strategizes distribution. The info is out there and the actual amount received vs.the amount of citizens vaccinated is what’s “appalling “. Another thing I find “astonishing” is the fact that you rely on the AP for things happening in your own backyard. I can remember a day when journalists used to do a little leg work, knock on doors, ask tough question and investigate. Seems like now you guys sit around and wait for the info to come in over the wire and simply reprint the info and even more “appalling” you do so without a hint of curiosity. Ah, ain’t what it used to be; he Fife?

                1. Salem is “our own backyard?” I suppose. We report LOCAL news with our reporters, as we always have. Lots of facts out there to twist, Phil. And the name’s Lerten. Though I did consider Don Knotts a funny guy.

                2. Okay Barney- let’s take Phil’s argument and bring it closer to home like I always do… the debate rages on- that according to the OHA- there are (on average) less than 1000 emergency room visits to our Oregon hospitals since way back in March. These institutions are clearly not over-run with work- since pointing that out- Kovid Kate has gone quiet- as has Z21. So now we see Doosh County about to bring in vaccination tables and nurses to the fairgrounds- but you have yet to identify exactly “who” in Doosh County is giving these shots ! Is it the national guard- certified nurses and their assistance- isn’t that taking large groups of medical professionals away from the hospitals- creating a completely new set of shortages and potential crisis ? So which is it- either the hospitals are not over-run- or there are plenty of third party medical professionals available to provide the jab ! “Journalism” is on trial here- what says you ?

                3. St. Charles has not claimed to be “overrun,” expressed concern about that potential months ago. But the world is not black or white and evolves, contrary to your brain. I’m sure they have logistics being worked out and more details in coming days, and as we reported, yes National Guard are likely to be involved in more of these mass vaccination sites, as they have in Salem and The Dalles and will be next week at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.
                  You’re on trial, not journalism. We do our job well in most fair-minded people’s view. The fact that we’ll know what we know when we know it and it could change is not an indictment of anyone, but a fact of life – things evolve, knowledge evolves and they’ve been very public about that.

              2. Great ! So we can put that never ending myth to bed that Oregon hospitals and St Charles are not over-run with China Virus patients- that for months on end that was just Kate Brown’s justification for locking down the small Mom and Pop shops- shuttering schools- demanding that people stay home and go broke… It’s all fine now because- “the information has evolved” ! So when will Brown put an end to Martial Law- because we all now know that hospitals will not be over-run ! I see you leaning towards this “no harm- no foul” nonsense concerning what Brown has done ! When in reality she has destroyed lives- careers- educational structures- businesses- hopes and dreams- that will never come back- but hey- “information has evolved” so too bad ??? I believe I scolded you once for not comprehending the magnitude of what has happened under Brown’s Martial Law- you stated that you had no idea that there was so much anger out in America to result in nationwide protests on Capitol buildings in 50 states- with more to come… tell me yer really not that ignorant to the damage done- to the enormous losses as the left has all but crippled the country- it all started with colluding Governors out here on the west coast- and rolled across the country like locusts destroying everything in its path- and the best ya got is- “well- information changes” ! What else is left to say- Sigh !

                1. Stop putting fake words in my mouth and false allegations and we can have a civil conversation, otherwise, it’s back to the wise advice of not feeding the Chief Troll.

                2. These are your words- “but a fact of life – things evolve, knowledge evolves”… I have asked- So when is Kate Brown going to end “Undeclared Martial Law” (UML) for the state of Oregon- as it has been based on her assumption that people must stay home-stop the spread (that statement is still in her Ex Orders) so that hospitals and ICU’s are not over-run ! She’s repeated this statement hundreds of times- but now- the information has evolved- so when do the lock-downs stop- the schools open- the job of rebuilding our lives and culture- when do Oregonians get their lives back- their civil liberties- Because what you are telling me now- is that there is no reason to continue the hoax. I’m not putting words into your mouth as much as I’m saying that this is what I’m hearing.

                3. The guidelines have shifted a lot. Why else would she be saying schools should open by mid-February? Why do you ask questions that are already answered? Because you love giving speeches and being a Chief Blamer. If things go bad, blame Kate/the states. If things go well, it’s all thanks to Trump. Most civil open-minded folks in the middle see right through that.

                1. I know, I read it, the governor and OHA director responded to that yesterday and laid out some added facts about where we’re at and what they’re doing.

                2. Kovid Kate Brown couldn’t “track” dog prints in the snow- and in all her attempts to do so- would have her scooping up yellow snow along the way and declaring it a lemon slushie ! Gawd help us all !

      1. By what standards? The USA before the rest of the world? You are not willing to share a life-saving treatment until you have had yours? I do not know all the mechanics of who ordered what and when – neither do you – so I base my opinion on President Trump’s people are the ones who failed to get the required amount if that was even possible and/or the failure to inform President Trump, whether on purpose or not. But, do not worry, your messiah China Joe Obiden will solve this crisis in his first 100 days!!!!

      2. I know, he reduced the order, after all the libs said they would not take the jab, because it was developed under Trump, what are they having second thoughts now. They need to make up their minds, do they want the jab, or not. Sheesh, how is one to how much to order. wishy washy Libs.

  3. How is Brown shocked when she’s known for a long time that Trump is the biggest liar and con man ever? She thinks she knows con men because she thinks she’s a con woman. Obviously she has no clue how out con manned she is.

  4. The Trump administration can’t tell the truth any better than the orange man himself. Hopefully Biden can step in next week and get us back on track.

    1. Don’t get your hopes up because you will be very disappointed when Biden takes over and doesn’t magically fix all of the worlds problems. Oh, don’t forget to include your beloved liberal leaders when you talk about people lying…

        1. Like when he said that the black community lacks diversity (when compared to latinos?
          Or was it when he said poor kids were just as smart as white kids?

      1. Example: “you can keep your doctor” is equal to “the Mexicans will pay for the wall”. Not really lies as much as wishful thinking.
        Example: “the election was stolen” is equal to “I won the election, it was incredible, a landslide”. Both extreme dangerous lies, both from the same mouth.

        1. Is that all you got after you swore up and down that no wall would ever be built ? You just keep changing them goalposts NP- it’s why yer unemployed and spouting hate all day long here !

          1. I don’t know what non-deplorable had forecast, but Trump’s built 50 miles of new wall on our 1950-mile border with Mexico. That anyone considers that a promise fulfilled is comical.

      2. So, Mike338…Who do you propose to step up and “magically fix all the words problems” ? At the very least, Biden will be getting us back to facts and at least “some” honesty. Fixing the world is not the goal. Fixing the USA will be enough of a challenge after what this great country has been dragged through over the last 4 years.

        1. Illegitimate Joe wouldn’t know a fact if it him in the face. Plagiarizing Joe is only a puppet that will be controlled by “Stretch” Pelosi and “Greasy” Chuck. “Illegitimate” Joe can’t remember what he had for breakfast this morning and you think he’s going to accomplish what you’ve stated. rf, do you ever get embarrassed?

          1. You really need to lay off of the Fox News. I will take Joe Biden over Trump any day of the week. Trump did manage to go over the 30,000 lies told in four year mark though. That could go in the Guinness Book of World Records.

  5. I am shocked and appalled by our GOV’s continuing display of abject ignorance on nearly all subjects having to do with true leadership.

    She didn’t even set up a COVID 19 committee to “advise and assist” until nearly three weeks ago.

    Anyone who believed the number of vaccine doses needed for the entire country would magically be available ASAP was sadly mistaken. And initially only 30,000 doses were allotted for Oregon, something GOV Brown failed to share with us.

    But she can let Portland become a battlefield while at the same time standing up the National Guard to protect Salem during our upcoming transition of power…and she got her vaccination long ago.

    The duplicity of this political rodent is astonishing.

  6. What a load of nonsense! The State has managed to already lose track of over 200K doses and with months to plan never set up a tracking system? Now it’s Trump’s fault? Good Grief!

  7. Oh yay, I get to chime in before the usual sub 70 IQ folks vomit on here (looking at you BGHW).

    What is important to remember, not only for immunization rates, is also that the Pfizer vaccine (which is the majority of what went to Oregon) is a 2 dose vaccine. You get your first dose, and then your 2nd three weeks later.

    I’m not sure what information was communicated to the Oregon officials, but the reason it is so important to be transparent with how much vaccine is coming, quantities, and resupply times, is that you will otherwise be wasting vaccines if the folks in the 3 week window do no receive their follow up dose. If they do not, the series has to start over and you wind up using 3+ shots per immunization when you should only use two. It also presents greater risk to the patient, especially on dose 2 which seems to be having the most reactions.

    I now return you to two sides fighting over who is at fault here.

    1. None of what you posted matters- because there is no demand for a vaccine to combat a common virus that is mild in nature- has a 99% survival and recovery rate. The only people interested are in nursing homes- the hispanic community- and those of you who live in fear of bugs- “Germaphobes”- a psychological condition that Kovid Kate has convinced you exists ! Stop being s gullible- yer an embarrassment- or a Canadian- I can’t figure out which !!!

          1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – I’m not a robot. I’m a human being who tries to control his emotions and responses and treat everyone here equally. Many praise me for doing so. But this person spends way too much of his life spewing twisted untruths and trying to get my goat. I’ve told reporters for decades not to have too thick OR too thin a skin – you have to care what folks say – but not too much. I know, I know – don’t feed the troll, or don’t wrestle with a pig – you get all muddy and the pig likes it. But while “offensive” in Terms of Service is a daily, hourly, often-tricky judgment call, this person goes way too far way too often, and knows it. Enjoys it. If these comments go away, he can take all the credit, scold us to the world for “censoring” his always-wise, always-right wisdom. Most folks will know better and forget him and his lousy way of treating folks and the facts very quickly.
            If we ever go to an up-down vote system similar to Reddit, I hope I’ll be the only person who has to read the posts, as he’ll be downvoted into invisibility by thinking people who thrive on civil dialogue and debate that offers some mutual respect and not simply personal attacks and twisted truths or outright lies. Ya gotta hope.

            1. I know you are not a robot and you are human. Words disappear from minds without a doubt. However emotion and feelings stay with you. Unfortunately your emotional response give me the same feelings about you that I have about him. That is an unintended consequence I am sure. No need to approve this to be published, just want to give you something else to think about.

              1. Thank you for giving me the option, but I am surely open to constructive criticism. I bite my tongue, my lip and type unsent messages a lot, or grumble at the screen. But it’s hard to let such awful things stand unchallenged, at times. I’ll keep trying harder to not “feed the troll.” Some folks are just not worth it.

            1. Care to go out and interview a few ? Maybe down at the fairgrounds- where you can ask them directly about Brown’s handling of the virus- all the lives lost- the state economy in tatters- the children… Oh what about the children ??? Go ahead- dazzle me with some real journalism today !

          1. Obviously false. Just among teachers and other school employees, we’ve seen their pleas to be vaccinated before that return to the classroom.

  8. Oh boy, she’s barking out more demands… The way I understand it, there aren’t currently enough doses of the vaccine for everyone, so common sense would tell a person that probably means that there is no reserve…
    The story about her being shocked and appalled is already in the news, but that’s not good enough, so of course she is going to add another to the long list of her meaningless press conferences. Hopefully she has the decency to wear a mask… Speaking of masks, does anyone
    know how many tax payer dollars she wasted on having her special Oregon masks made, and how
    many she had made total ?

    1. Mike, because of the importance of the timing of the two doses, it’s always been important that the supply be predictable enough to deliver the second dose at the right time. What you call “common sense” is just ignorance that has no business displacing the vaccination schedule and logistical planning.

  9. Deception by The Chosen One? Who wouldda guessed. After all, this is the most transparent administration is America’s history…once you look behind the curtain.

  10. I’m shocked and appalled at kate’s constant deflection on her part. Since she can’t manage to pull anything off. All those who voted for this idiot, good job!

  11. came here to read the MAGA comments and they did not disappoint! Amazing how people continue to blame our governor for the absolute failure on the end of our federal government. The entire pandemic response is something that should never have been left to individual states to sort out and nationally vaccine distribution has been overall a logistical nightmare, not just in our state. The fact that our state was promised more vaccine doses than are actually available is beyond discouraging. I don’t agree with everything our governor has done but this is not her fault. Lay blame where it is deserved.

      1. Sorry Bob. Barney wont allow “Trump-*******” and they are not all domestic terrorist like the trump mob. What term is appropriate for trump disciples who inaccurately blame Governor Brown ?

    1. I hear this same contradictory argument over and over. On one hand no restraint from attacking the actions of our current federal government administration. But, then argue that the feds should administer of the vaccine. This is a flawed debate, pick one or the other. IMO, the feds have no place telling a state what to do. But, I do wish our state was doing a better job. No blame on the Feds for Oregon’s lack of leadership in getting the vaccine into Oregonians.

      1. No. My complaint is with the LACK of action of our current federal government administration. Literally from the get-go initial dismissal of the severity of this situation and then subsequent lack of cohesive guidance and regulation. If we had approached this with a uniform, nationwide plan I strongly believe cases and deaths would not be as high as they have been and we would not be in continued shutdowns. Just for example what good does it do to shutdown Oregon when Idaho is wide open and people are travelling between states and bringing covid with them? I look to New Zealand as an example as to how we could have mitigated this virus successfully, a nationwide response is the only way to effectively address this aside from getting vaccines out. I would love the feds to step in with a plan. You wouldn’t have elderly people sleeping in their cars in Florida to line up for “first come first serve” vaccines, and you wouldn’t see the mess we have had here. But the worst part and original point is that they promised many states vaccines from a reserve that DOES NOT EXIST. I am tired of being lied to and jerked around, aren’t you?

        1. Not the feds job to administer the vaccine, it’s the states job to do this. That has been clear communicated since this crisis has begun. Oregon, not the feds have done a terrible job. We have the doses on hand ready to go. Oregon should have already had a plan in place, obviously we don’t. We are amongst the worse in the county. Again, Oregon, not the feds.

        2. BTW, your comparison to New Zealand is valid. Population of New Zealand is 4.9 mil, Oregon is 4.2 mil. To your point the State of Oregon is doing a terrible job comparably, shutting everything down, directly affected the low income people of our state. It’s like our leadership is racing to the bottom.

        3. Whiny Winnie seems extremely ignorant as to how America operates under emergency conditions- Winnie demands that the US President step in and create a dictatorship- where the President gets to call all the shots ! Since when did America ever rely on such an outlandish suggestion ? America is one bigly country- diverse in climate and culture… but whiny Winnie wants a homogenized- one size fits all- response from the White House… My Gawd what a catastrophe that would be- just look at how messed up Oregon is under Kate Brown’s dictatorship ! She has some counties in the green- others in the red- but allows the reddies to visit the greenies !!! Somewhere in the middle- she calls out the Hispanic community for having higher then average kovid new kase numbers- but then refuses them the Trump vaccine ! And you remain silent over this racist act ??? Cmon now whiny- are you really tired of being lied to ? About a fake mild virus where 99% of folks recover- globally ???

    1. Isn’t the article all about there not being more? And what about the people that have already received the first dose and need to receive the second after 21 or 28 days? Quite a cluster we’ve got going here. But that’s ok, if we point enough fingers, someone is bound to own up to it or not….

  12. Wow. To all of you who blame Kate Brown. No matter what she does she’s damned in your eyes. I’m guessing you could have all managed this much better. Sounds that way anyway.

    Meanwhile the outgoing president could have handled this better, but chose to not and here we are.

    Your armchair bickering and posturing IS almost humorous, but it’s not.

    Happy trails to all of you.

    1. Great News- it sounds like yer signing off ! But before you leave us- lemme answer your question and put it into context- “I’m guessing you could have all managed this much better”… Well- actually yes ! And I’ve been very clear since last spring- when I made the bold statements that everyone must “mask up- glove up and wash-up” (MuGuWu) ! I also stated clearly- that if you have a loved one in a long term nursing care facility- to get them out ASAP ! Since that time I’ve followed the science- not the hysterics- and came to the conclusion in summer- that the virus was being transmitted primarily by touched items/contact points- not face to face proximity like Brown has been insisting ! Explaining how completely shut down facilities were still being infected. It also explains the massive surges in new cases in the days right after major holidays like Halloween- Thanksgiving- and Christmas. The exposures occurred the days ‘leading up to” these events- not on the days mentioned- the virus needs 72 hours to incubate- then a few more days to show symptoms. It is obvious- that the virus is being spread on the store shelves at major grocery outlets- where employees wipe down carts but ignore all the produce on the shelves ! Where is OSHA on this ??? Why is Kovid Brown running her loud mouth about vaccines- when she should be securing Phylagen covid test kits for every shop owner in the state. Find the source of the virus and kill it before it infects millions- spending your time only on vaccines “after the fact” is a never ending cycle of catch-up ! The BBC- Reuters- and FOX news have all reported on new cases of covid being found in ice cream- being distributed out of China just today ! You now want a Federal response- get slo Joe on it Trump’s gonna go play golf !

  13. THIS IS WHAT IS APPALLING!! Oregon has almost 200,000 unused COVID-19 vaccines.

    The state’s attempts to track them are a mess. Even the Oregonian has decided yo start publishing the facts.

    What will Salem do when they can’t blame Pres. Trump for our State leaders failures!

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