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Oregon reports second case of COVID-19 UK variant

PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) --  The Oregon Health Authority says it was notified Friday that a person in Yamhill County tested positive with the variant COVID-19 virus strain originally detected in the United Kingdom.

The person has no known travel history.

This is the second known case in Oregon of the United Kingdom variant strain, also known as strain B.1.1.7 or SARS-CoV-2 VOC 202012/01; the first was in Multnomah County.

State and county public health officials are investigating the possible sources of infection. The strain has been detected in several states.

Multiple variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 have been documented in the United States and globally during this pandemic. The CDC provides case data information in the United States.

This strain is considered to be more contagious. OHA recommends that all Oregonians take the following steps to slow the spread of COVID-19.

  • Maintain six feet of physical distance;
  • Wear a face covering when outside the house;
  • Practice good hand hygiene;
  • Avoid any gatherings with people you don’t live with;
  • People who experience symptoms — even mild ones — are urged to consult with a medical provider quickly to get instructions on how to care for yourself and your household members and whether to get tested.
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  1. I heard I heard this morning that in Klamath falls they have an oversupply of the vaccine because many of the locals don’t want it. I also heard that many of the staff at the local hospital don’t wear masks. This is from someone doing locum tenens work down there. If you refuse the vaccine and get sick and need hospital treatment for covid 19 you should be denied. IMHO

  2. Another ploy that can be used by our governor when she releases the risk assessment week that the variant strain has 2 reported cases here in our state and to allow counties to govern how they stay safe themselves every precaution must be taken and no changes will be made till further notice or until these 2 cases are taken care of. Rather she has it done through quarantine or usual suspects style who knows.

  3. So once again we witness first hand the radical hypocritical corrupt media at their very worst. Please correct me if I’m wrong- but I’m not… When the China Virus was first released on the world and President Trump called it the China Virus- lefty loons and their media goons went ape poo crazy with allegations of institutionalized racism-an offensive assault on the nation that released the virus on the world- Bad man Orange- No Good ! Now flash forward a year later- and that same media- them same half-wits and Biden buddies sit on their thumbs while this new strain is defined as the UK Variant ! UK Variant my Bum ! this is still the China Virus and should be aptly updated to “China Virus II” or “China Virus 21” ! I demand that KTVZ stop referring to this as anything related to the UK and their citizens. Now- go put that in your peace pipe of hash and smoke it… Hypocrites !!!

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