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Portland hospitals send 1,700 vaccine doses so Deschutes County can keep appointments

Amid nationwide weather-caused delays in COVID-19 vaccine shipments, Portland's Legacy Health System sent 1,700 doses to Deschutes County via the Life Flight Network so its appointments can be kept in coming days.

The county will send the same number back next week, after its delayed shipment arrives. Life Flight donated Thursday's flight.

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  1. So where is all this pent-up demand again ? Teachers don’t want it- any healthy Oregonians under 60 doesn’t need it- the most vulnerable are in nursing homes or hospitals with the evidence suggesting that they are being infected by staff then sent home… Gee- maybe focus yer Brownshirt attention there ?

    1. Barney, seems like we can always count on you for a negative, hateful and ignorant message first thing in the morning. Hanging out with you must be a lot of fun. What happened to you as a child that turned you into this kind of person?
      I for one think that this vaccine article was proof that the system is finally working and that people are adapting to this ever changing situation. There, was it so hard to say something positive?

      1. More nonsense from PDQ- “this vaccine article was proof that the system is finally working” ??? So there is an over-supply of 1700 vaccine doses in the Portland area ? If that is true- why aren’t schools- businesses- and life in general moving towards the “moderate risk” level under Dictator Brownshirt’s confusing “risk” declaration system ? Cmon Man- stop the stupidity- your propaganda may float with the weak minded around here- but there is ample proof that the hoax nationwide is starting to unravel. We have clear evidence that hospitals are rewarded for having China Virus patients in and out of their doors- mostly out- which explains the bloated death rates of Sr citizens and the sudden complete elimination of the seasonal flu virus as of the second week of October 2020- now there’s a damn miracle- a pure sign from God ! Yeh right !

    2. So reported just yesterday on national Fox Network a person dies right after getting the JAB/Fake Vaccine! Do you people really know what is in this Experimental Gene Therapy? People around the world are dying and having severe side effects. But hey its your body if you want to gamble!

      1. Israel’s largest healthcare provider on Sunday reported a 94% drop in symptomatic COVID-19 infections among 600,000 people who received two doses of the Pfizer’s vaccine in the country’s biggest study to date.
        Health maintenance organization (HMO) Clalit, which covers more than half of all Israelis, said the same group was also 92% less likely to develop severe illness from the virus.
        The comparison was against a group of the same size, with matching medical histories, who had not received the vaccine.

  2. Fox news is in the business of spreading fear. So if you listen to them enough you will believe that the virus is a hoax, the vaccine is manufactured to control you and every democrat is out to take your guns and money and then enslave you. That has been their money making message for years. How on earth did the most influential voice in America become a ultra conservative Australian. If you want to live in constant fear just keep listening.

    1. Yes-Yes PDQ- because CNN and Z21 have been such a factual and calming influence across the region. Whether it be “Hillary in a landslide- Russia-Russia-Russia- FISA Warrants and the Steele Dossier- Impeachment over a congratulatory phone call- Brett Kavanaugh raped women- Covington High school boys started riots- don’t wear a mask… NO- do wear a mask- 80 million voted for Biden- Riots throughout America were nothing but summer block parties… It’s all been so re-assuring and comforting to know that CNN and KTVZ have been looking out for our mental well being ! Are you a complete idiot- or just trying to play one on the internet !

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