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Some Bend residents frustrated, upset over online vaccine scheduling

'I am a cancer survivor ... yet no one seems to care'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) --Scheduling vaccines has not been an easy process for some in Deschutes County.

At 9 a.m. on Tuesday, vaccination appointments opened up in Deschutes County for those over the age of 70. By 11 a.m., the 3,140 vaccine appointments available, were filled.

Landis Schmitt is one of many Bend residents over 70 who could not get an appointment. 

"I am a cancer survivor, so I have another criteria for getting the vaccine -- yet no one seems to care,” Schmitt said. 

Schmitt said he tried all Tuesday morning to get registered for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment.

He said the website either crashed or stalled -- and before he knew it, all the appointments were filled.

Starting next week, Oregonians over 65 will be eligible as well, but Schmitt feels the registration system is already too crowded.

"Just seems like all they're doing is throwing people in a big pool and making people compete to try and get a vaccine," he said.

Fred Cholick, another Bend 70-year-old, had a similar issue.

"The local system is adding to the frustration, rather than try to eliminate frustrations for the people trying to register for the vaccinations,” Cholick said. 

Schmidtt and Cholick think the website issues will only get worse.

"When they open that next week, and they lower that to (65), what's going to happen? It's going to crash!” Cholick said. "It just means there's going to be a lot more people trying to get in there at the same time."

Morgan Emerson of Deschutes County Health Services said St. Charles made adjustments to the website to help handle the large capacity

She said they are  following state guidelines by moving to the next age group.

"We ask that our community be patient as we continue to get supplies and get those out as quickly as we can, knowing that our current supply doesn't meet our demand at this time,” Emerson said. 

Schmitt and Cholick said they will try again when appointments open up.

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Noah Chast

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  1. The state needs to clear the previous group before adding another. All this does is add to the numbers that are ready, willing and able to vaccinate, and leave those that aren’t quick enough (but possibly more susceptible) to hold on in hopes of winning the time lottery the next week. Not a way to run a railroad (or a health crisis).

    1. Anyone getting vaccinated is a good thing. The quicker the better. So that said, we should be vaccinating the quick first and then the quick can’t infect the slow.

      1. How about the most likely to either become infected or the most likely to spread the disease? Being quick is not necessarily being the best for society or to control the pandemic.

        1. Absolutely the most likely to spread it should be first. And the quick ones in that group should be first while the others figure out where to get vaccinated. I’d say don’t waste the time conducting another study and forming a committee to decide who’s really most likely to get infected. Let them too figure out where and when to get their jab.

        1. Why don’t you do the same! and why are you telling other people what to do in their lives? I’m sure you don’t want others dictating to you, so STHU!

  2. I normally use the Opera browser but read online to switch to Chrome to get through to the website. Of course I didn’t believe that so I tried first with Opera and it kept rejecting, switched to Chrome and got right through and had my appointment within 5 minutes of starting the process. I don’t know if other browsers such as Firefox or Internet Explorer (or whatever!) have that issue, but I’d recommend everyone try first with Chrome. Good luck!

    1. Good point. As with anything Internet related, your browser and your computer can have a big impact on how well things go. I have a new, fast computer and Chrome and I logged on at around 10:05 and was booked in with an appointment in about 5 or 6 minutes. No, the scheduler was not perfect, but it did work.

  3. Trying to vaccinate everyone in a timely manner is the goal. Slowing the process to put people with their individual health histories in the front of the line would just slow the process with the more extensive screening. There are many cancer survivors over the age of 70 who haven’t been vaccinated yet. Plenty of people gripe about who should or should not get the vaccines first but they don’t have the perfect plan either.

    1. Correct. I’ve had good luck simply with registering with the county and then watching my email closely. Those who don’t do that get left behind, unfairly or not.

  4. Another example of the dirty brown politics at work. She has no backbone or decision making ability so she caves to every special interest group. Science screams fact that age and some specific co-morbidities are the biggest risks factors for COVID morbidity and mortality. This gentleman and the rest of our elderly deserve the vaccine first along with Health care workers in DIRECT contact with COVID people. But instead she establishes policy to vaccinate teachers, prisoners, and homeless first and make a complete #### show out of the whole process. Impeach or resign. It will be your best decision for all Oregonians

  5.  The imposition of social distancing was based on computer simulation and environmental models with NO disease transmission evidence whatsoever.
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