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Deschutes County to move back to High Risk on Friday; Crook, Jefferson remain Lower Risk

(Update: adding video, comments from affected businesses)

New hospitalization factor could let some counties avoid 'Extreme Risk'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) — As expected, Gov. Kate Brown announced Tuesday afternoon that Deschutes County will be moving back into High Risk on Friday. That means restaurants will once again have to limit capacity to 25% or 50 people for indoor dining, whichever is smaller.

"…and due to COVID-19, we are now at half capacity."

That’s the Victorian Cafe's answering machine, which will need to change after Gov. Brown’s announcement.

The Oregon Health Authority says counties with 100-200 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people are considered High Risk. In the most recent two-week time period, from March 21 through April 3, Deschutes County reported 139.9 cases per 100,000 people.

Now several restaurants, which were starting to get back on their feet, will have to take a step backward.

"It's just sad,” said Jason Camberg, owner of The Point Pub & Grill in downtown Bend. “It really hurts us. I mean, that occupancy going back down to 25% from 50% is a huge difference for us trying to move forward and stay in business."

Jarryd Hanson, manager of the Left Coast Burger Company in northern Bend, told NewsChannel 21 the change will not have too big of an impact on his fairly new restaurant. He said the dining room setup only supports 25% capacity anyway.

However, he empathizes with other people in the service industry, especially bars.

"Not being able to have live music, or entertainment of any kind, having everything 25% really makes it a struggle,” Hanson said.

The Tower Theatre in downtown Bend was excited to have people back indoors this weekend for its first live public performance since early November.

Executive Director Ray Solley said that despite Tuesday’s announcement, the show must go on.

In a statement, he told NewsChannel 21, "The staff, producers of cocktail cabaret and i are working to add performances this weekend so that we only have 30 audience members at each show. We'd much rather find a way to creatively stage these local performers rather than postpone or cancel them altogether. Keeping everyone safe and healthy will be the deciding factor.”

Crook and Jefferson counties remain at Lower Risk.


Here's the news release issued by Gov. Kate Brown:

Gov. Kate Brown announced updates Tuesday to county risk levels under the state's public health framework to reduce transmission and protect Oregonians from COVID-19. Deschutes County returns to High Risk, while Crook and Jefferson counties hold at Lower Risk.

The framework uses four different risk levels for counties based on COVID-19 spread — Extreme Risk, High Risk, Moderate Risk, and Lower Risk — and assigns health and safety measures for each level.

Effective April 9-22, there will be 14 counties in the High Risk level, six at Moderate Risk, and 16 at Lower Risk. As case counts and hospitalizations increase and counties qualify for higher risk levels, restrictions on businesses and activities will resume. 

A complete list of counties and their associated risk levels is available here.  The Sector Risk Level Guidance Chart is here.

“We are at a critical moment in this pandemic as we face more contagious variants of COVID-19 taking hold in our communities,” Brown said. “Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we all continue wearing masks, maintain physical distance, stay home when sick, and get the vaccine when it’s available to you.”

Deschutes County had 270 cases in the March 21-April 3 two-week period, for a case rate of 139.9 per 100,000 people and positive test rate of 3.8%, up from 192 cases, 99.5 cases per 100,000 people and a 2.5% positive test rate the previous two weeks.

Crook County had 23 cases in the latest two-week period, for 98.1 cases per 100,000 and a positive test rate of 1.8%. Jefferson County had 19 cases and 79.7 cases per 100,000 for the period, with a positive test rate of 3.2%.

NewsChannel 21's Max Goldwasser is talking with businesses affected by the change for a story tonight, starting on Fox @ 4.

New statewide metric added for determining Extreme Risk level
COVID-19 hospitalizations are a key indicator of severe illness in Oregon communities. As vaccine distribution increases, case counts and percent positivity will not be adequate indicators on their own for measuring the threat COVID-19 poses to public health, the governor said.

This week, Oregon is adding a statewide hospitalization metric for moving to Extreme Risk.

Beginning this week, for counties to move to (or remain in) Extreme Risk, they must meet the county metrics for case rates and percent positivity, plus a new statewide metric: COVID-19 positive patients occupying 300 hospital beds or more, and a 15% increase in the seven-day average over the past week.

Counties that meet the criteria for Extreme Risk but for the statewide trigger will be assigned to High Risk. This week, there are three counties that qualify for Extreme Risk based on their county metrics, but are assigned High Risk because the statewide hospitalization trigger has not been met: Josephine, Klamath, and Tillamook.

Four counties enter two-week caution period
The two-week caution period applies to counties facing backward movement. Counties that reduced their COVID-19 spread enough to move down in risk level in the previous two-week period, but see their numbers go back up in the next two-week period, are given a two-week caution period to re-focus efforts to drive back down creeping case numbers and give local businesses additional certainty on their plans for operating.

This week, the caution period applies to five counties:

  • Baker County qualifies for Extreme Risk but is given a two-week caution period at Lower Risk because it moved down from Moderate Risk in the last movement period.
  • Columbia County qualifies for Extreme Risk but is given a two-week caution period at Moderate Risk because it moved down from High Risk in the last movement period.
  • Lane County qualifies for Moderate Risk but is given a two-week caution period at Lower Risk because it moved down from Moderate Risk in the last movement period.
  • Polk County qualifies for High Risk but is given a two-week caution period at Moderate Risk because it moved down from High Risk in the last movement period.
  • Yamhill County qualifies for Moderate Risk but is given a two-week caution period at Lower Risk because it moved down from Moderate Risk in the last movement period.

The Oregon Health Authority will examine and publish county data weekly. County risk levels will be reassigned every two weeks. The first week's data will provide a "warning week" to prepare counties for potential risk level changes. The next assignment of risk levels will be announced April 20 and take effect April 23.

Updates to Warning Week data and county risk levels will be posted to

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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



  1. Thank you, Governor Brown for your vigilance and smart policies. The graph for our county now indicates–once again–an exponential rise in cases. We do need to heed the science. Science gives us Smart Phones and hybrid vehicles; it also can guide us–if we only let it–into the smart consistent behavior required to, once and for all, beat this pandemic.

    1. Puke. Texas is wide open, over 40,000 packed the rangers games yesterday. Their numbers are falling. How does this happen??? Please use this science. Also , the lockdowns clearly don’t work. If they were so effective why are we locking down more? Add that to your science experiment. Here’s more science against another illegal lockdown , 5 patients with covid at St Charles. You realize not every covid pt is there for covid either? There for kidney stones and got tested asymptomatic positive. Oh yeah the best stat of the year only 3.08% of deschutes county has ever tested positive. More science for you science guy.

        1. Yes, she should be lying and downplaying the virus. That worked really well for your obese failed and fired dear leader!!! Maybe old cliffy bentz can wash some dishes he certainly doesn’t want to see any government aid for them. Apparently he thinks they don’t need any help. That’s why he voted against the restaurant relief bill. Sooooooooo much whining fool!!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

          1. Resistance is quite simple… get a Phylagen test- and start testing… if you find someone from Bend has infected your establishment- fog the place with an HOCL solution- document what you’ve done- and open yer damn doors for business. It’s OSHA’s dirty little secret and Brown’s kryptonite- you can open your business for less than twenty bucks a day !

      1. Don’t forget Florida, no major problems there.
        Also just learned some states have never even enforced a mask mandate….funny.

      2. Then there i this:

        As many as one in three people infected with Covid-19 have longer term mental health or neurological symptoms, researchers reported Tuesday.

        They found 34% of Covid-19 survivors received a diagnosis for a neurological or psychological condition within six months of their infection, according to the study published Tuesday in the journal Lancet Psychiatry.
        The most common diagnosis was anxiety, found in 17% of those treated for Covid-19, followed by mood disorders, found in 14% of patients.
        And while the neurological effects are more severe in hospitalized patients, they are still common in those who were only treated in an outpatient setting, the researchers note.

    2. As if reducing restaurant capacity will do anything AT ALL to reduce infections. IT WONT. Even the science and data says so! This is PURELY just to make people feel better about themselves like they are doing something. Morons.

    3. The Govenor should be lying about and downplaying the virus!!! I voted for Bentz because I knew he would vote against the 29 BILLION dollars restaurant aid bill. Central Oregon restaurants don’t need assistance!!!!! Soooooo much winning!!!!!

      1. Herr Trumpenfuror writes- “The Govenor should be lying about and downplaying the virus!!!” good gawd Fester… she is ! Did you not read the article above ??? Here- lemme help… “New statewide metric added for determining Extreme Risk level” ! This is another 100% example of Kovid Kalamity Kate (KKK) moving the goalposts- changing the matrix- adjusting the knobs… to create a false illusion- that the virus really isn’t surging like the numbers appear… Odd- Hate Brown never tried to downplay the virus or the death count when President Trump was in office- so why now ??? Hmmmm- Furor- help me out !

    4. a rise from 1 case to 2, or 2 cases to 4 is exponential Wanda, get a clue. You little ninnies want to follow Hate Brown around the rest of your lives with a mask on? really? you make me want to puke…

  2. How idiotic. The rest of the US is opening up and our governor is still intent on killing small businesses because of a marginal uptick in populations who aren’t really at risk of severe covid.

  3. The good news for kate the snake is she will never be forgotten. Being the worst governor in the history of Oregon is quite the accomplishment. Closing businesses, shattering lives and dreams, allowing portland to become one of the country’s most lawless and dangerous cities is something she can hang her busted crown on. Plus going vacationing in sunriver over thanksgiving after she issues a no travel mandate is just her style. well done Fuhrer

    1. How absurd that you don’t. Got any ancestors that died of cholera? They would have loved to have known what precautions they needed to take to avoid dying from it.

      1. Doctor used to not wash their hands before treat patients. Once they were forced to do so America descended into chaos.
        Cause and effect, right?

      2. Martha, you can best survive Covid 19 by crawling under a rock with your mask, and staying there forever. If you do have to come out from under your rock, wear a respirator and Haz mat suit. and when driving or mingling in public, wear a haz mat suit, and 2 face masks like Dr. Fauci. You are not safe walking in the park, at the mtn or on a hiking a trail without a mask and haz mat suit. If you decide to attend a BLM rally, or Antifa rally, or visit a border detention center, or possibly take home an unaccompanied minor, no masks are required. It’s ok, in these settings Covid has agreement with Joe Biden that it will not spread itself. That is obvious though, and is evidenced by San Diego Teachers teaching illegal aliens school in person, but the students whose parents pay them. Thanks ahead time!

  4. Let’s start using only hospitalizations FOR covid ( not the I’m getting a hysterectomy and they tested me pre op and I’m positive). And the actual true percentage of our population. Like 3.08% ever tested positive in Doosh county. Who cares about these idiots testing for fun. Let’s use actual sick and dead people stats. Those numbers are extremely low. Guess vaccines don’t work either. Time to take covid Kate’s paycheck anytime a Oregonian loses money due to her illegal mandates. Just kidding she always gets paid. No more lockdowns. Masks are gone.

      1. If someone is vaccinated it makes it more real that only 3.08% of deschutes county has ever tested positive? I don’t get it.

  5. Widespread civil disobedience (which is legal protest) may be next. If enough people ignore the change back (ping-pong!) it will show the populace that they have power. Ms. Brown won’t like to see people disobeying her authority.

    This change back may prove to be a huge mistake.

  6. Also interesting is the subtle, with excuses, moving of the goalposts. “This week, Oregon is adding a statewide hospitalization metric for moving to Extreme Risk.” Wow, as suggested all along? Are the wheels coming off, Governor?

  7. This is the first time I disagree with state issued Covid mandates. We need to keep masking up, hanging out in small groups, and opening things back up. Eventually, in the next 2 months only the less educated will be dumb enough not to get vaccinated and will get sick.

    1. Yeah and everyone said the anti-maskers would be dead too yet here we still are. The only sicknesses we need to worry about today are fear and division.

      1. Without fear and division how would Republicans and Democrats differentiate themselves from one another?
        Our entire national social order would collapse without fear and division. So stay afraid and divided, it is the American Way.

  8. Florida Governor Ron Desantis has done a great job in his state of FL. Opened back up and got rid of face diapers. Now the corrupt corporate media (60 minutes) did a hit piece on him. Even taking footage of the interview and omitting parts they did not want their sheeple to see. Even the democrat mayor of Tampa tried to give 60 minutes the information on how their vaccines were distributed. 60 Minutes refused the information since it did not fit their narrative. So they attack him. Wake up people and realize the media is all about narratives and not the truth.

    1. Florida is doing great??? I don’t think so….

      State health agency data pulled together by Johns Hopkins University shows that in the most recent seven-day period, there were more than 452,000 new COVID-19 cases reported in the U.S. Nearly 197,500 of those cases, or 44 percent, were reported in New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Those five states account for 22 percent of the country’s population.

          1. 22 million person population where 1.4 deaths are attributed solely to the CNA Virus ??? WTH are you babbling on and on about ???

      1. Not biting dummy. Florida may have something to do with the lawlessness of “spring breakers” that decide they want to destroy other peoples property (sounds familiar). The other states are all run by democrats who have their citizens locked down. So you want to explain that one to me? No? I didn’t think so. You morons spew all this crap about facts yet you just ignore the things right in front of you. It must be a miserable life to have to try to disprove a fact for the simple reason that you don’t like other peoples opinions. I would encourage you to grow up, and maybe start thinking for yourself if your even capable.

    2. You obviously have a different interpretation of the truth and what a reasonable man would believe but just to throw it out there anyway, it seems as if Florida’s COVID count is pretty high right now. So much for opening things up and throwing away the face masks.

      1. What is the percentage of the population? Go ahead we will wait. Is it similar to every other place? Hmmmm. Weird. They have a higher population. Guess who has bigger numbers. Ny

      2. No Martha- you clearly have a different interpretation of truth… it’s called denial ! Both the CDC and the OHA declared that only 2% of all the bat flu cases are solely due to the virus… why do you keep inflating your fatality numbers to exclude this “fact” ? What purpose does it play ?? Florida’s covid count is none of our business- we have a certified loon in Salem that has you scared witless and afraid to go out of your home ! deal with yerself first- then take on Florida.

        1. Not a surprise, deschutes county. Just more media driven fear, and karen/Martha’s. This is the reason we have who we have in the white house.
          If you voted for him,you need to be ashamed and embarrassed, are you kidding me?! You libs whine and hate for 4 years, and this is your answer, Joe Biden. WOW!
          The only truth I have seen lately is the Governor of Georgia calling out his lying fraudulent ways on live TV, not social corrupt media, and the people standing behind this Governor at the time were of every nationality, so you can’t play the race card.
          Do you morons realize who you voted in? Here is the list
          Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Abrams, and last but not least our own Kate, tell me one good thing that this bunch has done for the people of this state of this nation?? Nothing is right. Career politicians is what they are! Trump had 0 political experience, he is a business man and tried to right the books and the siphoning of money to lazy whiners he tried to stop.
          Biden stole the election , period, but you libs are in denial to your grave.
          As usual, Barneygetshiswish,nailed it, but as I have told you before Barney, we are outnumbered in this liberal cesspool of lies hatred and denial.

      1. Stay Home ? Who’s gonna pay the mortgage ? Pay for the food and clothes for the children ?? Who’s gonna provide them essentials that you take for granted- toilet paper- corn dogs- beer ??? You do realize there is a reason ‘nobody” has put together a financial chart for the State to detail the huge economic disaster this has become… no discussion of lost wages- bankruptcies- lost tax revenue. We do hear about the billions that Brown has mooched off the Feds- so where is it ???

    1. We tried, she changed the recall petition signature requirements at the last minute.
      Doesn’t matter anyways, the next two runners up are even worse.

  9. “It’s just sad,” said Jason Camberg, owner of The Point Pub & Grill in downtown Bend.”… No Jason- you are sad- and pathetic- and weak ! You are not much of a businessman if you can’t afford $145 a month to save your business ! It’s simple- a phylagen test to prove to OSHA that your business is CNA virus free ! So instead of trolling for sympathy- fight like hell and tell everyone in Salem to go suck a lemon !

    1. Been wondering if masks,social distancing and now it seems vaccines aren’t working then perhaps we’re being played? Maybe the power hungry politicians are experimenting with the sheeple to see whether or not they will blindly obey. When I see someone driving or walking with no one near them yet they’re wearing a mask, I think the experiment is working. It’s just sad to see our nation crumbling.

      1. It’s funny how the more restrictions we have the higher the numbers of cases. Not sure how we have been doing this for a year yet we are so extreme that the over 2 million vaccines along with almost 300,000 positive Covid cases plus all the people that got it before anyone wants to admit it was here. Yet there is no way we could be close to herd immunity wtf. It’s funny how many people are like I got the vaccine yet doesn’t it make you wonder why if you’re so immune yet the reason is we don’t want anyone else to feel bad that they have to wear one. And that you will never get to stop wearing masks or doing anything because all the variants. So apparently this virus no deadly then the flu but now we are going to be chick little running around the variants are coming. Well I had it a year ago still immune and still alive.

  10. Well, so much for all those minimum wage plus tips employees coming back to work…

    And for those businesses that pay the taxes that support all the “golly gee whiz” neato social projects the city councils in Deschutes County want so badly.

    “No Town Julie Brown” in Salem just keeps killing Oregon with her voodoo Covid 19 tossing of the bones.

  11. – look at all the whiners tuning out – will complain all day long, but take ANY responsibility? – hell no – the parameters were clear, the limits were clear – and this whiny bunch publicly declared that they would to as they damn pleased, ‘cus, you know, their rights and all (such oppression they suffer) – well hell, look what happened – what a surprise… to absolutely no one who has any reasoning skills and their egos somewhat under control occasionally – yup, corona is spread by nose and mouth, but mostly by **** *****

    1. Been locked down , wear masks, social distance for a year. Doesn’t work , go look at that science Einstein. Lemme guess you haven’t lost a dime this year have you. You ignorant schmuck. Stay in the basement.

  12. Nice, again Trumpers showing they trust Trump and Facebook over actual doctors. Ask YOUR Dr what they think. Y’all are just making yourselves look crazy with your dribble at this point. Why believe a chronic liar like Trumpy? Perhaps open your minds and actually learn science.

    1. Doctor? We don’t need no stinkin’ doctor! Not when we have all that great information from Wishy, Epi, and now Queeny telling us we’re just imagining Covid and the half-million deaths were actually from heart failure.

  13. I am confused why Deschutes is not being moved in to a Cautionary Period. It makes no sense that you can enter a two week cautionary period if your classification moves back up withing two weeks, but if it moves back up three weeks or more after going down you go straight back to the higher level.

    1. Article yesterday said we wouldn’t get the two week cautionary period because we’ve 🐝 n in moderate since Valentine’s day. How many cases do we have to hit in a 2 week period before we have to go back to extreme and bars must shut down again? Like about 200 after the amount is divided by 14, we’re at 35

  14. Deschutes CO doesn’t even have 1% of cases. 24 people today and that is counting the non-symptomatic probably. Why do you get tested if you aren’t sick? It just keeps our numbers up higher. Nothing but a way to control us. Most Republican States aren’t having the problems Democrat States are having.

    1. Thing is with presumptive my daughter got a test because she had a dr appointment and her boss refused to let her come back to work until she quarantined for 14 days because she might have picked something up while at her appointment. She just went to get one done to prove she didn’t. Got test no symptoms and it was negative then dr came and said we are making you presumptive positive. She was like it’s negative and I have no symptoms his response it doesn’t matter you’re presumptive you could have picked something up somewhere. So f$;:@ presumptive it’s a complete lie in order to get more numbers and more funds

  15. Lol, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and you can’t teach Trumpers anything, not even common sense and decency toward other people, they are incapable of getting past Trumps lies, divisions, and hate. I guess when the Dems sweep the midterms maybe they will realize Trumpism isn’t the way to go. Your god is not coming back.

    1. Do you take medication for your TDS? Why do you constantly thing this is about people believing what Trump says? Do you have nothing else to say. That is getting really old. Maybe some people just don’t think the way you do. I guess they should just be killed for not having your same beliefs. You would think someone that supposedly used to share some of these beliefs, would be a little more tolerant of people just wanting to gather their own info and believe what they want to believe. I mean isn’t that what you are doing? Gathering your own info and coming to your own conclusions? You instead just spew hate. You accuse conservatives of spewing hate while you literally do the same thing. The hypocrisy is astounding with this one.

      1. Exactly, I highly doubt that he/she/it was ever a Republican. I’m an Independent but I don’t have TDS. I wish there was a cure for it because some people can’t get over it on their own.

    1. I got the vaccine last month and felt kinda bad for a day, I get the second one tomorrow. ​Then in 3 weeks I get my pneumonia shot and later this year a flu shot. I have no idea how many vaccines I have had in my 72 years, probably at least a hundred.
      Heck, I got like 16 at once in an Army mess hall back in ’66 and didn’t die. I wasn’t scared then and I ain’t scared now. Seems like a lot of folks are scared these days, but that has always been true. So don’t let the boogieman gitcha !

      1. So you no longer have an immune system? Is that why you take so many vaccines? Don’t even question what poison is being injected into your system. That is what the global elists want sheeple who never question the government.

  16. Had we had smart state and national leadership from Day One we would not be finding ourselves 9th in case rate and 13th in death rate among the 200 or so global nations and principalities. So, my hat off to Governor Brown for her persistence and responsibility. She, along with her fellow governors, has been playing catch-up for months–thanks to the criminally negligent Federal response. (Dr. Birx was right: 400,00 Americans died unnecessarily.) And, to our everlasting shame, we absurdly injected politics into a deadly public health crisis. Republican governor-led states had a death rate 1.8 times higher than the others:

    Our death rate would be higher but for our relatively low Case Fatality Rate, and that is due to the skill and dedication of our health care workers armed with the very latest in therapeutics.

    And it is not just the deaths; it is also the impact of the disease on the capacity of our health care system to care for Americans. I hope we remember the refrigerated morgue trucks on the streets of our cities. I hope we can find it ourselves to do better to overcome this crisis–and the crises to come. The science is not that hard to understand.

    1. It was the democrat governor in NY who forced infected citizens back into nursing homes. Where is the outrage and why was he trying to cover up those numbers?

      1. This is a good point, fanbeav (and I am an alumnus of OSU, as well), and I agree with you that Gov. Cuomo’s behavior was shameful. I would like to point out, though, that the number of positive Covid-19 PCR tests in Republican-led states ALSO tended to exceed positivities in the other states. And, the study I quote noted that Republican governors in Massachusetts and Maryland adopted policies closely aligned with public health recommendations, so there are exceptions to the findings. The significance of this study is in finding differences in disease outcomes in the states, and revealing through statistical analysis correlations between outcomes and the kind of political leadership in the states.

        1. Cuomo’s “behavior” was more than “shameful”… it’s criminal- and you should be outraged ! but yer not… instead you ignore the national headlines for your idiotic CNN feed ! Here- try these facts on fer size… “Nearly half of new coronavirus infections nationwide are in just five states — New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey together reported 44% of the nation’s new COVID-19 infections, according to state health agency data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.” These are all Demokrat enclaves except for Florida- which has to suffer through New Yorkers- Jersey- Penn.- and to some extent Michigan vacationers who bring their virus into town with them ! Those of us living in “responsible” red counties have really had enough of flag waving Demokrat laden counties like Multnomah-Washington-Lane- and Doosh.. coming into our virus free city’s and causing unnecessary worry and concern for our senior citizens- who still walk their dogs in the park- tend to their grandchildren at the playground… Many of us want road blocks put up at Tom McCall round-about to keep you all out ! If you don’t care about yerselves- why should we care about you… stay home- go broke- support crack-Biden-and Kate Brown- but do in in your own county- not ours !

    2. “Nearly half of new coronavirus infections nationwide are in just five states — New York, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey together reported 44% of the nation’s new COVID-19 infections, according to state health agency data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.” Take a good look at those states- 4 Demokrat strongholds that all went for Biden- and Florida- a vacation destination for all them ! This is my concern out in Crook County- that Doosh County infected’s will pollute the pristine environment with their virus (that they don’t know where it came from- because saying China is no longer accepted… because 1 person complained… Gee- who was that ? Kovid Kate … damn right !) My advice to Mayor Beebe- Judge Crawford in Crook- Road blocks at the Tom Mccall Roundabout- anyone with a Bend-Redmond-Sisters-LaPine drivers license is sent back home asap ! All us out in crook gotta protect Gramma and Gramps… and what about the children ??? Yeh … you Blue Hoo Hoo Bloods out in Doosh best stay home with yer sniffles and yer diarrhea ! Effin’ hilarious !

  17. Again, we (Deschutes County) have only ourselves to blame. If we as a whole (and that includes you Wishey) can’t protect ourselves and others, going back to the High Risk category is inevitable. And for those who whine about outsiders bringing the coronavirus to us, if we were protected and insisted those folks were also, our infection rate would be rock bottom. Mask up, wash up, distance, and have others do the same. Better things will happen.

    1. Actually no- you only have you to blame. We’re open for business out in Crook- the road blocks at the Tom McCall round-about have been requested to keep the Doosh virus out- this aint Cuomo’s senior center out here- you all need to stay under quarantine- in lock-down- go broke on your own time !

  18. cuomo has said a few times he did so out of fear of trump’s goons were gonna do something to him and he did so out of fear. what do you think is our chances of going back up to extreme in 2 weeks db

  19. Well this is interesting it looks like those Pinetuckian people As a lot of Bend people call them seem to have been wearing masks & social distancing better than the Almighty Bend click. But crook county’s time will probably be short lived because now we will be buried with people from Deschutes county coming to crook county to eat & bar up

  20. Lies. This is all based on lies. Even Trump was in on it in my opinion or he was lied to and believed it. I will not be taking a vaccine for something that I have a 99.5% of surviving without any problem. In fact I believe I already had Covid last year and it was not a big deal. I have lived since childhood without any vaccines, flu shots, etc. and my health is better than anyone my age that I know of. These vaccines have NOT been proven to be safe and effective. Why do you think the manufacturers have been given immunity if anything goes wrong with people who have been vaccinated? From those that I know in the medical field, the negative effects of these vaccines will really start to kick in over the next few years. Many believe those negative effects are going to dwarf anything we have seen from the actual Covid viruses.

    Then secondly, why did the states that did the least as far as lockdowns and mask mandates doing just as well or better than the states that went the most extreme?

    If you want to be afraid because a bunch of politicians have told you to be afraid and get vaccinated then go for it. But as someone who designs medical devices, I will follow the actual science and not live in fear.

    1. Yeah! Bring back smallpox, you have nothing to be afraid of, just a 1% to 30% mortality rate. Those smallpox vaccines did nothing for us, right? I mean, why would you get the smallpox vaccine when you have a 70% to 99% chance of living. Sure you might be disfigured but at least you’re alive without all those nasty side effects.

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