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State revises mask mandate for outdoor athletics after Summit HS runner collapses at finish line

(Update: adding video, comments from runner and coach about change in state guidlines)

Junior Maggie Williams broke 800-meter school record Thursday, fell face-first at finish line

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Maggie Williams, a junior on the Summit High School track team, broke a school record in the 800-meter last Thursday. Her moment of glory has been somewhat overshadowed a by moment of concern – Williams passed out as she stumbled her way across the finish line. She and her coach say the mask is to blame, and now the Oregon Health Authority is updating its guidelines.

Williams ran the 800-meter race in 2:08:45, which beat the previous school record of 2:10:54 set in 2019.

“I found out a couple minutes after my race, when I had recovered from my fall,” Williams told NewsChannel 21 Monday. “So super exciting for me.”

The fall Williams is referring to happened during the last seven meters of the race, just as she was about to finish.

“I felt like I just wasn't being able to get a full breath,” she said. “Multiple times of that happening, not being able to get enough air -- I just felt super-dizzy, and then eventually passed out."

Williams said her lack of oxygen is a result of the mask she's been required to wear during competition, under OHA guidelines for outdoor sports.

“In the past, this has never happened,” Williams said. “Then this race that I was wearing a mask, it did happen, which I don't think is a coincidence."

Her coach, Dave Turnbull, echoed that belief Monday morning.

“She just ran a 2:11 in Arizona without a mask on,” Turnbull said. Three seconds faster from my experience isn’t going to cause a kid to hit the track. When you’re in a mask, it certainly does.”

Turnbull said that after 31 years of experience, he’s confident this wasn't a conditioning issue -- it was a mask issue.

“It was a different response than I’ve seen for kids that have collapsed to the track just because they were exhausted,” he said. “She wasn't sure where she was."

Turnbull told NewsChannel 21 he considered not letting his athletes run again with the current state guidelines in place.

Turnbull and Williams made clear they are not anti-mask, but they wanted OHA to make a change to the policies during competition.

"We were so fortunate this didn't end up in a real serious injury with Maggie, but we shouldn't gamble on the next one,” Turnbull said.

They and others spoke out about what happened -- and OHA listened, releasing this statement Monday afternoon:

"The Oregon Health Authority regularly reviews COVID-19 guidance based on medical evidence and evolving science. We are revising the current guidance on the use of masks outdoors during competition. The guidance will allow people to take off face coverings when competing in non-contact sports outdoors and maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from others and the other virus protective protocols.

  *   The exception will not apply while training and conditioning for these sports or for competitions.
  *   The exception will not apply before and after competing.

"Oregon at present is facing a fourth wave of surging COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations and wider community spread of the virus. Mask wearing has proven to be effective at slowing spread of the virus - particularly in conjunction with other protective measures such as physical distancing, restricting gatherings, hand washing and getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

"As always, OHA will revise guidance as needed to protect public health during the pandemic."

NewsChannel 21 followed up with Turnbull and Williams after the announcement, and he called it a win.

"I feel like we're offering a safe activity for kids now,” he said.

Meanwhile, Williams said in a text, “I’m very excited that some good can come out of this situation.”

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Max Goldwasser

Max Goldwasser is a reporter and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Max here.



  1. WOW – what a great young lady! I TOTALLY agree with her coach. Ridiculous AND endangering our youth’s health with the extreme unnecessary mask mandates. UNMASK OREGON and everyone use common sense. You want to wear a mask, great. YOU wear your mask. Period.

    1. masks do not inhibit a person’s ability to breathe. That literally is not a thing and was proven to be 100% false over 6 months ago. That girl fell on her own because the race was over. End of story. That coach shouldn’t have a job.

      1. Its not just the breathing smart guy, it’s more than that. I coach HS sports btw.

        The masks gets wet and will stick tighter to your face and in a lot of instances the players will actually start to swallow the mask. Breathing is much more difficult.

        Just in case you missed it……. “Oregon is the only state in the country to require a mask for outdoor high school athletics.”

        1. Wow you make a great case for pausing school sports and/or vaccinating the participants, but getting rid of masks for your political convenience and wet makeup still sounds dumb

              1. This really looks staged with the camera at the perfect angle right at the finish line and the dramatic flop right there. I dunno tho, everything is a hoax these days.

            1. I wouldnt trade oregons response for theirs at any price, theres a reason we have done better than them since the beginning, you just wont hear it from their 2024 primary candidates/governors

              1. “I wouldnt trade oregons response for…”… Oregon’s response has been a complete disaster ! Our current rate of almost 600 deaths per one million population is a global embarrassment. Good Gawd- Ethiopia (30) and Venezuela (73) are light years ahead of anything Kate Brown has produced… really- four surges now… as she continues to defy the CDC ???

          1. No worries, your hero, Fauci just flipped yet again. Masks outdoors do not improve safety much. It is okay, I am sure your love of the control imparted on you will allow you to now call those wearing masks outside “political convenience”.

      2. Move back. While you are packing, put a mask on. Work hard and fast. Run back and forth to that U-haul. Take the mask off after you have worked up a sweat. See if you notice a difference.

      3. Will you be willing to demonstrate running with a mask live on ktvz to prove it doesn’t restrict air? I will absolutely tune in for that.

      4. Your stupid, its people like you that need to go to a bunker and never come out! Your kind make me sick, your a follower of the fear driving media, its not spread in schools, are you stupid?!? This is being forced on the youth by people like you. Your brainwashed, your fear shouldn’t allow it to affect other people’s life. I’m not responsible for your dumb ass health, you are, and only you.
        Done with your kind, because your kind is the reason we have a 3 ring circus running the country.
        Your a fool,go find your bunker.

        1. *you’re is the spelling you seek

          your is possessive.

          “your stupid” should be followed by a noun, like “your stupid mask”

          If you are trying to insult someone by calling them stupid, use the right word.

          1. It does make you wonder how many commenters are using google translate to write this stuff, last summer it was an epidemic of not-quite-typos

      5. re:JJHayes99.. its 100% true.. not sure how hard it is to understand.. something covering your face makes it hard to breathe.. simple as 123.. I’d love to see you run with a mask on beating a record.

      6. She broke a school record…WITH a mask on. That’s the headline, friends. A record set pre-masks in 2019. So she performed better in an athletic event with a mask on than she did without—in fact she performed better with a mask on than ANYONE in school history has without one. Like how, in the world, could you point to the mask as a detriment? Annoyance, sure. Inconvenience, sure. But the girl bested the historical record with a mask on. If that doesn’t prove that masks don’t hinder ability, I don’t know what does. Of course she was wiped out in the last moments. This often happens to runners who push to their edge. Let’s bring logic into this conversation, people. Chill, Bend. Chill, Tucker Carlson. Use your brains you dummies.

    2. Maggie and her coach sound like they don’t have dead family members from this pandemic, I do and the masks make perfect sense- track meets are not essential activities

        1. lololol – might proofread before you post??? still safe from death? What movie do you live in? Some of us live longer than others but death is coming if you like it or not.

      1. Sorry for your loss. Im betting your relatives were not record setting athletic teenagers. Im also betting they didn’t catch covid while outdoors. What happened to following the science? From
        MIT professor Martin Z. Bazant who produced a study within the last week…

        “If you look at the air flow outside, the infected air would be essentially swept away and very unlikely to cause transmission. There are very few recorded instances of outdoor transmission,” he said. Though rare, he said it’s always possible to contract Covid-19 outdoors, especially at crowded venues like concerts. “Crowded spaces outdoor could be an issue, but if people are keeping a reasonable distance of like 3 feet outside, I feel pretty comfortable with that even without masks frankly.”

      2. No kidding, young peoples lives can (and should) be shut down to whatever degree needed until we live in a risk free society.
        I have lost 3 friends to car accidents and I am sick of people just driving around willy nilly, not a care in the world as to the death they bring.
        Masks forever…. and no more driving!!!!!!!!

      3. It’s fake. I’ve know a few people that had it, either mild symptoms or no symptoms. Your family member might have died from something else and called it covid like the thousands of others.

            1. Also according to the CDC, the number of those deaths has closely tracked the number of deaths above and beyond what was otherwise expected. I’m sure you think that’s just a coincidence. You have the right name, at least.

      4. And because they don’t have dead family members, to hell with them right?!? Go find your bunker as well. It’s not spread in the schools, learn how to read, learn the facts or shut up.

      5. I am sorry for your loss. That does not make your reasoning any more logical. For more than thousand years, people believed that bloodletting was a valid medical treatment for just about everything. Turns out they were wrong, they killed more people than they saved. You just may be wrong too.

        Have you ever considered this? You are wearing a damp petri dish on your face for most of the day. You are incubating all kinds of germs in that diaper on your face, perhaps even creating a reservoir for covid to infest. perhaps the healthy wearing masks all the time is actually causing some to get sick. Before covid we only put masks on the sick. Remember when we used to go to the doctor’s office before covid? Only if you had a cough or a sneeze did they ask you to wear a mask. Somehow we have reversed that centuries old logic.

  2. If you love America and the president you should wear your mask and not question authority. In fact, you really should wear two masks. What if you run into a cloud of covid? Sports is not an essential activity. Lives could be saved if we banned sports.

      1. I guess you haven’t been around here that long. He is a well respected and loved member of the community. He was a good athlete when he was playing for Mt View. More importantly he is a a good person. He has no worries about his employment.

              1. By looking at your daily posting times… you clearly do not engage in any outdoor activity at all ! I mean really- already in the bag by 4:41 ???

            1. *you’re is a contraction of the words you and are

              your is possessive

              When hurling insults at me, please check your grammar, especially if you are calling me a moron.

              As an aside, I know the coach personally, having attended Mt. View with him in 1983. He’s a good man.

              Sorry applebees closed.

              1. Only one applebees closed actually- and if the coach was really that good he would be more worried about his teams vaccination rate than their mask freedoms

      1. Clearly sshafe is a trumpster

        You are anti-mask? Why do you want to kill old people and obese people? Ageism and fat shaming are NOT cool in 2021.

        We need to wear two masks permanently or old people and unhealthy people WILL die. It science.

        1. Clearly- You’re not too smart.

          I am very excited to converse with someone who is able to know so much about me, based of off one sentence, written above.
          I do believe the polite way of referring to those people mentioned are; Elderly and Over-weight or obese.

          Please continue to judge me, as you just called people OLD and FAT!

          1. Trump supporters have been the ones most likely to insult, i find. so I rest my case, sorry your racist hero lost. you should move to a nice red state and be with your mask free people.

            1. Better than your dead mask wearing communist state.
              And stupid, he didn’t lose, loser stole it plain and simple, and such a fine job both of them are doing, we are the embarrassment of the world.

    1. Why live at all, if you are just going to stay in your cage. Don’t go driving, you may get into an accident, drunk driver, no fault of your own, don’t go swimming or boating you may drown, drunken boater, no fault of your own. don’t go flying the plane might hit a big bird, and go down, dang bird, don’t go jogging, you may die of a heart attack, from some unknown condition, stupid doctor should have caught that.
      Just DON’T do it. Just stay inside and comment on the KTVZ website, you need do nothing else, oh unless that is radon, filtering up through your floor, better get that checked out.
      Just stay there, until you hear the ALL CLEAR.

      1. Driving? You should wear a mask while driving, even alone. What if you drive through a cloud of Covid? You might take home covid and kill your family. It’s not safe to walk the streets, let alone drive them. I applaud the people I see riding their bikes with masks but no helmets. The science shows that a 30 year old is a lot more likely to die from covid than from being hit by a texting drunk driver and having their head injured with no helmet. Why don’t you trust the science?

        1. Poor little triggered beta, did your wet flag fall off the back of your unlit japanese pickup truck bed last night or something? People who pretend bat flu

        2. Please do share the science you refer to! Share the knowledge with the rest of us that has you brainwashed believing that wearing a mask alone in your car and walking outside? Real numbers and information and the link you have gleaned the information from.

          1. stopthemadness your name says it all. if people would just wear masks for two weeks, we could stop the spread and flatten the curve. just two weeks is it that hard?

            Its on the internet huffington post do your own research. fauci says we need to double mask and he’s been right so far, why don’t you trust science are you a science denier.

            I don’t understand why people just wont comply with the governor she’s only looking out for our best interests

    2. The president wears a mask alone on zoom meetings with world leaders…the only “leader” wearing a mask alone. I think he is trying to reduce computer viruses.

    3. re:smedley lives will not be saved if we ban sports.. quit living in fear.. if you dont like it don’t watch sports.. you don’t have to rain on other people parades.

  3. This mask thing is way over stupid. Do you see the professional athletes wearing mask when they are playing NO. Fauci is a changing mouth piece who needs to be booted. Biden does not know nothing so he follows whoever and whatever.

    1. Hmm…gil says “Biden does not know nothing ” which, by definition, means he must know something ! I agree that wearing a mask while outdoors and far away from other is too much.

      1. Interesting how many folks are closer than 6 ft in this video, not to mention these kids can get vaccines now- seems like Coach is whining about the wrong mistake his team is making

    2. Spot on Gil, well said. Biden wears a mask, has the vaccine, and they still wipe the podium even when the cdc said months ago that surfaces are not an issue, period, and this circus is running our country?!

  4. utterly ridiculous whats gonna happen if student athlete wears s mask and has a near death experience from double the exertion their body puts out when its prevented by not wearing a mask for the event. Whats some figure gonna argue that if science and data presents the fact they must be worn during sports than the rule must not be questioned. Nice line smedly about a cloud of covid lol.

    1. I’d first like to see someone from summit high explain why my taxes are funding non essential school activities that are apparently this dangerous, cant run 800m in a mask? THEN DONT!

      1. Because sports are the last place that people are allowed to excel. The great equalization is coming. No one should be allowed to win.

        Harrison Bergeron was a prophecy.

      2. Perhaps in your high school experience things like sports and socialization were not big items. For most people, it is the core of their socialization, having huge impacts on their lives.

          1. No a tiny percentage play because they are being conditioned to be mediocre. They are being taught that competition is bad because someone wins and someone loses.

            It’s hard work to compete. I suspect hard work is something that an anonymous commenter on a website knows nothing about.

            Back to your trolling.

      3. School sports are every bit as essential as any other subject kids are learning in school. Since you clearly never played sports let me clue you in. Sports teach kids accountability, create/reinforce work ethic, teamwork, perseverance, self esteem etc. All of these are critical skills as kids go to college and enter the workforce. Your comments show you never played sports and the volume of comments indicate you’re probably unemployed as well.

        1. You forgot the connection between team sports and date rapes, not to mention chronic brain damage and other injuries, theres a reason many parents dont want their kids involved in such a waste of time and resources

      4. re:anonymousktvz drama and music arn’t essiential yet they are still going.. movies are not essiential yet movie theater is open up.. go figure.. and get a life.. I’m a tax payer as well and I fully support schools and all school activities opening up.. so do a majority of parents.. why are 80-90% students back in school full time? interesting how majority rules.

  5. I believe masks save lives. I also believe in common sense. If no one is within 6-12 feet of a runner during a outdoor event a mask is unnecessary. Also 16 year olds can get the vaccine now, which will help change guidance.

  6. That girl fell because she’s a child and was being dramatic at the end of the race. The coach should have taught his athletes to run thru the finish line, that is basic stuff they learn in elementary school. It’s irresponsible of this coach to put his athlete in the middle of a political argument and he should be penalized for that. Also, he said he won’t allow his athlete to participate unless the mask rule is eliminated? This is a conflict of interest, clearly. This guy is putting his personal, political opinions in the middle of his job duties. This is insane.

    1. Or he is putting the kids first. And nothing you said makes any sense. “She fell because she is a child and never learned” lol made me chuckle, thank you.

    1. Jabronie – its a good thing, too. We are definitely doing better than all other states, especially the Trump supporting red states that are out to KILL old people by no requiring masks on teenagers.

      1. Whats funny is we have done better with the pandemic than most other states, but you’re consuming so much divisive propaganda you think its an insult and not a fact 🤠

        1. Are you willfully ignorant, or a liar? Show me the facts. How is Oregon not doing better than trump loving, old people hating red states? It sounds like you are the connoisseur of propaganda if you think Oregon has not done a good job of keeping covid at a minimum. Maybe if you did something besides troll poor Mr. Lerten everyday, you’d learn something.

  7. I think that masks do inhibit breathing; I was a runner for decades, but did not wear a mask until I starting bicycling in near-freezing weather. Especially when I am working hard, and the mask gets damp, I have to work much harder cardiovascularly to maintain the same speed. The mask rule is dangerous for that reason and because each mask and wearer is different. So, one type of mask worn by one runner, could have a dramatically different, and unfair, effect on the runner. But a big data-point was left out of this brief article. The young lady did her first lap in 61 seconds, 4 or 5 seconds faster than her coach laid out in their strategy. That would put her in major oxygen debt much earlier than normal, probably half a lap. That is a much more likely explanation for her collapse than the mask.

    1. It doesnt make the mask rule dangerous, it makes these activities dangerous if done incorrectly (ie during a disease outbreak that requires mask wearing)… the idea that breaking a summit high record is an essential activity seems ludicrous and we are seeing the consequences

  8. The mask had nothing to do with the “collapse” she tripped. Don’t you think we would’ve heard thousands of incidents like this?

  9. According to KTVZ, our saviour Fauci is going to revise his revised revisions to mask guidance again tomorrow.

    Watch him give political cover to Governor Brown so she can avoid placing Deschutes County in the Extreme risk category on Friday as scheduled. Placing us in Extreme risk is likely to lead to widespread civil disobedience now that the masses have had a taste of risky, mask free living and the disaster of eating indoors. I hope she stands strong in her quest to destroy the service economy in Central Oregon so it can be rebuilt in a much more equitable manner.

    1. Yes when people are vaccinated they might not need to wear masks, did you read the article??? Not to mention if you are out these days without a mask you’re still creating a health code violation, thats not heroic civil disobedience its just messy, being from redmond does not make someone oppressed LOL

      1. So, you are opposed to the BLM riots? The ongoing street violence in Portland etc. Or is it ok to spread lethal illness if you are burning down
        local small businesses in the process? Is that called a leftist “win win” situation?

        1. Ahhhh yes, leftist portland, magas love complaining about it for decades, until their kid ends up at dornbecher or they want a better price on a certified pre-owned toyota

      2. Health code violation? Oh boy..I do get so much entertainment value from reading your posts! You have got to be one of the dumbest online keyboard warriors I have read. Maybe you are just being sarcastic and people are really bad at picking it up.😂😂. I am going with that vs the alternative which is to sad to think about.

  10. Coach sounds like he hangs out with the Bend Little League parents, who are trucking their kids to idaho every weekend so they can play other bend teams (but unmasked!)… Over arrogant amateur athletes and their bad attitudes have been an especially dark spot during this outbreak, both at gyms and in school sports (at least with kids theres still a chance to fix things!)

  11. Yea but I thought Kate Brown was trying to be a tyrant against the far right wing? Are they gonna blame her now that she immediately changed the rule or are they going to say thank you, for once?

    1. Thank you Gov. Brown for pretending to give back a fraction of the civil liberties illegally stripped from the people 13 months ago for the “2 weeks to flatten the curve” lie.

    2. Thank you. Really. The fact that it took a kid to almost die is not the worst part. The worst part is that it took her seconds to change her rule. She has no direction whatsoever.

  12. Anon, you have absolutely lost your mind!

    It is clear from your recent posts here that your medication is not working.

    I am not an anti masker at all but this is insane!

    I have seen people on Phil’s trails and Pilot Butte wearing a mask.

    The stupidity of this state and its leaders is increasing at warp speed.

    The drug and homeless crisis is out of control!

    The overly prescribed youth and suicide rate is so sad.

    Lazy pot smokers get tax payer help but the mentally ill are ignored.

    1. I’ve been successfully exercising around others for almost 12 months with a mask on, and yes sometimes i get short of breath or sweaty so i’ve come up with a solution that works EVERY TIME- i just take a break, find some space and take my mask off for fresh air
      What i dont do, is try to break PRs pushing super hard or encourage dozens of my closest friends to stand around in small undistanced groups to watch, because thats selfish

      1. Way to be a sheep wearing a mask outside when there’s literally zero chance of catching covid outside that way. You need to go live with some farm animals and follow the herd…because that’s what you are.

          1. You respond like that because you cannot argue the facts. Little to no risk outside based on the data yet you still wear it. The real question I guess than is why?

  13. Once again Turnbull is the voice of common sense looking after the best interest of his athletes. And once again it is proven that Kate and the OHA make no sense in their mandates. It has been shown that decreased oxygenation and buildup of carbon dioxide does occur with mask usage in people with severe pulmonary issues and those with hard exercise intensity. Who knows what time this admirable young lady would have run without a mask? Enough if the fear mongering and over reaction. Children exercising outside have an extremely low incidence of acquiring COVID. Write the governor and OHA to let them know we are over their senseless mandates

    1. I dont think anyone is surprised that wearing a mask makes running the 800 harder, so why are we trying to break minor records with them on? Would be smarter and safer to wait until everyone is vaccinated and not dying all around the world, instead of risking lives for low-level sports. Did you see how many people in the video were not distanced? The health risks arent only from the collapsed runner of course

      1. Doesn’t matter. The science and data has been crystal clear for some time now. Covid transmission outside even when not socially distant is non existent. Stop the madness.

  14. What a heated comment thread on this one!!! Absolute nothing was solved here, but most adults in the room do realize that masks are ridiculous used outdoors on healthy athletes… We have bred an entire society of absolute sissies… Most of you wouldn’t have made it one week on the Oregon Trail…

  15. Dont know why she was wearing one anyway. Brown stated a long time ago that anyone doing heavy physical activity didn’t have to wear one.

  16. We have been fighting this for months. First in XC and now track. The risk to the athlete is very high when a situation like this causes an athlete to fall on a hard surface and risk possible concussion, broken bones, or worse. Oregon needs to revise this further to eliminate masks in practice. If they understood training runners, they would know that many practice drills are often near or at race pace especially as the season progresses. The bullying of kids to wear masks while training and racing under the threat of being kicked off of the team needs to end now.. This would also end the barage of calls that our athletic directors and coaches are fielding from parents complaining when a kids pulls their mask down to get a bit of oxygen. Share this story and video far and wide!!!! We need to end this practice now!

  17. Parents are idiots for letting their children believe this great lie! It’s heartbreaking to see healthy little kids & teen wearing these stupid masks. 99.7% survival rate people!! The corrupt government you elected love scared sheep like you, so easy to control. Sorry to interrupt you wanting CNN. They are coming after your kids, grow a pair and save your kids!

    1. The real idiots are the ones who, in the face of potential danger, do nothing to protect themselves and those they love and belittle those who do.

  18. I ran in college track and beyond at the Olympic Trials level. I am astonished that more track athletes have not collapsed as a result of being forced to wear wet dirt and saliva encrusted rags over their faces while competing. This practice must be halted in the name of basic sanity. On the other hand, I’m not at all surprised by the typical obese, super obedient, CCP supporters who have never been good at anything athletic who claim “outrage” at competition continuing through the pandemic. You should try it for once. You might feel alive for a fleeting moment of your sad existence, where donuts and closets appear to be your only refuge. Instead of spending your time complaining, you might try living. Simply “not dying” is not the goal of life. Living in fear is for the weak and complacent.

  19. I think runners shud be started at 8 foot inturval to avoid this evil ultra contageous china virus. They should required to manetain at least a 6 foot distance during the run to avoid Covid contamenation. They should have tear-off masks much like NASCAR has tear-off windshields. When a runner is slow they shud get off the track so the faster kids can not get contamieated. And at the end they should all get a trophy similar to the Stanley Cup or a golden mask because they have fallen for this B.S. Just remember if you wear 2 swimsuits you can pee in the pool. This all faxual infomacion

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