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Gov. Brown, health officials: COVID-19 surge should ease in 2-3 weeks as vaccinations rise

Governor defends Extreme Risk move: 'I chose to save lives'

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) – As 15 Oregon counties moved back to “Extreme Risk” COVID-19 restrictions on Friday, Gov. Kate Brown and state health officials said the latest modeling shows that this round of severe business limits should end in about three weeks, thanks to increased number of vaccinated Oregonians.

Oregon has had the nation’s fastest-growing rise in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks as “cases are widespread, driven by new, more contagious variants,” Brown said, after five straight weeks of case increases of 20 percent or more and a near-doubling of hospitalizations in just a week.

“While fewer seniors are being hospitalized, thanks to vaccinations, COVID-19 is now knocking more younger people off their feet,” the governor said.

“There is some good news,” she added, as the same modeling that warned of more deaths and hospitalizations without moving to Extreme Risk in many counties also shows that “over the next two to three weeks, based on current vaccination rates, we can get ahead of these variants.”

“Vaccines are the key to moving us out of Extreme Risk,” Brown said. “We can reopen our economy and return to post-pandemic life in June, but it will take every one of us” to get there.

Half of Oregon adults have had at least one vaccine dose, she said, with an average of 35,000 vaccinations a day.

“We are not out of the woods just yet,” she said, but “there are better days on the horizon.”

Dr. Peter Graven, lead data scientist at OHSU, said, “If we can follow a short pause in activities, being indoors without masks in close proximity to those outside of our household,” the modeling shows the surge will be slowed and halted, preventing 176 deaths and 700 hospitalizations.

Mariana Robins, 15, a sophomore at Portland's Edison High School, also spoke at the virtual news conference, a so-called COVID “long-hauler” who has had months of lingering symptoms that ranged from memory loss and dizziness to daily migraines and pain throughout her body.

“To me, the worst and scariest symptom was passing out without warning,” she said. "This caused me to scared to even walk around my house." Even now, she said, it remains harder to remember and learn. The once-avid reader said she “now can’t read a simple paragraph without getting tired and frustrated.” She strongly urged others to get the vaccine.

The governor was asked by a reporter about the letter from dozens of county officials and the state restaurant industry and why decisions can’t be turned over to local officials. Brown said, “COVID is surging … Why a statewide approach? It’s about hospitalizations and health care capacity.”

Dr. Dean Sidelinger, state epidemiologist, said what’s being seen now is similar to last fall, with an increase in cases statewide from multiple sources, from bars and restaurants to workplace outbreaks – and “about half not able to be traced to any known source because it’s so widespread.”

Asked about Bend protesters at a high school clinic who shouted at arriving students and vaccinators, some even calling them Nazis, Brown said, “While I’m governor, and hopefully in the future, we will continue to rely on science and the data in making public health decisions.”

Asked why it took weeks of rising cases and hospitalizations to impose new restrictions, the governor repeated a past comment, that its "always a balance between lives and livelihoods." But now, with faster-spreading variants fueling cases amid increasing vaccination efforts, "It's more challenging for Oregonians to understand why safety protocols need to be in place."

Gov. Brown's office news release:

Governor Kate Brown Provides Updates on COVID-19 in Oregon

With cases surging, Governor urges Oregonians to protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated
 (Salem, OR) — Governor Kate Brown held a press conference today to provide an update on the status of COVID-19 in Oregon. The Governor was joined by Dr. Peter Graven, Lead Data Scientist, Oregon Health & Science University; Mariana Robins, a 15-year old with long-haul COVID-19 symptoms; Dr. Dean Sidelinger, State Epidemiologist, Oregon Health Authority (OHA); and Dana Hargunani, Chief Medical Officer, OHA.

"As we are facing widespread cases, driven by new, more contagious variants, I was presented with data showing two paths Oregon could take: One in which we took no additional action and stood by while more people die from this disease, and another that required a temporary tightening of restrictions for certain counties but could save hundreds of lives and prevent as many as 450 hospitalizations over the next three weeks. As your Governor, I chose to save lives," said Governor Brown.

"There is some good news. The same scientific modeling also shows that over the course of the next two-to-three weeks, based on current vaccination rates, we can get ahead of these variants. Following that trajectory, we should be able to lift restrictions statewide and return to a sense of normalcy no later than the end of June.

"We are asking for your help today. We know vaccinations are the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones, and they are the key to fully reopening our economy and moving forward to post-pandemic life. But it will take each and everyone one of us to do our part to get there. If you haven't been vaccinated, please do so now — there are many available appointments statewide."

Additional Materials

  • A copy of the Governor's prepared remarks from today's press conference is available here.
  • A copy of a Governor's letter being sent to Extreme Risk counties and other stakeholders is available here.
  • More information on vaccines is available at


  • Data and analysis from OHSU is available on their website under the section titled "OHSU COVID-19 forecast."
  • OHSU's COVID forecast for April 30, 2021 is available here

Video Links

  • A recording of today's livestreamed press conference is available on YouTube. Please note the video starts at the 18:37 mark.
  • A recording of a Spanish language translation is available on OHA's Facebook page.
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    1. To at least give yourself some extra protection from those too selfish to get vaccinated. Vaccines cannot be 100% effective for an individual but if used as a system they end pandemics and epidemics.

      1. Bull. Masks were marginally effective at best, especially if one wears anything other than a fitted N95(which almost no one does). A fully vaccinated individual wearing a mask is ridiculous and at best mis-informed, and at worst, dumb as a post. Anyone wearing a mask either way when outside again is denying actual data and the science behind efficacy of masks outside.

          1. It couldn’t possibly be because of the flu cases being counted as COVID could it??? Face it, the Dems needed something to beat Trump over the head with and this was it.

            I have personally spoke to people that have had family members die of heart attacks and strokes, but because they tested positive for COVID in the past 60 days, their Death Certificate states that the cause of death was COVID. I think the COVID deaths are bloated with people that died “with COVID” instead of “from COVID”.

              1. What evidence is there that people aren’t getting the cold? As far as I know, this isn’t reported. You must be one of those people that as soon as you get a little runny nose you go run to your doctor looking for a cure. The doc just tells you take NyQuil and you go back home feeling better after pay your copay.

                1. I’ve seen no evidence about colds, but you can like at Oregon’s “flu bites” report to see how few flu tests came back positive during this past flu season.

                2. So according to Family Came Here and Never Trumper, COVID deaths are incredibly high because no one is wearing masks, but flu deaths are way down because everyone is wearing masks…got it. Liberal Logic at its finest.

          2. Covid is a respiratory virus, just like other coronaviruses (which there are none) and influenza. Only covid can be transmitted? Explain that sleepy Joe. Again, made up science from the left. It’s actually entertaining at this point. AND…cdc says 2 masks…are you wearing 2? IF not you could kill someon’s grandma, science denier.

          3. So does that make sense to the self employed who stay home and live in fear all day ? That masks prevent colds and the flu viruses A and B 100%… but are virtually helpless against the Chinese bug- that infected more than 900 Oregonians today ? Sorry- but the law of averages doesn’t buy it !

          4. What “year” are you talking about ? Certainly not the cold and flu “year”- which began last October 3rd of 2020- the OHA data collected at the time showed record highs of the seasonal flu at that time- lasting till November 14th- when suddenly, the flu just vanished- and the C- Virus surged to 1376 cases ! A quick check of the 2020 data before October 3rd shows a consistent pattern of flu outbreaks- with peaks and valleys no different since about 2016… I have never heard a clear explanation for this by any medical professional out there. Your attempts to misinform the masses is laughable- Einstein ! Here’s your link- prove me wrong !

        1. I love how inbred idiots think they know more than someone who has been in their respective fields for decades. Keep dragging those knuckles and pounding those chests.

          1. So, you would agree that LeBron and Kamala should keep their giant mouths shut when it comes to police reform and let the LE leaders make the reccomendations?

              1. She is also a descendant of slave owners ! A fact she rarely reminds people of- admits to- or denounces. She is the pure embodiment of hypocrisy and evil- yet you voted for her- making you a racist slave owning supporter in your own right- congrats to you Master !

                1. She’s also a descendent of slaves. So what. Hypocrisy is not passed on from generation to generation through genes. Sounds like you slept through science class, as well as basic logic. Have a great day in beautiful (if not sunny today) Central Oregon.

                2. You really need some Prozac, you are ranting and making absolutely no sense! usually your rants are stupid but coherent (when anyone bothers to read them) get some help!

                3. “She’s also a descendent of slaves. So what.” ??? You think your radical left wing media would have let that slide if President Trump had such a vile family history ? Seems hypocrisy isn’t passed on from month to month in your Joe and Hunter Biden ‘Merika !

      2. They are designed to mitigate hospitalizations/ deaths. 94 % effective is better than zero %. Not a cure all but prevention. Something that’s not addressed in the United States in many people’s lives. Preventative medicine.

        For those who don’t support this, go maskless, don’t get a vaccine. But also DO NOT whine if/ when you test positive. I’m pretty sure the medical profession is darn tired of taking care of naysayers, while putting people at risk.

        1. I fully respect anyone masking and getting vaccines. I’ve been massing, although I don’t think it is effective, but I do and pretty much everyone I see does too. I’d like to wait to for the FDA to approve the vaccines, which takes time because they have no clue if there are long term negative effects. So that is my choice, but for some reason you don’t allow us to make those choices without calling us names and blaming the pandemic on us.

      3. To selfish I doubt that, they are just exercising their freedom of choice as to why they don’t feel confident in a vaccine that has no long term testing and are not willing to drink the kool Aid. Why is Oregon having the most cases ? We have had the most restrictions of most of the states, oh now it’s because of new variants of the virus what a bunch of crap ! Maybe it’s because we have not had the freedom to build herd immunity. After all Dr Fauci made the statement before Biden got in office that ultimately that would be the key to irradiate the virus.Now the rules again have changed every one on the planet needs to get the vaccine before we can have a normal life.

      4. A person wearing a mask is not protecting themselves, unless it’s a respirator or maybe an N95 minimum. The masks people are wearing are a small measure to protect OTHERS from the whatever comes out of the wearers mouth or nose. I would hope by now that people realize viruses etc. are exponentially tinier than the fiber density of whatever we are using to cover our faces.

    2. Why are we still trying to explain this nonsense to people? Get vaccinated so you don’t spread this to somebody who has a weak immune system. Wear a mask as a common courtesy to people on the planet who are still getting sick. As for you, stay inside and don’t go out. The world doesn’t want to see the 1 ******* walking thru Home Depot, yelling at people that they don’t need a mask. Literally 5 year old children can grasp this thought process. Why can’t you? Turn off your cable news as well

      1. How about the people with weak immune systems get the unapproved jab and stay inside with two masks on. Why should healthy people have to do it too?

        1. Fanbeav ~ So you are implying that if a person has or had cancer they should be punished? Or asthma? Neither of them are choices.bad are many other underlying conditions. Childhood diabetes isn’t anybody’s fault it just happens.

          Hope you are healthy and that you stay that way.

          1. In contrast- you are insisting that healthy individuals- who have made good lifestyle decisions and led healthy lives- exercised, ate properly, limited alcohol, didn’t smoke, practiced safe sex, avoided the pitfalls of drug use, obtained an equal balance of work and recreation… should be “punished’ for their efforts ? Good gawd- can the radical left get it more wrong ?

      1. Great question, they won’t tell us will they? Also they won’t tell us how many are there for unrelated things but got tested and now are considered a covid patient.

      2. Great question Chuck Schumer, I mean Nancy Pelosi, I mean CNN. You will never hear that number because it will go against the agenda of the man that couldn’t find his mask right before he gave a speech in Georgia.

        Trump didn’t walk down a ramp quite right and CNN goes crazy saying that Trump was unfit, but the left defends this buffoon like he is going to save the world….

      3. The only reason I wear a mask in privately owned businesses is to protect them from scumbags like you trying to get him shut down and fined. Follow the Science wise***.

      4. A recent report right here on KTVZ has a doctor at the hospital saying that where “few” people in the hospital that had been vaxed.
        Just a few, nothing to be concerned about.

    3. No one can explain why 200 vaccinated people go into a room that holds 1600, wearing masks and physically distanced!! It’s political theater. FOLLOW THE SCIENCE Congress!

      1. It’s so easy for you to blame when you have no other response. Sad for you, your weakness and inability to generate your own thoughts.

  1. Leftwing democrat governors are trying to tie opening up their states to % of vaccinated. Imagine that – your freedom for an unapproved vaccine. It was never about deaths or cases (even though the PCR tests are totally inaccurate and hospitals are paid $13,000 for every death “with” covid). It was always forcing people to get the jab and not question why our immune systems are no longer worthy!

    This is not going to end well!

    1. Personally, I find medical insurance and reimbursement to be mind-numbingly overcomplicated so I’m not going to pretend like I know anything about it. However, out of curiosity I’ve also looked for better information on the various posts I’ve seen about hospitals intentionally lying to mark down covid cases or deaths to get money. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of holes in that type of assertion. As part of covid relief aid/stimulus packages, the government is providing reimbursement but that is mostly to help hospitals cover the costs of the surge in patients and to cover those who aren’t insured but receiving covid medical assistance. Point is, it is easy to turn that around and try to imply something devious, but it really has more to do with making sure hospitals are able to keep operations going as smooth as possible considering the circumstances. We all received covid relief money and support in one way or another, and so do hospitals, and that is the way they are getting reimbursed for the additional costs they are incurring.

  2. I’m so old I remember when this whole thing started and gov clown said mandates were fir 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Here we are over a year later going into extreme lockdown and she literally tells us it “ should be about 3 weeks”. Yea don’t think anyone believes a word she says.

      1. Please, explain what she means by return to post pandemic. I’m probably not intelligent enough to understand. I’d like your gigantic brain to explain it in simple terms.

        1. OBEY your government masters without question. They know what is best. NT will get extra rations for his complete fealty to our savior Kate Brown and Fauci.

    1. you think at this point the ones who need a sign language interpreter don’t care what the message is and are equally as tired of this lol

  3. If we are one of the most stringent states regarding Covid safety regulations and mandates, why are we one of the worst numbers wise for this current outbreak?

    It does not add up

  4. Let’s not forget the genius move to open up schools. The new cases in
    the Bend La Pine school district alone was a nice addition to the overall count.
    If there are new, faster spreading variants, how do they know that the current
    vaccine will even work against those ? She doesn’t have a clue how much longer
    it will be until the increase in numbers subsides. In 2-3 weeks she will have another
    news conference saying that it will still be another month or two…
    What happened to the claim that Oregon has been doing so much better than the rest of the country ? Apparently the measures that she imposed magically don’t work anymore because now
    we have gone from supposedly one of the best states to one of the worst.

    1. Yep, this surge coincides pretty nicely with Spring Break and then return to school, but for some reason we are shutting down restaurants and gyms again but leaving schools open?

    2. She doesnt have a re-election bid to think of so she doesn’t have to base her decisions to appeal to people. She will say by middle of may that the variants are still winning and stricter lockdown rules are in order and she will be encouraging inslee to follow suit to form a united western front against this disease. Wasnt this supposed to be gone when sniffles took office that way it would all be blamed on trump.

  5. The first one she had the Mexican gentleman was entertaining to watch he added his own flair to it. Brown probably had him reassigned thinking he was undermining her doom and gloom. So her saying it’s more challenging for oregonians to understand why safety protocols need to be institued, what I got out of it is we are too selfish to comprehend that she cares about us. That she’s saving us from our own self destructing behavior.😕🏏

    1. I don’t have any problems with the vaccine, but I’m not going to get it in order to somehow satisfy your health even though you can protect yourself by getting it…. just like the Flu every year. Don’t you see how backwards your logic is?

    1. You are at the top of the list NT.

      Weird how you post morning, day , and night. 7 days a week.

      Do you ever come out of the basement for fresh air? When mom is making your PB and J lunch maybe?

        1. Yes you do including swinging from your ******** in your moms basement while the upper, middle, and lower class suffers from paying more and more hard earned cash/tax to fuel the progressive dumpster fire lit by nitwits like you in Oregon.

        2. I doubt it. I’m about to buy my second home in Mexico. You will still be stuck here sucking on your mask. If your mom will let you go out, let me know where you would like to meet for an adult conversation.

        3. If you work for yourself- and make three times the average shmo- then you should be singing the praises of President Trump- cause nothing Joe Biden has done in the first 100 days in office has benefited the small business owner- in fact- his large scale return to business regulations should be limiting your ability to make money- and it doesn’t matter what industry you are in. We’ve seen our material costs increase well over 100%. And as soon as you start to feel the fallout from $4/gallon gas- even working at home will hit your pocket book with easily an additional $400- a month… and that doesn’t include business supplies- which will continue to rise in cost. Like I said- Joe Biden is no friend of yours- you made your money during the Trump Presidency- like everyone else- so why be such a jerk about it… or admit you are lying !

        4. How do you know how much anyone else makes. Prove to us that you make so much money by publishing your business right here. I don’t believe you even have a job let alone a business. You probably live with your parents or in a camper on Hummel rd. Anyone can pretend to be anything on the Internet.😂😂😂😂

  6. Her political career is OVER. The idiocy of leaving unvaccinated schools going full time, but shut down everywhere else is just stupidity. Just step down now because you’re going to crash and burn if you run for anything in Oregon. Go the hell away!

  7. She probably thinks she can get a spot in harris’s administration next year when she cant be re-elected. Wouldnt put it past her to try and get that changed citing that she has saved oregon hundreds of death through what she thinks is vigilance and unselfishness lol

  8. Kate has had the most restrictive covid mandates in the country, destroyed small businesses, increased homelessness, ignored science and now we have the highest covid increase of any state with a 40-50% increase and Alabama in distant 2nd place with a 30% increase. Now the idiot is beating the vaccination drum harder while she closes down half the state again. TOTALLY INCOMPETENT LEADER! Please resign

    1. She wont dr in her head she thinks she is the sole reason our numbers arent akin to new york’s. We’ll see come june after memorial day weekend when we are still locked down what her reasoning is

  9. So here’s what my insider within the Charles has told me… that Kate Brown is no longer calling the shots and has lost all control of the messaging. Hospitals have become addicted to the large cash payouts- and will continue to post daily deaths and new case numbers- in spite of what Brown has instructed them to do. The hospitals believe that the media induced fear and anxiety has put them in control- which is hilarious ! So for many of you who have been wondering why- that after four months of vaccines- millions of negative tests-and the continued lockdowns and school closures- that we still see 900 new cases (like today- why won’t this end… now you know ! Follow the money people ! When the Charles had to suffer through various strikes- this is why- everyone at the hospital knows how the game is being played- and they all want their cut ! Brown must resign- it’s our only hope- the state is doomed to suffer through her distorted and fabricated lies until she does !

  10. Fact- the current surge started March 30th- at the time Oregon was bumbling through 14,479 cases… that number has since shot up to 24,722… a dramatic increase of more than 10,000 new cases ! We’ve had vaccines for more than four months- still in lock-down- still wearing masks and social distancing… so what evidence is Kate Brown providing to back up her prediction ? We didn’t see any “ease” of the Chyna Vyrus in April/May of 2020… in fact we saw a dramatic increase that peaked in August- at least according to Brown- the OHA- and St Charles who was involved in the charade. So lets keep this simple… the vaccine has had no effect on reducing numbers for four months now- hot summer weather didn’t do the trick last year (tho Australia saw a dramatic decline)- so why is Brown declaring an end to our suffering in 2-3 weeks ??? Ya’ll see the hoax yet ? Fortunately for us the greedy gold diggers at St Charles aint about to let their golden goose be stolen by no Jackline and her beanstalk ! This is hilarious… Kate Brown (and her security detail) are about to be publicly humiliated by the good doctors at the Chucks ! Bwahahaaa !!!

  11. I am frequently disgusted and disappointed in my fellow human beings regarding the Covid vaccinations and mask wearing. Those of you who choose to get a vaccination, which has not been tested and proven for, at least, 10-15 years, I truly do wish you well. I would never be so rude as to tell you how misguided that thinking is. However, I was very blessed to have a father who finished his working career in the Research Department of Merck, when it was a great company( back in the late 1960’s through mid-1990’s). He always said that one should NEVER have any form of medication before it has gone through years of testing.
    That being said, I, as well as other members of my family, suffer from Guillan-Barre Syndrome. Even Dr. Fauci has said that those who have G-B Syndrome should never have the Covid Vax. Since any symptoms of G-B Syndrome can cause the one suffering to be paralyzed, it is not something to be taken lightly. I was very fortunate to be unable to walk for only one week when I was 3, after being given sulfonamides for the flu. My cousin, was also given sulfonamides for the flu at the age of 15. She is now 74, still in metal leg braces. Thankfully, her metal arm braces came off 12 years ago. Selfish of us not to get the Covid vaccination?! I think not!
    Regarding masks, I personally suffered a TIA(mini stroke) back in February, due to not getting enough oxygen because of mask wearing.
    What may be something that is right for you, may not be right for others. That doesn’t make us selfish.

      1. During my father’s time at Merck, they had volunteers within the company who would test the medications/vaccinations. However, it was not ever something that was released to the public almost immediately. Nor was there the hatred and vitriol which we see today.

  12. With this “surge” can any of the experts on here tell me the percentage of Deschutes County population actively infected? I’ll wait. It’ll be interesting if any of you Kate crawlers actually look at data. You won’t.

    1. Not sure anyone is interested in watered down percentages- which is why you chose it… so try this instead- there are currently more than 10,000 infected Da-Shooters wandering around the region passing on the C-Virus. That is about 10x’s more infected’s than neighboring counties. So what it is it about these flat Earth- knuckle draggers (many who are enabled and protected here at the Z) that don’t understand Brown’s mandates- “stay home- stay safe- go broke” ? Here’s yer link- do yer own excuse making on yer own time…!/vizhome/OregonHealthAuthorityCOVID-19DataDashboard/COVID-19EPICases

  13. What “”surge””?? What percentage of our population is infected, or even showing any symptoms if they have it? Why would locking down a third time help meet these so called metrics if it hadn’t the other two times…. Kate brown is a stupid hag.

    1. She wants to kiss up to the powers that be in washington that look kindly on any governor passing their fear rhetoric. Noem in south dakota has said she wont take any illegals and when they filed the necessary permits for the fireworks at mt rushmore they were denied.

  14. What I find the most interesting in this whole situation is the complete willingness of people to give up human dignity and basic human rights. These freedoms are given up freely based on a handful of politicians, scientists and businessmen who all claim to know a “higher good” for society all while playing to the hand of each. Michael Esfeld explains it best.

    “ Then, scientists can put themselves in the limelight with political demands that have no legal limits due to the alleged emergency. This scientific legitimacy then provides politicians with a power to interfere in people’s lives that they could never obtain through democratic, constitutional means. They are willingly joined by those business people who profit from this policy and can pass on the risks of their economic activities to the taxpayer.“ Quoting Michael Esfeld

  15. I’m healthy, relatively young and don’t spend time with anyone considering “at-risk”
    I’m confident my natural immune system is better equipped to respond to a wide variety of pathogens.
    Turn off the TV folks and start living your lives , this has gotten beyond ridiculous.
    There is enough good data and actual “science” out there to make more informed decisions

    1. I agree. The thing that I can’t figure out is if this disease is so abundant why don’t I know anyone who has ever had it? And I know a lot of people. I have even asked them if they knew of anyone that had it and they said no.

  16. All that noise above from the various experts… none of which has bothered to ask the most simple of questions- based on this bold and outrageous quote from Hater Brown- “Governor defends Extreme Risk move: ‘I chose to save lives'”… OK Kate- just how many lives have you saved- and what do you have to say about the almost 2,500 that you didn’t ? With all her rhetoric- is she willing to accept credit for the number of deaths as well as for the number of “saved lives” ??? Oh my-such a conundrum that Carley should be looking into ! Cmon Girl- be the first at KTVZ to snag that NW Emmy nomination- yer competition is rolling in them- while you all infuriate the region with your liberal double-speak !

  17. Latest metric is that 29% of all Oregonians have agreed to be vaccinated…

    At this late stage of the game and with interstate travelers coming and going who may, or may not be vaccinated…

    Oregon will never reopen.

    Get a clue, Kate. You’re killing the state far faster and more effectively than COVID is.

  18. I think the problem is that the younger folks have not completed the vaccine process but are also failing to wear masks & social distance. That is evident with the hospitalizations happening in Washington. I would imagine he same is true in Oregon. Hang in there and follow the guidance.

    Per an article in the Seattle Times:
    Hospital leaders Monday said that a fourth wave of COVID-19 is driving up hospitalizations in Washington, that young patients make up an increasing proportion of their workload and that some are suffering from more severe disease than earlier in the pandemic.

    “We are seeing younger patients than what we saw in earlier surges: Patients in their 30s, 40s and 50s are being hospitalized,” said Tom DeBord, the chief operating officer of Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, during a news briefing hosted by the Washington State Hospital Association.

  19. I agree with the Governor entirely, except for her comment that it is a balance between lives and livelihood. Swift, consistent adherence to the basic guidelines from the very beginning would have knocked down the virus in its infancy and saved both lives AND livelihoods all at the same time.

    There are still tens of thousands of lives at risk with this pandemic and Gov. Brown is doing her job and saving lives, as well as protecting hospital capacity.

    God help us all, if such a large part of the nation continues to insist on denying the science when the next, much more serious pandemic hits us.

  20. Contrary to what is promoted for the far left liberals that congregate here… KATU had an interesting interview this morning with Dr. Bud Pierce- who will be running for Brown’s position as soon as she is done wrecking the state- have a look- listen without prejudice- and remember- this guy is moe than just a Dr.- He is a scientist too. I would highly suggest that Mr. Lerten take a few minutes to watch what real leadership looks like…

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