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St. Charles Bend reaches maximum capacity, cancels some outpatient, elective surgeries

(Update: Adding video, comments)

After canceled biopsy, woman says: 'I felt an overwhelming flood of grief and fear'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- According to St. Charles Bend, the number of patients currently exceeds the hospital's capacity.

As a result, the hospital is initiating and implementing 'surge' plans to expand patient care into the Medical Diagnostic Unit (MDU), according to a Friday hospital notice a recipient shared with NewsChannel 21.

St. Charles says it's canceling outpatient and elective MDU cases to coincide with the move.

However, some viewers like Annette Hayden of Deschutes River Woods have reached out to NewsChannel 21 to express their concern with these recent cancellations to accommodate COVID-19 patients.

Hayden says she received a voicemail last Friday from her pulmonary doctor, saying her biopsy was canceled, along with her follow-up appointments.

"I felt an overwhelming flood of grief and fear," Hayden said.

She was set to have a biopsy for a mass found on her lung, which her doctor believes is a malignant tumor.

"I had my appointment set, and it seems to me a mass on your lung is as possibly deadly as COVID is," Hayden said.

Last week, Deschutes County set a record with a total of 569 COVID-19 cases, which has forced the hospital to cancel some outpatient and elective surgeries to accommodate COVID patients.

St. Charles' Chief Physician Executive Dr. Jeffrey Absalon says the lack of bed availability has forced them to think outside the box.

"We were out of beds and at one point last week," Absalon said Monday. "We had more than 20 people that required hospitalization that were being cared for in the emergency room, because we did not have a physical bed space available."

Absalon did, however, stress that not every outpatient or elective appointment is being canceled.

"If there is judged to be harm caused by a delay of more than two weeks, we absolutely go forward with those cases," Absalon said.

As of Monday, St. Charles reported 39 COVID-19 patients, eight of whom were in the ICU, six on ventilators.

But there could be a trend in the right direction, with 60% of those 16 and older receiving their first dose of the vaccine in Deschutes County, according to Morgan Emerson of Deschutes County Health Services.

To date, there have been 8,029 total cases, 5,981 recoveries and 73 deaths in Deschutes County.

The state is also tracking other COVID strains such as the U.K., Brazilian, and South African variants, which are considered more contagious.

But the unknowns in the future for people like Annete Hayden will continue to linger.

"I feel like I'm on the Titanic," Hayden said. "You can't get off, you don't want to stay on -- what do you do?"

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Alec Nolan

Alec Nolan is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Alec here.



    1. Exactly, people doing the right thing are punished instead of rewarded and the economy therefore suffers, vaccine passports are exactly what americas businesses need to SUCCESSFULLY reopen, but the magas think they earn more brownie points mocking kate brown instead (see what i did there)

      1. Actually NinnyMouse- what you’ve done is not read the first line of the article- probably like the rest of the rabid liberal left- can’t be bothered… so here- lemme help you focus… “the number of patients currently exceeds the hospital’s capacity.” ! “Patients” ? What kind of Patients ?? It certainly can’t be mass numbers of infected from the China attack- looking at the OHA data on emergency room visits- we see that the Wuhan Bat has remained relatively steady… but wait- it’s all them other visitors that are driving up the hospital visits ! Look at the chart people ! Oregon hospitals had 1000 more visitors a week to their hospitals way back before the Wuhan ! Gee- just how did St Chucks survive then ? Now what you are seeing is people starting to get out of their homes and live again ! Take risks- ride that dirt bike- play some softball- how about some backyard hoops ! data don’t lie… but it sure seems like Alec has a tendency to fib- probably learned it from Lerten… anyway Alec- here’s the actual data- where we see emergency department visits trending back towards 5,000- like in December of 2019- when people were living life- taking chances- having FUN !!! Yeh- you remember that don’t you ???!/vizhome/OregonCOVID-19Update/EmergencyDepartment

        1. I think the whole point of distancing is that dirt biking and team sports arent essential activities and not smart injuries to block up the hospital with in the middle of a pandemic thats killed so many patriot heros. It seems sad to me when i know people who died from bat flu and you pretend that “having fun” is more important, with your bad attitude we would have lost all three world wars and not won them!

          1. all THREE world wars you say? wow you are an intelligent one arent you? yeah, lets just stop doing everything but sitting at home and watching netflix. lets all gain lots of weight, get some diabetes, maybe some heart disease. while we are at it lets throw in some depression and isolation because the scary covid is going to get us all.
            i know its realllly hard to believe but maybe, just maybe, there might be some patients in that there hospital that have some other illnesses that are caused from things other than dirt biking and team sports. and in case you forgot, hospitals are a business. if they are empty all the time then people start losing their jobs. you cant pay a bunch of nurses and doctors to tend to empty beds now can you? so settle down and go ride a dirt bike, who knows, you may even find out that you could go to urgent care for the scuffed elbow when you crash…

            1. This is weird thing about those claims- if st charles was truly only busy in the winter because of the flu wouldnt they be expanding and contracting all the time, mass cyclical layoffs like the school system… yet instead they just keep expanding and still hit capacity in recent years… no wonder the excess death rate increase since 2020 is straining things

          2. Your Guvy Hate Brown just announced a statewide approval for all indoor K-12 sporting events… are these really “oh so essential” as you claim ? I mean Gee Kate- what about the “many killed patriot heroes” ?… Maybe this will rattle that Biden-esque stooper yer always in… Sports- By Max Goldwasser April 21, 2021 5:36 PM- Published April 21, 2021 11:49 AM- “C.O. coaches, student athletes react to state relaxing rules for indoor contact sports”… “Updated county risk level metrics from the Oregon Health Authority released Tuesday lift the ban on indoor full-contact sports”… Seems even Kovid Kate has worn tired of her own hoax ! “BATTER UP- PLAY BALL” !!!…

    2. They’ll probably say it’s your “personal responsibility” that you should have funded and planned for your own personal hospital facilities in preparation for such an eventuality.

    3. To be clear, you’re talking about school-aged children, all of their parents, and the 20-29 year old demographic, right? Being ruled by science and all, just want to make sure we’re looking at the same data of current prevalence rates in CO…

          1. I have the very limited terms of service we enforce memorized – we don’t allow unsubstantiated criminal allegations, threatening or encouraging violence and the term “offensive” which is a judgment call 100s of times a day, but we err on the side of freedom of speech. We also review comments after someone complaints, but when they attack others and don’t want fairly equal attacks by others, it’s hard not to just let them both show and again, will review them if noted.

            1. WTH ? REALLY ? “we don’t allow unsubstantiated criminal allegations” ??? YOU MOST CERTAINLY DO ! You allowed unsubstantiated criminal allegations against President Trump on a daily basis ! You encouraged the hate- the vile anger- the bullying and nonstop lies ! You posted- repeated- peddled- and parroted every single unsubstantiated criminal allegation against the guy for four years… and last I checked- he ain’t in jail ! Not sure you guys will ever recover your reputations from years gone by… ya’ll sold out for a buck- now ya gotta live with the title… “Enemy of the People” !

              1. How unfortunate that you, the usual Trump cult and the orange anus himself feel so victimized by the big, bad press. Do you need a hug? LOL!

              1. If we are so awful and so prehistoric, then why are you here? We have allowed 111,821 comments here since late 2019 (and only deleted 409? Odd, but that’s what it says – do the math, we aren’t “censors”!).
                Clearly it does exist, and is very popular.

    4. Exactly, look up “spike proteins” you will find out the people who ran out and got this experiment shot are producing so much spike proteins their bodies are shedding them to other people and women are having miscarriages and Mistral issues and all sorts of other problems because of this shot!

      1. mis·tral
        noun: mistral; plural noun: mistrals
        a strong, cold northwesterly wind that blows through the Rhône valley and southern France into the Mediterranean, mainly in winter.

        Yup, all those spike proteins are causing a hell of a lot of wind, aren’t they?

    1. I understand most of the COVID patients there now are people who had the opportunity to get vaccinated, but chose not to. IMO if the hospital needs to do triage they should give lower priority to these folks; they chose to put themselves in the situation they are now in.

      1. heart disease kills more people each year than have died in the US from COVID during this entire Pandemic. Should they get lower priority as well if they have ate fatty foods or not exercised or done any of the other things that contribute to heart disease since they knew and chose to still eat bacon every morning and have a cheeseburger and fries for lunch?

        1. Well, having heart disease has a direct connection with a severe COVID outcome (actually, the highest incidence of comorbidity when it comes to mortalities), so yes!

          1. If they’re wanting _elective_ heart surgery, then yes, they have to wait. Or if a COVID patient has more pressing needs, then, yes, they have to wait.

            But they’d probably wish they weren’t in line behind a COVID patient.

        2. Actually, once Covid-19 got rolling, IT became the no. one killer after heart disease and cancer.

          Also, there is now the evidence that as a whole, Americans have lost a year of life expectancy–after years and years of gains in this category. Latinos as a demographic have lost 3 years and African-Americans two.

          What is going on now could have been prevented had we national leadership willing to inspire us to take effective CONSISTENT precautions at the onset of the pandemic and stop it in its tracks.

      2. Yes, and give low priority to those with cancer who smoke or use tobacco. And low priority to those with kidney issues who drink, use drugs. And low priority to those overweight with diabetes or other ailments. Etc. etc. etc. Your comments are stupid. You deserve low priority treatment because of that.

    2. MAGAs six months ago: Thank Trump for Operation Warp Speed! MAGAs now that the vaccine is available to them: Hell no, I ain’t taking the vaccine!

      1. Actually Pilm0, six moths ago it was the Democrats that were saying no way that they would take the Trump vaccine. Now they are saying it is saving the world. You do realize NONE of those were developed under the Biden administration. I am really happy to hear the Liberal Democrats cheering on something President Trump accomplished. How do you know it is the MAGA Trumpers who are not getting the vaccine? Are there numbers out showing that? I got mine. My opinion is that the Liberals that refuse to get it just stay quiet about it. That way all their friends don’t give them crap for thinking for themselves.

        1. EVERY liberal i know already has it, and wants to sit down at restaurants but cant, because of all the unvaccinated magas protesting sitting down at restaurants by sitting down at restaurants 🤠

          1. You do realize it was Harris, Pelosi, moron AOC and demorats that encouraged like minded liberals to not get the vaccine because Trump was pushing it? You do realize that many not getting the vaccine are liberals and minorities who actually can think for themselves and don’t just get in lock step like you good little minion liberals.

            1. Im certainly glad i didnt get stuck with one of the warp speed vaccines, but youre right its much easier to trust the vaccine rollout now that president bleach drinker lost that landslide election and we are listening to dr fauci again

        2. What exactly is the “Trump vaccine?” Is that the one with bleach and disinfectants? I wouldn’t want to get an injection of that, either.

          1. Come on, say Thank You President Trump. you know Biden couldn’t have pulled this off. And Martha, you know Trump didn’t say that, and really look pathetic bringing that up. What Trump actually said was edited by MSM to benefit it’s sheep, watch them back to back and tell me Trump meant to say inject bleach. We got your guy in there now, enjoy, or try to enjoy life. Brag about Biden for us without mentioning Trump. The border is going great (not), gas prices still affordable (well, for now), building materials are double the $$. But hey, transgenders can compete as women. And anonymouktvz – You proved my point that Liberals that have not been vaccinated don’t say a word about it, people like you will give them crap for making a decision on their own, not following. I will guarantee not every Liberal you know has had their shot. At least 1 is smart enough to not tell you.

              1. When the Department of Health and Human Services released Pfizer’s $1.95 billion coronavirus vaccine contract with Operation Warp Speed last Wednesday, the agreement revealed that the Trump administration didn’t include government rights to intellectual property typically found in federal contracts. The drugmaker has downplayed its involvement in Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s more than $10 billion program to make a coronavirus vaccine available in record time. Although Pfizer didn’t receive government funding this spring toward research and development of the vaccine, it nevertheless received one of the largest Operation Warp Speed supply contracts to date on July 21. (Lupkin, 11/24)

              2. And by the time the first Warp Speed checks were cut to J and J and Moderna, both companies had already taken their vaccine projects well beyond the research stage. Let’s not forget that Warp Speed included the initial disastrous disribution of the vaccines in Dec. and early Jan. Vaccines all over the world were being developed at “warp speed” at the same time. But, I’ll give Trump credit if it means more people get the jabs.

            1. I mean if 70 pct of the nation has it thats room for all the liberals and then some, you can tell us where you think the 40 pct of marines who are refusing fit in to the picture
              But absolutely, president kgb was “curious” if disinfectants could be “applied inside the body” and was asking the CDC to look into it, no wonder pfizer developed their very successful and widely distributed vaccine without maga involvement

            2. Sorry Bub, I watched it live as it occurred. And what was pathetic was the shocked looks on the faces of everyone around him, looking in their laps and their inability to stand up and contradict his insane and bizarre statements. And President Trump did not ‘create’ or develop the Pfizer vaccine no matter how you try to spin it and we owe him nothing but disdain for his inability to deal with a national health crisis. But what is the most pathetic is you trying to spin it that it’s liberals not getting the shots.

            3. I DO know Trump is a Blithering Idiot who couldn’t tie his shoes on a bet. In fact, I’d wager the fat slob hasn’t even seen his feet in decades.

          2. I would be considered a liberal and yes that bleach and disinfectant one was the one I was saying wasn’t a good idea. I was up to speed with the Pfizer one last June and waited patiently for its arrival.

        3. Go ahead, find one comment, post, article or anything to back up what you said! I think you are a liar and just making it up! prove me wrong!

        4. There is no “Trump vaccine”. What people had said was that if there was a vaccine released that only Trump was touting as safe and effective, rather than medical professionals, people would be reluctant to take it.

      2. You do realize it was Harris, Pelosi, moron AOC and demorats that encouraged like minded liberals to not get the vaccine because Trump was pushing it? You do realize that many not getting the vaccine are liberals and minorities who actually can think for themselves and don’t just get in lock step like you good little minion liberals.

        1. When did Harris, Pelosi, or AOC ever say not to get vaccinated?

          When did Trump “push” for people to get vaccinated?

          Quotes, please.

      3. Good for you! That’s the beauty of our constitutional republic if we can save it! You have the choice to take it or not to take it! But if the communists win you won’t have a choice anymore! Pay attention to Arizona and the swing States that will follow their lead! Trust in God! Patriots will win!

        1. If you’re wishing for the election results to be overturned, you’re not wishing to save our constitutional republic but to destroy it by replacing an honestly elected US President with an autocrat. The patriots have already won, first by being guided by God to elect Biden and second by stamping down a democracy killing insurrection.

    3. Please stop demonizing the other side. Look at the current prevalence stats and our explosion in case rates. It’s being driven — substantially — by children and young adults. Politics has nothing to do with it, and it just makes you look like a hypocrite when lambasting others for “not following the science.”

      1. It sure seems to me that political middle aged parents and coaches etc, as weve seen all over the news lately, might have a relationship to which young people are catching it too

          1. You missed the story last week about the summit high coach mask-whining the day before we went back in extreme risk and several area high schools closed? Why are you bothering to comment if you dont know what is going on?

  1. Barney, considering the repeated commenters who claim the bat flu patient counts are falsified or overstated, and considering the hospital’s recent trend towards transparency on some subjects- this story and its followup, are good opportunities to compare St Charles historical occupancy over the last few “normal” years, with its current demand during the bat flu outbreak, if you can get those numbers. I think it’s a timely question that is ripe for a journalistically researched answer.

    1. I don’t think they have any journalists at KTVZ. If they can’t cut n paste, or take it direct from CNN or another source, we don’t see it on here.

        1. Its a crazy day when “americans” will actually pretend network affiliate reporters arent even journalists, im sorry you have to deal with this day in and day out barney

        2. You haven’t interviewed Kate Brown since the pandemic started- but you’ve posted all her Ex. orders- and joined in on snitching on local Mom and pop restaurants over “appearances” of violations. You’ve avoided challenging Ron Wyden on his idiotic and unconstitutional participation in the Presidential impeachments- and finally- a simple question to the OHA as to why they suddenly (and without notice) changed their definition surrounding covid deaths from deaths “BY” to deaths “RELATED TO” has yet to be asked… and none of them will be… WHY ? Cmon Barney- even a High School newspaper student would ask the principle why corn dogs over meat loaf surprise !

          1. No they wouldnt you idiot, everyone likes corn dogs more that meatloaf surprise, where are you from anyways because youve clearly never set foot in an american public school?!?!? And why cant you spell principal right?

            1. “And why cant you spell principal right?”,,, Probably for the same reason you can’t spell “than”… Gawd- nothing like mucking up an attempt at high brow superiority with yer own spelling gaffe ! Da-Shoots Kounty never ceases to disappoint !

              1. I mean it says a lot you cant tell your homonyms apart, none of the bot traffic seems to be able… what a weird problem to have, so different than the typos native speakers make

  2. Actions (or in this case, inactions by ignoring protective measures or vaccinations) have consequences, and again it’s the overloading of our health care system. Wash up, cover up, distance. Simple.

    1. What’s the percentage of Deschutes County actively infected, then when you figure that out try to retype this statement without laughing.

      1. Percentages here don’t mean as much as the number of beds that are available. That’s the point of the article. That’s the problem with the local health care system brought about by the single event of COVID-19 that can be/could be controlled through very simple and effective means: wash up, cover up, distance.

  3. Funny, it’s the same know it all, but do nothings, commenting, Why? SAVE THE EARTH, stop wasting energy, throw away your smart phones, and computers, they are causing greenhouse gasses, just the mining they have to do, to get the recourses, to make them is destroying the earth, Come on man.

    1. And even with all that advanced technology, they still cant make an autocorrect that will translate the word “resources” from russsian properly and keep you from looking stupid again

  4. How is it that the states with the least restrictive rules for Covid are doing better than the states that have been the most restrictive? Science is based on evidence and the evidence thus far is not in favor of the lockdowns and the most restrictive rules. Therefore the science says what?
    As soon as there is a surge, many liberals immediately blame the republicans without any proof that the surge was in fact caused by those you disagree with politically. That is not at all science. That is just feelings, which is exactly why Oregon finds itself in first place in the Covid derby now. Our governor works on feelings that she calls “science”. So keep blaming all the republicans as their states now lead the way in the best results with Covid because they actually followed the science.

      1. Hey Barnold Larsen. It may be time to cancel Pilmo for him calling everyone boy. Not very woke of him and could be considered straight up racist depending on who is calling that. This kind of behavior should not be allowed here. It might make him feel tough by hiding behind his computer but in the real world this kind of language towards other would likely get him in deep ****.

        1. Why do you automatically assume that the use of the word boy is being racist ?
          Contrary to popular belief and what the media tells us, not everything involves race.
          Your comment shouldn’t be allowed because you are insinuating that the comment was
          race based and you have no proof of your accusation…

        2. Wow you guys sound very triggered and threatened over nothing, everyone knows town is full of sunbelt transplants lately, seems appropriate to recognize that fact

          1. Well bummer. My attempt at cancel culture was a failure. I guess liberal news sources will just continue there hypocritical ways.

            1. I really hope you dont use comment sections as your news sources, although that would explain why pandemic response is so far over your head 🤔

      2. Barney I think this does go against you terms of service. “Your User Content does not contain falsehoods, misrepresentations, or deceptive material that is unlawful, obscene, patently offensive, defamatory, libelous, threatening, sexually explicit, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive,”

        This is threatening. Why are you allowing this hate?

        1. If enforced that to extreme measure, “hateful”!!?? 90 percent of comments here would disappear. Telling someone to leave isn’t “threatening.” And “boy” is not inherently racist. Heck, we let folks say WTF (what the fudge) – to err on the side of freedom of speech.

          1. It is certainly racist if who is calling “boy” is African American. So being that you likely don’t know the race of those using this forum it seems best to error on the side of caution and not allow his comments any longer. There is a difference between freedom of speech and what could be a racist comment on the forum you are supposed to be moderating.

            1. Sandman has posted that same comment 1,000s of times in the past year or two. Maybe it’s dulled the senses. And as you said, there is no way to know the race of the target. I stand by my call, but judgment calls can evolve.

          2. It also appears that his comments could be construed as threatening and harassing as it is in all caps with an exclamation point. I suspect that if Pilmo came up to you in the street and yelled that at you, you would fell threatened and harassed. There is no difference here. This is a clear violation of the terms of service for this forum and him and his comments should be banned.

            1. I repeat – if we deleted all personal attacks, 90 percent of comments here would be gone.
              You’re asking us to end the comment system. Sorry, no. Online is NOT the same as face to face, in many many ways.

    1. Oregon’s death count has been better than most this whole time, i know florida and texas want to take credit for the response now that the end is in sight, but we all remember what happened last year and why the republican laissez-faire model got its red butt spanked so hard up and down the ballot when voters had a chance

    2. @bendskier,

      Blaming each other for everything is how Russia/China Americas enemies win. United we stand…

      One of Oregon’s issues is that we did a pretty good job of containing the virus until now. Look back a N. Dakota a few months ago… we were doing well, N.Dakota not so much. I think a lot of people including myself thought that if we could get to vaccine we could win the war against the virus. I didn’t expect 40% of the population to choose not to get vaccinated, now we are taking our licks until we weed out the weak and ill. It’s a bummer because those people on ventilators in our hospital are peoples loved ones.

      We need to remember we are all Americans, and treat even those of differing political parties as Christ would want.

    3. There’s an article on this site where DeSantis lifted all Covid Regs. I’m sure you are all for that, aren’t we all. But the facts are, one in 609 Floridians died of Covid and one in 1707 in Oregon nearly 3 times the death rate in FL. Are you not Pro life?

    4. “Policy decisions have health consequences and these should be guided by public health recommendations, not political beliefs.” This is the take-home message of a new study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

      The study found that there have been significant periods during the pandemic when death rates were about 1.8 times higher in states with Republican governors.

    5. You funny. You believe numbers out of places like Texas and Florida? Uncle Tifa suggests you take big reality pill. Also maybe statistics class.

    6. “How is it that the states with the least restrictive rules for Covid are doing better than the states that have been the most restrictive?”

      They aren’t. Any more questions?

    1. We’re talking to Dr. Abasalon late today. But the surge, as our most recent interview indicated, is not just of 33 COVID CASES, but of many people with a variety of hospitalizations, many for reasons of delayed care that can again be tied back to the pandemic’s impacts (people delaying seeing doctors/getting needed care until situations worsen, etc.)

        1. Doubt we’ll answer everyone’s questions – some would have us put them on trial, for not saying everything they want to hear. We’ll do our best, hopefully it sheds more light.
          (I work with reporters a lot to help make the stories the best they can be – asking the right questions, etc.)

  5. The vitriol towards those who will not take the vaccination is appalling!
    I will not take any Covid vaccination for two extremely good reasons. (No, I’m not a Trumper, nor am I a Liberal.)
    Reason #1: My late father worked in the Research Department of Merck from 1968-1991. He always said, and it was also Merck’s position, that vaccinations and medications needed to be tested and proven for about 10-15 years before they were to be released to the general public.
    Reason #2: I have Gullain-Barre Syndrome. This is an inherited condition from my mother’s side of the family. G-B Syndrome can cause permanent paralysis. Medications, such as flu shots, sulfonamide drugs (used for arthritis, etc.), and the Covid shots can cause G-B Syndrome to manifest. I was lucky to only be unable to walk for 1 week, after having sulfa for the flu when I was 3. My cousin, on the other hand, has had to wear metal leg braces for almost 60 years now, due to sulfonamides.
    Instead of becoming irate towards each other (I’m addressing this to EVERYONE!), perhaps, we should try kindness, empathy, and minding our own business.

    1. Well i hope youre planning on wearing your mask and only getting takeout until be we reach herd immunity, im sorry to hear you have such a dangerous disease but successfully living with it for so long must be a constant reminder to you, the necessity of a medically sound response to the bat flu, including well studied vaccines and prudent distancing methods

      1. Hope you are planning on wearing 2 masks after getting vaccinated clown. That’s how it works. The new covid Kate normal chuckle head. You might get to work someday. It’s from you not wearing 2 masks clown.

    2. People like you get a pass. You’re not an idiot, and it’s those idiots that are safe to get vaccinated and aren’t that are causing the problems and could infect you. You’re a big part of the reason why I got vaccinated ASAP. And your dad’s opinion was very valid in’91. Things have sped up since then.

    3. Dear CP1961, thank u for feed back on ur father’s work. Though all of this I worried how SLAM BAM the vaccine was being pushed. And I wish u luck on staying healthy thru all of this!

  6. Barney can we get a link to the terms of service so I can start calling out some of these chowder heads and have you ban them.

      1. Once again- changing the goalposts to fit your own political agenda… as I recall… you decided to ban-remove-censor the word China as related to the virus because “one person” complained ! You set those parameters Mr. B- not me- not anyone else… so why change them now ?

          1. “I have no agenda” ??? Sure you do- and you have personal bias- prejudice- likes and dislikes- denying such is futile as you are not AI… which is why the moderator position must be more than one person’s assignment- it must be by committee- to ensure that the police are policing the police ! But until you accept this basic fact- you will face criticism from those of us who are negatively affected by your bias- your privilege… it really does speak volumes that you refuse to accept your own humanity- your own frailty and ignorance- a real catch 22 !

            1. Nah. NO one else should have to deal with you. And they won’t. We’d get rid of this thing first, which apparently is what you really want.
              I admit and show I’m human every single day, unlike some trolls who claim to never be wrong and invincible and are the exact opposite.

  7. My prediction for the future, that we’ve chosen.
    After the vaccinations and vigilance, most people will go back to there lifes.
    The vaccine resistant variations will replicate in the 2% who are antiVa. And spread like wildfire.
    NO POLITICIANS will have the cajonies to attempt any curtailments of social life.
    Therefore people will just drop dead in the middle of the street, in grocery stores, at the feed store,in schools,movie theaters.churches.etc.

    You think sidewalks used as bathrooms, doorways used as bedrooms is unseemly? Just wait until we have to styep over corpses bleeding from their Orifices.
    Covid 2022 The deadly,more virulent strains.

    1. Yeah i feel mystified every day that this weird minority isnt excited by their opportunity to stop this thing before it hits zombie apocalypse planet killer level like in movies

  8. “As of Monday, St. Charles reported 39 COVID-19 patients, eight of whom were in the ICU, six on ventilators.”

    And this is considered a “full” hospital? stop kidding me,I have been to several hospitals visiting people in Portland over the last year and the rooms and halls were empty.

    As in the beginning and the middle of this thing,the numbers have never added up,,all we hear is how many “may” or “do” have,not how many got over it and are fine later on,just the never ending upward count since it all started….

  9. Hey Barney wish little man, do you follow Covid Hospitalization rates in republican states and correlate higher rates with relaxed laws? Should hospital workers take the burden of irresponsible citizens that can’t understand the severity of this virus?

  10. Thank goodness the knuckle draggers on this comment section don’t represent most Oregonian’s, even though there selfish behavior still affects all of us. I’m glad most Oregonian’s have followed the mitigation guidelines and requirements put in place by Governor Brown. There’s a reason why we have 3 and 4 times lower rate of death from Covid (per 100,000 population) than states like FL, TX and AZ. I’m glad I live in OR and also glad that the same 10 commentators posting over and over here on this site don’t represent most responsible and caring people that live here.

  11. Too many idiots on here who don’t realize that COVID has very little to do with St Charles being “at capacity”. You really think a mere 39 patients makes or breaks St Charles for being at capacity?!? People believing it does because KTVZ making it part of the byline of the article. Wake up and think.

  12. People here need to understand that its not that the hospital has more patients than beds, its that they don’t have enough staff to run properly. THAT is the issue. Oregon laws states you have to have X amount of staff to care for each patient and run certain departments. If they dont have that, they can’t run. St Charles is screaming for people to come and work for them but they can’t find anyone. I know this for a fact because my best friend has worked there for the last 27 years and she keeps me updated on what is going on. COVID is NOT the issue here. Its lack of help. Lack of help is putting extra burden on the staff and some have quit because they are simply burned out. Its a vicious circle.

  13. My god, the folks who believe Trump won the election (He didn’t, Liz is correct) still don’t believe this is real. How uneducated do you have to be to believe either? What is wrong in a country where so many believe someone who couldn’t tell the truth to save his life. And yes, Trump and the election is relevant here, because it is the same group of folks who believe him, that are pushing the agenda that the virus isn’t real, or as bad as they say. Only way to solve it is when they get sick and realize how wrong they have been. Unless Trumpism ends there will be no Republican Party in four years.

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