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Nearly 70 C.O. children receive COVID-19 vaccine at Mosaic Medical on first day

(Update: Adding video, comments from parent, Mosaic Medical)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Young teens are now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and some Central Oregon parents are jumping at the chance. 

David Welton's 13-year-old daughter is signed up for the vaccine, and he's happy she can get back to being a kid.

"Happy that she can get back to normal,” Welton said. “Have birthday parties and sleepovers and just normal kid things."

This is possible with the Pfizer vaccine eligibility now including 12- to 15-year-olds nationwide.

On the first day, Mosaic Medical says it vaccinated close to 70 children and has even more signed up. 

Carla Stevens, chief operations officer, said they were surprised at how packed their pop-up clinic was on Thursday. 

"We have had overwhelming interest from parents eager to get their children vaccinated,” Stevens said.

Stevens said Mosaic is offering vaccines to anyone, patient or not. 

"Really to support our community to the 70% vaccination rate, so we can get back to doing all the things we love to do in Central Oregon,” Stevens said.

Welton said his daughter is excited for what opportunities the vaccine can bring back. 

"Getting to see her grandparents -- that hasn't happened for a couple years because of this,” Welton said. "She realizes that this is kind of like a passport to getting back to normal."

Welton mentioned his wife has a doctorate in biochemistry and understands the science behind it. 

He said with her expertise, the public data and their experience after receiving COVID-19 vaccinations, this is the right move.

"The study and science indicate that it's good and worked out very well for adults,” Welton said. "I don't have any concerns."

Stevens advises anyone who does have any concerns or questions about the vaccine to come and ask.

"Just come to a clinic,” Stevens said. “Whether you're uncertain about getting the vaccine or you're there for an appointment, we always have a provider on site to talk you through any of your questions that you may have."

Mosaic Medical will have a pop-up clinic on Saturday at Riverbend Park from 9am to 12pm. 

You can also schedule online here, call on the phone, or just walk in. 

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  1. If it’s mask up or get vaccinated, I am going to follow the advice of two different doctors I have spoken to and mask up even though the masks do not really stop Covid. There is certainly no way I am getting an experimental vaccine put into my body.

    1. Something like 80% of seniors 70 yrs and up have gotten the shot and they are doing fine, and their deaths have plummeted. But those 75 year old ladies are so much more courageous than you, lol.

        1. Sure, I’ll do it slow since you struggle to keep up with the adults.
          Almost all Americans over 70 have gotten the Covid-19 vaccine, and none of them died from it. Plus, they’re not dying from the disease if they’ve been vaccinated, which is real-world proof it works. But you cult45 QAnon types are still scared to take the shot, so you run around calling people names and spreading disinformation, hate, and fear to distract from your impotence. But we see you for what you are.

          1. But, but. They’re waiting on FDA approval. You know. Those people that inspect the lettuce that causes all those E. coli outbreaks.

      1. We will all see how this experiment works out in around three years. I do not get my facts from news outlets. I design medical devices and have had direct contact with the FDA. I know how the “industry” works. It is not at all based on what is best for the people. It is what is best for big pharma’s bottom line. But keep believing that the most corrupt corporations on the planet are in it for your best interests and get the vaccine. Just remember who you can go after if it all goes sideways. The vaccine manufacturers lobbied Congress to give them special exceptions if the vaccines do damage down the road. Why did they do that if they are so safe and effective? Once again I already had Covid and it was not a big deal as I have a strong immune system that is functioning properly. I am not against people who are led to get the vaccine doing so, I just want to be free to decide what is done with my own body, just as I want for you.

      1. Hmm, my doctor just told me the same thing yesterday. He stated that if you are healthy without any serious underlying conditions, that vax is more of a personal choice than a necessity.

      2. Most doctors are afraid to speak their minds because of repercussions from the AMA or the FDA. If you are not aware of this fact, then you don’t really know a lot of doctors in a way that they trust you to really tell you what they think. I do and the ones I know are waiting for years before they will get the vaccine. I know one doctor who got the vaccine because it was required by the organization they work for. That doctor later tested positive for Covid and got quite sick whereas their partner who was not vaccinated did not. This doctor said there was “NO WAY” their child was getting the vaccine. If you do not believe this then that is your issue and you can base your decision on what you believe. I am not trying to stop you, I just expect the same courtesy when it comes to decisions I make regarding my own body. Quite lumping all people as one side or the other. Look at your handle. You automatically seem to associate anything you are against with Trump and therefore I must be a “Trumpee” But I am not. I did not care for Trump and I do not care for Biden. I am for people being allowed to do what they want with their own bodies. Are you? Or are you anti-choice?

  2. No vax, no masks, no social distancing. Our grandkids, ages 2 to 25, can see us and we can see them. No one is interested in an experimental drug. We will not be guinea pigs.

  3. I don’t know of any Q people. Btw, Kevista is a great place to meet up with friends and family. We have been meeting there since last April. Every visit we’re met by happy staff and smiling faces.

  4. oh you sheep following parents. Who are you going to sue when your child becomes very sick a year or two down the road, hmmm? you People are part of the reason this thing has gone on as long as it has, Oregon is so far behind the curve for opening up we cant ever catch up. Why inject a healthy child with an experiment. For shame, Morons!

  5. As I have posted before, following various articles, many of us will not get the vaccination. My family and I, in particular, have Guillain Barre Syndrome. Even Fauci has said that those with GBS should never take the vaccination. For people with GBS, sulfonamides can cause immense harm. I was unable to walk for a week, after just one dose of sulfa for the flu, when I was 3. I woke up that morning unable to stand, walk, or even crawl. My cousin had sulfonamides for the flu when she was 15. She is 74 next month and still in metal leg braces. Thankfully, her metal arm braces came off 12 years ago. Until our family’s two experiences, we had never even heard of GBS.
    My late father worked in the Research Department of Merck and always said that it is imperative to never take any medication or vaccination until they have been tested and proven for 10-15 years. We can’t know what medical issues may crop up in the future.
    I firmly believe that those who take the vaccination or make their children take it, are wrong. HOWEVER, I would never resort to disrespecting them or name calling. I will use the knowledge that I have obtained throughout my life in order to share information. The important thing is to treat each other with kindness, respect, and civility. Every time that we do not, the powers that be, on both sides of the political aisle do gain strength from our uncivil discourse.

    1. Perhaps call your doctor and stop listening to facebook, the CDC doesn’t consider it to be a risk that would preclude you from taking the shot. That said, I honestly don’t care if any of you get the shot or wear masks because I’m completely done worrying about any of you now that you’ve had the opportunity to do the right thing and get the jab. Me and my family got our shots so we’re safe, to heck with you.,COVID%2D19%20vaccine%20clinical%20trials.

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