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Updated CDC guidance: People vaccinated against Covid-19 can go without masks, indoors and outdoors

Shoppers wearing protective masks push shopping carts inside a Costco store in San Francisco on March 3
David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Shoppers wearing protective masks push shopping carts inside a Costco store in San Francisco on March 3

By Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield, CNN

 (CNN) -- People fully vaccinated against Covid-19 do not need to wear masks or practice social distancing indoors or outdoors, except under certain circumstances, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday.

"If you are fully vaccinated, you can start doing the things that you had stopped doing because of the pandemic," Dr. Rochelle Walensky said during a White House Covid-19 briefing. "We have all longed for this moment when we can get back to some sense of normalcy."

Walensky said the science supports the new recommendation that "anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities -- large or small -- without wearing a mask or physical distancing."

She cited three studies -- one from Israel and one from the United States -- that show vaccines work.

The Israeli study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showed the vaccine was 97% effective against symptomatic Covid-19 and 86% effective against asymptomatic infection in over 5,000 health care workers.

There have been reports of "breakthrough" infections among vaccinated people in the United States -- a small number among more than 117 million people in the United States who are now fully vaccinated. Walensky noted that "the resulting infection is more likely to have a lower viral load, may be shorter in duration, and likely less risk of transmission to others."

Walensky's announcement has a few caveats. She warned that people who are immune compromised should speak with their doctors before giving up their masks.

She also said that "the past year has shown us that this virus can be unpredictable, so if things get worse, there is always a chance we may need to make a change to these recommendations."




    1. I know! all those White elitists claiming vaxing their kids cause autism! I wonder when they will acknowledge that a life is formed and is viable after 18 weeks in the womb?

    2. You should go up to someone in a store without a mask and call them a Karen. OOOPS you physically can’t!!! YOU ARE A BETA MALE!!!!

  1. Sooooo… I hate masks as much as anyone. Probably more. But isn’t this just a license for every round headed, mouth-breathing, skeptic to claim being vaccinated? Therein delaying a return to normalcy. Personally I’d lobby to keep up with the punishing face diapers until we have a documented benchmark of vaccination hit. I’d like to see concerts, sporting events, etc in 2021 and if we don’t hit those benchmarks we won’t get them.

    1. Look at Florida. No vaccination benchmarks and they have their sporting and concert events at full level and the state is completely open! No masks either and an executive order was written that forbid the liberal mayors from trying to keep the mask mandate going in their cities. He has even pardoned anyone who was arrested or convicted by liberal mayors who tried to incarcerate anyone who dared to defy their ridiculous lockdown rules. That is true leadership. Unlike comrade Brown who would like to keep her boot on your necks forever. He kept the vulnerable older people safe and what do you know, his numbers are better than blue state governors. Corrupt media said when spring break was going on that the numbers of infected and dead would be through the roof. Guess what…..never happened.

      1. I know facts mean nothing to you, but just in case – John Hopkins University numbers indicate that Florida has 10,628 cases per 100,000 people. Oregon is 4,576 per 100,000. Deaths? Florida is 171 deaths per 100,000. Oregon is 61 per 100,000.

        Better than ‘blue’ state governors? Just a few, besides Oregon – California 9,262 and 155, respectively. New York 10,607 and 270, respectively. Michigan 9,740 and 197 respectively. Washington 5,490 and 74, respectively.

        How about some ‘red’ states? Idaho 10,609 and 115 respectively. Texas 10,052 and 172 respectively.

        I believe your definition of “true leadership” needs some work.

      2. I don’t think you get it. I mean, I’m certain you don’t. Would be weird for us both be posting to some random network TV news site from afar, so assuming that you and I both live here. What they are doing in Florida, or any other place, doesn’t matter. Good for Florida. Good for their Republican Governor. I’m not scared of COVID, and I don’t agree with Kate Brown’s restrictions, but since WE live here those are the cards that WE have to play. So, you have 3 choices…. 1) You can be a part of the solution, get your shots, and help us all get back to square one. 2) You can hitch your wagon and head for swampier climes where men are men, and leaders lead. To that I wish you good luck and godspeed since I can’t find a parking spot in this town anymore, or 3) You can sit behind your computer and complain about how bad you have it, how good it is elsewhere, lib-***** vs conservatives, blah blah blah… Bengazi.

        Sadly, there are 2 valid options, and I’m relatively certain you won’t chose either one.

    2. we wont claim to be vaccinated we will just identify as vaccinated, seems to be acceptable for other things to identify as something your not so why not this?

      1. And we did everything we could to save you and you’re welcome! don’t start crying when you all start catching Covid and don’t care about you anymore!

  2. The day I listen to the CDC or any .gov agency about my health will never come. No mask, no social distancing, have socialized with family and friends with no limits, no vaccine. No one in our circle has gotten sick from this flu. We all have functioning immune systems. CDC has updated their websites that reflect the actual number of deaths from covid is actually 5% of the number you see splattered all over corrupt media. The other 95% had other comorbidities that caused their death. Hospitals getting $13,000.00 for every covid death is fraudulent and should be exposed. PCR tests are faulty and amped up to cause false positives so again the number of cases is exaggerated and used for fear mongering.

    1. You are such an expert! Wow! Your knowledge is above everyone who actually spent their whole life studying. You are “special”, aren’t you?

      1. Is that all you got applesauce brain. You’ve smoked so much dope you are no longer coherent. Try backing away from the bong once in a while. Breathe some fresh air.

    2. CDC is saying essentially that they think our healthcare system can handle your ilk and the usual conventional demands won’t be disrupted.

      1. Jonaassty, not sick yet and. Almost a 100% survival rate. Thanks for the concern. Do you preach to the people driving on 97? There is a fairly high percentage of drivers that perish in auto accidents yearly.

    1. You can already. About 99% of the people you deal with will not say a word and in fact look at you with envy. Then about 1-2> will look at you like a tough guy but are only beta males that don’t have a backbone and slither away without a word. These are people like jonassty, never trumpet, and the stoner. Instead they get so mad, they come post here hoping Barney will allow their disgusting rants about sane people that aren’t afraid of a virus with a 99% survival rate and in deschutes county about 4% ever even tested positive with a 0.05% death rate locally.

    1. Who cares what she says, clearly she makes up “science” weekly based on ever new mandate. TOSS THE MASKS!!! It’s awesome, you can breathe and you get to watch little BETA MALES slither by all upset that they followed that psycho.

  3. I wonder when Walmart found out about this? All of their masks and hand sanitizer are now on clearance, with the sanitizer on clearance for a week!

    1. Awwww are you sad little stoner. Guess what there is nothing you can do about it. I guess you will just have to keep living in mommies basement until the scary mean virus decides to go away. Your life seems so pathetic. Do you need a lolli?

      1. Maybe try the English alphabet? Small chance you might get past the second letter. Worth a shot though. Tell your moms thanks for doing all your ‘ritin!

  4. Two months ago, Biden called repeal of the mask mandates in Texas, Mississippi and elsewhere as “Neanderthal thinking”. Yet, cases precipitously dropped. Three weeks ago the CDC Director teared up at the horror of Texas dropping their mask mandate. Cases continued to drop. Two weeks ago the CDC still “required” vaccinated people to continue to wear masks. Earlier this week the CDC quietly lowered the cycle threshold of the PCR test to detect COVID infections making it far less likely for people to test positive. And now they are no longer recommending masks. Why the sudden changes? Does anybody still believe this was about health and safety? Really? If so, you’ve been bamboozled!

    1. That’s because it was actually two months ago and far fewer people were vaccinated as well as less data regarding compounded breakthrough cases. Today is actually May 13 if you didn’t notice. Biden won’t disagree with the CDC.

      1. Oh you deplorable little beta. St Chuck’s about as full as the peak. Nothing has changed at all. Sure more people are vaccinated, but you and your demonrat friends continue to create false “science”, it’s actually interesting at this point how many times Covid Kate Clown has changed her “science”. Remember that 1 week shut down recently? Hmmm…I thought science? Now lockdowns are based on the percentage of vaccinated study victims, instead of number infected out of 100,000, which she’s been killing local business with for over a year???? But SCIENCE??? She never once cared that Deschutes County only has about 4% of it’s population that’s EVER been infected and only 0.05% have died, NOW THAT IS SCIENCE!!! Yet, we will be dropping your precious mask mandates soon. You can still wear one though, I recommend it forever for you. In fact, the cdc has recommended 2 masks, have you ever done that? BETA, have you? I have repeatedly asked all of you BETA MALES that question and not ONE has answered. That means you are all HYPOCRITE BETA MALES.

  5. I don’t wear a mask outside or have the vax. If I see people inside with no mask, then mine is coming off too. There is nothing you can do about it.

    1. Feels good to be able to shop and breathe at the same time. I thinks it’s interesting all these crying beta’s that realize they have been told a lie wear masks incorrectly most of the time anyway. Also about 99% never wore 2 masks like the cdc recommended. They a pick and choose what is acceptable. They are hypocrites.

        1. Don’t understand the comment hump. I am full of alpha energy and enjoy watching beta males get all squiggly when they see me without a mask and are not physically strong enough to come up to me and say a damn word to my face. If that makes sense.

    1. I have never worn a mask and the only vaccines I have ever received are those of my childhood. So you are about as wrong as you can be.

      1. Stay in your house then Granny. You keep passing on this virus because you wont wear your mask in the car. Wow so inconsiderate of you. Move on dummy.

  6. The CDC also, in a much less publicized announcement, declared that the KTVZ comments sections will give you ocular cancer. Explains why my eyes hurt.

    I feel sorry for Barney.

    I would link to the Penny Arcade cartoon on the subject here, but it would get removed for profanity.

    Barney delete or edit this if you desire, but this is the link:

  7. What the CDC and Dementia Joe needs to explain is those of us who have completely ignored all of their mandates, no masks, no social distancing, socializing with family and friends in large numbers as we please, don’t sanitize our hands every time we touch something, don’t keep our packages on the porch for 72 hours, don’t follow the arrows in the grocery store and we are still alive and kicking.

    It’s because we have functioning immune systems

  8. So let me check all the “logical” boxes I’ve heard from people that questioned my skepticism of all this:

    “I’m willing to take the risk and not wear a mask” – Wear a mask to protect others
    “But I’m not sick! Protect others from what?” – Even if you show no symptoms, you can spread the virus to other people
    “But if I don’t have the virus, how can I spread it?” – You don’t know if you don’t have it, go get tested
    “So if the test comes up negative, I can ditch the face diaper?” – No, other people don’t know if you don’t have it, it’s to make them at ease
    “So when can I not wear a mask, when I’m not sick?” – When there is a vaccine
    “So the people that want to get vaccinated can, and once they are they don’t need to worry if I wear a mask or not?” – No, you need to get vaccinated too
    “So if I get vaccinated, then I don’t have to bother with a mask?” – No, the vax doesn’t make you immune and you can still spread it to others
    “So what is the bloody point of the vaccine?” – It reduces the severity of the symptoms you may or may not get
    “I’m willing to risk the symptoms of the virus and not risk the untested gene therapy / vaccine.” – You should take the vaccine b/c reduced symptoms makes you less likely to spread the virus
    “So if reduced symptoms makes me less likely to spread the Rona, it would stand to reason that if I have no symptoms, I won’t spread it at all…” – You’re just a selfish anti-masker, anti-sciencer, and anti-vaxxer, and you need to be shunned from civilization

  9. And the vaccinated will carry on as usual. The masks are a dying dinosaur regardless of who has had the experimental vax and who has not…. for now. Meanwhile, those who shun the experimental vax will continue to enjoy liberties as freedom-loving citizens– unmasked, unmuzzled, unvaccinated, unafraid.
    For the skeptics, here’s just a few of the many resources out there to check out:,,,

  10. Hmm…when will businesses/employers require proof of vaccine status in order to come back to work maskless? From a liability standpoint, it will most likely be sooner than later.

  11. Wow I can’t wait to walk around without a mask and a vaccine and not catch the flu like I didn’t this whole year. I’m so glad we live in a world where people are so stupid believing that a vaccine. Is gonna save mankind and they don’t even know if it is a vaccine wow what a world.

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