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Oregon among blue states slow at lifting COVID restrictions


CANNON BEACH, Ore. (AP) — Even as the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention moved earlier this month to ease indoor mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people, some blue states like Oregon and Washington are still holding on to certain longtime coronavirus restrictions.

While Northwest states are adapting the new federal mask guidance they are maintaining indoor capacity restrictions, likely through the end of June.

Officials in Oregon are split, some insisting life will soon feel like how it did in 2019, but first more people need to get vaccinated. And others say restrictions have lasted far too long and people are exhausted.

After public pressure, Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, last week lifted a requirement for masks outdoors and put the onus on businesses to decide if fully vaccinated patrons would be required to mask up inside.

But enforcement of business capacity limits, publicized cases of student athletes passing out while competing or practicing in a mask and a widespread shut-down of indoor dining earlier this month continue to stoke resentment among those who feel Brown’s rules go too far as the rest of the U.S. returns to normal.

In Oregon, pushback has been particularly strong in rural areas — which is much of the state outside Portland — and has included an effort by at least one county to become a “vaccine sanctuary” where people wouldn’t have to mask up regardless of their vaccine status.

“We are just so done with this,” said Tootie Smith, chairwoman of the Clackamas County Board of Supervisors and a former Republican Oregon State House Representative. “There’s a huge amount of frustration that people have.”

Smith made national news when she said on Twitter that she would host a large Thanksgiving dinner, despite capacity rules on indoor gatherings in place at the time — and now she says she’s astonished when she travels outside Oregon and sees what it looks like to live with fewer public COVID-19 restrictions.

“Everything was open. People were happy, because they had the freedom to go out to restaurants (without a mask),” said Smith, who cited Florida, South Dakota and Idaho as examples. “Some of the businesses wanted you to wear a mask. And it might have been mandated indoors at certain points -- but the attitude was different. You weren’t shamed for not wearing a mask.”

Those who support the Northwest’s more cautious approach, however, point out the region has had lower infection rates throughout the pandemic — likely because of the stricter rules over the past 14 months.

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  1. Wow!!!! First time I’ve seen KTVZ post anything like this since the pandemic has started. Although I may be critical of your one sided reporting, I will be the first to applaud you for reporting a different view. Many people in Oregon have no clue that life HAS returned to normal in many, many states (and their numbers are better than ours) and we are one of the only states left that has a governor that is so power hungry she continues her overreach. Looking forward to more stories like this in the future KTVZ, nice job. People need perspective outside of liberal portland.

        1. And under Gov. Brown! She was governor at the time! But of course everything that’s good is thanks to the wonderful ex-president, everything wrong is due to the evil governor.
          Thanks for the reminder! Think I’ll go listen to that great Steely Dan album: Pretzel Logic. Is that you at the cart, selling them back in the ’70s?

              1. It’s just on odd role Barney. Figured you would have picked that up after many different people have commented on such a weird role as to have a moderator interject himself into opinion comments.

                1. Barney is only human and has his limits. Frankly, I wish I had his self control.

              2. Your opinions direct the “factual” information you seek out, like everyone else. And you predisposition determines what you accept as factual or not, like everyone else. What is worse is when you resort to name calling and demeaning like the worst of both sides of the comments here.

                1. I’ll try harder to resist the unfair personal attacks upon me, and stick to occasionally defending myself, rather than stooping to his/their level. I do have the right to clarify with facts in some of the many personal attacks, right?

                2. “And you predisposition determines what you accept as factual or not, like everyone else.”… You are right ! I almost forgot about the number of times that Mr. B refused to accept links to data or research papers- demanding that posters provide “legitimate” sources… as if CNN is reliable about anything ! Good Catch- lets hope Mr. L takes the criticism to heart !

            1. I actually encourage this moderator to comment as often as he likes… it gives you all a perfect example of what you are up against- a rigged system where the singular dictator type calls the shots- makes the unilateral decisions- fudges the narrative to fit his/her own political agenda. The problem is that the real world doesn’t match that false narrative. Simply denying that the State of Oregon is in katastrophic mode under the failed leadership of Kalamity Kate Brown- denies all the evidence out there. Our state has damn near burned to the ground every summer now for a decade- and it’s only getting worse. Our state economy ranks a miserable 27th in GDP- after Brown’s historic lockdowns we will see historically devastating numbers- even after the feds pump in all the free money Joe Biden can print. Our gasoline prices are out of control- our C-Virus problem continues to escalate- we have children out of school for over a year- even tho the CDC and WHO told Governor’s like Brown that this is creating long term damage. Suicides and mental health issues are through the roof- up 700% in some areas- major cities in Oregon are seeing incredible increases in crime- Portland up 1200% in violent acts. Yet the moderator is “on the record” declaring that these are just “struggles”… you know akin to trying to shovel out your driveway after a meek springtime snow storm… when in reality… we’re smack dab in the middle of a white out- with no visibility- no direction- and no shelter ! How’s that for a more accurate analogy… no siree- aint gonna end well !

              1. Couldn’t agree more. Thanks for letting your true colors shine through barney. It’s nice to know what ideology is working there and which direction ktvz truly leans. It would be even better if they would just be honest and say they support one or the other and stop pretending to be objective journalist’s. Its not really a free press as advertised

            2. Barney is the “moderator” and it’s about the most cringe worthy thing to watch. He acts like it’s the year 2003 and somebody needs to actually check and ok the comments section of a local news website. Pathetic really.

            3. Q.714 I agree with you. What I’ve always thought of as a quality moderator: From the Cambridge English Dictionary, “someone who controls and leads a discussion between a group of people, but does not take any side in it:”.

              1. mod·er·a·tor
                an arbitrator or mediator.
                “Egypt managed to assert its role as a regional moderator”
                a person who moderates an internet forum or online discussion.

                Not sure I’d go as far as Guy Kawasaki, who’s speaking more about the in-person panel discussion role:
                “A good moderator is the audience’s advocate for truth, insight, and brevity–any two will do. When a panelist makes a sales pitch or tells lies, you are morally obligated to smack him around in front of the audience. Involve the audience.”
                I’ll try harder to resist the trolls, but it’s always a challenge, for any human with feelings.

                1. Gonna fight your decisions to the end huh? Your arguments would carry some weight IF you were neutral instead of taking a side. Perhaps drinking, or smoking IS meant for you! Give you time to pause and reflect. You attach a web link to a marketing specialist!? A former Apple employee!? Venture capitalist!? E-yup, You ARE Bend. You let the trolls win…

          1. President Trump promoted the science- the vaccine- the leadership… a far cry from your daily doses of gloom and doom- shutdowns work- and let’s close the schools for the sake of the kiddie… as you parroted the CNN narrative and supported Brown’s over-reach… and for what ? What exactly do you have more than a year later ? You have more than 4.7 million negative cases- almost 4 million vaccine doses administered- everything still in lockdown (Trump said open up last Easter)- a state economy dependent on federal handouts (what happened to our rolling Trump economy- where we saw some of the lowest unemployment numbers ever)- mass numbers of job openings with no takers (didn’t have that under three years of Trump)- Oregon businesses closed- individuals in poverty (I showed you the data before after your snarky comments of denial)- and a divided state that you insist is on the blame game- finger pointing- and everything BUT- KATE BROWN’S EXECUTIVE ORDERS TO SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROY THE STATE OF OREGON ! You have failed to interview her- President Trump couldn’t be bothered with Oregon- it’s a lost state looking to join ranks with “IDAHO” ! You liberal Dems have been in control of the state since the middle 80’s- it takes a Republican President to return the state to livability every few years… and this Biden-Brown act we’re all living under is catastrophic… so when you all gonna do an update on local fuel prices- still too scared to report the surging consumer crisis just off the horizon ? My advice on this cold wet spring day- stop yapping yer gums at me- and go get an interview or two with Brown- the OHA- and anyone from St Charles who can explain the constant five deaths 500 new cases pattern we’ve been in for weeks now ! Nope- with your kind of bass ackward thinking in the newroom- this aint gonna end well at all !

            1. I NEVER take your wrong-headed advice. It makes for a happy life. Rewarding, full of people who know what you are full of.
              Pretzel Logic was great! So was the new Foo Fighters. I don’t fight your foo usually, I just let it slide. “Shame… shame…”
              Have a great night!

              1. Awesome Barney. Both of your responses are pure awesome. And BTW, I have a hard time taking anyone serious whose name is “Tootie”.

              1. Yes because Joe Biden has gotten off to such a banner first 100 days ??? Here’s the score to date: 1. Biden’s open borders agenda has created a border crisis… 2) Biden’s Anti-Energy Agenda Is Destroying Jobs- Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, which could destroy anywhere between 400,000 and 2.7 million jobs- On day one, Biden abandoned Keystone XL pipeline workers, forcing thousands into unemployment with the stroke of a pen… 3) Biden Is Proposing Massive Job-Destroying Tax Hikes- Biden is proposing a job-destroying $2 trillion tax hike to fund a Green New Deal-style “infrastructure” package, which studies say would threaten 159,000 American jobs and lower workers’ wages… 4) Biden’s Infrastructure Package- Only 7% of the spending of Biden’s proposed “infrastructure” package is for roads, bridges, highways, airports, waterways, and ports- His administration has lied about the job creation that’s possible under his infrastructure plan. Even CNN and The Washington Post called Biden out on misleading the American people on job predictions… 5) Biden Says Goodbye To Bipartisanship & Hello To Extremism- Despite his campaign promises Biden is rejecting bipartisanship in favor of a hyper-partisan process to pass trillions in spending without Republican support- Even the left-wing New York Times editorial board and members of his own party are calling out Biden for refusing to reach across the aisle- He has resorted to governing through executive order, issuing far-left decrees at breathtaking speed… 6) Biden Is Caving in To America’s Enemies- Biden has refused to criticize Xi Jinping, even saying he didn’t “mean it as a criticism” when he called Xi undemocratic- Biden is failing to confront China, with Psaki even saying Biden is “not in a rush” to counter China- And in yet another broken campaign promise, Biden has not confronted China over COVID-19’s origins- In a pattern of appeasing America’s enemies, Biden is caving to Iran… 7) On Operation Warp Speed, He’s The Lying, Plagiarist In Chief- Biden keeps lying about vaccines, and his administration still pushes the debunked claim that there was no vaccine plan when he came into office… 8) All things surrounding the current virus debacle- a complete eample of failed leadership from basic messaging to vaccine roll-out…. Biden has failed miserably. 9) The current state of the economy- prices surging- fuel costs up over 70%- elderly on fixed incomes in panic mode ! 10) Anyone defending Trump does so with a clear vision and fair measure of truth. President Trump provided proven leadership and tough love- Biden has returned the house to the frat kids with loud mouths and no real life experience… I’m sorry that President Trump spoke so blatantly honest and to the point… But let’s all take a good hard look at what Hopey-Changey Part 2 has already done to this nation- it’s in complete collapse and our enemies know it !

          2. I might add- “What exactly do you have more than a year later ?”… A deaths per 1 million population rate three times higher (620) than this time last year- May of 2020. Trump hasn’t been around since January- But Kate Brown sure as hell has ! Cmon B- where are the wins here ??? When does the lying stop- because the data floating around out there sure as hell resembles a Baby Ruth in a pool !

                1. “I don’t drink. Or smoke.”… Neither did President Trump ! But Obama was a self declared pot head, Hillary Clinton a Chardonnay in a bag drunk. and Joe Biden a 60’s scotch and water for lunch booze hound ! Seems to me you have more in common with the “Bad Man Orange” than you would like to admit !

          3. Hey Barney, want something to report on that impacts Oregonians? On Brown’s desk for signature ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️💥👉😡


            HB 3057 WARNING! This is on the Govenors desk for signature!
            ) Law enforcement officials to the extent necessary to carry out the authority granted to the Public Health Director and local public health administrators under ORS 433.121, 433.128, 433.131, 433.138 and 433.142
            ORS 433.121 states-
            (1)The Public Health Director or a local public health administrator may issue an emergency administrative order causing a person or group of persons to be placed in isolation or quarantine if the Public Health Director or the local public health administrator has probable cause to believe that a person or group of persons requires immediate detention in order to avoid a clear and immediate danger to others and that considerations of safety do not allow initiation of the petition process set out in ORS 433.123 (Petition for court order for isolation or quarantine).
            ORS 433.131¹
            Entry into premises used for isolation or quarantine
            ORS 433.138¹
            Assistance of law enforcement officials in enforcing orders
            State and local law enforcement officials, to the extent resources are available, must assist the Public Health Director or the local public health administrator in enforcing orders issued under ORS 433.121 (Emergency administrative order for isolation or quarantine), 433.123 (Petition for court order for isolation or quarantine) and 433.142 (Petition for isolation of contaminated property). [2007 c.445 §16]

            1. I pointed out a fact regarding who also was in office. And yes, occasionally I express my frustration with EITHER side saying all our problems are due to the evil folks on the other side of the fence. It’s never been that simple, and just deepens the divide.

              1. Barney when have you ever stuck up for Trump?

                Sorry I can’t defend this. You didn’t not just report facts, you gave your biased opinion.

                A moderator does not take sides. Sorry buddy but you uncovered yourself on this one.

                1. Fine. I have many friends who know my passion for depolarizing the hate-filled divisiveness of which BOTH sides are guilty, hence my 10-plus-year-old blog ‘Rejecting the Blame Society’ and my more recent mentions of — I’m biased against hate, unfair blame and uncivil dialogue, from ALL sides. I stated a FACT – after bghw said Mr. Trump was president while flattening the curve, I noted that Ms. Brown was also governor. Yes, I characterized his stance, and some are just as biased in the other direction. I haven’t “stuck up” or attacked Biden, Brown, Trump or anyone. It’s not my job or role. But it’s the haters who say someone trying to lay out facts is “taking sides.” If we report something they disagree with, we’re “promoting.” Which is untrue. Usually they’re upset we’re not biased in THEIR direction, which would be just as wrong. I have said some CNN content won’t make top stories on our site because it’s slanted, but otherwise, it flows into the site like any wire, good bad or whatever.

                2. “after bghw said Mr. Trump was president while flattening the curve, I noted that Ms. Brown was also governor.”… But I think there are those out there who do not wish to hear your opinion- one way or the other… of course I do… but I think what’s been made pretty clear here this weekend- is that you are probably just as much a villain on many of these topics as I am… and I know it brings you great pleasure on many occasions to remind me that I am one of the most despised regulars here- for no other reason than I present a different and more balanced approach to the constant Pro liberal-socialist-unsustainable malarkey constantly spewed here. I for one applaud the posters from both sides that voice both their support and their condemnation of your comments and your “need” to participate… in the end- You are me- and I am you- there is a common thread there- even tho we disagree greatly on the politics of the day. I would ask- how is it possible for both sides to be divisive- if both sides have their views accurately presented- there-in lies your conundrum- your challenge- or your acceptance that you may be part of that divisive problem.

      1. Successfully flattened the curve? You mean like the 2 week shut down we were lied about to flatten the curve? Or st. chuck’s having as many patients now as ever? Successfully flattened the curve. Whatevs.

  2. As a Trump supporter and a COLLEGE EDUCATED man, I think my fellow conservative friends would agree that masks are a joke, almost as much a joke as climate change. It’s SAD that scientists are running the show here, when we conservatives know that there is no climate change, COVID is mostly a farce and America is GREAT! We patriots won’t let the mask wearing crazy liberals take our guns either, and on that note, Governor Brown has ruined this great state. Not to mention she started all the wildfires and let in all the immigrants who stole all our jobs.
    If you’re a MAGA GUY like me, you’ll stand with me in affirming our message that green energy is a hoax and our capital was not attacked at any point in history. Speaking of history, let’s be clear that this nation is based on INDIVIDUAL LIBERTIES, Including the liberty to tell woman what to do with their bodies and the liberty to carry a semiautomatic weapon, because that’s what the founding fathers intended in our second amendment. The founding fathers had guns too, and they didn’t mask up like a bunch of liberal sissies. Our nation is a nation of Individuals that don’t need no socialism even though 1 % of the richest folk have 99% of the wealth…as I see it, it’s pull your self up from your boot straps, even if you’re born into generational poverty, addiction or some other left-leaning issue that the LIBERAL MEDIA would have you tear up over. Us MAGA PATRIOTS are here to fight for freedom and not watch our great nation dissolve in a storm of truth and science, because I took science classes AS A COLLEGE GRADUATE, and that science was so liberal, I couldn’t believe. All that data, and the ‘scientific method’ and so forth and so on…what a bunch of propaganda being fed to us by Biden and the Dems. Hold on to your guns and take off your masks and don’t read no science books, and don’t believe what the CDC says, cause it stands for the center for Dems and If I forgot what the last C stands for, but my fellow red-blooded Christian patriots will surely back me on this, cause Governor Brown is leading Oregon down a dark road unless we stand up and get Trump back!

    1. Dude… I just finished telling this other republican man I needed to dial it down and see both sides, and then the very next thing I did was read this and I have to tell you bro, it brought so much joy to my heart. I’m mixing some of your maga tears in with my bong water after I finish this pizza, and my stoner giggles will all be at your expense tonight. Thank you so much, honestly. Knowing you are out there somewhere seething in rage over the scientific method is all I needed tonight.

    2. Let me guess, you went to Trump University making such stupid, ridiculous comments, just saying. You can get the orange idiot back, he will be in prison though. Remember, send that stimmy money back. sad.

    3. None of what you said is how conservatives think, but nice try. Only some from fringe extremist conservatives would be like that just like all the fringe extremist liberals.

      1. Second that. It was so wrong and unrealistic only the like minded fell for it. But that’s not to say there aren’t idiots on the other side.

    4. Well stated. And might add that the human hair is 150 times larger than the WuHan Virus (1.5 microns). It doesn’t take science to show the worthlessness of cloth masks.

  3. I agree Kate Clown. This is the first time in at least a year that I’ve seen an article here that didn’t support the far left narrative. Very refreshing. Well done KTVZ!

  4. Not sure why Barney was snarky with Kate’s 🤡 earlier, it was a compliment and it’s like him stating anything about Trump put Barney in a snit. Might be last unbiased we 👀 on here again this spring. It’s ok to not like Trump but brown has been overreaching and enjoying being power hungry.

  5. Let’s never forget how it started! Let’s do this because the truth is coming out. There is no way CNN and the media can hide this anymore. Let’s go back in time when many of us did not believe that the virus was from the wet markets, we KNEW it was man-made. The virus was gifted to us to crush the USA and commit fraud in the elections. We were all call conspiracy theorists. They censored many doctors that knew the truth, that knew that the number was blown up. They are still speaking out, you just need to research and find them but you will never see this on CNN. Fear & panic was always pushed from CNN and the media. Celebrities told us, “we’re in this together, stay home.” Now, the truth is coming out, where the virus came from. The news told the people that everything was a conspiracy theory, just like everyone is a white supremacist and everyone was a racist. They burned all this into people’s heads to create division and hate. Now even Kate Brown is opening up because Texas & Florida ruined her control. Anyway, Tucker Carleson also gets his shows censored but this one is spot on. I remember this doctor that Tucker interviews a while back, she has been threatening for speaking the truth. The USA will one day wake up and see what lies from the news and the corrupt politicians have been doing. I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing they lie at their job every day because they are told to. Watch this!

    1. Yes… let’s not forget… how this fake pandemic all started out on the left coast as the regional media played along with the scam- the hoax- the con to destroy all the good that President Trump had initiated… this was literally a scorched Earth attack on the Republican party by the likes of Nancy Pelosi- Chuck Schumer- and of course Obama and Biden… the gloves came off and it was all out warfare against the American public who must be reined in… and it started here… January 21 2020.. AP News Wire: “Washington man is 1st in US to catch new virus from China”… Whazzat ??? “The man is originally from central China, lives alone in the U.S. and made the trip solo, officials said.”…. WHAT ARE THE ODDS THAT THIS GUY WOULD VISIT WUHAN CHINA AND BRING BACK THIS VIRUS ???????…. We now know that this was a virus manufactured in a lab in Wuhan China… funding organized and provided by Dr. Anthony Fauci… the paper trails don’t lie… whether or not this was a bio weapon set upon the world is yet to be determined… and Joe Biden will not insist on answers- Hunter needs a job ! In the meantime you can continue your life of incarceration and poverty on the Demokrat plantation- just don’t try to argue otherwise… it is what it is- one of the boldest coups to remove a US President ever !

      The man is originally from central China, lives alone in the U.S. and made the trip solo, officials said.

      1. Fake pandemic? Lol, yeah, fake pandemic orchestrated by every country, hospital, hospital and health care worker, etc in the world? Give me a break Trumper, you are losing it.

        1. Data shows- no more deadly than a bad case of the flu- world-wide ! Now… instead of stomping around spittin’ mad- why don’t you tell us all how Joe Biden is gonna make sure this never happens again- because so far- he’s cowered under the limelight and has done absolutely nothing- even tho he campaigned on a “get tough with China” platform ! Lemme guess- you still don’t see the difference between an all talk- full of BS- career politician like Biden- and an energetic- detail oriented- career businessman- who pulls no punches like Trump ! Are you really the guy who should be determining who is “losing it” or not … I don’t think so !

          1. Trump is a traitor who tried to overthrow the government, tried to overthrow an election (still is) lied about COVID from day one (interview with Bernstein) lies with every word, somehow convinced people like you he cares about you, when the truth is he could care less about you. He is a godless narcissistic sociopathic racist lying moron who should be in prison. He only cares about him, and the power of the presidency. And you fell for his con. Lol.

            1. President Trump didn’t try to over-throw anything- never lied about covid either. Maybe you missed the Z21 expose on the revelations that President Trump was right months ago- when he stated that China knew about the virus release way back in November- and that it was indeed developed in a Wuhan Lab like Chinese Virologist Dr Li Meng Yan has stated in national interviews here in the US for months. What we will all learn more about is Dr. Fauci’s involvement in this attack on the US and the world- as it was his “gain of function” program that was shut down by Obama- which he then took to China to fund and continue… a theory that has yet to be debunked- this story from three days ago- “On Friday May 21st, 18 virus and immunology experts published a letter in the journal Science demanding a deeper dive. “Theories of accidental release from a lab and zoonotic spillover both remain viable,” they said, adding that the Wuhan Institute should open its records.” As for the rest of your outburst- all BS ! Under President Trump- Before the China Virus invaded our shores, built the world’s most prosperous economy….America gained 7 million new jobs – more than three times government experts’ projections.
              Middle-Class family income increased nearly $6,000 – more than five times the gains during the entire previous administration.The unemployment rate reached 3.5 percent, the lowest in a half-century. Achieved 40 months in a row with more job openings than job-hirings. More Americans reported being employed than ever before – nearly 160 million.
              Jobless claims hit a nearly 50-year low. The number of people claiming unemployment insurance as a share of the population hit its lowest on record…. Now whatchu got- headlines that scream- “Jobs Report Under Biden- disappointing”- Gas Prices Surging- The cost of everything on the rise- Many Jobs- No Takers ! Crisis on US Southern Border as Kamala Harris AWOL ! Go ahead- tell me more about the con !

              1. Lol Trumper, he did those things, he is not the great man you have been duped into believing he is. Trump is an evil person, and is not fit to be president. I bet you love MTG as well? She is even more moronic. You will see what sticking with Trumpism does come the midterms.

  6. Oregon’s “leadership” has lied to us from day one. They openly lied about the death rate by not separating “died with” and “died from” numbers in the statistics. They also lied about case numbers by including “presumptive” cases in the totals. They did this to gain control of our lives, and it has succeeded. Most people don’t even question, they follow along and ridicule those who dare to look at facts that don’t line up with the endless “emergency powers” orders. Hate to tell you folks…if you look at government as your guidance regarding your well being, you are an idiot.

  7. Glad we havent seen people on here arguing that pelosi and chuck had nothing to do with this guy who brought the virus over here, and i know some will say its bunk trying to tie in whenever something happened in the first bogus impeachment trial there was advancement done with the virus here. Thus making it look like good ole nancy was diverting our attention while behind the scenes progressing this virus.

    1. Lol, yeah, they both had something to do with starting and planning the pandemic to bring Trump down. Yup, they got every country and almost health care worker in the world to go along with it too! Wow, they are amazing! Lol, lol, lol! If you truly believe that I have oceanfront property in Idaho you can buy when you move to that extremely Trumper crazy state. Give me a break. Wise up.

  8. She’s just cleaning out Oregon that all. She thinks it great watching Oregon natives flock to other states so that people from her favorite state can move in by the droves.

  9. Fauci stated masks don’t stop spread of airborne virus. Multiple very respected doctors have stated masks don’t stop the spread. Multiple studies have shown masks don’t stop it. Multiple states have relaxed their mask standards and have better stats. Yet, the governor continues to push her agenda of masks. It is about control. I have supposedly had Covid so I have antibodies. I won’t be getting vaccinated and not wearing a mask. Life is good. There are restaurants and shops I can use that aren’t falling for brown’s bs rules. I will support them.

    1. Well said! I just posted scientific fact about what you just stated regarding the ineffectiveness of the masks. It is all about control and nothing more. I contracted it, spent 7 days in criticle care unit and literally almost died from it. Got vaccinated just to help get society back to normal. I too have the antibodies and I am basically bullet proof at this stage as are others.

    2. What exactly is so hard about wearing a mask? Ask YOUR doctor, they help. However, your comments come straight out of the Trumper playbook, so intelligence can’t be expected when it comes to anything one might learn after the 7th grade. Did you know there was NO widespread voter fraud? Yup, it’s true. But you think people like Trump and MTG are the answer. Lol, lol, lol. Trump continues to lie, and his cult members drink it right up. Lol, lol, I can’t believe anyone STILL believes anything Trump, or the crazy Trumpers in Congress say.

  10. Welcome to Oregon, land of the leftist virtue signalers. Oregon is a national joke and the fools that run and support this foolishness are to thank. Nice to see Barney actually showing his true colors. You think as a reporter he will be able to bring you fair and balanced news? He is a leftist and will always push the leftist agenda….

  11. The problem with Covid policies is too many people are speaking up as experts, on BOTH sides, and yet they aren’t adequately correct. Each side is trying to have everything their way as if completely correct. The first basic step is to flesh out the entire problem and then evaluate over time new information of what works and doesn’t work. Here is an article that lays out 9 principles quite nicely, and if we had followed them, would have minimized harm to the death rate, economy, society and health care system. Bottom line is that both political sides have significant misperceptions and limited critical thinking.

    Will the Real COVID Experts Please Stand Up? by Vinay Prasad, MD, MPH

    Here is a summary of his principles.

    1. Amid unprecedented threats, governments can use unprecedented powers, though they must do so judiciously.
    2. What works in theory doesn’t always work in practice.
    3. Everything has tradeoffs, and you only see some of the consequences.
    4. Human beings are primates.
    5. Public health is a service industry.
    6. Smart people — and group consensus — is often wrong.
    7. Good policy means sometimes you are unpopular.
    8. Good policy means you meet people where they are.
    9. Measure and experiment.

    1. I like this one- “6. Smart people — and group consensus — is often wrong.”… let’s not forget- it was slaves who built the pyramids- engineers who designed the Titanic !

  12. “Barney Lerten says:
    May 22, 2021 at 8:18 PM

    I don’t drink. Or smoke.”

    Thanks to your governor, everything is legal now so whatever it is you are on, enjoy yourself.

      1. Again- untrue ! There is every expectation in the world that the summer months and extensive heat will destroy this virus- we’ve seen it in places like Australia- Singapore- the ME… So what happened in the summer of 2020 here in the US- skyrocketing cases ! Why ? Was it the fact that everyone was forced indoors- under lock-down- where the virus was able to multiply and spread ? Who’s idea was all that ? Fauci- the CDC- Kate Brown come to mind… but why ? There’s no science in that ! Data don’t lie- Liberal Demokrats do- and they’ve been caught red handed !

  13. For those of you walking around wearing the false sense of security masks, A.K.A., the cloth mask, let me help put your mind into a bigger pool of paranoia. For those of you who don’t know this (and/or won’t believe it) the Covid19 virus is 1.5 microns in size. Hummm.., you say, so, my cloth mask will protect me from that! Well let me dump massive amounts of paranoia water into your pool of fears. The human hair is 100 times larger than the Covid19 virus. 150 microns in size. So, if you can see any minute spec of light through your mask, you are basically wearing a condom with so many holes in it, you’ll impregnate everyone. People, stop drinking from that warm, fuzzy feel good, safe zone, Socialist Kool-Aid fountain and start using that critical thinking skill you were taught in school and follow the science. Oops! My Bad. I forgot, today’s liberal school system only teachs you to be good little lemming democrat robots and do as I say and don’t ever question me because I know what is best for you and so does Big Government. Power to the smart people and help those who are drowning in the pool of obedience.–u-l-DwAhXLl54KHSdqDEMQ9QF6BAgLEAE

    1. Months ago, I made a comment that said, if you can smell a fart with the mask you’re wearing it isn’t protecting you or anyone else.

    2. The size of the virus itself is not nearly as important as the size of the medium it lives in. One respiratory droplet can contain thousands of virus particles.

    1. Oh wait up there ding dong- before you leave and take your hate and anger for all things President Trump- lemme rub your nose in this- hot off the front page presses of Z21 and courtesy of CNN- who is just now acknowledging what them loony Trumpers have known for almost a year !… “A US intelligence report found that several researchers at China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology fell ill in November 2019 and had to be hospitalized, a new detail about the severity of their symptoms that could fuel further debate about the origins of the coronavirus pandemic, according to two people briefed on the intelligence.”… “A State Department fact sheet released by the Trump administration in January said that the researchers had gotten sick in autumn 2019″… As I do recall- my comments on the subject were met with the typical ridicule and hateful personal attacks… Five months later- CNN and Z21 decide to come clean- cause you know they knew this from day one also- but chose to hide the facts from their readers- or should I say “ignorant” fact deniers ! and this is why ‘Merika is in free fall- the media has let you down- sold you a bag of kats- a dog and pony show named Joe and Kamala- I’ll let you guess which is which !

      1. If the furin cleavage found in the SARS-CoV2 virus turn out to be laboratory created, that would mean this pandemic was started when the virus escaped a lab that received US government grant funding at the end of the Obama administration (2014-2015) and throughout the Trump administration (2016-2019). Not that it would matter since his fan club wouldn’t dare hold him accountable nor would he ever utter anything approaching a mea culpa.

  14. Gotta laugh at the MAGA Clowns here who denied the existence of covid for the past year now trying to give Trumpie the T.V. Clown credit and getting all excited about the origins. What happened to CNN being fake news? Lol. What happened to “its just a flu” or a “Democrat plot”? Watta crew of halfwits.

  15. Did anyone watch the PGA yesterday? Spectators all without mask and no social distancing and nobody is dropping dead. Event was at full capacity in FL.

    Please explain why OR must continue to be draconian in order to keep people from getting the flu (yes the one from China)?

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