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Gov. Brown announces weekly changes to county risk levels: Could they be the last?

State closing in on 70% vaccination goal that would end risk levels, most restrictions

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) — Gov. Kate Brown announced updates Tuesday to county risk levels under the state's public health framework to reduce transmission and protect Oregonians from COVID-19 -- a system due to end, with most business restrictions, when the state reaches 70% of adults vaccinated.

A complete list of counties and their associated risk levels is available here.

This week, Lane, Coos, and Wasco counties will move down to Lower Risk, and Josephine and Yamhill counties will move down to Moderate Risk, effective Wednesday. Harney County will move up from Lower Risk to Moderate Risk due to rising case counts, effective Friday. Harney County had been granted a caution period from June 4-10.

Effective through Thursday, June 17, there will be 21 counties at the Lower Risk level, four at Moderate Risk, and 11 at the High Risk level.

"Oregon is so close to more fully reopening our economy, and I am grateful to everyone who has stepped up to get vaccinated," Brown said. "We will soon need to reach fewer than 100,000 Oregonians to achieve our statewide vaccination goal of 70% and lift the county risk level framework."

“But, for unvaccinated individuals, COVID-19 remains as large a threat as it ever was. With more contagious variants spreading, far too many Oregonians are still being hospitalized when they could be protected with a vaccine. If you have been waiting to get vaccinated, go get your shot today. It's never been easier to get an appointment, and you may just win $1 million through the Take Your Shot, Oregon campaign," the governor said.

On May 11, Brown announced that counties that vaccinate at least 65% of their adult residents with at least one dose and submit documentation on how they will close equity gaps in their vaccination efforts are eligible to move to the Lower Risk level.

A county vaccination data dashboard is available on OHA's website. Please note that the dashboard displays state vaccine allocations only, and does not track federally administered vaccine doses.

Lane County moved this week after achieving a 65% vaccination rate and submitting an equity plan. All other counties moved based on case counts and positivity rates. Complete equity plans are available here.

Weekly County Movements

As case rates continue to decline, county risk level changes will be announced every week. Counties can move to lower risk levels based either on vaccination rates and the submission of an equity plan, or declining case rates and positivity rates. The next risk level changes will be announced on Tuesday, June 15, to take effect on Friday, June 18.

When Oregon achieves a first dose 70% statewide vaccination rate for residents 18 or older, Oregon will lift all risk level health and safety restrictions. Some restrictions based on CDC guidance for use of masks and physical distancing may remain in place.

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  1. Thanks Kate for all you hard work and all the lives you saved! you had a tough fight against not only a hideous deadly disease, but so many trump loving covidiots that fought you the whole way. I’m glad you care more about Oregon than they do and that you stuck to your guns!

    1. She’s a poor example of a leader. She needs to go to live with her brother ex governor of California, gov Jerry brown. He was worthless too

  2. The covid cases are just plummeting since January of this year. And what happened in January of this year? Oh yes I didn’t became president good job Biden and White House!

    1. Thank you Trump for Operation Warp Speed and for exposing the Wuhan China flu for what it is! A lab-produced virus!

      Thank you for SCOTUS and the 6-3 majority! Thank you for standing up for our military and protecting our Borders! Thank you for DEFENDING those too young or afraid to speak up! It’s your courage that will help us finish draining the swamp! TRUMP 2024! THE RULES HAVE CHANGED!

  3. I consider threatening to keep the state locked down until 70% bow down or offering a 1 million dollar prize to be coercion by the government.
    It’s very sad to see how many suckers are among us.

  4. sounds like lot of the democratic leaning members here would love it if brown changed it to 80 percent and locked state down and refuse to open it till the vaccinated goal hit 80 percent. Then that way the blame for businesses failing will be all on the unvaccinated

  5. Comrade Kate, I hate to tell you this, but we have not followed any of your “rules” for over 15 months now. No mask, no social distancing, no limit to any of our gatherings, no vaccine and we are still alive and have not dropped dead yet. Please explain to us why our immune systems are not good enough to fight a flu that has only killed less than 1% (and even that number is inflated as deaths WITH covid not OF covid are being counted.) PCR tests that are counting cases are amped up to a percentage that is calculating false positives.

  6. Its all about power nothing else. If it hadn’t been for Trump there woulds be no vaccine. And all you Biden lovers what has happened to all the crazy prices since dimentia and Camala took over. Country went backward 25 years. More people in the poor house.

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