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Oregon reaches 70% adult vaccination goal before holiday weekend

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Oregon reached another vaccination milestone Friday: 70% of adults 18 years and older have now received at least one vaccination in advance of the July 4th holiday weekend, the Oregon Health Authority reported.

Oregon’s number is based on data reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Friday, and data in Oregon’s ALERT IIS system, which has not yet been uploaded to the CDC website.

According to the CDC, 2,343,617 adult Oregonians had received at least one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or a shot of the single-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine, as of Thursday. That total leaves Oregon 2,206 adult first doses short of 70%.

However, Oregon has received reports of an additional 2,900 backlogged doses delivered by pharmacies in Oregon that are not yet reported to CDC. In addition, Oregon reported 1,478 first doses administered Thursday to the CDC earlier Friday, which have not yet been added to the federal total (a portion of these doses will not count toward Oregon’s adult vaccination target because they were administered to children 12-17 years old).

The combination of these additional doses mean Oregon has reached its 70% adult vaccination target.

“The 70% adult vaccination goal means we have a better chance to sustain a safe reopening. The safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines continue to drive down new cases, hospitalizations and deaths in our state. Thank you to everyone who’s been vaccinated and everyone who helped administer these life-saving vaccines,” said Patrick Allen, director of the Oregon Health Authority. “But COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. It’s our goal to vaccinate eight in 10 people across Oregon, particularly adults in communities of color and other under-vaccinated groups.”

Oregon’s latest vaccine effectiveness data show that more than nine in 10 recent cases, hospitalizations and deaths in Oregon were among people who were unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated.

Oregon now stands 18th in the nation in the percentage of the total population that has been vaccinated. The state reached the 70% adult vaccination goal  through the efforts of more than 660 vaccination sites, which were operated by a wide range of health care providers, Tribal partners, Local Public Health Authorities, community based organizations, pharmacies, volunteers, the Oregon National Guard, retired healthcare workers and countless others—all working together to beat back the pandemic.

With adult vaccination rate now more than 70% and the lifting of statewide protections, the state will continue to support vaccination efforts in communities across Oregon. However, local health authorities will be responsible for managing outbreaks of COVID-19 at the local level.

Statewide coordination efforts will continue at OHA, including case investigation and contact tracing support, epidemiological investigations, monitoring of variants and collecting and reporting data. We are now able to move from the statewide response model to one being driven at the local level, in each community and based on local risks.

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        1. Trump cultists condone and know more about cancel culture than ITMFA ever could. The conman in chief used and continues to use it for every person who doesn’t agree with him, and his marks love him for it. So your comment is hypocritical to say the least.

          1. So lash out about this then… as Oregon “did not” reach Biden’s target… but fudged the numbers and lied to the nation anyway… “That total leaves Oregon 2,206 adult first doses short of 70%.” !!! This is the ‘Merika you live in- a day late and a dollar short- but that won’t stop Kalamity Kate from lying to her gullible base of idiots.

    2. Urging vaccinations at this point is futile. The Delta variant is running rampant through mostly rural Trump cult members. Most of its victims will continue to say it’s just the flu, some right up until their dying breath. So I’m done wasting my time trying to convince anyone. Just let Darwin’s theory work at this point. I do wish there wasn’t such a high cost of resources trying to save the unvaccinated who get really sick when a common sense free shot could have prevented it.

      1. Extremely Racist point of view! We know from the OHA data that communities of color are by far the groups with the lowest rates of vaccination. Frankly, your use of Darwin’s theory rises to the level of a hate crime.

          1. So are you saying that all the elderly that continue to fall victim (look at the ages again) to the virus… are just not “smart enough” to get the vaccine ? That the 97% of those people with them “underlying conditions” just aint the brainiac you are… Oh my- what an offensive and insensitive snowbird you are.

      2. Spoken like a true (racist) democrat.
        That takes some stones, to say that black people are too stupid to get vaccinated… but then again, liberals like you also contend that people of color are too stupid to get photo ID’s, can’t figure out how to vote and can’t use the internet.
        No surprise coming from a liberal, though. Anyone who still waves the banner for people like Margaret Sanger will likely never change their core racist beliefs.
        Heck, that’s why we have a segregationist in the WH now.

        1. You cult45 boneheads are the only ones bringing up race, which has nothing to do with it. Only 45 percent of Republicans have received at least one shot, compared to 86 percent of Democrats. While only 6 percent of Democrats say they aren’t likely to get vaccinated, almost half of Republicans (47 percent) say the same thing. Almost 4 in 10 Republicans say they will definitely not get vaccinated against COVID-19 while 22 percent of independents feel the same way.

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    3. Agreed. If only it was as easy to convince them to get the Trump vax as it is to convince them to storm the capitol we’d be done with this virus thing already.

    4. The facts are that it is communities of color that have the lowest rates of vaccination not Trump supporters but way to act like a racist!

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  1. Interesting that areas with low vaccination rates are having more deaths and hospitalizations. Almost all deaths and hospitalized people are unvaccinated. Most of those same areas are Trump territory. See the connection? I guess you people saying ‘COVID Kate’ was wrong, are actually wrong. Our numbers are low because of rapid decisions based on science. Yes there was major issues for small and large businesses, yes we had to be inconvenienced by wearing masks and social distancing, but our numbers remain low. Be glad CO isn’t like those Trump areas.

    1. come on now – you are going to confuse certain people with actual empirical information – that’s a bunch of commie sorcery right there

    2. You are committing a hate crime with your words. The facts are that the lowest vax rates are amongst communities of color. This is a truth, not an unvetted word crime such as yours. Hopefully, your lies make you feel better. If you really cared you would review the data then go do something to help. Unlike the equity plans, each county submitted that failed miserably.

      1. What have you done to increase the vaccination levels of either the local communities of color or amongst your fellow maga cult members? Did you get your shots?

        1. I am not a MAGA cult member; I am someone who speaks the truth. And what I have done is participate in 3 vax clinics for migrant workers in Jefferson, Wasco, and Sherman counties, along with volunteering at Deschutes fairgrounds.

          1. I didn’t realize the North Central Public Health District did anything specifically for migrant workers, but I’m actually thankful for and impressed by your efforts. How can the rest of us help out these migrant workers in future volunteer clinics, I would be interested in helping.

            There’s migrant workers in Jefferson County? How do you contact these people to schedule their second shots? Do the farmers give them time off to go to your clinics? How many people showed up?

    1. Getting sick and perhaps dying unnecessarily is the very definition of losing. I bet none of the hospitalized trump supporters in the south are going “Nyah, nyah” like a 3-year old, such as yourself.

      1. Right now, the odds of me dying from the vax are higher than the odds of me dying from the virus, especially when you factor in that I am taking steps to minimize my chances of being exposed. Why would I intentionally expose myself by being injected with an experimental biologic agent that is known to increase chances of fatal blood clots. And the spike protein has escaped the muscle tissue and been found to be the blood in some cases. Find out what has happened to the British Airways pilots. Plus, we have no idea what the long term effects of the spike protein are.

          1. “…36 to 78,571 times HIGHER …”
            Wow, you really nailed that down. What’s the +/- accuracy margin on 36 to 78,571?
            Better yet, as you’re handing out stats, care to share how many people REALLY died from covid and not from an underlying condition?
            I’m thinking “36 to 78,571” might fit that as well.

      2. Stats show that black people are the least vaccinated. By a large percentage, although Hispanics and Asians are certainly under the curve as well.
        What a terrible thing to say, grick. Calling minorities losers? Or is it your opinion that black people are too stupid to make their own decisions?

        1. Read my post again. Seems to me that minorities didn’t vote much for trump, did they?
          It is my opinion that trump supporters are susceptible to misinformation.

          1. “Getting sick and perhaps dying unnecessarily is the very definition of losing. I bet none of the hospitalized trump supporters in the south are going “Nyah, nyah” like a 3-year old, such as yourself”.
            A pretty clear post, grick. You attempted to insult Trump supporters, but instead insulted minorities… twice now just in this thread (although the argument could be made you insulted them three times).
            You obviously think Trump supporters are stupid, so given the stats on vaccinations you are saying men and women of color are even dumber.
            Nice. And amazingly racist.

            1. Pretty clear indeed. You do a great job of reading into written language things that are not there. No wonder you are so susceptible to trumpian hooey.

  2. I did the first shot (Pfizer). I wouldn’t push it on anyone else. I felt that in my business I should do all I can to protect others at my own risk of side effects. These shots scare me. With some of my reactions, I have regrets at this point. I feel that I might as well follow through at this point though. I may change my mind by Wednesday (second shot date)The side effects scare me. I have been in thousands of homes through this virus without a sniffle at this point. I don’t feel good about the vax right now. I will say that the science seems reasonable in favor of the vaccine. Are the consequences of the vaccine going to outweigh the virus risk? I don’t know. I figure, at least, no one will not be able to accuse me of not doing all I could to look out for your family. Just my humble perspective.

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