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COVID-19 delta variant has become dominant in Oregon


PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — As daily COVID-19 cases doubled in the past week, Oregon health officials reported Thursday that the highly transmissible delta variant has now become the dominant coronavirus variant in the state.

But even as cases rise, around 29% of adults in Oregon have yet to be vaccinated. Health officials warn the increased spread of the delta variant poses a great risk for unvaccinated people. Just last month, more than nine out of 10 people who tested positive for COVID-19, were hospitalized or died from the virus were unvaccinated.

“As I heard a health officer say earlier this week, ’If you are not vaccinated and you live in a community where vaccination rates are low, it’s not a question of whether you will get COVID-19… it’s only a question of when,” Patrick Allen, the director of the state health authority, said during a news conference.

For at least 11 consecutive weeks, COVID-19 cases had been decreasing in Oregon — until this month. Health experts point to the highly contagious delta variant, first detected in India, as a factor as state and federal officials continue to warn about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Oregon is open, but the pandemic is not over…especially for people who remain unvaccinated,” Allen said.

In Oregon, more than 70% of adults have been fully or partially vaccinated. Some counties continue to surpass the state's vaccination percentage. In Multnomah County — the state’s most populous county and home to Portland — 74% of adults are fully or partially vaccinated.

But in one-third of Oregon's counties — many rural — less than 50% of the adult population is vaccinated.

Officials presented evidence on Thursday, which showed that counties with low-vaccination rates directly correlate with high-infection rates.

“This latest wave of COVID-19, which is supercharged by the delta variant and fueled by vulnerable and unvaccinated Oregonians, is not a statewide challenge right now,” Allen said.

In places like rural Umatilla County, 43% of the population is partially or fully vaccinated. On Thursday, health officials reported that the county's coronavirus-test positivity rate surpassed 14%.

“My message today is to people who have not yet been vaccinated, you are in harm’s way,” said Dean Sidelinger, the state epidemiologist.

As cases increase in the state, some have questioned if the state will reimplement restrictions — including mask mandates, capacity limits, county risk levels that dictate restrictions and distancing requirements — that were lifted by Gov. Kate Brown on June 30.

During a public Q&A last week, Sidelinger said that if cases, hospitalizations and deaths surge then “nothing is off the table” when it comes to the possibility of reinstating restrictions.

In addition some have wondered if the Oregon Health Authority will recommend that employers mandate that workers be vaccinated. At this time, Allen said he doesn't think that is the right tactic to increase vaccination rates in the state.

“I’m very concerned that simply a direct order right now, given the highly political nature of COVID itself and vaccines, is not likely to be a highly productive tool," he said.

Instead Allen said he believes what would help increase the amount of people being vaccinated is localized messaging from community leaders, groups, faith organizations, health care providers, friends and family.

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  1. Pure Baloney ! “Officials presented evidence on Thursday, which showed that counties with low-vaccination rates directly correlate with high-infection rates.” And the death rate ??? Where’s the surge in patients into the ICU’s ? Where are the mass graves from this lame pandemic ?? Infection rates are not creating the enormous number of deaths predicted by the gloom and doomers- never will. because ??? It’s a mild virus- treated with Tylenol bed rest and fluids !

    1. Please Barney, make this person prove their comment. This one looks like nothing but misinformation, again from the same person as always. Mild virus treated with Tylenol, bed rest and fluids? Come on, anyone who believes that is delusional. The comment is false and misleading and dangerous to have here.

        1. With what? I could put a person dying from COVID who is 30 years old in his mom’s basement with him and he would deny it was true.

      1. Come on brainless- you already had four weeks to have at me when Lerten targeted my screen name for auto-removals and word count limits… As if unfairly banning me wasn’t enough- now you want him to fight yer battles for you- whatta jerk you are !

      1. Nobody lost 600,000 to the Wuhan Bat Virus (alone) from a lab in China- 97% (according to the CDC) were because of underlying conditions- end of story. Trying to run that garbage gets you banned from Fakebook- guess it’s still acceptable here !

  2. Brown and Biden mucked this up last summer- we should have Herd Immunity by now ! Data don’t lie- if you are under 70 years old and catch the virus- a 99% survival rate- That’s Real Science Speaking.

    1. If I put 100 hand guns on a table with only one having a round in the chamber and asked you to pick one, put it to your head and pull the trigger, would you do it? Only 1% chance that it would be the one with the round. If we don’t get this under control, every unvaccinated person will be looking at that table because sooner or later each one of them will get it.

      1. Maybe they would maybe they wouldn’t, but that doesn’t seem like their choice to pick up the gun would effect you. After all it’s their choice so that was a stupid analogy. If all of you complaining about the unvaccinated have been vaccinated then what are you worrying about. Time to drop the facade and live your own life. At this point those who want it have got it and those that don’t aren’t going to.

      2. If I put 100 glasses of Gin on the table and a few drops of clear odorless sarin in 6- would you drink up ? That’s the failure rate for your non-FDA approved vaccines. You wanna gamble with a life- make it your own- I never liked Gin anyway !

    2. So it’s a presidential candidate’s fault that we didn’t reach herd immunity last summer, during the waining days of Bunker Baby’s failed term in office? You still haven’t answered my previous question Wishey: what would you do with a brain if you had one?

      1. Presidential Candidate and his VP candidate- spreading ill will and bad-mouthing the President’s vaccine and virus strategy ??? Damn right I blame them loudmouths- and so should you- but Hunter’s laptop porn has you mesmerized !

      1. Trump’s vaccine was approved by “other’s”- the people that many of you call experts. The same people that approved lock-downs- shutdowns-irrational meltdowns… By and large- representatives from the Demokant Party.

  3. By choosing not to get vaccinated, people who don’t want to “pay for other people’s healthcare” are going to wind up forcing us to pay for theirs

        1. First of all, although Syphilis can be sexually transmitted, it is not a sexually transmitted disease. It can be contracted by proximity. You just proved your ignorance Gramb

        2. By the way sheep dip breath, My mother passed in June. But you will be disappointed to hear that it was not of covid-19 since that is all you fear mongers talk about

  4. I made it clear that through my attorney I would begin to demand the status of all other employee’s health conditions in regards to other forms of communicable diseases. We would be demanding information on employees with AIDS, Hepatitis, Flu, Syphilis, STDs, Measles, Mumps, and so on. My lawyer already had the papers drawn up so I could serve him the first day he tried, and part of the suit would be to force the company to make immediate policies to section off employees who had any illness that could spread, including the common cold. If they were going to take responsibility in stopping the spread of covid-19 in the building they were liable for the spread of anything else.

    Within 24 hours we were all informed that they would no longer demand to see our papers.

    1. If your company is anything like mine, your monthly performance review is specifically designed to highlight an endless number of minor infractions that are normally overlooked, but make removing employees who pull crap like this both fun and easy for the manager.

  5. If the vaccine works and a person got one, my question is why do people who got it care if someone doesn’t want to get it? Are those vaccinated safe or not? That’s the million dollar question!

    1. Actually, that has been explained so many times. If you are unvaccinated and catch the virus there is a chance, very small, but a chance it can mutate (Delta variant and others), there is a chance the vaccines will not protect against that variant (very small chance). Now, if you multiply your infection by millions, the chance of a variant that the vaccines won’t help protect folks from serious illness goes up exponentially. It only takes one out of millions. The Delta variant came from someone. One person who got sick. And it has spread all over the world. Now, imagine a variant that the vaccines are ineffective against, and how fast it could spread. Hundreds of thousands more will die. So, that is why we care. Can I have my million dollars?

      A Fellow American who doesn’t want to see anyone die who doesn’t have to

  6. This could be easily solved here in OR if the racist leaders of the counties that submitted equity plans are held accountable and submitted plans that helped vax populations of color rather than allow them to die unvaxed. Based on the current OHA data each county that submitted an equity plan has seen the rate of vax for POCs plummet! This is why we have stalled here in OR. Where is the accountability for these white elitists that sit up on Snob Knob or in Vandervert Ranch having parties, not paying taxes, and laughing at the rest of us?

  7. PCR tests are not like standard tests. They can be altered to change the threshold for positive results, producing a large number of false positives throughout the pandemic.

    The test itself has been seen as somewhat controversial. The creator of PCR technology, Kary Mullis, originally designed it to replicate DNA, not test for viruses. But it is now the standard of the COVID-19 era.

    1. What lie? Who got all the health care workers, researchers, government officials, patients, morticians and grave diggers around planet Earth to participate in this lie? Who got nations that are diametrically opposed to each other to agree to this lie? Forget Democrats and Republicans here in America, why are people all over the globe participating in this lie? You are fond of the phrase sheep dip, perhaps it’s time to realize you’re swimming in it.

      1. “What lie?”… You know- the big one ! That all these deaths are “due to” the kovid virus. Which is 100% inaccurate and Z21 proves it every day when they report these deaths as “related to”… not “due to” ! The “due to’s” are a mere 3% ! You think Pelosi will admit to destroying Trumps beautiful economy over a 3% virus ??? You been hoaxed old boy !

        1. At the risk of feeding a troll, I’ll ask again: if a hemophiliac is stabbed by some crackhead and bleeds to death, was it murder or is the crackhead innocent because the supposed victim had an underlying condition? “But For” logic…not that complicated.

      2. Yeah, everyone including doctors, nurses, front desk personnel, coroners, folks in billing, First Responders, and even hospital janitors and others, all over the world and the United States are all in on it, and not one, not one, has decided to expose this big conspiracy. Yup, sounds so possible to me. Not. Who would believe this? Someone who would vote for Trump maybe, but not many others.

  8. Of course it’s dominant because the others have burned themselves out. Do they think we are that stupid? The vaccines don’t work.

  9. Attention anyone reading this: BGHW, or Wishy, is not a doctor or medical professional. Please do not take their word for anything. When it comes to COVID, or vaccines, ASK YOUR DOCTOR. Don’t just say you did, actually do it.

    End of Message on BGHW and nonfactual posts that can be dangerous to your health, physically, and mentally.

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