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‘Honestly, I’m worried’: St. Charles CEO voices concern over rise in COVID-19 delta variant

(Update: Adding video)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- St. Charles President and CEO Joe Sluka updated the community Friday on the risks posed by the rising numbers of the "much more transmissible' delta variant of COVID-19 and again urged Central Oregonians be cautious in public -- and to get vaccinated, if they haven't.

Here's Sluka's newsletter, in full:

July 23, 2021

"As much as I hate to say it, the delta variant of COVID-19 is increasing in our communities.

"Over the past two weeks, wastewater samples throughout the state of Oregon show an increase from 5% to 40% of this more transmissible variant of the virus. We believe our current vaccination rate in Central Oregon is not high enough to provide herd immunity against the delta variant, in part because it spreads more easily than earlier versions of the virus. In fact, studies show that delta appears to be much more transmissible than the original version of COVID-19.

"Keeping all of this in mind, we expect to experience a new spike in COVID-19 cases among unvaccinated individuals in the near future. And although our counties have worked so hard to make vaccines available, we still have large numbers of people who have not received the vaccine. Children under the age of 12 remain ineligible for any of the vaccines and are at a high risk of contracting the new variant and spreading it to others.

"Throughout the country, we are seeing huge spikes in COVID-19 in areas with low vaccination rates. Daily reported cases in the U.S. rose by 43% in the past week and hospitalizations rose by 33%. In some states, hospitals are once again being overwhelmed.

"Honestly, I’m worried.

"At St. Charles, we continue to have hospital bed capacity and staffing challenges that have been exacerbated by the global pandemic. We are working so hard to ensure we can care for you if you need us.

"But please know you have a part to play as well. You can help by taking actions that reduce the spread of the virus.

"For example, I still choose to wear my mask in some indoor public places and hope that you are doing so as well. I wear a mask to protect those who can’t be vaccinated and the most vulnerable among us.

"In addition, I think it’s prudent at this point to avoid large indoor gatherings where you don’t know the vaccination status of those in attendance. The vaccines are highly effective at preventing serious illness and hospitalization from COVID-19, but we have had a handful of cases in vaccinated individuals where hospitalization was necessary.

"It’s OK to continue being cautious, regardless of your vaccination status. In fact, I would encourage you to do so.

"More than anything, if you haven’t done so yet, please get vaccinated. Talk to your health care provider about which of the three available COVID-19 vaccines is right for you. All of them are free and available through individual health care providers, pharmacies and our local county health departments. You can find information on vaccine availability at

"Also, consider talking with your friends and family members who have been vaccinated about their experiences. These videos show familiar faces from Crook and Jefferson counties sharing their thoughts on why the COVID-19 vaccine is important. Give them a watch and share them with others.


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  1. I freakin’ told you all months ago ! St Charles is not about to let this cash cow- this golden goose- this talking spider out of their grasp ! Here…. We… Go.. Again !!!

    1. Your dear and exulted leader whom you idolize and get all your information fron told us all this months ago: ” the virus is way down and will be gone soon” “we have it totally under control” “its just one person coming in from china, everything is going to be just fine” ” hydroxychlorquine will be the greatest game changer in the history of medicine” ” operation warp speed is the greatest acheivement in the history of medicine” “anyone who wants test can get a test” “its contained” “children don’t get the virus” ROTFLMAO!!! Sorry sweety but your pathetic “I told you so” is just tooooo funny!!!!

      1. I think all who’ve chosen not to get the vaccine should be required to pay for their own medical care when they come down with COVID and need a week to 2 months of inpatient hospitalization. They’ve done nothing to prevent catching it, why should the government or even their own insurance companies foot the bill?

        1. Agreed! If you are unvaccinated you should be unable to be covered for treatment from government, charity, or private funds like insurance.

          We know that states have the right to force vaccines, the SCOTUS ruled this almost a century ago, so start using it!

          If you dont want a nanny state, then stop acting like a child!

              1. Please Explain how vaccinations work. If you get vaccinated you should not get the virus…so what does it matter if another person is not vaccinated?

            1. Until the unvaccinated start another surge that shuts down my business again. How about the unvaccinated aren’t allowed in public spaces.

          1. And if you ignorantly received a Non FDA approved vaccine- your insurance company should no longer be held accountable for any long term illness you develop- hospitals do not have to treat your self induced illness- and you too void any Government, charity, or additional private funds to alleviate your pain and suffering… all you get in the mail is a sympathy card from BGHW with a note saying- “I Told Ya So” !

          1. No…more like, if you don’t want the vaxx …. and the happen to test positive, you are on your own.

            It’s called voices or consequences. Pretty straightforward…

            1. HAHAHA. The cognitive dissidence must be driving you mad. Here we have the progressives wanting people to pay for their own medical care for their own choices while for years and years wanting everyone else to get “free” care. Can we start with illegal aliens getting free health care? They made the choice to come here. They are on their own. Right?

          1. Back in 76- the swine flu challenged Americans to the same set of options- no different… have a look… “The stories, it would turn out, were false and misleading. But it was just one of many problems that plagued the “swine flu affair of 1976”, when a US president decided to rush a vaccine to the entire American population based on ill-founded science and political imprudence. Lawsuits, side-effects and negative media coverage followed, and the events dented confidence in public health for years to come. What happened might even have laid the foundations for the mistaken anti-vax views and distrust in public health that would spread decades later.”…

                1. Hater Alert ! 100% personal attack- offensive in nature- needs removal… Thank You !

            1. But Joe Biden, the most hip cool and inspirational president in history, is president now. The new vaccines were terrible under Trump. But within 2 minutes of being sworn in they are the best thing EVER and EVERYONE needs to take them without question.

                1. From March of 2020 to election night November- Under President Trumps constant battle against Demokrat attacks and collusion- the US managed a mere 10,000 cases. But since that fraudulent night in November until now- we’ve seen the case numbers explode to 35,000- and that’s with the Deomokants in control of all three branches- an adoring media- and President Trump’ vaccines available. There is no Love-Hate relationship here… this is now Life or Death- and Death is winning !

                2. It is apparent that a lot of hate is being directed at those who choose not to get the shot but, to the liberal mind well, that is justufied.

                3. I’m in total agreement with your response. We don’t see much of that here. Content presenting evidence from either side should be allowed but, I think all name calling should be immediately deleted then people would have to learn how to carry on a civil discussion. This board has gotten way out of hand.

                4. We’ve never deleted name-calling. I’d say 2/3 to 75 pct of comments would be deleted. Would it “teach them to behave” or just send them elsewhere to… voice hate attack etc.? I don’t know.

                5. I know how much that is said here includes name calling but what does it accomplish to allow it here? Or is your appeal for sidebar advertisers dependant on number of commenters?

                6. Because we err on the side of freedom of speech. Who said online comments “accomplish” anything? Is that the goal? Surely not for many here who engage in the same hate-filled circular arguments over and over.
                  I really don’t know if these gain or cost us more viewers – many have urged us to kill the comments. Are you one of them?

                7. Really Barney ? I mean REALLY ??… “Because we err on the side of freedom of speech.” ??? You have been blocking- de-railing- auto-removing my posts sporadically for more than a month. That didn’t happen to Kuya-Tio-Neverdumber-Martha-DB… your usual cast of liberal haters. You claimed “tech glitch”… OK- explain… what was the glitch ? You should have a logical answer for this- If it makes sense- I promise not to argue- But it won’t and you won’t explain… because it is what it is “Kancel Kulture”… You know the deal- prove me wrong !

                8. Your attacks on me and false allegations of “blocking” (repeated in 100s of posts that prove you aren’t being blocked) got old long ago.
                  Long, long ago.

                9. I’m actually hoping I can influence someone. If these comments don’t accomplish anything, then you should kill it.

                10. Then wy are you here? To foster division and bitterness? Because that is about all you are accomplishing.

                11. Personally? I write, report and help mostly young reporters edit and post news. The comment moderation is a task I do “on the side.” as time allows. Since when is a comment system about “accomplishing” anything? Most of it has become mostly regulars who spend far too much time in endless arguments and attacks. Fortunately, some times there are comments of value amid all the other stuff.

                12. Barney ! Please explain the tech glitch- or admit- there never was one… and i was targeted as my accusations claim. Time to put up or admit to the charges !

                13. Talking to you is always, always a waste of time. I’ve explained in comments before – you keep FAR more track of what’s posted here than I do, so go look it up! And then post lies claiming I lied, as always.

                14. So you cannot explain the Tech Glitch- or you won’t ? Either way- failure to do so is proof positive of my accusations… and I’ll keep reminding anyone within ear shot of this violation to your TOS.

                15. There was no violation of TOS. I have explained it, but am not going to repeat myself. Do whatever you feel appropriate, and I will do the same.

                16. No Barney- you did not explain the technical glitch- you simply said the comments were re-routed… Why ? Without a clear explanation- you violated your company’s TOS- you censored- blocked- and removed my posts. Your TOS allows for delays- not removals. So again- why were my posts auto-removed and re-directed for a month ? Do we need to get Eddy in here to set you straight ?

                17. Your TOS allows for the following scenarios… “NPG assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation or transmission, communications line failures, theft, destruction, or unauthorized access to, or alteration of, any content or information that you submit on, to, or through the Website.” Targeting is not an error- it’s done with intent. I can go through each word posted here and clearly explain how “deletions”, transmission, line failure etcetera didn’t happen- what you did was willful and malicious… Now- if it’s an honest mistake- a tech glitz as you say- then explain… it might fall under “interruptions”… without an explanation- guilty as charged ! For a month I was targeted for my political views- and was told by many posters that I was not welcome here- so let’s throw in “offensive” and public bullying into the mix.. so what says you ?

                1. That would have been true if Demokrat Governors hadn’t changed terminology (ILI to CLI) had stopped putting infected elderly in group homes with uninfected- had listened to the science that said “outdoors with good ventilation is safe”- had properly changed the 6 foot mandate to 8 (accounting for an OSHA required safety factor”- if Biden-Pelosi-and Harris had not told people to not trust the vaccine… See where this is going ? Pretty clear that the Demokrats ramped up the misery through intent- these people should be locked up- but remember… it’s a mild virus !

            2. “Zero threat, there was zero threat. It was a love fest” was he talking about the virus or the insurrection!!! The trump Borg don’t care!!

              1. Neither ! You are quoting Ted Wheeler during one of his press conferences as he tried to poo=poo away the “year long” 2020 Portland riots.

        2. “They’ve done nothing to prevent catching it”. You soy brainer liberal puddle, yeah we’ve masked, social distanced, 6 feet, washed hands, put up plexi glass, closed business , and stopped school. So you know your response is repulsive.

        3. How can you say someone has done nothing to prevent catching the virus when you have no idea what people are doing? Many are still avoiding gatherings, indoor events, wearing masks etc. Those are significant efforts and self sacrifice that some are adhering to to help stop the spread. I for one can’t blame anyone for not trusting big pharma and our government. They have lied to us for our entire lives in many ways, and big pharma is a line of corporations who’s bylaws require them to make more money each quarter. That is the US health care nightmare.

        4. Hmm interesting, the government (taxpayers) only pay for low income patients or elderly. The taxpayers(government) should not pay for any healthcare. As for my insurance company…that’s why I pay a monthy premium.

          1. Yet at 65 all go in Medicare, government health insurance. Our veterans receive their healthcare through the VA, government insurance. I firmly support both of these. Am not sure why you are against them, as they are also government insurance. Our veterans need their healthcare.

    2. I like to imagine that you spend a few moments before each of your comments thinking “what is the dumbest thing that anyone could say right now” and then you say it.

      1. That’s all great “Nick-Nack-and Monkey Whack”… But check the archives and tell us all how I made that prediction months ago- when you all were calling BS on everything I posted- You and your… “Biden’s vaccine is gonna save us” hogwash ! Now all yer left with is personal attacks and smarmy critiques- the same kinda garbage that’s had you- CNN and the Z wrong for a year now… So get out there- pump me some $4/gallon gas- my “staycation” this year includes a lot of lawn mowing and tree trimming- Just like Kate ordered !

    3. As soon as I read the article title I knew “Wish” would make a bonehead remark because he obliviously doesn’t get much attention anywhere else? Need a hug Wishy?

      1. Nope- don’t need a hug- I’d prefer a well thought out opinion on the article instead of your dim-witted attempts at an off-topic personal attack. Cmon Barney rein these doofs in- they’re killin’ yer website !

        1. To pick apart your stupidity is more effort than I will ever give you so I’m good there with how this is, got that? Now you definitely need some hugs, ahh!

        2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Oh the irony of that comment. That is likely the single dumbest and surely the most ironic thing you have written. YOU are the reason Barney and almost everyone in here can’t stand the comment section. You bloat and post complete and utter garbage opinions and hater comments every single day. You name even insights negativity. You are a pig and clearly have zero idea how stupid you sound to the rest of the world. I really wish you would stop posting in here. You make everyone who is subjected to your garbage less intelligent for seeing it.

          1. Beta Boy Alert… “Barney and almost everyone in here can’t stand the comment section”… No ones stoppin’ ya from going elsewhere. Either up yer game and “prove” through data and supporting links your childish accusations- or shut yer yap ya Jerk ! Cmon Lerten- ban these loudmouths with their “offensive” personal attacks- completely void of any comment on the subject.

            1. You’d be among the banned, as your personal attacks have been borderline offensive just on ME ALONE since day 1.
              So be careful what you “wish for,” since I never get MY wish. You’re still here.

              1. From the top of this thread to this position- I’ve been subject to 8 personal attacks to my 1 response ! That is pretty much what you allow every day- then pull yer idiotic “well yer just as bad” card. Nonsense ! An 8-1 ratio Mr. Digi-Con-Tator- insist that these idiots comment on the topic- Off Topic comments get the boot- you do it three times- Get me some Sayonara Slippers and show em the door.

                1. Interesting moderation plan. Feel free to go somewhere and try it out. Please. Here, you don’t set the rules. Thank goodness I never have to follow them. It’s bad enough I have to read your attacks on me/others all day and night, when you clearly have nothing better to do, which is quite sad. If these comments ever go away – and many urge that – you can take all the credit/blame you wish. Good luck plying your sad little hobby elsewhere.

                2. Those moderators that still exist will dump an off topic or personal attack in a heart beat… You allow both- so you can make claims to being the most utilized news service in CO… Morals and Ethics VRS Bottom Dollar- Such a catch 22 !

            1. No Stoned One… you lefty whiners who spend all day lobbing personal attacks are the sad ones. You can’t debate or discuss the topics at hand- so you throw krap at everyone like monkeys in a jungle… too bad if we return fire with rock hard boulders- either get the hint or up yer game. If the mod won’t rein you in- we’ll continue to play by your rules. It’s street ball… you wanna throw an elbow- best watch yer chin.

              1. No one lobs more personal attacks than you. Your posts prove it, on me and anyone who dares to disagree with the great invincible whoever you are. I thought you were going to go out and enjoy the weekend and spare some of mine? No?

                1. Check the time lines- you’ll find hours of gaps in there… I only do this while I’m in the chair donating blood to the red cross- waiting for cookies to come out of the oven… you know- the ones the Girl Scouts sell every year ! And oh yeh… I post a few comments while DJ-ing at the local Sr. Citizens Home… The Square Dance tunes can go as long as 15 minutes… In short- don’t worry about how I spend my time- I’m “Underlying Conditions” free- must be doing something right !

                2. How can you be so nice in real life and so mean and nasty to me/most folks here? I can’t prove the former (nor can you online), but you sure provide proof of the latter all the time.

                3. I am hardly “mean or nasty” to you. You are just being oversensitive. But if you censor my “vanilla white” and harmless comments because they do not mesh with the Z21 agenda… you will get some cross words- PG rated of course !

  2. So let me get this straight – if I get vaccinated, I have to keep wearing a mask and avoid crowds and indoor spaces? And I can still contract the virus, spread it to others and possibly die from it? Man, I need to rush right out and get this vaccine. Such a great deal!

    1. Just because you were vaccinated doesn’t mean you can roll around in it. A whole bunch of stupid unvaccinated people in one spot is like Rolling around in it.

      1. That’s your big concern, how much the pharmaceutical companies are making on this? Guess what, for all of us who’ve been vaccinated that’s a small price to pay to stay alive.

    2. In March the vaccine was 94% effective.
      Republican boneheads did not take the amazing free vaccine.
      Because boneheads did not get the shot, the disease continues to spread and evolve.
      Now Covid is twice as contagious, and the vaccine is 64% effective from cool ppl getting it.
      This could have ended months ago, but boneheads force the rest of us to keep dealing with it.

          1. AND… Trump never changed his mind from day one- he’s always supported “HIS” vaccine- HIS efforts- HIS program… You cannot say that about flip-floppin’ Demokants and the party of haters.

            1. Because that was the science at the time, now with more experience, we are seeing milder cases in folks who were vaccinated, wash your hands, wear a mask and keep your distance, well established infection control.
              Getting vaccinated not only protects your family, friends and the community at large, it reduces your risks of a life threatening infection

              1. That’s “hindsight”- that’s not leadership. Leadership states that since November of 2019 there had not been a single death to a child in China- Europe- Japan- Korea- and eventually the US- all the way through March (at which time Kalamity Kate shut down the schools) what science was she following then- and over the next year- as nothing “evolved” for the worse ??? President Trump had it right- Open America on Easter of 2020- we’d be well into Herd Immunity by now- that’s science !

      1. Keysor. You are saying the vaccine efficiency went from 94%-64% in 4 months?? This sounds like a terrible experimental med in your own words.

        1. Agreed ! We are stuck with this… now we need to get our civil rights back from Biden and Brown- or we will be living with “face coverings” the rest of our lives. I told you all- this is bad- this is unprecedented- Biden has no answers (to date he’s followed Trump’s strategies and stolen Trumps vaccine- just to muck it all up)- this will not end well.

        2. Too early to make that claim. The influenza and varicella viruses are different from the SARS virus. Some vaccines eradicate disease (polio, small pox) while some do not. And some viruses just disappear on their own rather mysteriously, like SARS-CoV-1 did.

    3. Hmmmm, I’ll help out here. Although I hope you are simply playing the antagonist.
      IF you do have a break through case you have a small chance of getting COVID-19. You will have a substantially smaller infection load which means you probably won’t get very sick and will have a whole lot less of a virus load to shed. This means your family members, especially those too young to get the vaccine or immune compromised will be safer from getting sick and/or dying from YOU.
      Many people with break through COVID-19 are the elderly whose immune systems didn’t have a robust response to the vaccine.
      Now, I know you aren’t going to get the vaccine (based on your above response), but I needed to respond in case there is someone out there starting to think about getting vaccinated who doesn’t know the actual facts behind getting vaccinated and takes your sarcasm for fact.

      1. So what are the long term effects of this FDA non-approved vaccine ? Is it the same as when the swine flu vaccine first rolled out- EVERYONE (Especially Barney Lerten) should read this- “With a pandemic looming, the US president announced a warp-speed effort to vaccinate every man, woman and child in the country…. the mistakes that followed hold lessons for today.”

        1. Do you understand how many drugs are not FDA approved? Or are used “off label”? 20% of ALL prescriptions are written for uses not approved by the FDA.
          Just because these terms are new to you, doesn’t mean they are new to everyone else.

          1. Rural. Please post sone links for me and BGHW. Also post links from the creator of MRNA vaccines. What dos he think? Hint. Dr. Robert Mallone.

          2. Don’t care ! This is an historic pandemic that cost the state and country it’s economy- shut down schools unnecessarily- and has scarred many of the nation’s citizens for life. Your terms don’t mean diddly squat- the nation is in turmoil with no end in sight.

      2. Rural. Can I replay the question to you?if young and healthy you have almost no risk of serious issues, in fact you may never know you ever had it. Asymptomatic, as they say. I believe actually false positive pcr test.

        1. Sorry. I usually read an article and post basic info and then don’t get back to it as not a huge poster. If you are not aware of the use of the FDA, how many meds are off label (this means when a medicine such as Gabapentin which is FDA approved for seizures is used for something like diabetic neuropathy or back pain with nerve involvement.) Gabapentin was used by more people for off label uses before it’s FDA approved uses changed.
          Look up “off label drugs” or do what I did, I simply googled “what percent of drugs are used off label”. Received good info. HOWEVER I’m in health care so my google searches relate to true medical issues/concerns and I only use authenticated sources. Since you are arguing with me on something that you can look up most anywhere including some FDA links I am thinking you might not be uses authenticated sources if can’t find this information readily when you do your own validation of comment information.

      1. Cases are surging- the death rate remains the same… Cmon man- just changing your screen name isn’t helping your thought process !

  3. Has anyone bothered to point out to the Trumplicans that if they don’t get vaccinated and they get sick and or heaven for bid, die. There won’t be enough voters left to vote for Chump in the next election?

    1. Has anyone pointed out to the soy left betas that when you get the non fda approved experimental vaxx you are giving up any right to hold the manufactures accountable for injury or death? Did they mention that on the first or second jab, shot in the arm, or whatever catch phrase they are using? Boosters coming up soon. I hear drinking lots of soy based Starbucks reduces arm inflammation on the third and fourth shot.

  4. Infection control is a pretty straightforward science since the days of Pasteur and Semmilweise, contatin the organism, wash your hands, take the medicine (vaccine) and protect your self, and those you love. You can also protect the greater community but so many “its all about me” in the world these days, damn tough to understand

    1. No- it’s not “all about me”. Its about real science- personal freedom- the US Constitution- Civil Liberties. it’s about living in a free country- one void of dictatorships and heavy handed actions from an ever encroaching government. Many of you need others to tell you what to do- how to live- what to think. You cling to CNN as the gospel- you mock FOX news… like either of them physically control you. Turn that krap off- clear your mind- take a walk- this summer has been one for the ages- the sunsets are amazing- the sky’s mostly clear- the warm breezes are what songs are written about. Stop cluttering your mind with vaccines- eat an apple instead- have some fresh strawberries… damn people- learn to walk away from the fear mongering half-wits trying to sell you ad time !

      1. Wrong, look at polio, small pox, diptheria, tentanus, and other deadly disorders, all tamed with vaccines. My infection control training, trumps your health ignorance

        1. None of the illnesses you posted were ever defined as “mild” like the Wuhan Bat. Your infection control training ? Great- what does it say about HOCL… Cmon Doc- dazzle me.

        2. HOCL ! Gimp62- whatchu got for me ? Cmon now- you bragged about your Blood Borne Pathogen Training- Your knowledge of Infection Control … Prove it- or keep quiet.

    2. Over 99% of all deaths from Covid are in the unvaccinated now. I got my shots. The doubters can get theirs or not. Frankly, I’ve stopped caring. Waste of time trying to reason with the closed minded.

      1. Over 99% of Americans under 75 survive this mild virus- why on Earth would anyone want to pump their system full of non FDA approved chemicals ? Of course you got your shots- it’s why you appear even dumber than before.

    1. Ska…rew… You Poindexter. You really think anyone listens to your… “don’t listen to” such and such BS ??? Your Delta variant is far less fatal than the original. You fatties and your underlying conditions is what keeps you afraid- So tomorrow is Saturday- get off yer fat duff and go walk a mile or two- if you can ! Lay off the hooch- the bong- stop being so angry… Joey and Hunter are her to entertain you ! Damn chicken littles trying to run my life !

      1. Oh ? I stand corrected- it seems that Barney does listen to you- as my posts were immediately auto-removed after your girly hysterics. Cmon B- you told us that there was no such targeting going on… Time lines don’t lie- I was blocked right after “Brainless” whined. Lemme guess… “It wasn’t me man- musta been Kate’s Security Detail” ! Evidence don’t lie- Barney Lerten controls the OFF Switch- if one of his boys is taking an intellectual beating- he’ll shut you down- be warned- KKKancel KKKulture lives at Z21.

      1. I found found every post that contains a link or facts spelling out Hunter and Joe Biden’s crimes gets banned. Barney says he doesn’t block them so it is whomever is running these comment sections. Gotta protect the Bidens.

    2. Are you saying that BGHW isn’t in the medical field at some level? Interesting. His posts are fact based with links. Check yourself. Plumber.

          1. You said you had a company spraying disinfectant for a virus you don’t believe in.
            Now you’re an EMT? I doubt it with all my heart.

            I would hate having someone respond to my emergency who literally hates most of the people he has to help.

            1. Who said the virus isn’t real ? Your lack of comprehension or attempts to spin aren’t even close to what my archived posts prove. We all know this “mild” virus is real- the response tho ??? A complete and absolute hoax to fool dummies like you into submission- aka Beta Life ! As for EMT- never said that either… you clearly lack the basic understanding of what a “First Responder” is… every job site has them… all are extensively trained… and yes many do transport injured employees. If you had a company or a job- you could ask about their EAP… But since you stay home all day- living off Guvment Cheese and EBT cards for home delivery- you haven’t a clue.

    3. I will go one point further. You are CLAIMING that you know BGHW is not in the medical field or a scientist. HE MAY BE YOUR DOCTOR. Oh the irony. I think you are a Soy Latte Drinking Man Bun Prius Driving very small person.

          1. I think yer wrong… for those of you paying attention- for the past four weeks- my BGHW handle has been targeted by the moderator for auto-removal- word count limits- and blockage. That didn’t happen to KC. The intent by the moderating team was clear- to disrupt my logical and data based comments in favor of their hysterical factless CNN based opinions. The evidence is clear- the kancel kulture attacked one- but not both. And Owen ? I heard that one joined a Monastery high in the Andes Mountains where he shares his worldly wisdom with peaceful monks from all around the world… He said he’s waiting for Lerten to climb the mountain of wisdom- seek redemption- discard the hate and anger of the politicized newsroom for watermelon patches and bee keeping. Gonna be a long wait I see.

              1. Is this where I remind you and your colleagues about three years of Russia-Russia-Russia- or would you just like to concede the conversation and allow me my perception and anecdotal accounts ? Why so angry all the time B- not healthy- climb the mountain- seek the Monk known as Owen- bring peace to your troubled mind !

                1. You’re the one who spouts anger, whoever you are. I just try to call hate and untruths when I see them. You cling to old national stories like a teddy bear. Ones we never wrote of course.

                2. Ya didn’t bake the salmonella infected meat loaf- ya just sold it from your store ! I think yer better than that… prove it !

    4. I’m waiting for them to start saying mande barung the sasquatch that roams the wilds of India is behind the delta variant and struck a deal with pelosi to bring it over.

    5. Wishy also calls Covid “mild” when over 610K Americans have died and over 4M worldwide. To me, what he posts is down there alongside Taylor-Greene laughing at citizens dying including a 5-YO in her district. And too, considering the prolific number of his and Kate Clown (I suspect they are the same person) posts, if he was talking instead, it would probably sound like a meth addict spouting word salad at 100 MPH.

      1. “Wishy” never categorized or called the Wuhan Virus “Mild”- that comes from the CDC and the World Health Organization- the “experts” that Z21 quotes on a daily basis. So take up your petty anger with them and leave me alone to continue to help educate you dummies… as in… It aint Ebola !

  5. All this is for liberal control that’s it. They don’t want you making any decisions about your health on your own they will tell you what you need to do,you cannot be trusted to make a personal decision about your own life period. Unless it’s a liberal agenda like MURDERING 485,184 unborn children so far this year.

      1. How many stories this month alone has ktvz ran about getting vaxxed or how safe it is? Barns, I’m waiting for a Lantern GivesShots to never trumped live.

      2. That’s not what the endless propaganda is saying. The propaganda is everywhere. Not a single spot says “Talk to you doctor and decide IF the vaccine is right for you.” They all say, “Talk to your doctor so he can convince you to get vaccinated” while at the same time “flagging misinformation” which is ANYTHING that raises any questions or concerns with vaccines. Yeah. That’s trustworthy.

        1. I’m still waiting for the KTVZ PSA where the News crew gets on air and declares- “I’ve been vaccinated” ! Won’t happen- because many of them haven’t !

    1. Stop abortions, require all men to undergo a vasectomy until they are ready to be fathers. Its reversible and will save men so much angst about what goes on in wonen’s bodies? Oh, don’t want the government controling what happens in mens bodies? Reallly?

    2. You contradict yourself. You say liberals want to take away choice and yet the abortion issue is all about a woman’s health choices, choices fully supported by liberals no matter what that choice is. Does being pro-life mean prioritizing the life of a virus over your own or those of others?

      1. And you contradict yourself… insisting that women have the right to choose- while at the same time promoting a non FDA approved vaccines on “all” of the population. Ya’ll can’t fight bias with more bias. My body- My temple- you play by my rules when you enter the Portico !

  6. Not everything is black or white regarding someone’s decision as to whether or not they’re going to take the Covid vaccination. I am highly allergic to sulfonamides and contracted Guillain Barre Syndrome when I had sulfa for the flu at the age of 3. I couldn’t walk, stand, or crawl for a week. My cousin is 74, had sulfa at the age of 15 and has been in metal leg braces ever since because of GBS rearing its ugly head.
    More compassion and intelligence regarding gray areas is needed.
    Also, as the daughter of a man who worked for the Research Department of Merck for 30 years, it was impressed upon me that NO medication should be taken in any form until it’s been tested and proven for 10-15 years.
    Quite honestly, none of us know if the vaccination is safe or not. We don’t know what the long term side effects will amount to.
    So, instead of all the useless name calling, let’s show restraint, respect, and compassion.

    1. We don’t know if our daily commute will be safe or not. We don’t know if that unpronounceable ingredient in our snacks is safe of not. We don’t know if that flight is safe or not. We don’t know if that dog walking towards us is safe or not. On and on and on. Some folks will sit around hoping for the best over the next 15 years. I’ll happily count myself amongst those make up the 3.8 billion doses worldwide (so far) who understand that hope is not a good plan.

      1. You are a good little Marxist. Please demand more of our rights. Have you tried a soy latte? Do you have a man bun? Lemme guess 31 years old? Moved to bend about 3 years ago? How much did you pay for your mountain bike? Only $3000? You support blm right?

      2. Exactly. Saw a wonderful youtube video which summed up most of the antivaxx crowd nicely:

        A man claiming he would not be vaccinated, touting the dangers of putting what might be poison in your body. Then enjoying eating processed foods, smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol.

      3. Well put. The hospital is so full right now. We are understaffed. Just finished 3 12 hour shifts and feel like I rolled down a hill in a barrel. Please, please please get vaccinated. I am worried we don’t have the room or the staff for another Covid surge.

        1. Odd- according to the OHA data- Hospitalization counts show a sharp decline in people admitted- in ICU’s since April. Hospitals are not full of covid patients- more like misc boo- boos from drunken summer vacationers out having fun… and gosh- we can’t have that ! Here’s yer link-

          1. If you read my post more carefully you will see that I stated the hospital is full, not full of Covid patients. So your statistics aren’t applicable. Also I’d like to point out that it isn’t humanly possible for you to be an expert on every subject known to man.

            1. But yer posting on a story about covid- why the attempt to deceive. And like I said- the surge is hospital visits has more to do with Americans getting out of the house- you know- where risks are- and living again- having fun- yeh- getting a scratch or two… nobody ever said life is pin free.

      4. Your daily commute is regulated by the DOT- auto safety standards- laws. Your food by the FDA. Your flight by the FAA. Who has approved and is regulating this vaccine ??? Damn people- work on your analogies- or give it up- if you ain’t vaxxed by now- it aint gonna happen.

  7. Why does anyone who is vaccinated care of others are not? If the vaccine works, you ll be fine, and those without it know the risks and are willing to take them. Pretty simple really. And also prettt funny to hear all these open minded people insulting each other something that is a personal choice. When Keyser has an abortion, or his/her body, bit when BGHW doesn’t want a vaccine, he is suddenly property of the left and told what he can or can’t do. I would say abortion is more of a clear cut life and death issue than Covid. Pretty simple really. Everyone should just mind their own business… lol…

  8. Talk to a non-communist medical professional about the vaccine. I’m not saying to talk to just the patriot medical professionals, just find a medical professional that isn’t indoctrinated by the communist media and you’d be surprised. You’ll find that those with medical training, who understand the body and know how all this works, but haven’t taken the CNN kool-aid all say no way to the vaccine and mask wearing. But you wouldn’t know because they keep their mouth shut and only talk within themselves due to the extreme anger and hate spewed from the communist side of society. Truth is, we just sit back and watch you all fight each other and just shake our heads. But one thing is for sure, the power of the media over the uneducated is incredible. I see parents still masking their little kids up in stores. What a crazy world we live in right now. Then again, the system is working just how it should, dividing our country like its designed to do.

    1. So true- I’ve seen some medical research and forums in India where they discuss the finer points of these vaccines and what they do to the cell walls internally in your body… then there’s this guy… “Dr. Robert Malone… “we know the vaccines pose risks, but it’s hard to assess them because the government isn’t capturing the data “rigorously enough,” so we don’t have the information we need to make a reasonable decision.”… Talk about an information gap- the FDA- the CDC- and hospitals nationwide are failing the American people- Ya’ll got Joe Biden voters remorse yet- you should !

      1. The only “remorse” I have about Biden is that he has been too soft when dealing with republicans and their nonsense. Its a trait that is sadly all too common with Democrat leaders who presume that since intelligence and a willingness to work together for the common good are the building blocks of human civilization, they can expect the same from their rival. They never seem to get that conservatives think in terms of idealism, and that when you do that nothing else matters except your ideology winning over all else.

        We should have had the people who attempted the insurrection in January rounded up and facing domestic terrorism charges, with the appropriate sentences on the line, by now. We should not have people still dying of an illness that can be prevented just to soothe the feelings of the backward thinking. Mandated vaccines should have been a thing months ago and no one should be shopping, working, or going into any sort of public venue without proof of them (Or that they have been granted an appropriate exception based on a pre-existing, documented health condition by a physician.).

        1. You can thank a Demokrat for this… “We should not have people still dying of an illness that can be prevented just to soothe the feelings of the backward thinking.”… Currently- Demokrat Utopias hold the number one position accordingly- California… Most Cases #1 California… Most Deaths #1 New Jersey- Most Deaths per 100k/1 Million population #1 80% of the top 10 States for most cases are… Joe Biden’s Demokrats… Here’s yer link- now stop being willfully ignorant !

          1. Good link there bghw we know Barney will still say that’s not factually viable proof and the z will believe a link another leftcentric member presents him with.🍞

  9. The vaccinated director of the JeffCo Department of Health, who is much younger than me, says he’ll be wearing a mask at the rodeo this weekend due to Delta. That’s all the testimonial I need to protect myself from all of those pro-choice and not pro-life folks out there.

    1. At the rodeo this weekend ? I’d tell you to be mindful of hoof and mouth disease- or even mad cow… but it looks like yer already infected ! Yee-Haw… Let er Buck !!!

  10. They keep saying “trust the science”. Would they apply that to abortion? A person is fully human at conception, there is no point after that where he or she changes from inhuman to human. Trust the science.

  11. Let’s get the vaccinations, stop the mini-surge in our county, stop erosion of our capacity to provide medical care for the community, and prevent unnecessary deaths–whether they be Republican, Democratic, or Whig. The vaccines are safe; we will probably require boosters–not due to Big Pharma avarice, but because that is how the science works.

  12. So we don’t want our kids to wear Master School? Really let’s all go out to eat … Come on close the damn state put the ****** mask back on .. close bars club’s and other places

  13. The rate of unvaccinated individuals will only climb at a fast rate as long as illegal immigrants cross over the border in unprecedented numbers with no covid test and no vaccinations.

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