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Sisters Folk Festival is still on, will require proof of vaccination, enforce mask mandates

Sisters Folk Festival

SISTERS, Ore. (KTVZ) — The 2021 Sisters Folk Festival, scheduled for Oct. 1-3, on Wednesday announced updated health and safety protocol requirements for all attendees at this year’s event.

Here's the full announcement:

In the interest of safety, and due to a rapidly changing health environment, the Sisters Folk Festival board of directors has approved changes to the health and safety protocols for this year’s event.

Attendance and participation at the 2021 Sisters Folk Festival will now require proof of vaccination. Additionally, any local or statewide masking mandates in place at the time of the event will also be enforced, with mask use highly encouraged in situations where 3’ of spacing is not possible. All seven of the festival venues are outdoors, some tented. Tent walls will be open, where possible, to allow for maximum air flow and ventilation.

Proof of vaccination will be required for all ticket holders, volunteers, vendors, performers and staff. Attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination upon check-in to the event and will be issued a non-transferable wristband that must be worn to enter all venues.

The only exception to the policy is for children under the age of 12, who are not yet eligible for vaccination. Children aged 4-11 will be required to wear a mask at all times while inside event venues.

Anyone who has already purchased festival tickets and prefers not to participate due to the updated health protocols will be given the option to request a refund before Sept. 1.

“The safety of our folk festival community and the community of Sisters at large is at the heart of this decision,” said Executive Director Crista Munro. “As event promoters, safety is always a main priority. Although we can’t completely eliminate the risk of COVID transmission at the event, we are hopeful this policy will mitigate the potential impacts of severe illness. We are following the science, which has shown that the vast majority of severe COVID infections occur in unvaccinated individuals.”

The Sisters Folk Festival board appreciates that guidance from medical and state authorities changes often to reflect current circumstances. The new health protocol is being announced now to allow all participants ample time to receive vaccinations for full immunity before the folk festival, a process that takes from two to six weeks. Further information about vaccine availability and locations, as well as a robust list of frequently asked questions can be found at  

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Sisters Folk Festival is a year-round nonprofit organization that strengthens community and transforms lives through music and art.

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      1. Unclefester, your opinion of those whom disagree with vax card is highly inaccurate. You sound fun, though. Curious, is asking for a vax card discriminatory in any way? No? How bout one for voting?

    1. Blame yourselves for not vaccinating and masking. We would likely be over this by now if it werent for the stupidity of the antimask / antivaxx crowd.

  1. Interesting they are canceling the October fest but not this. I would imagine all the restaurants taking up street space leaves no room for the October fest.

    1. RP ~ Two different groups and two different events. It is a crap shoot at this point, trying to figure out how to plan an event, let alone manage the folks that attend.

      Frankly – nobody that I know wants to be the “mask police”. It seems like it should just be a given. But that is not the case.

      I don’t care if you don’t want to get the vaccine – but then at least wear a mask. Not that hard.

    1. Good thing President Trump got the vax available to you in record breaking time. You know, the President, that was elected by the very people you pretend to be more intelligent than.
      You voted for Biden. What policies encouraged you to do so? What policies…be specific. Educate us simple folks.

      1. Biden doesn’t really get people enthusiastic. His policies are pretty run-of-the-mill.

        It was all Trump. That dude got out the Democrat vote better than any Democrat ever could.

        He barely won in 2016. Then he spent 4 years irritating liberals, a demographic that constitutes more than 50% of the voters.

        There was no way he could win with that strategy. He thought he could rally the base (and, man, could he ever do it like a dictator!) in great enough numbers and he hoped the liberals would be “lazy”. But he underestimated the rallying effect he would have on the left.

  2. What an idiotic decision .Vaxed people still spread and still get sick . Masks do nothing unless they are N95 masks also China is flooding the USA with fake CDC certificates . Demorat hypocrisy is a brain disease . All they care about is MONEY

  3. Boycott any avenue or business that wants to see your vaccination card. This will not stop until we make it stop. THAT is UN-Constitutional. They can not ask for it. Ask them for their vaccination care and also to show they do not have hepatitis A or B and are they a carrier of HIV or any communicable diseases? And we prefer not to be served by anyone that does recreational drugs such as MJ, Meth, fentanyl, so if you could provide us with their most recent tox screen that would be great.

      1. Agreed! My medical information is between myself and my Doctor and ONLY between myself and my Doctor. I do not legally have to disclose that. If a person wants to know my medical history they can call my Doctor. And good luck getting the answer without my permission.

    1. The supreme court ruled that the state does have the right to require vaccinations on February 20, 1905, by a 7-2 majority, Jacobson v. Massachusetts.

      It is quite Constitutional.

      1. I don’t believe the Constitution or Supreme Court mean much to this particular demographic unless it validates their opinion of what their “rights” and “freedoms” are. Snippets of truth are blended with lies and allegations to weave an alternate reality that fits the narrative. For our country founded on the rule of law based on facts, a terminal diagnosis is inevitable. In other words, don’t waste your breath on those who won’t hear you.

  4. Interesting to note which crowd is pro-vaccination card yet anti-voter ID cards, I think there is a trend showing. But hey, No worries, Sleepy Creepy China Joe Obiden will fix everything. Just ask Hunter and the ATF!!!!

    1. Considering voter ID has always been required and nobody is objecting to that facet in the new voting fraud legislation that is nothing more than legislation in search of a problem, your comparison is ludicrous. BTW, I sure hope you are charging Hunter a fair rental fee for that space he’s occupying where your prefrontal cortex used to be.

      1. I have a call into them Barney to find out about religious exemptions as I presume that those will be allowed as well. But you never know, I will keep you all advised.

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