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Frustration and anger in the St. Charles Bend ICU, overwhelmed with COVID patients

St. Charles ICU nurses trying to help COVID-19 patients are overwhelmed
St. Charles ICU nurses trying to help COVID-19 patients are overwhelmed

Portland sister station KGW was granted access for this special report

BEND, Ore. (KGW) — Oregon's hospitals are in crisis. Beds are filled with COVID-19 patients — more than ever before, and nearly all of them are unvaccinated. Health care workers are sounding the alarm that the current situation is untenable, but still forecast to get worse. 

This story is part of a special KGW series, Overwhelmed: Inside Oregon's ICUs. 

For the first time since the pandemic began, our crews were granted access to ICUs at two Oregon hospitals to see the severity of what doctors and nurses are dealing with every day. A warning to readers: this story and video discusses difficult topics, including death.

"We have nothing left to give"

Inside St. Charles Bend, behind a locked entry on the first floor, sliding doors seal off glass-walled rooms with a single bed inside. 

This is the intensive care unit, where the area's sickest patients receive care.

On Tuesday, nine ICU beds hold COVID-19 patients, each connected to various wires and tubes; machines near their head silently display numbers and charts that let doctors and nurses know how they're doing. 

On this day, things are not going well for three patients. One in particular, a woman in her 50s, will not live much longer. 

“This patient is trying to die right now. We’re trying to get ahold of family, to let them know transitions are happening,” said Monica Schulz, the nurse who manages this ICU. 

The medical professionals here are the patients' best and often last hope.

“The patient is still a full code, so we are going to continue to do everything. But the unfortunate thing is we have nothing left to give. They’re 100% oxygen, they’re fully supported on the ventilator and it’s all oxygen-related. There’s nothing else we can do, so we’re trying to get the family to come in or make them a do-not-resuscitate [order],” said Schulz.

A respiratory therapist uses the bag-valve mask attached to the patient’s mouth to increase oxygen saturation levels. He slowly squeezes the bag, then lets it fill with oxygen and squeezes again.

“There’s about a 20% mortality rate in most ICUs on any given day,” said Schulz. “But with COVID it's been much higher than that. Again, it’s all unnecessary and preventable. That’s the heartbreaking part."

Among staff who've been working the frontlines from the beginning, there is now a profound sadness and frustration that none of this needs to be happening. The vaccines against COVID-19 are extremely effective at keeping people out of the hospital, but people are still choosing not to get vaccinated.

Roughly 90% of people who end up at St. Charles with COVID-19 are not vaccinated.

“Staff are saying, 'I don’t even have compassion any more,'” said Schulz. “I want to have compassion, but it’s hard when people are making choices that are causing them to die. How can I give my heart when they don’t seem to care? It's very challenging. They put their game faces on when they show up at the door, but conversations in the break room and outside of work are heart-wrenching."

Read more, and watch the full report here.

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  1. We might have a problem where people can’t breathe and there is no help for them. That’s all because of a failure to do something for the community and get a couple of shots. It’s a sad time in America.

    1. The reason people cant breathe is because the government is denying early treatment with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and budesinide and telling people to stay home until such.. if early treatment measures hadn’t been banned this wouldn’t be happening..

        1. Oregon is prevented from using cheap drugs like HCQ, Zinc, etc because orangeman bad. India hands these drugs out like candy to their poorest slums and their cases drop and cases are not as severe. The studies that keep getting posted are treatments AFTER the fact and AFTER symptoms worsen. They ignore the prophylaxis uses being successful. I tried to find links that people won’t just say “THAT’S JUST Q CONSPIRACY” There are dozens of studies in India and parts of Africa but they are ignored here. Kate could use her pull to make these cheap drugs available but will she? Nope.

          1. Did you actually read the article or just the title? This was an observational study only. “Results By discharge or Day 90, 78.2% of the cohort expired.” 78.2% of people in this observation study died.

            1. So what article do you have debunking the fact that 70% of Oregonians are vaxxed- another 20% have acquired natural immunity- another 10% are not eligible for the jab… yet we are seeing record number of new cases and double digit deaths for two days straight… “ALL” under Kalamity Kovid Kate’s failed leadership. How did Japan pull off the Olympics with nary a blip in their national statistics (Deaths per 1 mill population 123… USA 1934) ? Here- lemme help- Japan doesn’t have Demokants and a colluding media !

    2. It’s all so preventable, which makes it so much sadder. I used to think the death of children would change people’s hearts, but after Newtown, I realize that even children are expendible to a cult mentality.

    3. My friend just died of COVID last week at St. Charles, four days after she tested positive.
      She didn’t believe in COVID, wearing masks, or the vaccine.
      Such a waste of a good person’s life. I’m sure her boyfriend will be next.
      St. Charles NEEDS more ICU beds, and ICU RN’s.
      They also need ECMO machines…if they have any to begin with.
      It’s so devastating to have one patient’s death, I can’t imagine death, after death, after death.
      Who of you know someone with:
      Small Pox
      Chicken Pox
      and many other diseases, that have been wiped out with…
      Antivaxers are going to bring back ALL of those diseases.

  2. Do these nurses have compassion for people who come to the hospital with lung cancer, heart failure or other issues related to smoking which is 100% preventable? How about obese people with diabetes? Motorcycle riders? Any compassion for them when they go down and get injured? That’s preventable as well. Sad that they lack compassion only for those who choose not take an experimental vaccine.

      1. Maybe you should walk a day in my shoes. These articles that push your one sided agenda is infuriating. Your posts are insensitive and lacking human decency for all humans. You are a typical “JOURNALIST”. Biased of course. How about this…I and my children have heart conditions that don’t allow us to get the vaccine. We have already had covid. But if we were to contract it again and one of us end up in the ICU, we deserve to die? So according to this story I can expect to get little if any empathy and should expect to not receive the care I should get otherwise. All you people calling everyone names for not being vaccinated are the ones uneducated and missing a lot of information. Im so sick of my kids having to listen to your crap.

          1. Let those who are too smart and medically savvy to get vaccinated treat themselves. But that would require taking responsibility for their own actions, which as trump borg they would never do.

        1. I don’t believe a word of your story. What heart condition do you and all your kids have that prevent you from getting vaccinated, exactly? Sounds like another excuse to me. You say you had it. Did you get a positive test or did you have a cold and now say you had covid? Your name suggests you don’t think the virus is serious. Well it is, the medical professionals are telling you it is, and you just don’t want to admit you were wrong about it. Suck it up, buttercup. I don’t care to be in the shoes for a day, of an anti vaxxer. If I’m wrong about you, which I don’t think I am, then I apologize ahead of time. I’m just sick of the excuses, and so are medical professionals.

      2. Have you Barney?

        I have.

        You have completely lost your objectivity.

        The nurses, doctors, and all staff should not judge anyone who comes to them for help. Including:

        Drunk drivers, accidentally OD’d, obese patients with all their years of bad choices, failed suicide attempts, extreme sports accidents, and on, and on, and on.

        There are shingles patients who never got the vaccine. There are elderly with the flu, who never got the vaccine.

        The media, and the liberal politicians have turned a medical concern into an absolute circus.


        1. KGW’s Pat Dooris did a wonderful job. He put everything in context. (8-9 minute stories have more ability to do that.) Go through all these people have in the past 18 months, then judge them for daring to voice, in weary, human frustration, some judgment of others, when the stats and data shows that so many could have avoided it – with a shot, with a mask, by following other pleas by those much-targeted officials.
          Objective doesn’t mean buying into misinformation. It means sticking to facts. When folks post legitimate links here, I don’t counter, whatever their conclusions. But when it takes 10 seconds to find a debunking – I’ve been asked, even begged to either do that or not let the unproven stuff through. I can’t be a full-time fact-checker, but I can provide links to those who do, and let folks judge for themselves.
          The hate and blame society is pathetic, for sure.

          1. I’m old enough to remember that the HIV epdimic of the late 80s and 90s was never this politicized.

            Maybe you can find me an old story where there was so much hate and blame cast at those who came to medical professionals for help, after make personal life choices.

        2. Exactly. Time to find a new profession nurse, or whomever is whining on the staff. You are not there to judge. You are not there to spout opinions to the media. You are there to care for human beings. Do your job. If you can not do your job, take a break, or leave. We do not judge people who come for care. It is not acceptable on any level. Race. Creed. Sex. Disease process. Even vaccination status. Yes it is frustrating and yes you are permitted to be sad and tired. But it is not appropriate to even step foot on that slippery slope and especially whine about it to the public. Remember why you are there before you spout off. There are PLENTY of people that have walked in your shoes with far greater adversity. Clinical. Law enforcement. Military. You are not alone, not even close. So be better. If you can not provide compassionate care, do not come to work, and do not pick up your check. They are better off without you.

          1. Ddoc ~ and here you are another kind caring soul (not).

            Walk in their shoes…see how it feels.

            I can only imagine the frustration I’d feel~ caring for the person who puts off the vaccine and then cry’s /rails at the medical professionals who can’t save their life.

            The same ones who continue to claim it’s a hoax virus as they take their last breath. If it was a one time experience it would be different. But over and over…no. especially when there is a vaccine (experimental in your words) that could have prevented their hospitalization and death.

            What will the excuse be when it’s FDA approved? Then what?

          2. True, I worked 30 years in a hospital. Sometimes one does feel less compassion towards people’s life choices but in the end no one in the profession should voice it to the public. I think it’s time for them to either do their jobs or move on!

        3. They should be, but when people redline for too long, they tend to lose it.

          This entire vaccination, masking, and social distancing effort has been done to make sure the hospitals and staff can handle it.

      3. Me judging them? Are you serious? THEY are the ones who are judging people who choose not to get vaccinated while showing compassion for all other people who choose dangerous and risky lifestyles that are proven to result in high hospitalization rates. As a health care worker, you either show compassion for all your patients regardless of how they got sick or you show no compassion for any people who make poor health choices. Singling out one narrow group is wrong.

        Frustration? Yes, I absolutely understand that. Anger? Sure. No compassion? Sorry, that is wrong and you shouldn’t be in the health care field.

        1. Very true, it’s sometimes tough not to be judgemental in the healthcare or law enforcement profession but no one in either profession should voice their opinions to the media.

    1. I think nurses in general have compassion for everyone, even people whose poor health may be the result of choices they made. But what’s happening here is that hospitals are getting completely overwhelmed and staff, in their frustration, are losing their sense of compassion. This is unusual and newsworthy and that’s why the phenomenon is getting mentioned in the report.
      As far as the vaccine being “experimental”, over a hundred million people have gotten the vaccine in this country, over a billion worldwide. If the vaccine was dangerous, they’d be the ones filling up hospital beds, instead of unvaccinated people with Covid. Those are the incontrovertible results of the “experiment”, if you want to call it that.

      1. Smoking causes cancer and all kinds of other serious and deadly illnesses (hello – COPD – a leading cause of death among COVID patients). We’ve known this for decades but people continue to smoke. Nurses apparently have compassion for them but not for my grandma who wasn’t able to get the vaccine before she got COVID.

    2. Maybe because idiots who won’t help end this pandemic are exasperating and they are tired of working overtime trying to save their ignorant butts

    3. We’re in a pandemic. Nice try. What you’re doing above is called “slight of hand politics”. It’s only purpose is to cause chaos and confusion and needs to be called out every time we see it! As for the pain our healthcare workers are experiencing, it’s real so stop judging and spreading half truths for entertainment on their backs, so gross! Sadly, all of this was predicted and the ones who didn’t listen are the sick folks filling our hospitals and now look. I hope and pray this pandemic to be over soon, but until then, I’ll keep listening to my doctor bcz it’s worked so far ✨ #getVxxd and stay healthy.

    4. Perhaps if there were vaccines available and refused for those other maladies, caregivers would find it difficult to find compassion for those suffering from them. If only there was a vaccine for people without empathy.

    5. Neither cancer or accidents are transmissible. Our Healthcare workers in the ICU are suiting up in full PPE everyday to protect themselves and their families, while they watch the crazies in our country have a hissy fit over masks. These are people not robots and of course they will get angry and frustrated.

    6. They might not, if smoking-related lung cancer and heart disease cases were suddenly using 60+ beds and 9 ICU beds in St. Charles alone. They might not, if smoking-related illnesses meant that 94% of Oregon’s ICU beds were full. But that’s not the case with smoking. Unlike the simplicity of preventing serious COVID, I understand smoking is a serious addiction that’s very difficult to deal with. And I imagine the frustration is not just with the patients that chose to be hospitalized with COVID. Perhaps even primarily, it’s with the fabulously wealthy cable TV and social media “influencers” who decided they could be even wealthier by causing people to unnecessarily get sick and even die, by spreading lies, such as that vaccines that have been in development for 20+ years, that were first administered to people 15 months ago, that had their extensive trials completed 9 months ago, and that have been administered to 1,000,000,000+ people worldwide are somehow “experimental”. The bottom line is that a small portion of the population chose to make this happen. That they are suffering and dying is on them, but unfortunately they are also unnecessarily causing health care providers to suffer along with them.

      1. They are all in. They will NEVER admit they were wrong. Ever. That’s how cults work. A few are begging family members to get vaccinated as they gasp their last breath. Most are in complete denial of the seriousness of this and are virtue signaling to other cult members what “tough guys” they are. Covid-19 is culling the herd, unfortunately now it’s taking children, who cannot get vaccinated.

    7. JTF ~curious as where you lost your compassion? Did you drop it along the line? What is your problem!?

      Are you perfect? No fat? No health challenges?

      Have you ever watched a loved one struggle with weight issues? Do you assume that it’s an easy path? It’s not. And yet it happens. For a variety of reasons. Oftentimes it stems from deep seated insecurities. Crappy childhood. Etc.

      As for lung cancer ~ there are other related causes, not just smoking. Environmental exposure.

      Your assumptions/ judgements. Are just that. Nothing else.

      Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)

      1) be impeccable with your word
      2) don’t take anything personally
      3) don’t make assumptions
      4) always do your best

      Try living those …and perhaps walk in another person’s shoes.

      1. Addictions, obsessive, and mental health issues leading to things like self harm and suicide attempts are not easy fixes. Covid just need 1-2 shots to have been, if not prevented outright, greatly diminished in its ability to spread and bring harm.

    8. You should stop writing or speaking until you get out of your grandparents basement and get a life. Our health care workers a swamped with these close minded antivaxers who are dying from their false ideas and threatening others lives as well. Very difficult to show compassion to those who have no respect or compassion for the those who are taking the proper steps to not get Covid19 and the caregivers.

    9. As someone going through a major illness right now, no, they do not. All patients are judged on their lifestyle choices. Some doctors are refusing treatment as well. I have a friend who a doctor refused to help because she’s over weight. He told her that point blank.

      My father is a retired doctor and practiced over 50 years. He would treat everyone and even went into the mountains to give flu shots, etc. to folks who couldn’t get to town. Stopped at every traffic accident to lend a hand. First person to jump up on a plane when a passenger was ill.

      I get that they are tired and appreciate all of their work so very much, but it’s sad that it’s getting so harsh!

  3. There is always home hospice care.
    Leave the ICU and ER beds for patients who want to continue being members of society. Including living in that society.
    Leave the antisocial unvax for the family to care for at home. Hospice care is for end of life situations, hospitals are for the living. So they can continue to be alive.

    1. Truth. What people seem to forget is that with rights come responsibilities. If these people don’t believe in medical professionals saying they need a vaccine, then they shouldn’t go to the hospital to seek care after they get sick. After all, it’s the same medical professionals. Those touting antibody treatments instead of vaccines are also promoting an EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION medication. Each mononclonal antibody treatment injection must go directly into the vein, and costs at least $1500 per session. Multiple treatments are usually needed. This as opposed to a free #$@# vaccine that could have prevented the suffering in the first place. Keep in mind, the injection stations & equipment used for these monoclonal treatments are also used for chemotherapy, so the great unvaccinated are robbing from cancer patients as well. Oh and look at the same politicians pushing antibody treatments instead of vaccines & masking– unsurprisingly— have stock in the pharma companies producing these treatments.

    1. Amen. I don’t think I could do it and I have the utmost respect for these people. I’m sure when they went through all those years of college and residency, they didn’t intend to be treating the intentionally stupid.

  4. I hate to say it,if the hospitals are full, we should stop treating covid patients that didn’t get the vaccine, unless they can show a medical reason why they were unable. Your body, your choice, your consequences.

        1. That’s not the issue. The question is what about vaxxed covid patients- kick them to the street also ??? What about super spreader vaxxers that expose dozens at a time- what to do about them ?

  5. As a retired deputy sheriff, I can sympathize with how hard it is to care about people who do not care for themselves or anyone around them. Over time, it is just exhausting, demoralizing and disheartening. My experience does not even begin to approach what medical professionals are going through right now. View the politics through whatever lens you want, but front line medical workers deserve nothing but respect, admiration and unconditional support.

    1. When your 16 year old child, or grandchild chooses to not wear their seat belt, and finds themselves in the ER, clinging to life, I hope you and all of the staff at the hospital do not take this attitude.

      You obviously have not seen what life is really like. Sadly, so many pathetic Oregonians have not as well.

  6. Thanks for covering local news kgw, as apparently zzzz21 thinks this is news to them..
    too bad barney could not leave his COVID condo to cover this local story

      1. Yawn, yeah lemme guess barney, couldn’t make it out of your Covid condo to do a local story, please keep on with your defend/deflect, while others step up to do your job (real news).

        1. I work with all of our reporters to help them get the right sources, background and information to make their stories as best as they can be.
          I take a share of pride in their success, that’s what teamwork is all about.
          Thanks for asking!

          1. Don’t engage the trolls with no life Barney. This waste went out of it’s way to create a handle to target you specifically. Without the KTVZ comments section this troll would have no meaning in life.

            @lertenleansleft: logoff…

          1. Whazzamatter Froggie- got the Biden Blues ? Gas too expensive- food bill surging- kovid got yer tongue ? Suck it up lemon drop- you voted for all this !

  7. All do respect Barney, this was not direct at you. Im Far from an armchair quarterback and far from being woke. You do not know me at all. This is a forum to present opinion in response to a statement made by a health care professional. Correct? And yes. Taking a break is far better then admitting to the public that they may present for substandard care because she is frustrated. Her blather was inappropriate on so many levels. If you were part of the healthcare field you would understand that. A less then compassionate nurse or caregiver SHOULD take a break. Its ok to do that. I have nothing but compassioning for nurses. Im married to one. And she was flabbergasted over Shultz’s comment. So yes, Hayha is spot on with his assessment.
    And I stand by mine as well. In regards to the 800 vacancies, there are fundamental reasons for that at SCMC, but that has nothing to do with this. We can address that in a more appropriate article.

  8. Remember the polio vaccine? Vaccines against mumps? Measles, malaria, yellow fever, influenza? How about vaccines for our pets? Rabies, distemper, Parvo, leapt? Calici? We have been making effective vaccines for years now, so to call this an experimental vaccine is pretty stupid really. I’m pretty sure the virologists and scientists who make the vaccines are far more educated and knowledgeable than anyone who takes the time to comment on KTVZ! So please come down off that high horse and stop spouting nonsense.

    1. So why are we using mRNA vaxx that has never been used on humans instead of killled virus. Btw we aren’t going to eradicate covid like polio, this is like influenza.

  9. Your body your choice you say. Stay home if you are scared you say! Time for You to stay home and deal with this flu on your own if you choose FREEDUMB.

  10. Thank you, Barney Lerten, for both publishing this story and jumping into the mix to back it up. You have proven the worth and need for pure, unfiltered, unfettered journalism. These heart-wrenching stories speak to the state of society and give a rare opportunity for unheralded health care providers to express a truth that screams to be heard.

  11. If you are an anti-vaxxer and get sick – stay home! You don’t believe in medicine so leave our hospitals alone to treat those that need them. Those in car accidents, with heart conditions, cancer – everyone is tired of dealing with your excuses and whining. SO MUCH WHINING. The majority of us are just over your excuses.

    1. Yes and all the people using the excuse that the vaccine is under Emergency Use Authorization, will have another excuse once all the boxes are ticked and it’s fully authorized by the FDA.

  12. If the jab is making everyone so much healthier than why is it that the injected can’t donate convalescent plasma due to no natual immunity.. You would think that this compaign would be creating a healthier more robust society with super immunity superheros that can save the world.. wasn’t one jab suppose to cure all. now they are saying a third and that a different variant is immune to the vaccine..2 years in almost and nothing has changed even though 70% of oregonians are vaccinated.. or 70% less people to contribute to a pandemic but they are saying there are more cases cases cases than last year.. how is 30% of the population granted the jab gave immunity creating all these cases. The test doesn’t test for the variants only some piece of flu or where are the variant cases coming from unless they are made up..

      1. So what percent of those 30% were infected by a vaxxed know-it-all like yerself ? “FACT”… we didn’t see this explosion in new cases until the CDC and OHA admitted that vaxxed persons can indeed catch and transmit the virus. So what says your experts ???

        1. If I have any doubt you are twisting the truth to make falsehoods, your comments will be deleted. I don’t have the time or inclination to fact-check all your twisted allegations or answer your “demands”/questions. You could even be banned if you go too far. And trust me, you’ve given me all the evidence I need if anyone asks me why (my bosses? Doubt they’ll care much. They trust me.) So keep it up, and jump and down with your own “girly hysterics.”

          1. Why do you think he is out of line? He has a valid scientific argument and hopefully someone can provide the answer to his question. The more data and science we know the better we will understand what’s going on.

  13. Great political gaslighting and more division yet again! How utterly disgusting that anyone in the medical field would lose compassion for anyone dying, for any reason! I was taught respect and compassion for everyone.
    So, because I have Guillain Barre Syndrome and will not take the risk of being permanently paralyzed, I’m a “covidiot” and a “whiner!?!”
    It’s really easy for too many people to be judgmental towards others, despite the fact that they don’t know each other! How about showing compassion to everyone?

    1. I would never generalize like that. It’s those generalizations that fuel the divisions and sad blame/hate society. Valid medical reasons are one thing, but you have to admit, there’s a lot of … other crud being thrown around about all this. Perhaps it’s the last two syllables of “judgmental” we need to work on. From within, if possible.

      1. True, you wouldn’t. However, there are too many who do and seem to take great pleasure in it! This time of Covid has many people showing their true colors. I, personally, have noticed more hatred and division towards one another during these almost 2 years than I ever saw in Philly during the mid 1960’s through the last time I went home to Pennsylvania in 2012.

          1. Please take a much needed break from your comments. I really try to believe you’re not bias but it’s getting very difficult for me and others to maintain that way of thinking. You really need to just moderate. Thanks!

              1. None of that is in your job description. If you moderated the site properly- no personal attacks- stay on topic- stop the vulgarities… you wouldn’t have a problem. But much like all liberal Demokant Ding-Dongs… you create the problem- just so you can hang around a try to fix it.

                1. He has been crowned the speech police and is the fact checker and also determines what is “disinformation”. Apparently people are not able to debate or fact find on ones own. Barney has been beseeched and called into action.

              2. Can’t these people defend themselves or debate if they deem something as “disinformation “… They have to rely on you? Do you realize how ridiculous that makes you look and the people who asked you to do such a thing?

                1. Usually the disinfo is coming in a post, not a response. Then, it’s on me to provide factual information to counter the dangerous misinfo. That or delete the post. If in doubt or I’m busy with my real job, it may well be gone. There’s no “right” to post here. It’s a privilege that some just can’t handle like a mature adult.

    2. To a leftist and the marxist it does not matter. They still consider you a murderer because you won’t get the vaccine,. Your reasons do not matter. It’s one size fits all and it you don’t like then you are vilified and cancelled.

      1. Yes, and what a true pity that is! My daughter was told by a friend of hers that it would be much better for her to take the Covid vaccination and risk permanent paralysis with Guillain Barre Syndrome than to not take the vax! Needless to say, they are no longer speaking.

  14. These comments make me so sad. I can’t imagine watching people die day after day after giving their all to save them. There was nothing in this article that said they quit helping people because they are frustrated. They are still standing there manually pumping air into the patient’s lungs watching them die. Where is your compassion for all these wonderful healthcare workers that spend their days/nights trying to save lives and losing the battle? I can’t imagine the pain and nightmares these people go home with. How does this not have an effect on their personal life? They give their all and it just isn’t enough if we don’t step up and do our part as well.

  15. I think the issue is that people are just very untrusting. During the whole Trump presidency you could watch the media lie and attack the president day after day after day. I mean straight up lies. And they lied enough to where you all believe it. So the same media that attacked and lied daily are the ones pushing the vaccine. Why should we trust liars? We shouldn’t. That being said I chose to get vaccinated. I got vaccinated because 90% of new cases are of unvaccinated people. So it is working. I fully understand why people don’t trust. This whole thing from day one seemed like a dry run for communism. And the hate of the vaccinated to the unvaccinated is unbelievable. If you hate them so much just let them get Covid and die. No need to call them names and blame them for the worlds problems.

  16. With the current data for Oregon coming from the OHA & the CDC showing that its Populations of Color with the lowest Vax rates, this confirms what has been posted here many times. Our leaders both Politically and from SCHC’s perspective don’t care about Populations of Color! First, they provide useless equity plans which were approved by the governor. Yet no adjustments were made at all, instead, they aren’t mentioned as our vax rates continue to plummet vs those of the colonizers! Meanwhile, SCHC employees choose to blame the patients instead of taking responsibility for their failings! This tragedy is driven by the racist methods of our leaders and their lack of respect for POC! And as always, we get to hear two groups of colonizers try to bait each other with ad hominem attacks while we suffer! HOW WHITE OF ALL OF YOU!

  17. You people continue to have ZERO leg to stand on with this. While you continue to be deafeningly silent on overall health and wellness, coupled with a criminal negligence to encourage people to use therapeutics proven to help mitigate the severity of covid – then pipe down. Be quiet. Nobody wants to hear it. I chose to get the vax for personal reasons and now I’m living my life like normal. Ignoring all the fear mongering and BS. Certainly not believing every ‘story’ cranked out by media outlets that have lost all credibility long ago.

  18. This saddens me to my very soul. What happened to having compassion for one another? Many are so quick to judgement; please stop judging those with a speck in their eye, before you stop to realize the speck in your own eyes. As a nurse myself, I empathize with the nurse feeling the loss of compassion. That is true burn out at its core. I also empathize with the patients, yes, even those that have made the choice not to get vaccinated. Who am I to judge if they have a medical reason or a sincerely held religious belief…or even made the decision due to the fact that not one person on this planet can speak to potential long term negative outcomes of the vaccine. For me, it is not as much the choices that people are making or the feelings that one struggles with internally with all that is going on in our world, but that we are tearing one another apart for these things! Not a one of us are perfect, so I beg of you, please stop sitting in judgement of one another and try to find a little compassion.

    1. The most intelligent and compassionate comment made here.
      Thank you. In short, no one has arrived, has all the answers.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Take note content editor Barney, this person has done what you have never been able to do, or myself, and stay objective.
      RN22Cancel, your comment was absolutely spot on.

  19. Well said there me2, it’s quite the hodgepodge going on and the left wants to drag the unvaccinated through the mud. They are having their way after 4 years of the blame game. We’d 🐝 better prepared for this if they weren’t so hell bent on lambasting Trump day in, day out for saying what we needed to hear.

  20. Anyone a scientist? The scientific method? Experimental versus proven? ie. “repeatable”

    We have the left and the right here arguing about stuff they don’t know about, either of them.

    Until we know facts about the origin, higher function modification, and the details of these viruses. You all are just partisan bickering.

    Try being human first. A citizen second, and a political affiliating individual last.

    There is more to be learned here before conclusions can even begun to be made.

  21. I thought the piece was excellent giving us a rare inside look as to what it takes to care for these patients. The doctors and nurses, and the entire hospital staff are heroes. That they can get up and day after day care for these critically ill people isa testament to their commitment and compassion. I admire them greatly. I could not face what they do on a daily basis. It was great journalism and I thank KTVZ.

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