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St. Charles Bend reports record 89 COVID-19 hospitalizations, details vaccination status

(Update: Wednesday patient count sets record)

County commissioner pitches vaccination incentives; hospital begins doubling up some patients

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- St. Charles Bend reported a record 89 COVID-19 patients as of early Wednesday, a dozen of whom were in the ICU, 10 on ventilators.

Of the 89 patients, 74 were not fully vaccinated and 15 were, the hospital said. Of the 12 in the ICU, 10 were not fully vaccinated and two were.

As local officials continue to push people to get vaccinated, the new metric on St. Charles COVID-19 dashboard paints a less than rosy picture.

For the first time, the hospital is breaking down vaccinated vs. unvaccinated COVID-19 patients, including those in the ICU.

On Tuesday, the hospital reported a near-record 75 COVID-19 patients, 15, which is 20 percent, were fully vaccinated. A third of the nine patients in the ICU were fully vaccinated. One was under 60 years old.

Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Chang said it's actually a sign the vaccine is working, given the county's high rate of vaccinations.

"For under 30 percent of the people to represent 80 percent of the (cases) I think is a pretty good demonstration that vaccination provides substantial protection against COVID," Chang said.

A St. Charles spokesperson said while the fully vaccinated count was just added to the dashboard, that number fluctuates. She added that 91 percent of Covid patients since March 1st were unvaccinated.

Public Information Officer Lisa Goodman also confirmed to NewsChannel 21 that as part of the hospital's "surge plan," "we have doubled up beds in some areas, including three ICU rooms."

Multnomah County is now mandating its employees be vaccinated, but Chang said that likely won't happen in Deschutes County.

"I went back to the drawing board and came back with the idea that we could incentivize employees to get vaccinated," he said.

He added they could use American Rescue Plan Act dollars to create an incentive program for local businesses. It may save them money in the long run.

"Your basic COVID case in the hospital might cost $35-45,000." Chang said. It more than doubles to around $100,000 for an ICU stay.

Chang said the he hopes to bring the idea up at a commission meeting in the next few weeks.

He stressed that his idea is not for a mandate and would be completely voluntary, if enacted.

Bend City Councilor Megan Perkins told NewsChannel 21 on Tuesday the city council has not discussed any similar mandate or incentive program for city employees.

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      1. Wow! soooo surprising that the vast majority are not fully vaccinated. People who are so stupid they can’t take care of themselves!!! IVERMECTIN anyone!!! Sooooo much losing for republicans on soooo many levels!!! They seem to have forgotten that “the vaccine is the greatest acheivement in the history of medicine” according to the fat, failed and fired, orange new york city trust fund baby!! Who ran with his entire family to get the vaccine!!! More lying denying and dying for the poorly educated and failed trump borg.

    1. Notice how the 6 are designated “not fully vaccinated”? That means they could have had one shot. Israel just decided that, now, 3 shots is fully vaccinated not 2 anymore.

      1. I noticed that too. Keep moving the goal posts to ensure totalitarian compliance. This kind of detail – which isnt all that detailed – should have been reported from the beginning.

        1. 75% of Deschutes County residents 18 years and older have at least one COVID shot.
          Statewide, 66.5% are fully vaccinated, and 5.8% have had one shot.

          St Charles reports 60 of the 75 hospitalized COVID patients are not fully vaccinated, which includes the 6% of the partially vaccinated community. Of those 75 total patients, 9 are in the ICU. 60 divided by 75 is 80% unvaccinated.

          Vaccinated residents make up 75% of our population, but make up 20% of COVID hospitalizations. Said another way, unvaccinated people make up 25% of our adult population, but make up 80% of hospitalized COVID patients.

          It all seems like a pretty strong case to do what’s needed to protect yourself and your family. Many of us legally conceal carry a firearm in the lightning-strike’s chance that we’ll ever need it to protect ourselves or our loved ones. Compared to carrying around that thing, a cool mask with an Oregon Ducks logo and a painless/free shot are a very small price to pay to protect ourselves and our families from an extremely good chance of participating in a frikn global pandemic.

          I hope any of you on the fence about getting the shot please call your Doctor and ask their advice. They will listen to your questions and concerns and will give you expert advice.

    2. Seems like you’re trying to validate something. What could that be? If you’re to invalidate the vaccine’s efficacy try including all data. The three in ICU may have co-morbid conditions that comprise their ability to fight off infection. But you’re not looking for information are you?

      1. I think he’s making the point that the non vaxxed are unfairly being targeted as getting spreading covid, while vaxxed are treated like they are immune while they get and spread covid in a similar amount.

            1. My friend has a student with a severe peanut allergy. As an educator, he’s required by law to protect that student. No matter he loves peanut butter, that it’s his religion to eat it daily, he can’t have nuts in his classroom. Period. Same with masks — if it protects one child, we should do it.

          1. I disagree with you partially. I am currently hustling to get a covid 19 test within a 72 hour period in order to attend a concert. I know fully vaccinated people that are at this moment ill with covid 19 with a positive test result. BUT….. he is just going to “hold it together” and show his vaccination card at the gate to gain access to the concert. Tell me the vaxxed people have NO loophole in that regard. SAY IT!!!!

              1. Really Barney? He is saying it’s a ridiculous requirement when the transmissibility is essentially the same between the two groups. But you already knew that so….

            1. Trondant , so you have a friend who is vaccinated, has Covid, feels like crap, but is going to “hold it together “ and go to the concert and infect others?? You do see the problem here right? If that’s the case, then your friend is a complete self centered jackass. Infecting and potentially giving someone a death sentence all for a concert!!! Wow we know where the problem is.

            2. Trondant ~ your friend is a jerk. Pretty straightforward. Been to a lot of concerts in my time ~ not sure there’s any group that would attract me enough to play that game…

              Good luck to both of you. Rock on.

        1. Missing the point there Klondike Regina. Even if they are partially vaccinated 75% of in patients did not go with CDC recommendations. No matter how you want cut it the unvaccinated are the main in patient majority. With that said how many fully vaccinated in patients including ICU?

            1. 75% of the county is vaccinated, but only 20% of hospitalized COVID patients are vaccinated. Conversely, 25% of Deschutes county residents are unvaccinated, but they make up 80% of hospitalized COVID patients in our hospitals. The only reason any of those vaccinated people got infected is because they came in contact with one of the 1/4 of our community that won’t take personal responsibility for the good of America, and instead cry and whine while the rest of us do what’s needed to protect our families, friends, and communities.

              1. That is the stupid. vaccinated people can transmit the virus just as easily as vaccinated, perhaps even more easily because they think they have immunity, but they don’t. Nice try though

      2. Why should we. Nobody on the left has been over the last 2 years. Co-morbid conditions, you need underlying conditions that put them in the hospital in the first place regardless of whether or not the tested positive for covid? Yet it was lack of vaccination, mask wearing, and positive covid test that caused their death?

        1. Quite the assumption, that the underlying conditions are what put them in the hospital. Got proof? Is this just another offshoot of the offensive “they were going to die anyway”? You saw the underlying conditions, they go well beyond age and “lifestyle choices.”

          1. But thats exactly what has been said… people having some kind of underlying conditions are the ones dying in the hospitals with covid. The rest are 99.8% able to fight it off at home.

          2. Barney, the leading causes of death in the US, are overwhelmingly due to lifestyle choices, not genetics, bad luck, someone else’s fault, etc. These lifestyle diseases (and medicine’s “fixes” for those lifestyle diseases) are why a lot of these people are having poor outcomes with Covid. So did the underlying conditions put them in the hospital? Indirectly, absolutely.

              1. Not judgment, just fact. If the past 18 months didn’t encourage people to get healthier, nothing will. Everyone makes their own choices (well, except for teachers, healthcare providers, etc).

            1. that is a spot-on assessment. all of the 89 have comorbidities without a doubt. Obesity, Diabetes are 1 & 2. This is based on the CDC statistics for Oregon.

                1. I’m not sure any non-vaccinated commenters on here are saying we shouldn’t or don’t care….and yet, there are an awful lot of people on here advocating for tossing non-vaccinated people out of the hospitals. So much for proper public sentiment.

            1. Or… OHA refined the language they used, to be more precise. In general, it seems ulterior motives, often unprovable or just plain false, are often if not always in the eyes of the critic, who has their own motives (“agenda”?)

      3. The six could also have co=morbid conditions, what is likely is that they all do. A recent Israeli study showed the vax to be only 39% effective. Obesity is a huge factor. 80% of the US fatalities are over the age of 65. That means only 20% of the 639,000 are under 65 and that does not factor in co-morbid conditions or obesity. Why are young healthy healthcare workers being required to get vaxxed? The vax may help avoid infection with delta but that is in question but what about lambda, which is what I thought we were supposed to be scared of next. But now we have the next scary variant:
        How long can you bury your head in the sand?

      4. The vaccine’s full effectiveness should definitely be questioned from this data, which I’m sure is the experience of hospitals across the country. No one rightfully questioning vaccination policy is arguing the vaccine does not work. That’s a typical lefty straw man argument. Do you understand the difference?

    3. Pretty small sample size to really make a definitive observation, but yeah, not a trend we would like to see continuing. I’m curious what the ratio was when there were 16 in the ICU. Only one was under 60 years old, which could indicate a weaker immune system. There are so many variables that come into play here. Needless to say, the vaccine is the way to go.

  1. If you get vaccinated, you won’t get covid they said. If you are vaccinated and get covid you won’t be as sick they said. If you are vaccinated and come down with covid you will most likely be asymptomatic they said. Vaccinated people can be super spreaders they said. Unvaccinated people are all Republicans they said.
    Whats next? If you don’t get the booster, you will most likely die from the next strain they’ll say.

      1. Biden a couple of months ago “you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,”

        1. That link never gets old ! And this from Politifact- “It’s difficult to quantify the total number of breakthrough cases. The CDC stopped collecting data on all breakthrough cases in May” ! Gee- why did the CDC do that ? Answer… “not all people with breakthrough infections can be identified, particularly those with asymptomatic or mild illness who do not get tested.” !!! In short- contact tracing is non-existent for breakthroughs- we’ll never know the amount of damage they’ve done- but the surges nationwide suggest … A LOT !!!

      2. The vaccine efficacy of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were touted as 95-96% based on very short clinical trials when it comes to FDA approval of a vaccine. At six months the efficacy on longer term follow-up of those same trials is 50% and thus why vaccinated people are getting COVID. The governor’s mandate that all get vaccinated or lose their jobs is not only unconstitutional but further questionable with a vaccine that has such a poor efficacy. Currently vaccination may be the best way to avoid or lessen COVID severity but it is by no means the “cure” as it has been touted and gives credence to individual’s decision to refuse or wait on vaccination until more information is available.

        1. And yet, officials have said, and their numbers show that the vaccinations sharply reduce the risk of serious symptoms, which is why the sizable majority of hospitalizations, ICU patients and, sadly, deaths are among those not vaccinated (or fully vaccinated). As for the legality (the OHA regulations cite several ORS statutes), I haven’t heard of any legal challenges but it wouldn’t surprise me. Whether they succeed is another matter.

          1. “Reduction” is not “elimination”… and Lyin Joey Biden used the words “won’t get”- as in elimination ! Let’s stop with the word play- it may work with the less educated- but I sense DrBan is no dummy !

        2. Personally, even at the current 50% efficacy you quote, I’d take 50% chance of being protected over 0% any day. And it doesn’t take a doctorate to recognize which are the better odds.

    1. No one ever said that. What they said was that it would mitigate signs and symptoms preventing most from being hospitalized. The flu shot was never a guarantee that you wouldn’t get the flu.

      1. Yes they did say that. Even your almighty president Biden said that. Although I agree that the covid vaccine started out as a way to lessen signs and keep you out of the hospital… not anymore… but I don’t hear of anyone getting fired because they didn’t get the flu vaccine. Just saying

  2. “H-how could this be! The vaccines are suppose to dramatically reduce hospitalizations!! This is impossible!! I’m s-suppose to be safe!” -barney and all the Liberal news viewers

            1. I’m not sure they (KTVZ) ever made the connection ! How many times have we heard that CNN controls the “national news” here- to which I’ve pointed out- it doesn’t matter… if your grocery store is selling listeria infected lettuce- you don’t blame the farmer ! So now they demand complete loyalty- while never once apologizing for their previous incompetence… It is truly shocking !

              1. Demand loyalty? Aren’t you the one who says our competition is so perfect, just to grate on me, when we report a lot of the news in very similar fashion? Of course, you can’t say that there, they don’t have this little arena you get to talk on all the time.

          1. Please explain how not allowing you to lie is Marxism? First Amendment doesn’t protect dangerous speech! Of course no one listens to you, so I guess your BS doesn’t matter!

      1. It remains to be seen if the vaccines do work at all in the long-term. With current studies showing an initial 95% efficacy dropping to 50% at six months it is not correct to say that they don’t work at ALL but it is possible that they don’t work at all in the long-term. That information isn’t known at this point.

      2. Fedup never said the vaccines “didn’t work at all” ! The comment is clear… “The vaccines are suppose to dramatically reduce hospitalizations!” Please explain your threat in relation to this comment- there is no dangerous misinformation here- the OHA data backs the comment 100%… that the vaccines are “not” reducing hospitalizations because even vaccinated people can spread the virus ! Texas governor Abbot was vaccinated- yet ended up in the hospital ! That is a fact !

      1. I know a lot of left wing idiots who aren’t vaccinated as well. They aren’t idiots because they chose not to get vaccinated… just idiots because they believe the govt should pay them living wages for doing nothing. ProSocializm

  3. 33% of patients who are vaccinated are fully hospitalized. So much for vaccines “significantly reducing the odds of being hospitalized”. The same thing is happening in Ultra vaccinated Israel, but even worse. Don’t worry though! I’m sure 2 monthly booster shots and more lockdowns and mask wearing will do the trick THIS time!

        1. Just running with your logic here. More significant than the remaining 67%? Who have what in common? Do you just sneeze straight in people’s faces because covering it with your elbow is not 100% effective in reducing the transmission of…,, you? Winner.

  4. I am glad they are showing this. But the “not fully vaccinated” category is very misleading. At first glance it appears “non vaxxed”, but I am led to believe this group has both non vaxxed and patients with 1 shot. Shouldn’t those categories be separated for clarity. It’s easy to think half of that category has had a jab, meaning it is possible 30 out of the 60 were non vaxxed, in turn that would mean less than half of all patients are non vaxxed.

      1. No Barney, this data is incomplete. Why wouldn’t you want to have the full data? Why would they throw in non vaxxed and people who had 1 jab into one category, doesn’t make sense.

        1. Just like “there’s always more to the story,” there’s also never “complete” data to satisfy some, especially critics seeking more ammunition or to confuse the public further. Because as scientists have said repeatedly, you need the 2 shots (or one J&J) to … well you’ve heard it before, many times, you just don’t “buy” it.

          1. Well said Barney. After months of reading people’s comments; I felt the disconnect between the public and the reality inside our hospitals. I’m learning quickly that no matter how much we try and educate people on the importance of masks and vaccines, some people will try and find any reason to argue. So exhausting.

            1. Absolutley. The ignorance, bias, and ego on this board and within the silo ‘news’ media is astounding. The USA has the best research, testing, and production of life saving vaccines. Yet we lead the WORLD in Covid cases. Our predicament is not because we can’t. It’s because we won’t. Very sad.

                1. It really makes you wonder why they are so adamant about trying to prove that this vaccine is not saving people’s lives. Why would anyone want people to get sick enough where they need to be hospitalized and put on ventilators? Why would anyone push a dewormer for livestock as a cure for this virus? There are some very strange people out there with a seemingly mentally deranged agenda to cause harm to others.

                2. Not sure what the answer is. Trump is now pushing the vaxx, but it’s because “we need their votes.” Winning for the GOP apparently is a priority rather than public health. As for taking the horse and cow dewormer, maybe truly attempting to get “herd” immunity?

    1. Vaccinated means vaccinated. There is no partial to it you are either vaccinated or you are not. It’s like I almost won the lottery but I was 6 numbers off. You still didn’t win. Get it ?

        1. And now they are saying we need boosters to be fully vaccinated. When and how many will they require?
          We really only need to get one a year for the new variants just like the flu shot. And just like the flu, we will never be fully vaccinated.

          1. Other diseases require boosters. Tetanus, for example, needs a booster every 10 years. Does that qualify as a failure? Some diseases such as shingles also require multip!e shots to achieve protection. Are they failures too? The fact is, diseases and their treatments are not static. They change constantly. We either adapt to evolution or we suffer the consequences.

            1. Learn to read.
              I never said we shouldn’t get the flu shot. I said that covid needs to have a vaccine developed for the new variants. If thats once a year, so be it. Pushing the idea of giving the original vaccine as a booster that they now know doesn’t work on the new variants is just insanity.
              Take the politics out of this and start looking at it with some kind of medical reasoning, Flu will never be irradiated with a vaccine.. thats why they develop new vaccines yearly. You are not getting the same Flu Vaccine you got last year.
              Covid is the same type of virus as the Flu. Start treating it like the Flu. Start developing vaccines like the Flu.

              1. A lot about boosters is being debated.
                “Although according to several companies, updated versions of the vaccines are being studied, these updated vaccines might not be required yet,” he says. “Unless there is clear evidence of loss of protection, updating the vaccines every time a new variant takes over the population might not be the best strategy.”

                1. Then let the medical and scientific community hammer that all out. Tell the White House Administration and all the Governors to shut up and let them do their job. From that article, Moderna says it would be easy to come up with new vaccines for the different variants.

      1. Well, when the boosters come out and you don’t get it, you will be considered not fully vaxxed. Did they mention that when you got the first couple of jabs?

  5. All “vaccine politics” aside –

    Many of us who are veterans and enrolled in the VA medical system are thankful for the vaccination opportunity offered now months ago.

    The Bend VA rural clinic has done a wonderful job of notifying and keeping us up to date on COVID, to include reliable information, via MyHealthyVet. In addition, the appointment process and actual vaccination station processes are friendly, easy to navigate, and comfortable.

    Those of us who have served in uniform are used to receiving vaccinations. In some cases, lots of vaccinations dependent on where in the world we were stationed. For example, in 1996, I received no fewer than nine vaccinations over a week’s period of time to include injections for the plague, rabies, and typhoid.

    If you are unable to take the vaccines available – and some certainly are in this position due to allergy or other issues associated with the vaccines – or have a religious belief that does not endorse vaccinations – that is one thing.

    And if you simply don’t trust or want to be vaccinated – that is a personal health decision.

    But I, for one, was delighted to get vaccinated and for reasons both personal and professional.

    Do your homework, and in the meantime wash your hands daily…wear a mask when necessary or appropriate…and encourage, nicely, others to do the same.

  6. I am surprised by our numbers but these numbers show you that vaccines are working. 60/75 is 80% which is lower than expected but as most are over 60, we can conclude that these fully vaccinated hospitalizations may have weakened immunities because they were vaccinated in January and February of last year.,

    1. Small sample bud. CDC numbers show the efficacy rate down to 66% from originally touted as 99%. That’s a giant drop in something that was supposedly “fully” tested.

      1. Yup. The vax efficacy rates were for the original receipe Covid. We are on to the 4th varient. The vaccine is less effective, but still very effective. Latest numbers I’ve seen say about 80% effective for Delta. So what? I won’t argue numbers with you. Even 10% effective with a vaccine is better than 0% effective without. There is no smoke and mirrors here. Everyone is better off with the jab. The math is very simple.

  7. I would like to see more data based on age. Under 60 could they are all still 50+ with underlying health conditions. Seems like they picked that 60 +/- benchmark for a reason, hmmmm…

      1. More data is bad? Said no valid reporter ever…More data is just that, more data. If you don’t like what it tells you, we’ll that’s your own issue.

          1. Again data is just data.. tells a lot that you instantly go to people using it to call it a “hoax” vs to people that would back up how bad Covid is. If the data comes out and it points to it as a marginal virus than that’s just data. When people shy away from releasing or encourage data from not coming out it tells a whole lot…

                1. Unfortunately no it is not Barney. You specifically said that the data was being used to make it “bogus or a hoax.” You in fact did not acknowledge the other side of the argument in classic form.

        1. There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Having worked with statistics my entire career, I can promise you that I can massage my data in ways that only another research scientist or statistician would be able to unravel. Data are easily manipulated and plural by the way. Data never “is”. Data “are”.

  8. This is going to be a big concept for a lot of you on here, so hold on tight. Roughly 70% of Central Oregon is fully vaccinated, so the remaining 30% of the populous represent 80% of all inpatients at St Charles related to COVID.

    Listen, your body, your choice. I support that. You don’t want to be told what to do, totally get it. Those are compelling numbers though. If you’re playing a poker hand without a vaccination it seems to me like you’re taking a 4-7 off suit to the River. You just MIGHT win, but there’s no consequence in folding. Just get the damn shots so we can all get back about our business.

    1. 20% are patients who are fully vaccinated. How many are patients that have natural immunity from having recovered from covid previously???? Likely 0%. Natural immunity 1, vaccinations 0. Studies show natural immunity is stronger than the vaccine (Barney knows this so I’m not going to link it this time.) Yet the media and politicians continue to ignore those with natural immunity and try to still force vaccinations down their throat(in the literal sense). You can’t delete this comment now Barney from the way it’s now framed!

            1. He is right on this one Barney. Apparently, because you have been programmed to fight back against anything contrary to what the “experts” tell us, you saw his comment as promoting people to get covid so that they would have natural immunity when he said nothing of the sort. He stated what is now becoming a known fact. People like me with natural immunity have a much better chance of not getting covid again compared to those who have been vaccinated. More importantly, those who have natural immunity have a far less chance of infecting others. That is what real science says. You were not offering factual views on the matter. You were giving your opinion based on the constant “Get your vaccine and wear a mask” propaganda that big pharma is using to sell their crap.

              1. One could argue I am not “programmed” to distrust everything the government says or does. If the CDC and FDA etc. are not offering “real science,” then I guess I’m part of some vast conspiracy.
                Not. So do you never take any prescription drugs? Go to doctors who distribute the product of “big pharma”?
                That’s your choice, I suppose.

              2. Unfortunately you are mistaken. You do not have natural immunity to the delta variant. You may have some immunity to original strain but not the variant. You can still get COVID and while you may be asymptomatic you can still shed the virus

      1. Right. One you might give someone a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate and the other directly kills another human being 100%. You are right, totally different.

  9. All these “new reports” and the hoopla surrounding them continue to ignore the key problem… which is… Knowing that the Delta variant was more contagious- reading reports and studying the data coming out of India and Europe for months in advance… why did the Governor Kate Brown- decide to open the State on July 2nd 2021 ??? This single act has been a complete disaster that continues to go completely ignored. All these fancy new matrix will show you nothing ! We want to know why Brown made this catastrophic decision- when all the science- and myself- said don’t ! Go ahead haters- have at it !

  10. If you contract covid after having been treated at a hospital or other medical facility that does not require its employees to be vaccinated, you should be able to sue them on the grounds of malpractice.

    1. What if you get Covid from a fully vaccinated person as it is now known that fully vaccinated people spread the virus as well? Your argument falls flat once you know the complete story. This is not a battle against a slogan. We are in a battle against a constantly evolving virus that so far has had little effect on those who have chosen a healthy lifestyle and good genetics. Why should these people be subject to something just because you believe the big pharma promoted hype? BTW I already had covid early on and it was not a big deal for me. Therefore I have better immunity than you will get with your big pharma-promoted vaccine. Why should I be forced to take a risk when it is completely unnecessary for society to accomplish the goal? Just because of a slogan? I will go with the actual science. I will not infect you because I now have natural immunity and you have big pharma immunity that still allows you to spread covid where it is highly unlikely that I will spread it to anyone. My body is death for the covid virus but your vaccinated body is not. Can I sue you if you get someone in my family sick?

  11. No incentives. People have a moral duty to be vaccinated, including a duty to promote their own health while supporting the community benefit of vaccination. It’s up to each of us to do our fair share in putting a stop to the pandemic (without being paid). Paying incentives to overcome vaccine hesitancy and to promote vaccine uptake is simply a bad investment, throwing more tax dollars down the drain. In fact, those hesitant might even feel a monetary incentive for vaccination is coercive and dig their heels in deeper. An expensive proposition with an expected poor return. Don’t be that county commission. I urge the Deschutes County to dismiss this fanciful idea.

      1. How about no matter what you believe that you stand up and support freedom and individual rights in this case for what gets injected into ones body. You know…the same principles as to why this country was created. Oh how far we have strayed…

        1. Sign a waiver that you will fund the entire cost of treatment should you become infected and that you will pay the costs for treatment, pain, suffering, and loss of wages for any person it is determined that you infected from your decision. I’m good with that.

          1. Well since the CDC, John’s Hopkins, the OHA and countless others now have said the smarts is clear that individuals that are vaxed and unvaxed spread the virus just the same your logic is old news bud. Time to keep up with what we know now as I assume you are jabbed based on your post you can give it to someone just as easily as me. I guess in your world we would both need to sign waivers.

    1. You are wrong. There’s a monetary threshold to where it is enough incentive to where almost every single person would get vaccinated. Offering a $100 giftcard, as an example, is not it. For me, I’d get the vaccine if the state offered me no state taxes for the next 10 years.

      1. 1) “We find that the value of averting a case of COVID-19 for an individual of average age may be about $8,000 for mild cases, $18,000 for severe cases, and $1.8 million for critical cases.”

        2) “Most private insurers are no longer waiving cost sharing for COVID-19 treatment due to the widespread availability of vaccines rendering the illness largely preventable. In June and July, more than 100,000 preventable COVID-19 hospitalizations among unvaccinated adults, which cost the U.S. health system at least $2.3 billion, according to a KFF analysis of data from HHS, CDC, and CMS. Federal law requires private insurance plans to cover COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, there are no national regulations regarding out-of-pocket cost for treatments. Major health plans including Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealth Group and Anthem have ended or are preparing to end their policies of waiving out-of-pocket costs for COVID-19 treatment as it is no longer seen as necessary. Medicare will continue to waive cost sharing until the end of the public health emergency.”

    1. I’d be willing to bet a bunch of money that 99.99% of people getting this vaccine, or any other for that matter are doing it to protect themselves. That’s the point of getting vaccinated. The notion that people should get a vaccine for other people’s sake is ridiculous. Your health is not my responsibility, and mine is not yours.

      1. 100% agree. I make choices every day that help keep me in good physical and mental condition. Most in our society do not do this. They eat food that is not good for them and in excess. The real enemy in all this is excess consumption. This excess consumption is an American way of life and the most likely reason that the US has had poor Covid hospitalization rates as the vast majority of those hospitalized with Covid are obese. This is what science actually says.

          For those who prefer a positive, less judgmental approach to the societal issue.
          “Obesity is a complex disease with many contributing factors. Neighborhood design, access to healthy, affordable foods and beverages, and access to safe and convenient places for physical activity can all impact obesity. The racial and ethnic disparities in obesity underscore the need to address social determinants of health such as poverty, education, and housing to remove barriers to health. This will take action at the policy and systems level to ensure that obesity prevention and management starts early, and that everyone has access to good nutrition and safe places to be physically active. Policy makers and community leaders must work to ensure that their communities, environments, and systems support a healthy, active lifestyle for all.”

  12. The breakthrough infection rate for the vaccinated in Deschutes County has not changed. However, since we have a higher than average percentage of vaccinated people in our county, then we can expect to see a higher rate of hospital admissions for the vaccinated. Think of a hypothetical county in which nearly everyone is vaccinated; in that case nearly 100% of those admitted for Covid-19 will have been vaccinated, but who have gotten a breakthrough infection. Phil Chang is right. Let’s try for herd immunity–at least–in Deschutes County.

    1. Your handle makes me blush and would love to talk DATA with you! You showed us yours and it was quite a big article. I wish I could show you mine, but I have some other important matters to take care of. Perhaps later big guy/girl!?

  13. What a fascinating array of commentary opinions !

    I’ve had two doses of Moderna covid vax and one pneumonia vax this year and will get my annual flu vax today. When the covid vax booster is available I’ll take it.

    I am offering no opinion on the topic, just reporting what I did and plan to do about it.

  14. I laugh when people “refuse to be taken care of by a nurse or healthcare staff who isn’t vaccinated.” It wasn’t long ago no one wore masks, gloves, gowns. Also- the hospital has special “hidden surveyors” who go around making sure staff are doing the basic thing: washing their hands! And hospitals can barely comply. So don’t think you judging a nurses’ vaccination status as proof of any preventative measure to your health. And by the way “your health?” You should focus more on that (i.e crappy food, smoking, alcohol, internet/gambling/porn addiction) and not worry so much about mine 😇

  15. I find it disturbing that the hospital is giving out this information about their patients. I recognize that they are not including names or any other information but that will come when they realize they are still not scaring/intimidating enough people into getting a medicine that they don’t need.

  16. New poll shows that over half of the people that are not yet vaccinated have no plans to do so. So save your breath. We are where we are. This covid thing is going to be with us for quite awhile.

    1. Well since the transmissibility has shown to be essentially equal in many studies now between the vaxed and unvaxed, yes it will be with us for awhile, like try forever.

  17. The one and only almighty St Charles speaks for the entire country??? Has anyone else read the various reports from around the world….yes around the world, that contradicts this belief the vaccine solves Covid??? I have a untrustworthy Government telling me its good for me and I should take it…..the same Government that is as dirty as they come. Followed by the media who gets much of their advertisement money from Big Pharma……who also lobby’s to the corrupt Government. A media that silences any opposition to the vaccine, no matter how scientific a study might be. Someone speaks out about a harsh reaction to the jab and they are relieved. Four companies who when you do a simple google search you can see all the money they have paid out for malpractice, who have never made a vaccine before, have not tested this vaccine intensively before giving EUA. Obviously we have NO idea what the long term effects might be and yet people line up for it like…….you got it, SHEEP! Mandates are NOT law! Mandates should not be used to coercer, which is actually against the law in Oregon. I have rights! Plain and simple and they do not start or end in accordance to what the Government, Governor, County Commissioner, etc., says. I will continue to live my life as a free person and ignore every single mandate that comes down the line because like I said may times, this is not about Health people, its about CONTROL. A toddler could figure that out…….at least they have not been brainwashed yet.

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