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Bend OSP trooper placed on leave over video saying he’ll refuse to follow state’s vaccine mandate

OSP trooper Zachary Kowing shared his views on refusing vaccine mandate in Instagram video
Instagram/Thin Blue Line Patriot
OSP trooper Zachary Kowing shared his views on refusing vaccine mandate in Instagram video

(Update: Statement with more details from Kowing's lawyer)

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – An Oregon State Police trooper in Bend has been placed on paid administrative leave for posting a video on Instagram in which he says he will refuse to comply with Gov. Kate Brown’s vaccine mandate and decries “unlawful orders” that threaten Oregonians’ livelihoods, his attorney said Thursday night.

“I have personal and religious reasons as to why I will not take the vaccine, but also the freedom not to,” said the trooper, who Portland attorney Dan Thenell confirmed to NewsChannel 21 is Zachary Kowing, 29, an eight-year OSP trooper assigned to the Bend office.

Kowing posted the 2-minute, 35-second video about a week ago on his Instagram account, thinblueline_patriot, where he refers to himself as “pro-choice-life” and “pro freedom,” with a ‘SAVE OREGON!’ logo over the U.S. flag.

The video apparently was shot in his patrol car and while in uniform, though Thenell noted he does not give his name in the video (or on his account) or identify the agency that employs him. Instead, he refers to himself simply as "a Christian, a husband, a father and a police officer."

Kowing says he’s aware he is “likely to be fired over this video, but I’m nonetheless exercising my First Amendment rights to speak freely.”

He said he had “fallen in line” for over a year “with these useless, ineffective mask mandates, and I will no more." He said Oregonians should not have to follow “unlawful orders that threaten their livelihoods, should they not fall in line.”

“I encourage you to look deep down and decide if you are going to fall in line as sheep, or stand up for the rights we still have, while we still have them,” Kowing said.

Thenell, general counsel for the Fraternal Order of Police, said of Kowing, “He knew what he was doing, and feels very strongly about this. He is aware of the possible ramifications.”

“I can’t predict what kind of enforcement action State Police will take,” he said, noting that the agency must provide due process during an investigation that in his experience can take “several months” – well past the governor’s Oct. 18 deadline for state agency workers to get the vaccine or face possible dismissal.

“I think there are a significant number of troopers who feel similarly (to Kowing)” about the vaccine mandate, Thenell added.

OSP Captain Stephanie Bigman, the agency's public information officer, said they do not comment on personnel investigations.

Thenell provided these additional statements to sister station KGW Friday morning:

Trooper Kowing expected, at minimum, that he would be reprimanded for making the video.

Trooper Kowing has been assigned to Patrol for the entirety of his eight years with OSP.  He is also a defensive tactics instructor.

Trooper Kowing swore an oath to protect peoples’ rights and freedom.   He felt it was important for him to stand up and speak for people who may be too afraid or unable to voice their opinions.  In other words, he felt this issue was important enough to risk his job.

The agency did not say anything and followed protocol when placing him on leave.

His actions are not an objection to the vaccine, but to the Governor’s Executive Order that attempts to force State Executive Branch Employees to be vaccinated for face termination.

The views expressed in the video are those only of Trooper Kowing, however, many other troopers share his view.

As far as the science that backs the effectiveness of the masks, he has seen studies from legitimate sources that cite both sides.  There are also many current and historical studies as to continued mask use and their hindering of the body's natural healing and immunity.

Trooper Kowing has had two or three bouts of flu-like symptoms and sickness over the last two years.  He does not know if it was Covid, but he and his family live a healthy lifestyle, and he wants tol rely on his body's ability to fight the virus.  He believes that should be a viable option without fear of punishment or discrimination.

Trooper Kowing has had several friends and a few family members that have had Covid and lived to tell the tale.  He does not discount the toll that this has taken on people, including some close to him. He has many friends who have taken the vaccine and supports their choice to do so.  

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Barney Lerten

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    1. It’s pathetic and sad how many communist people are in Bend now! Good for him!!! He has my full support! More need to stand up and say enough is enough. All these liberals can get the shot and wear masks. The majority of us are DONE!

      1. Just what we need an OSP officer in uniform, in a patrol car, on duty posting a video saying he refuses to follow orders. Based on his religious beliefs??? Next up storming the capitol? What does this have to do with communism?

        1. Yea good riddance. This is just silly grandstanding; he could always just get a religious exemption if he wanted one. But he wanted to make a statement that he’s a rogue LEO, complying only with orders and laws he personally judges as acceptable to him. Exactly the last person we need around here. It’s getting awfully tiring having people spout about “the Constitution” and some mythical hidden section in it that somehow prohibits State’s from imposing public health measures. There’s even a Supreme Court decision, Jacobson v. Massachusetts, that says the State can require you to be vaccinated, and fine you if you don’t. Tenth Amendment, baby.

      2. The majority of us are done? Speak for yourself. When I am done with are idiots like you. The people who caused this pandemic to be much much worse than it needed to be. Right now are you folks that are refusing the shot are dying off. The orange emperors voting base is getting smaller every day. You are not the majority.

      3. Well said Born in Bend. 51 years here, not the same place. As a retired Firefighter, I admire our Brother in Blue for making a bold decision. If I were still on the line, I would do the same. For those saying good riddance, next time you call 911 because someone is breaking into your home, might take a bit for an officer to get there if others make the same decision.

        1. I guess you’re lucky physicians aren’t like firefighters or LEO’s. As to your suggestion that it might “take a bit” well, maybe if you refuse to take a vaccine your medical treatment “might take a bit” if there are other patients, proactive in their own care who are in need of assistance.

        2. bold decision – look at the drama queen – making a show of “his rights” while breaking all standard protocol of his profession – why do drama queens find other drama queens so attractive?

      4. Good for him and I throw my support 100% behind him for not taking this Vac. that’s well no for mutating in our body. This is my 1st. Amendment right….NO!

        1. mutating our body [sic]…. damn dude, you really should have paid at least a little attention in school

          again with your “rights” – you know Doanld, Tucker and all your heroes are vaccinated? – jumped the line to get it first like all the entitled power abusers

        2. Uh no, the 1st Amendment pertains to freedom of speech, the press, and religion. Says nuthin’ about vaccines. But in 1904, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 7-2 that the State can fine you if you refuse to be vaccinated. The Court wrote: “in every well-ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members, the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.” This was one of the things we did to eliminate smallpox. As for today, taking an FDA-approved vaccine in the middle of a public health crisis as a condition of employment is certainly a reasonable regulation.

    2. And why is that? Do you think if he’s vaccinated then he wouldn’t spread Covid?
      The tragedy is that you think you have the right to tell him what he puts in his body based on the false belief it will somehow protect you.
      I hope there are more officers just like him.

      1. The more officers like him we have now the more vacancies osp is about to have… its high time we did some hiring/firing if this is the kind of trash our tax dollars have been funding recently- he has every right to his public opinions, but his public opinions also disqualify him from passing dpsst certification unfortunately

        1. I believe that if you are a hard core Trumplican it should Disqualify you from being a police officer. Like this officer if he is in uniform in his patrol vehicle talking Chump’s crap he should be terminated a mediately.

          1. Typical liberal idiocy and hypocrisy. I guess you would rather have spineless L.E departments like Portland ? It amazes me how liberals cry about equal rights and fairness, but they don’t have a problem discriminating against those that don’t share
            the same beliefs…

            1. I’d rather know that the people charged with law enforcement do exactly that. Not judge which laws they will enforce, not judge which laws they will follow, and certainly not undermine the law. I’ve no problem with this patrolman seeking an exemption or filing a suit to set aside the law (and if he loses and doesn’t want to do it, he moves on to the other options available to him), but his behavior undermines the legitimacy of the state police.

              1. It’s literally his damn job, paid for with my tax money. Me ‘accepting his help’ is actually me getting something from my employee who I pay good money to do that task.

      2. Wearing a mask is now part of his uniform. He is out of uniform. How long do you think I would have my job if I walked around the hospital without a mask. Or is there something different about me following orders versus an officer sworn to protect the public?

        1. inside vs outside? around lots of people inside, many of them sick vs ability to maintain adequate distance from most people encountered? And, no the mask is not part of anyone’s uniform.

          1. Sorry but yes it is. A mandate. Doesn’t matter where he is if he’s encountering the public it’s mask on. Just like it’s part of my uniform. He may not like it but it’s the uniform of the day. Or does he just get to pick what he wants to wear? Not how it works. I’m a vet by the way so I have some experience with military/para military rules and regulations

    3. Spot on ITMFA. Let all those in the ranks that are selfish like this resign or be fired. Law enforcement has to be apolitical. This guy has mental issues, very obvious.

    4. Remember you said that when you call the police for help or when they start releasing inmates from prison due to staffing shortages the nurse shortage DHS office workers. These are some of the people who are going to lose their jobs OCT 18 for not getting the shot. Months ago we were heroes now apparently we are trash. Have fun with the fallout.

  1. I also only follow laws I like. I’m a good American, nobody tells me what to do. I do whatever I want. Same with Bible verses, I like some of ’em, others I have no use for, so I cherry-pick my way through that book. It’s my constitutional right to be Karen, and if you disagree then I want to speak with your manager!!

      1. A mask mandate! Using a public vehicle to promote lawlessness and potentially cause harm to the community. Disobeying a direct order. Posting to social media his disdain for aw and order. His duty regardless of his personal view is to “serve” and protect. Not spread the seeds of anarchy

      2. The State Troopers are under the governor’s authority directly, she is his boss! If you have an employee who refuses to obey your rules, then wouldn’t you fire him or her? Or do you want the union to protect your employee over your workplace rules?

    1. 👍🏻 I like it. Follow the as you feel they apply to you! Use passages from the Bible you can manipulate to fit your view on being a good Christian.

      1. Don’t forget that parts of the Constitution can be ignored now too. The SC said you don’t have the right under the 6A to confront your accuser anymore. It happened when they upheld the TX anti-abortion bill and the bounty system it created. Fascism and vigilantism is on the rise. Soon we’ll have party leaders using intimidation to keep witnesses from obeying congressional subpoenas and LE deciding which laws to enforce. Oh! That already happened.

    1. Who says he was good? How many employees do you know get to keep their jobs when they tell their boss I’m not going to follow orders. It’s my world… learn to live in it? That how it’s supposed to work?

        1. But there’s an abundance of common sense in what tby posted. Any time a worker says FU to a boss’s policy, they may not be a lemming but they also won’t be an employee for long.

  2. So, will freedom of speech be the next right thrown on the bonfire of emergency measures “BECAUSE COVID!”?

    Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of As America Burns!…

    1. He was on duty thwarting his duty to serve and protect. Toe the line… that’s his duty. Just like a soldier. You don’t get to thumb your nose at your superior in a public forum period. It’s not about freedom of speech or religion when you are supposed to be upholding the very laws and rules your superiors expect to to uphold. Public forum and on duty is not the place for this person to vent his grievances

    1. So be a Christian he needs to get the vaccine. If the officer gets the vaccine you assume that he can’t spread Covid. CDC says otherwise. Knowing this how does him getting the vaccine make you safer? How does that him a Christian?

      1. how does that him a Christian [sic] – how indeed – maybe if you would calm down a little you could get a grasp on reality, like who lost the last election…

      2. 77% of Israelis who have been infected are fully jabbed. The majority of infected in Iceland are fully jabbed. And so on and so on. The jab does not provide immunity not does it prevent infection. Nor does it fit the definition of a vaccine. The Pfizer, so called, vaccine that has been approved is not yet available in the US. The Emergency Use Authorized Jab is all that is available in the US. So when you are told that the “vaccine” is FDA approved, They are talking about the vaccine labeled “Comirnaty”. I had a doctor recently try to convince me otherwise. He is misinformed as are most of you.

        Read the news post>>>>

        1. Seriously? You’re going to quote an absolutely biased media source? The same media source that has had multiple ads banned from Facebook for mis-information?

          Please site a source(s) that aren’t so anti-vax far-right biased.

        2. Comirnaty is the same as Pfizer vaccine.
          It’s the same exact mRNA vaccine Pfizer has producing through the emergency use authorization,
          but now it’s being marketed under the new name.
          Comirnaty is administered in two doses, three weeks apart, just like Pfizer doses have been all along.
          The vaccine name is pronounced koe-mir’-na-tee.

        3. Yes, why trust a degreed medical professional to provide accurate information about vaccines.

          Vaccinated drastically lowers your chances of getting Covid and if you get it, the case will be far less severe.

        4. LOL, I heard this was the latest B.S. that the anti-vaxxers were pushing. According to the CDC, the vaccines are exactly the same (they have to be, because the data used for full approval was based on the EUA results). “The FDA-approved Pfizer-BioNTech product Comirnaty (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and the FDA-authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine under EUA have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably to provide the COVID-19 vaccination series without presenting any safety or effectiveness concerns. Therefore, providers can use doses distributed under EUA to administer the vaccination series as if the doses were the licensed vaccine.” These are the facts, no matter what some Chinese Falun Gong sponsored rag says.

        5. Try reading peer and scholarly reviewed articles. If you even know how to find one. Then if you really want to pretend to be smart, read articles that talk about both sides. Not just the side you already agree with. That’s called research.

        1. Exactly, hard to take someone with a handle like that seriously. He, she, they would be taken more serious with a handle like Easter Bunny or Trumps Big Hands.

      1. your eloquent ramblings say it all – do you even understand the word “liberal” – what behaviors concerning the epidemic are you labeling “liberal”

      2. Far more whining comes from the right and the farther right the louder the whining.

        “I am the most fabulous whiner. I do whine because I want to win. And I’m not happy if I’m not winning. And I am a whiner. And I’m a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”
        – D.J.Trump

      3. The term “Liberal” has ZERO to with with the “Vaccine!” Try looking up the meaning of “Liberal” next time you dummy! LMAO! Man, why are Trumpers so stupid?

      4. I’m not a liberal and I’m vaccinated. You don’t help your cause when you relate this to politics. Pretty much makes you seem like someone who only watch tucker Carlson and wears a mags hat. See how easy it is to generalize people.

  3. Good for you man! I hope you see this comment! Ignore all the crazy communists that live here now. I hope more of you at OSP and other government agencies stand up and say no! If enough do, these dictators won’t have anything to do but finally give in! You’re a good man for standing up for yourself and the rest of us that have had enough.

    1. Yes we must stand together in lawlessness. Use religion when the law doesn’t fit our narrative. And oh yes… promote the big lie! Dog bless merika

    2. Yes, Trooper Zero, only follow lawful orders and regulations with which you agree. That couldn’t possibly go wrong if every State Trooper followed suit. Or perhaps it’s time to pick a different career.

  4. I love how no one else finds it odd that they are being forced to put something foreign in their body or they loose the job they’ve worked hard for. These are also the people that praise the my body my choice movement. What they don’t understand is that’s going to make us push back even further, specially when they show so much hate, like in the cancerous comment section of KTVZ

      1. I’ve always said it’s people’s right to choose? How is that a hypocrisy?
        I love how they always just assume and then think they are right and won lol
        You are a joke

    1. Yea, that silly officer should have consulted with you before deciding to put an experimental vaccine in his body. Shame on him for not putting your fear over his right to choose. I’ve asked this same question to your pals tonight – if the officer gets the vaccine are you safer? The answer is no, according to the CDC, the vaccinated can spread Covid with the same viral load as the unvaccinated.
      So how exactly is this officer a hypocrite? Are you suggesting that because Kate mandates something it’s then law?

      1. 1905 Supreme Court case, 197 U.S., Jacobson v. Massachusetts established that a state can require vaccination of anyone.

        The court exact opinion: “In every well ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand. Real liberty for all could not exist under the operation of a principle which recognizes the right of each individual person to use his own liberty, whether in respect of his person or his property, regardless of the injury that may be done to others.”

        Good riddance.

  5. Glad he is off the streets. He should resign or be fired. This guy has some mental issues. He is selfish and has delusions of grandeur about his oath. Scary that he has been patrolling our highways all these years. Talk about a selfish entitled brat. If all the police that came forward that is like this guy it would help clean out the ranks. Let them go work at McDonalds, the public will be better off without these types of individuals.

  6. Law enforcement. A creation to protect slavery and greed. To protect hate. To protect destruction of earth. To protect stuff above human life. All cops are bad cops. Whether they save a life or not. Time to grow up. Put seed in ground. Add water. Shut up.

      1. Voter ID has always been required, Doggy. Democrats are fighting against nonsensical election reform legislation that is nothing more than a solution in search of a problem to appease the orange loser. Surely you remember that he formed a Voter Fraud commission in 2017 to prove he won the popular vote over Clinton, and they found zilch. Sore losing is easy to recognize if you haven’t been so brainwashed to believe otherwise.

        1. Yeah, even with pioneering vote suppressor Chris Kobach at the helm, this 2017 commission found nothing fraudulent.

          Remember: The commission’s first official act was to demand extensive personal information about every voter in the country—from their names and addresses to the last four digits of their Social Security numbers—a request that raised fears that the commission would put people’s privacy in danger and create a faulty database to try to prove voter fraud.

          The voter suppression legislation now being fashioned by Trump toadies around the nation is meant to appease the Orange One, and also to encourage him to run again. In fact, that is the only way he will run, according to his niece Mary–in a rigged election that guarantees his victory.

          Not germane to the article above, but it really is all connected. Thanks for the insight, FathersChild.

  7. Its also going to be Oregon Dept. Forestry workers out of the job too. You know the ones that fight fires! I guess let the fires burn. The environmentalists will love that. Smokey skies for Christmas! EXE. order 21-29 needs to be taken back.

    1. Maybe ya’ll who wish these state workers good riddance, will be singing a different tune when your house burning from a wildfire, or you have a crime committed against you.

  8. Goodbye and good riddance. I have zero respect for jerkwad police that decide what mandates they will follow or not. This person needs to find another line of work. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  9. I’d like to remind all the police officers out there you were hired to do a job. That job was to protect everybody. Not just fellow Chump supporters. Your job is to do what you’re told and follow the letter of the law. The big thinking on whether something is right or wrong is not your job. That is the job of our elected officials and all of the citizens that elect them . Indiscriminately deciding whether you will or will not enforce something is not the job you were hired to do. If you do not intend to do your job the way the citizenry wants it (all of us not just Chump supporters) then you are absolutely not wanted. You are part of the problem.

  10. I think it’s time our police officers were taken down a notch. Our police force which is comprised of mostly Chump followers are getting way too big for their britches. I can pretty much guarantee if things get worse in this country our police force will turn against us. They will not protect all of us just fellow Trumplicans.

  11. I love these fools that say “If you have the shot you can still get/spread covid” Sure you can, but the odds of that happening are greatly reduced. It is akin to saying “If you drive sober you can still get in a wreck, so it’s against my rights to make me drive sober”.

  12. My deepest respect and admiration for this Trooper making a decision that his health and safety are more important than his position with OSP. You can place the blame directly on the shoulders of the tyrant Kate Brown. For you liberal idiots making hateful and hurtful remarks, I will leave this for you. Heaven is real. Hell is real. Jesus is watching your remarks. On that fateful day, which way will you be going? Remember, that there no purgatory. If you are not a person of faith, might be a good time to consider it.

    Stay safe and well Zach. My prayers are with your family.

    1. Tevetorbes states heaven and hell are real. However just like lying donnie, Tevetorbes spouts off with absolutely no evidence. Where’s your proof Tevetorbes? Don’t try to claim the bible as a credible source. Because the bible is nothing more than an encyclopedia of stories from a long list of story tellers. Welcome to reality.

  13. Who are these people who live in Bend, I can’t fathom the comments people are making here. I love this police officer who not only goes by the Constitution but knows we have a right what goes into our bodies. I am sick of these people who do what the government tells them to do not doing research of what the masks and jabs are doing to their bodies, mind and spirit. We all have a choice, why should one side get upset because the other side doesn’t agree with what they think or believe in. It is disgusting behavior, this isn’t the America I was born and raised in. I am 82 yrs old and seen a lot over the years but what is happening now I wouldn’t believe how America has changed. I stand with you Trooper Zack, I am a member of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. I wish there were more Sheriffs and officers who stand for this. We all need to take a stand for our future and for our freedom and our children’s future.

    1. Oh, gawd that collection of nearly John Birchers. Newsflash: Legislative bodies pass laws; Courts interpret the Constitution at it relates to those laws. Sheriffs don’t get to pick and choose which laws are legal.

      1. More and more constitutional sheriffs are doing exactly that. Picking and choosing which laws they’ll enforce according to their interpretation of the Constitution. What’s to stop them from making their own laws and bypass the courts too when they are already “the law of the land” in many counties?

      2. Perhaps these people that are constitutional rights people who tout the freedoms they deserve might do well to consider living in Greater Idaho, where many more like them reside, including famous Ammon Bundy. This, while the rest of us, who follow “useless mask mandates”, get our vaccinations and do our best to stay safe for ourselves and our communities. It might be good for this trooper or his family members to experience having a serious surgery and have the surgeons be unmasked and cough a lot over the surgical site. Of course he fails to recognize the meaning of a pandemic, and viral replication and spread because he gets his info from social media which promotes ingesting horse dewormer(Ivermectin), as well as vaccines causing “tracker implantion”, infertility and/or all offspring being midgets with new DNA. Oooh, the ignorance! And he’s a father adhering to the law, though teaching his kids to disobey the law for his civil rights! Selfish???? Two can play his game because if I may need help on the highway or freeway, I’ll request having only masked and vaccinated OSP respond. Good luck buddy with such a shining, noble attitude!

    2. Amen Wolf, right there with you. Bend lost its soul a couple decades ago. Will become like another Portland someday. For those who speak against you and your appropriate comments, THE HELL WITH THEM…

    3. Well stated, I agree, especially about the tearing of each other apart, the hatred, all because of free will that allows us to make our own decisions, our own choices, which is the problem, unless that freewill lands you on the side that hates you, because your supposed to use that freewill to land on that side and not the other. It is unfortunate and sad to see this display of hatred for each other because we don’t agree. Doesn’t get much darker than this when you read some of the comments.
      If there is any light here it is the fact that 2 individuals who are ripping each other apart on this site, and one day one of them needs help, and it just so happens the one that happens to be the stranger passing by helps the person, because there was no time to discuss political views, because your too busy trying to help or even save this person’s life because you see a human being in distress not a name on a site that has been mean and nasty to you, wasn’t time to exchange user names.

  14. Thank you, sir, for voicing what so many of us are thinking. Well done. It’s true that when liberties are so quickly given up, they are so slowly given back ( it at all)

      1. NT is correct. Not sure WTF China has to do with it. As an employee, you either follow the rules laid out by your boss, or you become unemployed pronto, especially when those rules involve safety.

  15. You people should all check out what is going on in Australia. They gave away their rights now, the government is debuting a face recognition app to keep their people in line.

  16. I can tell that 90% of comments are from people which moved here from out of state. If you don’t like it here…..maybe you should go back to where you came from. This might be a surprise to you, but you are not welcome.

    1. I hate to tell you this but they’re in the majority. If you don’t like it here…… maybe you should look into where they all came from. This might be a surprise to you, but you are not welcome.

      1. Not a surprise actually from any native Bend person, we knew we were not welcome starting about 5 years ago and knew our days were numbered, some just took longer to leave.

  17. Wow, Barney…this is just job security at this point. Not a story. All this is is useless bickering and you are one of the reasons why there is such a divide in this town.

      1. Possibly because both of those media organizations are very liberally biased ?
        It’s obvious that many of the comments that have been made pertaining to
        this story are from liberals because there are a lot of comments claiming
        that the officer and others that refuse to wear a mask, or get the vaccine
        are Trump supporters, and that those people should either be refused treatment
        if they become sick, or in the case of this officer, he should be fired.
        Would the opinions be the same if the officer was openly liberal and a
        supporter of Brown, Biden, and the other liberal leaders ? No,they wouldn’t.

        1. Why aren’t you reporting that both the State Police and State Firefighters union filed suit against Kate Brown on this very issue! That seems like the real story here. But he is a local guy, so I can see why this would be reported on as well.

    1. I visit this site to see what the CNN FAKE NEWS narrative that will be pushed or is not being covered. For example: What should be the most important story is about Taliban Joe giving our enemy billions of dollars worth of American Military weapons and also leaving 10 percent of the Americans stranded behind enemy lines is nowhere to be found.
      I would never help KTVZ with any sort of new lead or tip as I see them as the enemy of the state and always send potentially valuable information to KTVZ’s competitors. Remember, KTVZ was complicit in trafficking the fake Pee-Pee dossier and the Trump/Russia collusion hoax. They brought all the low ratings and lack of credibility on themselves..

  18. God Bless you Trooper Kowing. You know what you are doing is correct in the eyes of science and more importantly in the eyes of God. Ignore those who want to deny you the freedom you so richly deserve. As you clearly know, there are a lot of people on your side.

  19. Seems like a good police officer and according to the Libs there are not many of those around. I guess it makes sense then to fire him, that’s how you guys operate. It’s not what you do as much as it is what you believe.

    You will get what you asked for eventually. Keep woke and broke

  20. There appears to be different levels of protocol pertaining to masks.
    Over the last month I have made two trips from our house to St Chucks ER
    by ambulance. The first time the EMT’s were adamant that my wife and I both
    put masks on as soon as they entered the house. Last week they came, and while
    they all had masks on, they didn’t say anything about me not having one on
    during the entire ambulance trip, but said once we got to the ER that I had to have
    one on in order to go inside.

  21. Just curious…I wonder if the video had been of him pushing the vaccine if the results would be the same? Still would have been him voicing his opinion on the clock, right?

  22. In a well educated and decent society that care’s for each other a mandate wouldn’t be needed.. curious how his freedom is being denied.. he’s completely Free to not get vaccinated. But if he wants to have a job where he often gets very close physically with people, often Right before those people are denied freedom in close quarter’s with other people then ya he needs be vaccinated.. they’re wouldn’t need to be any mandates people knew History. We got rid of all the childhood disease’s.. with the clever use of …vaccines..if ur unwilling to read books or just can’t read very well then go to the madras cemetery and bring someone to read all the gravestones for you.. notice how many there are born the same year they died.. or in the first few..

  23. I refuse to and won’t participate in the useless arguments above between a select few type “A” personalities that are so futile in having to be right. Right, wrong, or indifferent this person made a choice, some of you don’t agree with his choice and that’s OK. But, it doesn’t give any of us as people the right to slander a good trooper and a damn good man. The division and hatred that I just experienced reading this thread makes me wonder how we even got to this point, and it scares me for what the future holds. It’s a damn shame, and shame on you KTVZ for allowing some of these hateful and hurtful posts. Alot of you will start asking what gives me any right to make the above statement, and I am glad to share with you why. The easiest way for me to start this narrative is to tell you that Trooper Zachary Kowing (or Ethan as I’ve come to know him) saved my life and has become a very close friend to me, my friends, and my family. I am a military veteran and suffer from severe PTSD and all the other things that come with it. Two years ago on a very cold and snowy evening I suffered a bad relapse at a sno park in the cascades. The roads were treacherous and extremely slick. The 911 operator gave the two responding troopers the discretion to respond. Trooper Kowing and his back up Trooper chose to respond and helped me in my time of need. It didn’t stop there, he took me to the hospital for further evaluation and never left my side for the rest of his shift and even after his shift was over. He even called one of his close friends that suffers from PTSD, and he came and spent time with me as well. I know in my heart that things could have gone horribly wrong if it weren’t for his decision to come help and for his compassion throughout the situation. Ethan continues to be apart of my recovery even today almost two years later. I can tell you that when he puts that badge on and tells his beautiful family goodbye at the beginning of his shifts he knows and accepts that it could be the last. Trooper Kowing cares about this region and strives everyday to keep it safe and make it a better place. I have no doubt that if it came down to him making the ultimate sacrifice to save anyone including the people in this thread he wouldn’t hesitate. In closing I would like to say I know this Trooper and I’ve seen where he grew up and met his family, he comes from a solid upbringing full of love and support. Like I said before many of you don’t support his decisions, and I might have some questions as well. But, that is where it should stop. He made a decision that he felt was right, it was his decision and his alone. He has been put on Admin leave which is protocol for a situation like this, and I have faith in the process. The investigation is going to be challenging for the folks that are tasked with it, and I pray for them as they move forward. I plead with you to stop the hateful and unneeded negativity as it does nothing to help. Voice your opinions that is your right, but please do it in a responsible manner without the unnecessary pokes and jabs that is all any of us could ask for.

    Thank you kindly

    1. Thank you for weighing in and sharing your perspective. You of course have not seen the posts I delete. For some to disagree with his decisions is not unexpected.
      If I could snap my fingers and stop the hate, I would. Many judgment calls – some tough, some easy. Will keep trying.

      1. So someone in this thread referring to him or someone else as a cry baby makes it through your vigorous vetting methods as a credible and useful addition to the discussion, and this is just one small example. I agree that I don’t see the posts that get deleted, but I think the immature comments could be held out. I’m sorry sir but I think an audit in the way this platform as a whole is moderated may be needed sooner then later.

        Kind Regards

        1. Sorry, our Terms of Service are not and never have been about being “a credible and useful addition to the discussion.” That’s not and never will be my call, it’s a judgment call I’m not about to make. Nor “immature” comments. The Terms of Service all agree to is linked on every article and at the bottom of the home page.

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