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C. Oregon employers, visitors react to president’s new vaccine mandate for large businesses

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- President Joe Biden's newest vaccine mandate and other policies announced Thursday afternoon are the strongest push yet, affecting about two-thirds of the nation's workforce.

President Biden directed the U.S. Labor Department to require all employers with 100 or more employees to require their workers to either be vaccinated or tested once a week. Companies could face a $14,000 fine per violation. 

There are about 29,000 federal workers in Oregon who as learned earlier Thursday will now be required to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Contract workers for the federal government are also under the mandate.

Mark Shylanski, who is visiting Bend, believes the COVID-19 vaccine mandate is necessary.

"We're never going to get past COVID until we really shut down the spread of the infection and vaccines are one of the key tools in getting there," Schylanski said.

Joseph ONeil, another Bend visitor, said he also agrees with the mandate. He said when the world is in a pandemic, a mandate to get the vaccine makes sense.

"It seems like we're not getting ahead of this pandemic until we do something that really takes a strong stance, kind of going on the offensive to put an end to it," ONeil said.

But a downtown Bend business owner who did not want to be identified told NewsChannel 21 he feels the government is overreaching by mandating large private businesses to have their employees vaccinated. It made him concerned that it would only be a matter of time before his small business would face a vaccine mandate as well.

To make testing more accessible, the president also announced that Walmart, Amazon and Kroger will start selling at home rapid Covid-19 tests for no profit over the next three months.

Governments also will be reviewing the new mandates and deciding on their future course of action.

"The first thing we want to do is communicate with our workforce," City of Bend Communications Director Anne Aurand said. "I want them to know as much as we know, as soon as possible."

Tom O'Shea, managing director at Sunriver Resort, which has more than 800 workers, said the mandate did not surprise him, though the cut-off number of 100 employees did.

"The potential to get COVID-19 with 98 employees is the same as 100 employees," O'Shea said, adding that he's strongly encouraging his staff to get vaccinated.

Scott Cooper, executive director of NeighborImpact, said, "The employees themselves will now, I suppose, have a choice to make, as we go through a process of trying to comply with an order that's still not entirely clear."

"But at the end of the day, the alternate golden rule applies: The people with the gold make the rules, and we are certainly a recipient of federal gold, so following federal rules is really not a choice that we have," Cooper added.

Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ore., issued this statement: “I am opposed to a federal government vaccine mandate, but I continue to strongly encourage everyone who is able and willing to get vaccinated to do so immediately. The Covid-19 vaccine is the best way to protect oneself from potentially serious health outcomes due to the virus.”

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  1. Enough lies from this sick man. Threatens Americans with his BS and lets the border wide open and negotiates with terrorist’s. It is time for him to step aside since he has done nothing but destroy America.

        1. Yes, Obama and Biden did a fantastic job of keeping the numbers down or is it the social economic conditions and political climate that drives waves towards the border? I would go with the latter. Too bad these immigrants are not told how dire the conditions are in America because fools like so many on here will not get vaccinated.

          1. And what do you call the terrorists walking across?
            The drugs pouring across?
            The women and girls being raped and sold into slavery by the cartels?
            Sounds like you’re willing to sacrifice humanity for what? Cheaper lawn care?

      1. Don’t know where you are getting your news from but I suggest a more truthful news outlet. Our border is wide open allowing 100’s of thousands into our country being moved throughout many with Covid-19. Yes former President Trump did negotiate with the Taliban with stipulations that no American or ally would be harmed or he would bomb them, also they had to meet certain requirements, none of which Biden required of them even after the Taliban stated we could have the entire town of Kabul. Blood is on Biden’s hands.

    1. You must be thinking of cheeto head. That man is sick, a classic sociopath. President Biden is doing a great job for the messes that were created by cheeto head. gil, i don’t know were you get your information from but the borders are not wide open. Time for you to stop crying over a lost election and get with the program.

      1. Mongo, if you truly believe that the drooling fool YOU call the President is doing a good job, you are even more delusional than he is!!! I think maybe you should fly your happy a** over to align with YOUR Presidents allies, the Taliban! Please feel free to get back to me on your approval rating of the lost in space drooling fool when…..if you return from the trip to Afghanistan!!

        1. You might want to research the treaty Trump and Pompeo signed with the Taliban. Without the Afghan government having a seat at the table, Trump and Pompeo practically ceded the country to the Taliban and gushed on several news programs about how much trust they had in them.

      2. They get their info from Fox News, or worse. Evil brown skinned are coming across a wide open border. Nope, just more misinformation, something Fox News viewers see daily. Did you know the jab puts a chip in you? Hell, they don’t need to do that, your phone tells all. Won’t get vaccinated because you don’t know what’s in it? Better stop eating McDonald’s and other fast foods, and the processed foods you serve at home are just as bad. The shot isn’t half as dangerous is those foods, and the energy drinks so many use daily. Come on, think! Stop believing conspiracy theories and BS from Fox.

  2. …y”know, I was going to fire up some hot response to the comments from my member of Congress, Cliff Bentz, excoriating him for his mealy-mouthed response to the crisis we find ourselves in…

    …but, I realized, I should go to “nevermind” mode, because everything about Covid response has become so politicized that it would be a waste of time…

  3. Already killed the small business’, time to kill the bigger ones. If you’re against the vaccine, don’t quit your job, let them fire you. This is a bunch of BS from the puppet master.

      1. Cool Keysore. you seem like a nice guy. You excited about government control over medical treatment on citizens? Are you for camps for the non vaxxed to live in so the vaxxed are safe?

        1. So you have never been vaccinated? You did not get vaccinated to go to school?
          As far as the camps go… I have a close friend who’s surgery was moved from October to July because of the unvaccinated overwhelming the hospitals. Your “choice” is hurting other people. I think if you should “choose” to not get vaccinated then you have “chosen” the consequences of your actions. You Trumplicans are all worried about the right to choose sure.

        2. Hyperbole. No, fines doesn’t equal concentration camp. Lol. My goodness. At most, people lose their jobs and move or start their own camp. Sorry but mandatory vaccines is not new. Don’t vaccinate or wear a mask? Stay home. The rest of us want our lives back. Just stay home and drivel through trolling. That’s a life.

      2. I’m here for the false security of people like you trusting a lifelong politician that has done ZERO positive things for our Great Country ever. You should drink that bong water, Biden said it cures covid.

        1. Regardless of political affiliation the CDC states 99.5 of those dying are unvaccinated. That number to me cuts through the muck. Even if it is meathead demanding these mandates people shouldn’t dig in because they feel they’re caving into his mandates. These deaths of unvaccinated are a come to Jesus moment

      3. Get off your high horse, if you’re vaccinated then you’re safe, right? So if we don’t want the vaccine, you’re still safe, right? Oh wait, the vaccine doesn’t keep you from getting it. Keep your head buried, we don’t want to see it anyways.

        1. As long as you stay home, the rest of us are fine. Public health. No Vax, no school. Same principle. Take your small pox, and other diseases to your own home and let the rest of us live. Your personal choices are filling the hospital so your personal choices are stupid. We don’t have to live with it anymore. No mask, no vaccine, no service. Period

        2. Considering most vaccinated are safe from serious illness and hospital stays, I’d say their heads are right where they’re supposed to be. Yours, not so much.

    1. Well, since you asked. I believe there will be camps ( I need to be careful of wording as Barns is weird about this), but I think camps where non vaxxed will be rounded up and held hostage.

        1. That’s kinda funny coming from this site, Barney.
          I mean, in light of what ktvz passes off as reliable media…
          Camps? No. Just king Biden telling us serfs what to do if we want to keep our jobs.

    2. Ummm… Definitely not forced. A job is a choice and a freedom. Don’t agree with getting a vaccine or weekly tests, get a job or run a small business. The fact that we have that choice is freedom in itself.

    3. Hello, living in community requires public health. Mandatory vaccines are not new. Calm down with your hysteria. Histrionics. Look, you have the right to gift your job or contract to someone else. Go home. Stay there. You uneducated selfish people don’t get to control the spread of a pandemic anymore. Too bad.

      1. “You have the right to gift your job…to someone else. Go home. Stay there.”

        Challenge accepted. I “gift” my job to you. While you are doing your job and mine, I will be watching tv at home, collecting food stamps, free health insurance, etc. I am excited. Haven’t had a real vacation in years.

          1. So why are American workers forced to get a vaccine, but illegal aliens aren’t?
            In fact, illegals are getting “free” (taxpayer funded) bus and plane rides to their choice of destinations, many who show symptoms of covid.
            I’m guessing Biden is targeting red states with this illegal, virus ridden wave.

                1. I’m aware it was from nbc.
                  it won’t let me copy/paste, but the ninth paragraph says illegals could be contributing to the numbers (basic science, right?) and that in Mcallen TX that is absolutely the case.
                  Free fact check, no need for more comment.

                2. LOL… Mike, dude, you’re so scared of ‘the Mexicans’ bringing Covid here, but you live in the Whitest state in the Universe, so how do you make those two alternate realities exist in your own head? You poor thing, life must be so difficult for you as you try to match up the bs you hear on FOX with the reality that you move through as you angrily huff and puff through your McDonalds order.

      1. It is the saddest little news agency in the county. Maybe they are hurting from Biden’s failed economic plan like most businesses. Now hiring high school kids claiming to be “assistant managers”. LOL

      2. And their voices and opinions are less valuable why? How are you determining if a person qualifies for the same freedoms as another on this site? Seems to change from day to day, topic by topic.

    1. Clear evidence how some read with a bias and can’t see past it – what he said was he is vaccinated but everyone else has the (gasp) freedom of choice. pretty clear if read with an open mind.

  4. This is insane…I can’t even post data! KTVZ, you are not journalists if you won’t even allow us to post data. this is my fourth try!

    Everyone go to this link: to read what Yamhill County is doing to counteract the Governor and President.

    Using OHA data she spells out that the Vaccine is NOT WORKING and PUSHING it will have lifelong consequences.

    1. I am not going to spend hours of my nights and days fact-checking people’s “data,” such as a politician’s Facebook page. (I used to watch her on KATU years ago.) I just ask people to think very hard and check all sources. And if you find a reason to reconsider or remove comments, let me know and I’ll review them.

        1. I doubt we’ve ever done a survey on the comment section. I daresay it could drive as many away as it attracts. It’s not a “profit center,” it’s a service of a news organization that can be used… or abused.
          It may go one day, or we may go more Reddit-like. Up-down votes, community moderation that could, one hopes, promote civil discussion/debate on the facts, and send trolls/personal attacks into negative (barely or invisible) spots.

            1. We changed it when the whole web platform changed to something built on WordPress in late 2019.
              We’ll see – could it be ‘gamed’? Don’t know. But it’d bring back a lot of the features Disqus has like email alerts when a reply etc. One I figure we’ll be hopefully trying is called WP Discuz.

      1. Exactly. Idiots getting their medical information NOT from their doctors, but from Cletus the Neckbeard who got his medical degree from YouTube and did a residency on FaceBook.
        Notice they go to these same doctors that they ignored the advice of, when they are choking on their own phlegm and dying of Covid…

  5. Just so everyone knows…As Biden stated that Vaccinated are not the problem, Isreal is almost FULLY VACCINATED. 60% of hospitalized patients are HUH —- FULLY VACCINATED. Don’t believe me check out this article:


    As the President stated “talk about Bullying in schools…” You, Mr President and Kate Brown, are the ones who are doing the bullying. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights give We The People the right to make our own healthcare decisions. They (Meaning Governor and President) CANNOT mandate people. They CANNOT make laws. Only our Legislatures can MAKE LAWS. Those who think these two have power need to go back to Liberty FIrst University and take lessons on the Government!

    1. The breakthrough cases are unfortunate but it still remains that those who are vaccinated are faring much better than those who are not. Most of our hospitalized vaccinated folks have much less supplemental oxygen needs and are able to go home much sooner than those who are not vaccinated. Refer to the last sentence of that article of the article you shared yourself: “Given the large number of fully vaccinated Israelis, some breakthrough cases were expected, health officials say, and a growing body of research has shown those who are unvaccinated face far higher risks of severe illness or death from a COVID-19 infection.”

    2. Hysteria. The MAGA meltdowns are ridiculous. Lol. Look at the distorted alt right. “We demand to kill our base and hurt out community’s economics because we have that right”. No, dude. Get over yourself. Stay home and troll. The rest of us, non crackheads, want normalcy. Vaccine mandates are not new. News flash.

    3. If a population is fully vaccinated, wouldn’t the hospitalizations be fully vaccinated? People who are vaccinated can still require hospitalization when they contract Covid-19. The difference is the hospitalization rate decreases dramatically.

      1. Here ya go. Jacobson vs Massachusetts
        Furthermore, the Court held that mandatory vaccinations are neither arbitrary nor oppressive so long as they do not “go so far beyond what was reasonably required for the safety of the public”

    4. With the decision about the Texas forced incubation law, the Supreme Court says states can mandate healthcare. Or do you think that precedent can only be applied to women?

  6. Another incoherent speech from the WH bumbler. Went something like this aimed at the neurotic vaccinated, He said no need to worry, but if you are worried it’s justified…what??. Poor old joe in an attempt to distract from the Afgan failure and prop up his falling covid response nos. He attempts to take actions that are unconstitutional to force private businesses to behave at his command. But in the end it has never been about our health, it’s about control.

    1. Or, maybe they just want you and your family to live? Fear of government control is such a bad reason to die from a preventable illness, and y’all say everyone else is living in fear? Nope, you are. Government this, deep state that, conspiracy theory this and that. If you believe that you are the ones living in fear. Calling others sheep, yet you will take livestock meds instead of a vaccine for humans? Lol, yeah, ok.

  7. Fake news, misleading headline. So inept they can’t even interview actual Central Oregonians for an article with Central Oregonians react being the first 3 words. KTVZ showing their cards right there. Yet for some reason we are supposed to trust what these media jabrones are telling us.

    1. Surprised the z threw in someone who wasn’t totally gung ho with sniffles edict. The z caters to the left and rolled my 👀when read first two comments on how people they interviewed were all for biden’s order.

        1. Well, Barns that story that reporter did about “foes against vaccines and masks” was total bs. The rally was about government mandates. You guys literally made up BS. Pathetic.

      1. Leave and don’t come back!
        You have the freedom of choice, find something that fits your needs.
        While you are at it go read….
        Jacobson vs. Massachusetts 1905

  8. I think I’ll stick with my doctor’s advice rather than following the direction of a sick man who has no business running this country. If Joe Biden thinks that this latest attack on freedom will convince more people to get vaccinated, he is even more demented than anyone realizes. Employees in this country are not children so stop scolding and threatening us with our livelihoods you lunatic.

    1. Dr. Voodoo. Lol. No one believes your doctor actually told you not to. Lol. I guess you be weekly testing, or stay home. Not a loss, given your ideology about community health. Retire.

      1. So if my doctor disagrees with you he’s Dr. Vodoo…OK. You call him whatever you like. I had COVID and have better immunity than a vaccinated person. Please show me all the data pointing to people dying and getting sick on their second round of COVID. I’ll wait…

    1. No jarhead. The people are tired of jarheads. Time to get on with our lives and let the maga cult stop dictating our lives. Freedom!!!! We can live again! Woohoo! Can’t wait. Yippee.

    1. That’s what these 4 years are gonna be about blaming everything and everyone and saying they need another 4 in 2024 to get done what they need, because first four was as they will say was cleaning up the mess left behind. He’s going after Americans not the Chinese because their pockets are deeper

    2. How will going after China prevent more infections, hospitalization and deaths from Covid now? Investigations about the origin is a whole different issue and will go no where as long as the Chinese don’t cooperate. Let’s focus on the problem at hand which is a strategy to keep Americans healthy and productive.

  9. Thank God for President Biden. He ended an endless 20 year war, the economy is reobounding to record heights and he has declared war on covid. I remember cheeto head saying he liked playing down covid. He always like playing it down. He knew it was airborne and deadly but chose to downplay it in hopes it would help him get re elected. 500,000 needless deaths under his watch, another 150,000 because he stalled and did nothing.

    1. The economy is rebounding??? What a joke that statement is!!Open your eyes!! Have you bought gas recently? Or went grocery shopping? And he ended a 20 year war? He armed our enemies? Puppet on a string is what he is….and he is ruining America. But if yuou are one of those that have been unemployed and exploiting the extra amounts of undeserved pay and increased food stamp benefits…I guess all is good for prople like that. Us working folks are tired of supporting these people…

    2. Thank God for Trump if he hadn’t pushed there would be no vaccine. And he surely would not have given away all our military assets to the Taliban, but empty head is not running the country. Please don’t ask me any questions because my handlers don’t want to allow it as they know I will screw it up.

      1. If Ronald McDonald had been president (pretty much was) there would have been a vaccine, to say there wouldn’t have been makes you as delusional as Trump and his baseless election lies.

    3. It’s funny that no one ever contacts the Flu, Cancer or any other diseases that tormented mankind until 19 showed up. If you follow the market it’s only up because of the Trillions the Fed has pumped into it, stay close to the elevator if it stops.

      1. Jarhead doesn’t get it, but has lots of opinions. Guess what? Your ideology has suddenly become irrelevant. We don’t care. We are moving on now. So, take your Maga tears to the couch. The rest of us are ready to live life again. We really have fatigue from the US stupidity endemic. You can’t love. We get it. We are not waiting for you to catch up. Either you get it or you don’t. Your loss.

  10. Jumping the gun a little KTVZ? According to ALL the news reports from all the major stations, this is not a set mandate yet. He only spoke of doing it but the Whitehouse is against it.

  11. Forced vaccinations to work! Preventing people from earning a living that are able and willing to work? I should not be subject to someone else’s fear. If you are for vaccines and vaccinated….you should not worry about me…your vaccine is protecting you…right? So far the vaccinated have had to have boosters within the first year….then what? Another booster and another? There have been no long tern studies of the side effects. How could there be if the vaccine has only been out for a year? What has happened to common sense? Freedom of choice?

    1. Forced vaccinations to attend public school! Oh the HORRORS. I’ve never heard so much whining in my life over a miracle in the form of a vaccination. Don’t want to get vaccinated? Don’t want to wear a mask? Shut up and stay home. We are over you & your tantrums.

  12. You know the human race has survived global pandemics before without mandating a vaccine. Just wear a mask and if you want a vaccine get one and if you don’t want one then don’t get one, it that simply! Biden pretty much labeled the unvaccinated people domestic terrorists, that is driving the division of this country to a boiling point.

      1. “The case fatality ratio for paralytic polio is generally 2% to 5% among children and up to 15% to 30% among adolescents and adults. It increases to 25% to 75% with bulbar involvement.”

        Smallpox: “Data is spotty — this is before there was any international authority on infectious disease statistics worldwide — but it is estimated that 10 to 15 million people caught smallpox annually, with 5 million dying of it, during the first half of the 20th century.”

        Yes, good comparison with covid with the mortality rate of 0.3%!

        1. The problem with your comment is the fact that Covid has the ability to mutate quite rapidly. Delta is not more deadly but more contagious, and there are new variants already in the pipeline. Each unvaccinated person infected could end up changing the virus into something more deadly and no one can predict when and if that will happen. If we had 100% vaccinated, most of us who still get sick would have nothing more serious than a mild flu if any symptoms at all. But with so many still refusing the vaxx for whatever reason, who knows what turn Covid will take and how long this pandemic nightmare will continue.

      2. Also here is this case: “The forcible injection of medication into a nonconsenting person’s body represents a substantial interference with that person’s liberty” — Washington v. Harper (Supreme Court, 1990).

          1. Seriously, you know this mandate won’t hold up in court . There are just too many rulings against this type of government control. Look it up and you will see. 1905 ruling is out of date, this is due to civil rights, women’s movement, environmental cases.

  13. FINALLY some federal guidance regarding this matter. This never should have been left to states alone to wing it for themselves, this should have been a national effort from the get-go, and no wonder so many people are so poorly informed, they feel like they need to do their own “research” on the topic because of poor leadership and mixed messages from our last president who frequently (and dangerously I might add) minimized the severity of this virus. 18 months into this and our hospitals are still overwhelmed with majority unvaccinated individuals. There should not need to be a mandate for people to take a life saving vaccine!! But we need to do something, and fast, ship is sinking here. He is not my favorite but I commend Joe for actually taking some action.

      1. With today’s social media, telling people to do their own research is just giving them permission to latch onto whatever source gives them what they want to hear so they can feel good about their decisions, right, wrong or indifferent.

    1. Why do you care if the other person is vaccinated or not. You get vaccinated and you are protected so why does it matter to you if the other person chooses the vaccine or not?
      The only thing that needs to be done is that hospitals push non-vaccinated people to the end of the line if they get covid related sickness, that’s it.

      1. Lassie, quite honestly I spend more than half of my work days these days in covid rooms and I am tired of seeing such sick patients requiring a huge amount of oxygen to even talk who had no idea that covid could do this to them. These are people’s loved ones. Not all of them will make it. It would not be ethical or right to push someone to the end of the line for care because the stupid news station they watch tells them they dont need the vaccine -even though they require their employees to be vaccinated. The disinformation out there is literally killing people, and it sucks and it is sad.

  14. We have two America’s, one being the government, controlled by the American oligarchs, and other being the natural people. The government wants to replace God and nature and the people just want to be free. The government is losing their war on natural law so the government must resort to never more draconian repression of the people, think covid restrictions. Old Sleepy Joe is just tool of the oligarchs.

  15. Will the mandates work, or is it possible they make things worse? Biden’s mandate is more about being popular than doing the right thing. Many people understandably are reactionary and demand “to do something”, and he is capitulating just like he did with the Taliban: he will do anything to look magnanimous. But what if we thought a little bit about what we have learned so far? How many variants have there been? The delta variant has seemingly partially overcome the mRNA vaccines: this is a bad sign I believe. Our healthcare system is too lean. We have yet to see how the mu variant will behave. Given the rate of variants of covid, my concern is that by using the vaccination in the midst of a pandemic, this is the best way to encourage it to mutate further. Somethings have to be managed, and can’t be solved. My analysis of information is how do we construct policy to minimize deaths and economic harms, which is different than being a reactionary. If we are lucky, the delta variant will work its way through the world and then diminish quickly in the next month or so. But Mu and other possible variants can’t be excluded yet. What if the next variant is even more contagious and highly resistant to the vaccine? Then what do you all want to do?

  16. AND… this is where we are. It’s a complete and utter joke. I’m vaxxed and I couldn’t care less who else is. That same choice and attitude is available for all. All Biden is doing is opening up a very predictable slew of completely justified lawsuits, most if not all which will win in court. And let’s not ignore the extremely obvious – keep throwing grenades at the American people, assuring great division and mistrust. It’s evil, it’s despicable, it’s flat out gross. We should ALL be against this insanity but at least half the country (or the world) is fully in Stockholm syndrome at this point.

    1. You say that half the world who doesn’t agree with you has Stockholm syndrome. Have you ever given some thought to the idea that maybe conversely you are the one with that malady?

    2. The lawsuits will play out in the SCUSA- where President Trump’s “leadership” and futuristic strategies will save the US from turning into a Venezuelan type dictatorship.

  17. Heads up!
    If You Don’t Like KTVZ News, Go Somewhere Else; You are FREE to choose another local news outlet that fits your needs and freedoms.
    Please go away

    1. Did you say that when seatbelts became mandatory? How about when it became illegal to have open alcohol containers in a vehicle? Do you text and drive? I mean.. FREEDUMB!

      1. Basemap, your response Indicates a lack of critical thinking on your part. In fact I did protest the Oregon seat belt mandate (measure 9 at the time), on the basis that another driver not wearing a belt was of no threat to anyone but themselves – unlike alcohol use or texting while driving which is a true killer of others on the road. You’d do better not to group those examples together. So, if you can make the argument that me not wearing a seatbelt is somehow a hazard to YOU I’d like to hear it. Freedom – yes please.

  18. ​Hey you ​Biden / vaxx haters….do you have children/ grandchildren? FYI ~ mos​t​ states REQUIRE children to be vaccinated (multiple times) before entering kindergarten (last I checked ​it was close to 50 if not more, starting at six months of age). ​​​Some exceptions apply. My question, does that mean y’all​ h​omeschool?


    Or ~ how about the military? Last week I was talking to a young Air Force vet. When he joined (5 years ago)​ 17 v​accines were mandated .. as in stand in line, shut up and get them or do not join.


      1. So you both believe that American citizens are equivalent to our “international forces” ? Tell me again where I might get Malaria in Oregon ! Cripes- another poor analogy if ever there was one !

  19. “We’re not even a year into this presidency and this is a failed president on every level and so he’s attempting to redirect all of the ire at his presidency at your fellow Americans. You’re supposed to be angry at your neighbor for not vaccinating if you’re vaccinated, even though Joe Biden himself yesterday said that your unvaccinated neighbor effectively poses no threat to you. Instead, Joe Biden wants you to be angry at that neighbor as opposed to him.” – Ben Shapiro

    Yes. It’s that simple. They have completely turned Americans against each other and it’s despicable, evil, unforgivable.

  20. Classic. The loud mouths never disappoint in here. Paint everything with a wide brush of political rants. You guys need jobs, or to volunteer. Seriously, what do you guys do to help our society? Do you donate to charity? Volunteer at a homeless shelter? Help pick up garbage? Anything? Yeah, that’s what I though. You guys just come here to whine and do nothing.

  21. Do yourself a favor and listen to Ben Shapiro’s show today on Doesn’t matter whether you agree with him or not – figure out if you’re facts based or fear based. Figure out if you’re a mindless drone or a free human being with free will and half a brain. Go for it.

    1. Listen to someone that gets paid big bucks to be a talking head just for the numbers. These guys don’t really care, they just want those numbers!!And these guys have actually admitted that they really don’t give two rats asses about what their talking about, prime time baby!! Bring my boss those followers and they will line my pocketbook.

      1. Because the % of folks with natural immunity is so small. So what does that have to do with anything? What about flying pigs, should we talk about that too?

        1. # of total cases through about mid-December 2020 (when vaccine was introduced) minus deaths for same time period = % of folks with natural immunity. That’s not a small number. Yes, please, let’s talk about flying pigs.

            1. VAERS has identified more than 600,000 “related” illnesses and deaths from the vaccines. You have no “long-term” studies to dispute these findings do you !

      1. You repeat- I repeat… Link from the CDC website… “VAERS has identified more than 600,000 “related” illnesses and deaths from the vaccines. You have no “long-term” studies to dispute these findings do you !”

  22. Let’s say you wanted to make it as likely as possible that covid would mutate and become more contagious and breakthrough the vaccine. How would you do it and how similar is that to what we are now doing?

    1. Yeah it is meaningless since SCOTUS sided with TX on forced incubation. Precedent is set for government to be able to dictate anything they want about your body and what you can or cannot be do with it, so your antivaxx rhetoric is meaningless too.

    1. Donnie already stated that there is a vaccine. “People want to take it or they don’t want to take it. That’s their choice to make.” Because he believes in freedom to choose what to inject our bodies with. For some of us, you, so called, vaccine is a poison. Over 55,000 people have died from the vaccines. The vaccine does NOT prevent anyone from contracting or spreading the virus. anyone who tells you differently is lying!

        1. Barney, two can play that semantics game. “Death FROM Covid” ring a bell? It depends on what the meaning of the word “from” is, right Bill Clinton?

    2. Donnie would show the world his test results proving he actually took the shot- How do we know Biden didn’t get a placebo ??? Cmon Joey- fess up !

    1. Because Biden has no authority over the Legislative or Judicial branches, only the Executive branch. This might be a difficult concept for you since the previous occupant of the WH believed and told you that everybody worked for him.

      1. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of our “elected” officials, not the legality of it. If President Trump mandated you get a “vaccine” that you weren’t comfortable with, would you and all of the pro-tyrants do it?

        1. Sorry but your statement contrasting legality and hypocrisy doesn’t make sense. There’s no room for hypocrisy under the rule of law and the Constitution’s separation of powers. And your pro-tyrant comment just makes me guffaw considering the attempt, previously and currently, to overturn a legitimate election by your hero and his minions.

          1. I can point of their hypocrisy all day long. If the threat was as real as they’re making it out to be, they wouldn’t make themselves exempt, but over and over you see politicians mandating masks, social distancing, limited travel, etc., and then getting caught doing the very thing they tell us not to do.

            I see you avoided my question, but we all know the answer.

            1. If my own research and our infectious disease experts said a vaccine endorsed by Trump, which this is BTW, was safe, of course, I’d do what was right for myself, my family, my community and my country, and take it, mandated or not. Is that the answer you expected?

            1. A Tik-Tok link ??? Now- if you only spent as much time clarifying President Trump’s remarks on “the Hoax”- that gaggle of misinformed posters here might get some relief from their stoopidity.

  23. Government overreach, will never fly. Can’t threaten private business with fines if they don’t make their employees vaccinate. Up to each business to make policy, and most are already encouraging employees to vaccinate anyways. This is political postering and social division policies. Fore sure not an attempt from Biden to unite, but yet divide further.

      1. Biden is at the fore-front of failure ! Look at the “case surge” nationwide since he took office… all on him and his “cmon man- just wear a mask” and “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” nonsense ! Your leader is a complete disaster !

  24. Presidents come and go, I am on my 15th. I don’t let them get in the way of what I want to do. I haven’t looked up to or followed any of them and I certainly don’t obey any of them unless it happens to be what I want to do anyway.

    The only change I’d like to see is we quit electing geriatric, senile and psychotic old fossils like these last two.

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