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Split Redmond School Board refuses to fire Terrebonne teacher over mask refusal

(Update: Adding video, comments)

Board votes 3-2 to reject superintendent's recommendation of termination

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- On a split 3-2 vote Wednesday evening, the Redmond School Board rejected Superintendent Dr. Charan Cline's recommendation to terminate a Terrebonne fourth-grade teacher for refusing to wear a mask in class.

In a rare occurrence, Cline led a termination hearing evening for Tori Caudell of Terrebonne Community School.

"I'm sorry to be here today," Cline said. "It's not what I desire to do. It's what I have to do."

Cline said he had the extremely unpleasant task of holding the hearing to recommend the termination of Caudell following her insubordination for not wearing a mask.

Caudell said she has been a committed teacher for 23 years, and claimed she's standing up for her people and her medical freedom, and has no intention of ever wearing a mask.

She said the rest of the school district is following what she called "tyrants" and that the state's mask mandate is not legal.

Based on the school board's procedure, Cline and Caudell were each given 15 minutes to speak, followed by a five-minute rebuttal by both parties.

"I appreciate that Ms. Caudell has a broad base of support and that people have appreciated her work over time," Cline said. "I've received tons of emails about that, and I also appreciate the challenges associated with wearing a mask all day, but that is what the law is right now."

Cline says the district has to follow the current mask mandate, and allowing Caudell to be an exception could set a poor legal precedent moving forward.

"The OHA mask regulation is a law that we are all required to follow, and all of our staff members, save Ms. Caudell, are following it," Cline said.

Caudell says her decision is not politically motivated, and she's simply taking a stance she believes in.

"Integrity is to accept the right, whether people are watching or not," Caudell said. "I'm taking a stand because I have integrity. I'm not taking a stand to be stubborn or non-compliant. I'm doing what I believe to be the best for our kids."

Caudell says masks are a petri dish for bacteria, and she has difficulty breathing throughout the day while trying to speak to her students.

"They deserve better from all of us," Caudell said, her voice quavering with emotion. "We are here to protect them and advocate for them. I'm honest and I always have been. My honesty comes to my detriment. Ask any of my friends, family, or principal. I speak my truth every day." 

A motion to accept Cline's recommendation and terminate Caudell failed for lack of a second.

On a second motion, to reject the recommendation and retain Caudell, the three in favor were school board members Michael Summers, Shawn Hartfield and Keri Lopez. The two who voted against in were Liz Goodrich and Jill Cummings

Several school board members said although Caudell did violate the mask mandate, they considered termination was a last resort and wanted to seek other alternatives.

Board member Michael Summers says the district should find an alternative for Caudell before firing her.

"I feel like there's a solution here," Summers said. "I don't see why there couldn't be an accomodation to do what she does from home. I think there's a path aside from termination."

School district spokeswoman Sheila Miller said, "The district will work with the employee to determine an employment decision regarding Ms. Caudell’s assignment. We haven’t had a situation like this before, so we are not yet sure what that process will look like." 

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        1. Source, please, Barney (if you’re claiming the screen name is libelous). There are plenty of photos and videos of Biden sniffing children, adults and quite possibly dogs (but the dog thing crosses a line for me).

          Please explain your rationale, because I’m confused why the demand to change the screen name.

              1. OregonGuest
                Was it offensive to you when another President rated women on a scale of 1-10, said he would date his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter, women working at the White House were only allowed to wear skirts and dresses, and could grab women’s private parts???
                Just curious about your personal sensibilities.
                Sorry, Barney…I had to.

                1. Yep, I was totally offended by Trump’s comments and behavior, as I’m sure everyone was, including his own wife. But he turned out to be an excellent President, so no regrets. Biden (and the people propping him up), not so much.

            1. Why would he have to change his screen name? It is offensive that we talk about our so called President sniffing children? There are plenty of videos of him doing it so how is it offensive? Are you offended that he sniffs children or are you okay with those sort of actions Barney?

    1. These are real patriots putting their money where their mouth is- standing up for your civil liberties and protecting the US constitution… anyone with the freedom to speak their mind on this comment section should thank them all !

      1. It’s absolutely absurd. She refuses to follow the rules that all the other employees are following, allowing her to have special treatment constitutes a form of discrimination to others. I’d get fired if I refused the rules my employer has in place, ESPECIALLY those rules regarding health and safety.

        1. Yes, I’d also be fired if I disregarded the rules at my workplace. Sounds like this teacher needs to take early retirement and enjoy her FREEDUMBS at home.

      1. You do know that many of us don’t like Joe Biden, right? We voted for him simply because he’s not Trump. Most don’t worship him like you do with your god emperor Donald Trump.

          1. You seen the economy- your fuel bills- chaos at the borders- left behind Americans in Afghanistan- public lynchings there- the covid numbers since July 2021… All on Biden-Harris-Brown- nobody else !

    1. Straight to termination. That’s ridiculous when a tenured employee is in good standing. As Michael Summers said last night there are steps that can and should be taken before going to termination. If it was a law as Dr. Cline so many times referred to it then there should be many people in jail or cited. This is a mandate not a law.

  1. Grateful to this woman for using common sense and not being a lemming amongst all the irrational mask mandates telling us to wear masks that don’t even work to contain this virus. And grateful to Redmond school board for exercising some sense in this time of horrible pressure to judge and fire quickly. She’s served 23 years of children in our community. People who say she should be fired can go back to California

    1. dban: St. Charles has acquired a refrigerated “morgue”, that doesn’t speak to you at all? Good grief, this fragile li’l gal can’t wear a mask that weighs under 1/3rd of an ounce??? She needs to learn what adulting means.

      1. Lockdowns, strict mask, the majority vaxed and yet the case counts pile up. Ever think that maybe what we are doing is not working after doing it for almost 2 yrs? The nonsense needs to stop. Look at the numbers that are coming out of Israel right now. These measures are not helping and may be actually contributing to the mess. Good for her.

        1. “Lockdowns, strict mask, the majority vaxed and yet the case counts pile up.”

          Yeah…case counts that are mostly people who are not vaccinated and rail against wearing masks.

              1. Transmission rates are the same. Symptoms are less with vaxed. Therefore you have more vaxed people asymptomatic spreading it around. There are professionals with familys currently with Covid coming to work everyday thinking it doesn’t matter because they are vaxed. They go home to a house of Covid each night and come to work each day. See any issues with that? Just one example: the school districts around here have a rule that their staff that is exposed to Covid and are vaxed don’t have to quarantine. If they transmit it the same please explain how this makes any sense.

                1. But are you denying that the large majority of those seriously ill/hospitalized as not vaccinated (or in St. Charles words, not fully vaccinated)?
                  Far bigger issue that points to benefit.

                2. I am not denying anything of the sort Barney. At that point it’s a personal choice that has consequences just like eating to much, getting fat, and visiting our hospitals every few months dues to diabetes, heart disease, etc. Are you denying that mass vaccination force does nothing to stop the transmission of the data clearly shows the transmission rates are the same??

                3. That “personal choice” is affecting 1,000s of others who must wait for needed procedures to relieve pain and deal with very serious issues, due largely to the large number of COVID-19 patients, most of whom are unvaccinated, health experts say.
                  The “it doesn’t 100 percent stop the virus” is something of a diversion and a red herring.

                4. “Red herring”? I didn’t say it didn’t stop the virus 100%. I said it doesn’t stop the virus at all if it doesn’t limit any transmission. Come on Barney. Not hard to figure out bud.

        2. Since the majority of deaths are the unvaccinated people, it would be my guess that being unvaccinated is what’s not working and “contributing to the mess.”

          1. Well due to the transmission being the same between the vaxed and unvaxed, and this fact being known for some time now, case counts raging have nothing to do with vax or not. It might very well be that vax are spreading it more as they are more likely to be a symptomatic.

              1. Just a theory Barney as we have been doing the same ol crap for almost 2 years now with the same and worse results. If masking and vaccination stopped the spread I would wager we would not be in the place we are now.

                1. Mutated like every virus known to man. It’s not like we started masking yesterday. We started this with full on business lockdowns if you recall. How long are we doing this expecting the same result? 2.5 yrs? 3 yrs? 4 yrs?

        3. Good for her? Shaking my head at all yall redneck folk. Mask up and shut up. Or take the alternative they offered. Or quit. A teacher teaching kids to not follow the rules. Must be “america”.

        4. Here, here! One would think that after a year and a half, a majority would be waking up to the fact the chosen tactics have little to do with promoting public health.

          Take your Vits C and D, your zinc and magnesium and Quercitin and get on with your lives.

      2. Sunny ~> 23 years…she’s holding out for her PERS package. Not educated enough to realize termination could have a negative consequence. She does have the backing of the teachers union however which is powerful.

      3. Did you know that St Charles has 3 morgue spaces? They have been running out of space for quite awhile due to growth in the area. Ordering a morgue truck now was great timing on their part – get people like you to freak out even more.

        1. Salem Health used the same tactic. They apparently have about 8 morgue spaces. According to their public statement, they didn’t purchace a refrigerated truck, but they rented one…and had it parked at some location away from the hospital…to avoid negative appearances. “Any means is justified.” Anyone still believing this is about public health is in denial.

      4. Speaking of Doctor’s- “Pfizer former top scientist and Vice president- “Dr Michael Yeadon, there is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines.”… “You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from the disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects,” Yeadon said.” ! Why are experts being censored here ?

      1. Yup ! Get that natural immunization and don’t worry about that chemical cocktail with little to no long term research to justify it’s use on the general public.

        1. Have you been vaccinated? I have, as has my wife and most people I know/encounter. None report side-effects/issues, not to minimize or make light of those who have or who have legitimate reasons for not getting it.

          “The data is clear: Natural immunity is not better. The COVID-19 vaccines create more effective and longer-lasting immunity than natural immunity from infection.”

          1. Barney, some of us have to rely on natural immunity. I see your link from Nebraska medicine, I also have one to share from Nebraska medicine. It goes over aborted fetus that were used in testing and the producing the vaccine. Some people like myself cannot take the vaccine because of our religious beliefs. So we have to rely on natural immunity.

            Here is the link from Nebraska medicine:

            1. The list of common over-the-counter medications (as well as commonly prescribed drugs) which were developed, produced, or tested in manners similar to the developmental COVID-19 vaccines, using descendant lines from old fetal cells encompasses just about anything you would commonly turn to for headache, allergy, or indigestion relief:

              The list includes Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, aspirin, Tums, Lipitor, Senokot, Motrin, ibuprofen, Maalox, Ex-Lax, Benadryl, Sudafed, albuterol, Preparation H, MMR vaccine, Claritin, Zoloft, Prilosec OTC, and azithromycin.

          2. Here’s what the real “global” experts are saying- “Having SARS-CoV-2 once confers much greater immunity than a vaccine…” Your link-… Here’s another- “Over the past several months, a series of studies has found that some people mount an extraordinarily powerful immune response against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19. Their bodies produce very high levels of antibodies, but they also make antibodies with great flexibility” ! Link to NPR-

          3. I see where you actually had to skip over both my stories to get to your Nebraska corn fed Dr’s article… why do that ? Natural Immunity is the way to go- the Jab has recorded more than 1.5 million adverse reactions in just a few months- including death- paralysis- organ failure- all “after” receiving a covid vaccine. Data don’t lie.

              1. Same as “COVID Related” and “COVID” deaths.
                Entirely different things!! “COVID related” means they tested positive after being admitted to the hospital for heart failure, cancer, old age, etc.
                “COVID”, well, means “COVID”

          4. Federal court in NY- a state still reeling from the Cuomo era of failed covid policies- just shut down their booster programs… Pfizer former top scientist and Vice president- “Dr Michael Yeadon, there is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic.” I can’t post these comments from a real medical professional and scientist enough.

              1. I actually posted that Reuters link so people can judge the difference between what scientists and doctors are saying- versus the media opinion pages- so yeh… thanks for re-posting the link. Yeadon is not Tucker Carlson or Don Lemon- the guys the real deal- knows his microbiology- “Dr” attached to his name… not to mention an insider with a story to tell… we are now hearing that multiple FDA scientists are about to resign over the mandates- and US congressional’s and their staff remain exempt from the vaccines- not a good look !

    2. Other district employees have been terminated for the very same reason but once again teachers are not held to the same rules and standards as “regular folk”. I watched the whole thing. They all looked unprofessional and childish. At one point Mrs Caudell called out Dr Cline or rolling his eyes while she was speaking, which he childishly did, and she said” That was rude”. However when Dr Cline spoke she had Uncle ****** in the background making faces, turned his hat sideways and stuck out his tongue while Dr Cline was speaking. Totally immature and embarrassing.

      I lost all respect for her after that. She handled herself like a victim of a serious crime when in reality she chose not to follow the rules. And I also lost a ton of respect for Dr Cline for being a whiny brat who got told to go to his room. He sulked and threw up his hands when they wouldn’t let him talk longer. These are supposed to be highly educated professionals but instead looked like low IQ Kardashians reality show participants.

      This is not the kind of person I want teaching my kids and the kind of person I want running the Redmond school district. I for one am embarrassed all around and wonder if RSD is truly doing what is best for our kids. Its time for a shakeup and new leadership and way past time for teacher accountability. They should not be untouchable.

      1. Many of you need to get out of your dungeons of fear- and volunteer to coach or manage a youth sports team this Fall… you will find children with cases of depression, lacking social skills, weakened bodies- even the parents at wits end. This generation of young people are suffering as you all play politics with a “mild” virus. Shameful !

      1. Thank you KTVZ for allowing this absolutely incorrect information to be spread daily on your site. You are truly the go-to place for all our Covid disinformation needs.

        1. “You are truly the go-to place for all our Covid disinformation needs.”… Gee- not what you’ve been saying for over a year now… why the sudden change of heart- real science maybe ?

  2. Whether or not you believe in masks, I’ve never had a job where I wasn’t expected to follow every rule. I don’t recall getting to pick and choose the ones I followed.

      1. Oh, please. No rule breaking?? Healthcare providers (who all have a legal obligation to report adverse events to VAERS), routinely refuse to report to VAERS, because it takes too much time. After all, healthcare is not about healthcare, it’s about money. The average visit time is 13-16 minutes. Docs spend the majority of the visit asking questions about whether you’re up to date on vaccines, whether you “feel safe” in your home, when was your last colonoscopy (but spend mere minutes on the actual purpose of the visit), and then charge $300-$500. Why do they ask all those questions? Because the AMA (and their employer) tells them to stay in their lane, go through the flowchart, ask the “proper” questions, etc. — they can charge a higher level fee for a more “complicated” visit and the more time they spend, but in reality, it’s more profitable seeing multiple patients for 13-16 minutes than to see one patient for 30 minutes and actually listen to them. People get into healthcare because they have a desire to help people, but they quickly learn that the “machine” tells them what to do, how to practice, how to bill, what is profitable and what is not profitable, and not to question the status quo. Having said all that, thank you for your service.

        1. Well stated, Oregon Guest. The system has been rigged for over 100 years despite all the alturistic, well-intentioned and highly-motivated folks who have sacrificed years of their lives for education and training, and genuinely want to help patients heal.

          Yes…thank-you for your service, Health Professionals!…now stand with us against medical tyranny. You perhaps have more on the line at the moment, but if we don’t stand together, we will all lose.

    1. Were any of the rules created out of thin air by a governor who was possibly breaking the law herself to create them? I’m on the teacher’s side, totally. This “law” that Cline keeps referring to is NOT A LAW. It’s a governor’s mandate, not properly legislated law. We should ALL be defying it.

            1. Laws created in 1905- to prevent the spread of smallpox in Massachusetts… was hardly considered a “mild” virus at the time. Corona’s are the flu- the common cold- and yes the covid sars2 virus… treated with chicken noodle soup- bed rest- and aspirin for fever… is exactly what doctors prescribe… So yeh- see ya all in court !

      1. Bud, the law gives the governor the authority to mandate things that carry the force of law. You don’t have the slightest idea what you’re talking about and are repeating nonsense.

        1. Untrue actually. You can mandate anything yet that does not mean they are legal. Mandates get struck down and upheld all the time. It depends if they have backing of the law. Many do not.

  3. Perhaps the children in her class should get a vote. And their parents, and their grandparents and all of their friends along the way – Oh ya, grocery store employees, gas station attendant’s, all retail clerks…………….

  4. What precedent are we setting when a teacher isn’t willing to follow the rules? How can you tell a student to follow the rules if a teacher isn’t willing to? Next, when it comes to governance versus operational what are you tell your superintendent, they do not have the power to do their job? So Michael Summers, Shawn Hartfield, and Keri Lopez stop trying to control and allow the person you hired to do their job. If not, give up your seats and let others who have common sense do it

    1. westbadin1: Good comment. Most schools have a handbook that each student gets and a handbook that each teacher gets. Both are filled with all kinds of rules that everyone, with very few exceptions, has to follow. Yes, those rules have been adjusted several times due to COVID but she still shouldn’t be allowed to make her own rules even if the mandates change again, which they will. She’s the adult in the classroom, she needs to start adulting and stop politicing.

  5. I can’t believe some of the responses from these people. Wow it’s mind blowing how confused everyone is because they don’t know what freedom actually stands for. It’s sad that Americans are being silenced and treated like trash for choosing freedom. I think Americans have a right to choose if they want to wear a mask or not. Americans have the right to choose not to get vaccinated or to get vaccinated. God created within each of us an immune system designed to fight off illness. It’s an amazing thing what our body’s can do naturally. It’s heart breaking how divided this country has become. Thank you for teaching the kids for all these years. Your service to them is greatly appreciated. Walk out what you believe because we are Americans and we are free. My faith is in God and not man. God bless you.

        1. Lots of “socialist” programs benefit all types of Americans. Public schools, state and national parks, worker retraining programs and the VA are just some examples. Anything you use or do that is subsidized, from the fuel you put in your car to your healthcare to the food on your table and even the internet you’re using to read this, are all available through “socialism.” Please feel free to refuse all of these assets.

          1. Uh, I don’t think the VA offers “socialist” programs. They attempt to repay a debt that simply cannot be repaid, ever. Get your facts straight, lady.

              1. Wasn’t the VA involved in a major scandal during the Obama years- when as many as 35 US veterans died while waiting for health care in Arizona ? Is that the socialism you are promoting ?

      1. How exactly are you supposed to “correctly wear the mask” that your Aunt Helga made from an old 1978 bedsheet that was in her fabric stash? It’s pretty, but all it protects you from is your fear.

      2. You may want to educate yourself on the individual and the “feelings” of parents of children that she has taught. I have always heard absolutely amazing reviews of her teaching and tirelessly work ethic to help her kids.

    1. You have the right to not wear a mask. No one is denying that. But there is a consequence for your actions.

      Good luck with your immune system. Don’t go to a hospital if you do get CoVID. If you ignore medical guidance you should face the music on your own.

      1. mirroring your comment. You state do not go to the hospital if you do get covid because in your mind you have ignored medical guidance.

        What about this? You smoke cigs, dont go to the hospital if you end up with lung cancer.
        You dont exercise and eat poorly, dont go to the hospital for high cholesterol or potential type 2 diabetes or other health consequences brought along with poor exercise or diet.

        Your suggestion is dangerous BooMaga.

            1. Bsrney, Neuro is partially correct. Generally alcohol consumption and smoking must be stopped at least 6 months before consideration for liver, kidney or lung transplantation.



    2. Freedom is not anarchy. And if there is a God, your invisible friend also gave us brains to make scientific advances in medicine and create vaccines. Or do you skip going to the doctor and have forgone any and all childhood vaccines?

    3. Do you wear seatbelts? Do you wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle? Do you get your kids vaccinated from measles, whooping cough, etc. before they started their schooling? Or did you think your freedom was being threatened and refuse?

      God spare me from the people like you who confuse freedom with convenience.

    4. Amen. The masks are a tool to dehumanize you and remind you who is in control. Unless you’re wearing a properly fitted N95 or better, your mask isn’t stopping the spread of any virus.

      Covid-19 will not go away, masks or no masks, so will the pro-maskers wear their masks for the rest of their lives?

      Also, why is it okay for stadiums to be packed full of people unmasked, but our children can’t go to school maskless? Why is it okay for politicians and celebrities to go to their galas and award shows maskless, but not their servants?

      People need to wake up and have some courage!

    5. Only with freedom comes responsibility. We are not “free” our society to do whatever we want, whenever we want especially when it comes to the health and safety of others. And right now there are +-700,000 people with more dying daily that have not had an immune system that was capable of naturally surviving this virus. Today in St Charles there are 16 people in the St. Charles ICU on ventilators. Only two of those people are vaccinated. What happening with those people’s amazing immune systems?

    6. Yes it is sad how divided our country is. But is not wearing a mask really worth fighting over? It is not the pro maskers and pro vaxxers attacking waitresses, flight attendents, school board members, etc. It is the “antis” who are driving local health dept folks off the road, protesting at local official’s homes frightening their families, and referencing Nazis when threatening healthcare providers who give the vaxx. Isn’t it time to put taking a stand for your misguided sense of freedom into proper perspective over a tiny piece of cloth, in the name of your God, if for no other reason?

      1. I’ll pull a Barney here: Please provide sources if you’re going to say that someone without a vaccine is running people off the road, protesting at officials’ homes, threatening healthcare providers, etc. You’re full of horse manure, and you’re cloaking your self-righteousness under your user name.

  6. Cline saying “it’s not what I desire to do, its what I have to do” is UTTER BS. There is NOTHING that says you HAVE to recommend the teachers firing. I knew there was something I did not like about Cline and this just further cements it. Caudell should be commended for standing up against the BS.

      1. I agree with you Barney. The District has no choice but to follow the governors mandates or they will lose funding. Also the district could (and will) get sued if Mrs Caudell exposes a child to COVID while not wearing a mask. Like it or not it’s the reality.

        Something else most people don’t understand is that the district loses the protection of their insurance company if they willfully break those rules. Any legal payouts or fees will be paid directly from The distract and not the insurance company. All of the people that are saying this is a freedom thing and applauding her don’t realize the irony here. They (the taxpayers) will be footing the bill for any legal ramifications from this and any other cases like this. The district is constantly being sued and this is now a hotbed for lawsuits.

        A very bad precedent was set last night.

  7. Good for her standing on principles and not mandates from dictators who want to show their power like Kate. Next up for Governor Kotek is running more of the same vote no on her.

  8. Jill Cummings was not elected to be a coward or wolf in sheep’s clothing but she is one or both. It’s time to start a recall on her. She represented herself much differently during her campaign and has now shown she can’t be trusted, twice.

  9. The “mandates” are NOT LAWS. They are more of a recommendation. It is NOT A LAW. PERIOD! I see people everyday falling ill who wear masks every day. There is no real “science” that says masks work if you wear it all day. None. So we might as well breath as the human body is intended to, FREELY! And go about your life. I know 4 people to test positive within the last two weeks, big age spread.. all we’re only sick for a few days and got better. All unvaccinated. Stop freaking out. Stop causing panic everywhere. Live your life and stop talking about covid and it will all go away.

    1. State and federal governments delegate rule-making and enforcement authority to other governmental bodies all the time. The law says these bodies can declare mandates and enforce them with fines and other measures. So while it’s not a law, the law says there’s still legal muscle behind it.

      Try running a business that ignores OSHA mandates and see where it lands you.

  10. Look at all the mask ***** here. If masks actually worked we would be out of the pandemic a LOOOOOONG time ago. The fact that the virus is spreading like never before is the irrefutable proof that masks do little to nothing to contain the spread and have a ton of negative effect.
    At the same time the very same people have zero problem with the millions of unvaccinated, unmasked people flooding through the Southern border. It makes sense, right?

          1. I don’t have time to engage in link wars. I have quoted authorities you have quoted… others. If more comments are deleted it’s because we are being attacked for allowing dangerous misinformation here.
            Please drop it, or find more comments deleted.

            1. So I have to drop what I find as good information but because the other side of our political party finds it dangerous you take down my links? I thought you were an unbiased mod but as I post here it seems you are trying to push one side of the agenda Barney. My links are no more dangerous than yours are

              1. I only post links from legitimate sources and the so-attacked ‘mainstream media’ that call out the other links as inaccurate or dangerous misinformation.
                But I don’t have time to fact-check everything people throw on here. So I guess more comments will be deleted. We are sharply criticized by many for allowing inaccurate or unfounded information on this vital topic.

                1. Well, I am sharply criticizing you for only allowing one side of the story Barney.

                  I also only share stories from legitimate sources.

                2. We have allowed many links from allegedly “legitimate sources” by vaccine critics and are slammed for allowing dangerous misinformation. So what you are saying is inaccurate. But if in doubt, yes, we will be deleting posts, because … we don’t have time to fact-check dozens of alleged “facts.” When we can refute it with authorities’ posts, or legitimate news articles, we still might, as time allows.

                3. The CDC and FDA linked VAERS data log is a “legitimate” source- yet you continue to deride it- why ?

            2. Apparently the study I linked wasn’t good enough? We’re trying share information the propaganda peddlers avoid, which most adults should be able to read and come to their own conclusion. I love how the MSM thinks they are the arbiters of truth and feel the need to “protect” people from “misinformation.”

            3. Are you quoting former Pfizer VP and globally respected scientist- “Dr Michael Yeadon, there is absolutely no need for vaccines to extinguish the pandemic. I’ve never heard such nonsense talked about vaccines…. “You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from the disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects,” Yeadon said.”

                1. Like the good doctor said “You do not vaccinate people who aren’t at risk from the disease. You also don’t set about planning to vaccinate millions of fit and healthy people with a vaccine that hasn’t been extensively tested on human subjects,”…. Why does the liberal media (Don lemon- Anderson Cooper-Rachel Maddow) think they know more than this guy- a doctor- a scientist- a Vice President of a fortune 500 multi-national ?

      1. sure they do test them but they dont plan on vaccinating them because according to Psaki, they are not going to be staying in our nation long. Why are they here if they are not staying long, does anyone know? I know we all heard Psaki state that.

  11. Well done to this teacher and school board for standing tall for what is right! We need more to stand tall just like this teacher and the school board. Now is the time all, stand tall for your rights. stand tall and do not allow others to force you to do ANYTHING you are not comfortable with.

    1. Should be no different than fending off a cold- the seasonal flu with bed rest- fluids- and OTC meds… you do realize that every doctor prescribes the same cure… again- it aint Ebola !

  12. Wearing cloth masks are useless – unless it is a N95 that is properly fit. Surgical masks offer very limited protection (about 10 percent) and cloth masks offer none. It’s all theater!
    What happened to “follow the science”? I assume only applies when the science fits the narrative.
    And,so the individual who likes to sensor this comment section doesn’t block me for sharing “false information'” here is a link:

      1. This is the only study that has been conducted (the others have been experiments in labs, i.e. controlled environments).

        Text from the study:

        The results in all specifications are the same: we estimate a roughly 10% decline in symp- tomatic seroprevalence in the treatment group (adjusted prevalence ratio (aPR) = 0.91 [0.82, 1.00]) 7 1, we split our results by mask type (surgical vs. cloth). We find clear evidence that surgical masks lead to a relative reduction in symptomatic seroprevalence of 11.2% (aPR = 0.89 [0.78,1.00]; control prevalence = 0.80%; treatment prevalence = 0.71%).

        For cloth masks, we find an imprecise zero, although the confidence interval includes the point estimate for surgical masks (aPR = 0.95 [0.79,1.11]; control prevalence 0.67%; treatment prevalence 0.62%).

            1. It’s okay to admit when you are wrong. If you would have read it you would have noticed it says, “A cloth mask is intended to trap respiratory droplets that are released when the wearer talks, coughs or sneezes. It also acts as a barrier to protect the wearer from inhaling droplets released by others.” It is now, widely understood and agreed, that Delta is spread via vapor, not droplet and, according to modern science, cloth is useless – like stopping a swarm of bees with a chain-link fence.

  13. Our body our choice IS our Constitutional right and law. MANDATES are NOT a law. WE CAN NOT COMPLY. NO MASKS OR VACS. BOYCOTT ANY BUSINESS/SCHOOL UNTIL THEY RELENT. THIS GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE CONTROL IF WE DON’T! There is a 98.5% survival rate of this virus. It is ludicrous to think it is this much of a threat. And if Doctors would stand by their OATH to “DO NO HARM” they would allow our doctors to give us the medicine to use and help when the virus first hits. But they are playing GOD and committing MALPRACTICE!!

      1. I don’t see the resemblance to the corona virus in your comment… the wuhan virus is treated with bed rest- chicken noodle soup- and OTC medications. Not even in the same ball park.

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