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St. Charles to require that all hospital, clinic visitors be fully vaccinated

(Update: More details from St. Charles spokeswoman, Absalon says 56 deaths in region last month)

Starting Oct. 18, unvaccinated visitors allowed only under 'extraordinary circumstances'

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- To further protect its patients and caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Charles Health System announced Tuesday it soon will require that visitors to any of its hospitals or clinics be fully vaccinated.

Effective Monday, Oct. 18, visitors will only be allowed if they provide acceptable proof that they are fully vaccinated. That is also the day that all health care workers are required to be fully vaccinated by the state of Oregon.

“We know what an important role visitors and support persons play in a patient’s healing process,” said Dr. Jeff Absalon, the health system’s chief physician executive. “However, throughout this pandemic, safety has been our top priority. With this as our guide, we have had to make changes to our visitor policy to keep our patients, caregivers and others safe.”

A person is considered fully vaccinated if at least two weeks have passed since they received their second dose of a two-dose series (Pfizer or Moderna) or a single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson).

Acceptable proof of vaccination is:

  • A COVID-19 vaccination record card
  • A copy or digital picture of the vaccination record card
  • A print-out from the Oregon Health Authority’s immunization registry
  • A screenshot or printout from an electronic medical record showing vaccination status
  • A St. Charles Health System badge with a COVID vaccination sticker

Unvaccinated visitors will only be allowed under extraordinary circumstances. This could include a visitor to a patient who is at the end of life, a parent of a pediatric patient, a “support person” as defined by Oregon law or an emergency response worker who may need to enter a hospital or clinic while on duty.

Currently, patients who test positive for COVID-19 are not allowed any visitors. This will continue to be the case, regardless of a visitor’s vaccination status, the health system said. Virtual visits for COVID-19 patients are still encouraged to support the family’s involvement.

All other patients have the right to at least one fully vaccinated visitor per day, provided the visitor is 12 or older. That same visitor may come and go throughout the same day.

“We want nothing more than to return to ‘normal,’ but we’re just not there yet,” Absalon said. “As a health system, we must continue to be hypervigilant about controlling the spread of the virus in our facilities. We owe that to our patients, many of whom are medically fragile, and to our hard-working caregivers, who put themselves at risk every day to care for our community.”

"We are experiencing a significant surge of COVID-19 patients in our region and in our hospitals," Absalon told NewsChannel 21. "So this pandemic is not over, in fact, we're in the worst surge that we've seen during the entirety of this pandemic. And just to kind of share with you, last month September, we had 56 deaths in our region from COVID-19, and this is the most we've had during any month during the pandemic."

Spokeswoman Lisa Goodman explained to NewsChannel 21: "Simply put, patients don’t need to be vaccinated, but visitors do. That applies to any St. Charles facility, whether a hospital or clinic, so this policy applies to the outpatient setting.

Responding to a KTVZ.COM commenter's Alzheimer’s patient scenario, Goodman said, "The patient would be permitted, but the person accompanying her would not (if not vaccinated) unless they are considered a 'support person' under Oregon law."

(A “support person,” she said, is a family member, guardian, personal care assistant or other paid or unpaid attendant selected by the patient to physically or emotionally assist the patient or ensure effective communication with the patient.)

Goodman also confirmed Tuesday that about 90% of the St. Charles Health System workforce is now fully vaccinated or has gotten the first of the two COVID-19 shots, up from about 76% in July. She said the health system is still reviewing vaccine exemption requests, but that the hospital system now has about 800 openings, up from 600 four months ago.

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  1. Bend us over a barrel much? The St. Charles monopoly at it’s finest. Before you jump on my back, I’m vaxxed but that’s ridiculous to require ALL visitors be vaccinated. You’re a public hospital; if you haven’t figured out how to make it safe for the public to enter, then it’s your own damn fault. COVID isn’t going away and it’s racist for you to require vaccinations to enter a public hospital. From St. Charles’ website:

    Our Mission

    In the spirit of love and compassion, better health, better care, better value. (for some of you, shame on the rest).

              1. You post rebuttals as if we should trust left leaning media after years and years of lies. Have you apologized for propagating the russian hoax? “Horse paste?” Will KTVZ? Has CNN? Nope.

            1. But being a spreader depends on actually getting the illness. And vaccinated people are unlikely to get it. Therefore they are unlikely to spread it.

              But you of all people should know that a vaccine doesn’t need to be remotely perfect to exterminate a virus. If everyone were vaccinated, we wouldn’t even be talking about COVID right now.

                1. Kind of, but not really. There are still plenty of unvaxxed people for the disease to spread easily.

                  In Israel, there are 3.2 million unvaxxed. In the last spike, there were 55,000 cases, less than 2% of 3.2 million. (Israel’s spike is basically over, as well. Soon the US will have more cases per capita.)

                  Put another way, if 65% of the population had gotten newly vaccinated against smallpox, no one would be surprised if there were a spike in smallpox. Especially if the vast majority of those hospitalized were unvaccinated.

    1. Seems to me that you just said it all….. “COVID is not going away.” St. Charles is a private, nonprofit corporation and they have every right to continue trying to make it safe for all.

          1. Frog….it’s called segregation. If it was a issue you know we would have been beaten down by ktvz with stats of nurse to patient transmission and visitor transmission. This is evil. Plain and simple.

        1. Oregone, that is an outright lie and you are trying to scare people with something that is not true.

          “Effective Oct. 18, visitors will only be allowed if they provide acceptable proof that they are fully vaccinated, or meet one of the few allowable exceptions. This policy applies to visitors only. Patients should seek needed care and will be treated regardless of vaccination status.” SCB

      1. Can anyone here tell me how being vaccinated makes it safer for the person next to you? Or, how does being vaccinated prevents the spread of covid? Is this decision based on science??

          1. The article you provided is about how long someone has protection before the vaccine wanes. My question is regarding the decision to only allow vaccinated guest as St. Charles. The director of the CDC has said publicly, more than once, that the vaccinated can still spread covid with the same viral load as the unvaccinated. This decision to only allow allow vaccinated guest at St. Charles is not based on evidence. The CDC website further confirms this act of discrimination by St. Charles…
            “High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus. This finding is concerning and was a pivotal discovery leading to CDC’s updated mask recommendation. The masking recommendation was updated to ensure the vaccinated public would not unknowingly transmit virus to others, including their unvaccinated or immunocompromised loved ones.”
            So the question remains, why would St. Charles only allow vaccinated guests into the hospital?

        1. St. Charles reported 83 COVID-19 patients as of early Tuesday, 16 of whom were in the ICU, with 12 on ventilators. Fifteen of the 16 ICU patients were not fully vaccinated, while 66 of the 83 total patients were not fully vaccinated, the hospital said.

          1. I think you missed the intent of the question. Dman wants to know how the vaccine makes a person with the virus safe to be around. Of course it doesn’t and we all know that. It’s a rhetorical question and it makes a valid point. The vaccine does not prevent a person from catching or spreading coronavirus. While it is shown the vaccine DOES reduce viral shedding in infected individuals, this benefit is likely defeated by the fact that vaccinated individuals are typically less sick and therefore more likely to carry on with daily activities, such as visiting patients in a hospital.

              1. For that individual. No one is arguing that. What they are asking is how it puts others army risk when the transmission rates are the same. Pretty sure you know that though Barney…

                1. Many people are at risk because the largely unvaccinated patients in ICU and hospitals have, combined with staff shortages, delayed for many months vital procedures awaited by 1,000s.

              2. What data can you provide to “prove this point” ??? Here’s a link- proving that over the last few months- during the heart of Biden’s constant threats of “no jab no job” bullying- that “deaths in Oregon” from early July to late September rose- sharply ! Under the Daily New Deaths chart…… I’ll not hold my breath- because the data don’t lie.

    2. How wrong you are, they are working hard to make it safe, meantime 90% of the patients in ICU on ventilators are not fully or at all vaccinated. Likewise the hospital has patients who are immune suppressed and those entering the hospital as visitors unvaccinated, bring significant risk to that population of patients, So wear a mask, get vaccinated, and clean your hands before entering, and you too will help keep the hospital safe

      1. Really? The need to insure we are who we are via photo ID is not racist. I love how the word racist is the go to word for everything these days. Expand your vocabulary.

    1. Discrimination
      : the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people racial/sexual/religious discrimination = discrimination based on race/sex/religion = discrimination on the basis of race/sex/religion The law prohibits discrimination in hiring. See More Examples
      2 formal : the ability to recognize the difference between things that are of good quality and those that are not Those with more discrimination [=discernment] are likely to find the movie dull and clichéd.
      3 : the ability to understand that one thing is different from another thing the animal’s impressive scent/visual discrimination

      1. Hmmm, the question was in regards to racist and you gave a definition for discrimination.
        “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.”

    2. Everything is racist. The health care system is racist, the virus is racist and the vaccination is racist. The fact that blacks have the lowest vaccination rate, not white conservatives, mandating vaccinations means the restrictions are going to affect blacks more often.

  2. So the folks running St. Charles keep their heads firmly buried in the sand. We have learned over the past couple of months that fully vaccinated people are quite susceptible to getting Covid, especially the Delta variant that is now our main Covid. They don’t feel as sick, though, so go around spreading it without realizing what they are doing. Most unvaccinated people will at least feel sick enough to know that something is wrong with them and so stay home. So it is fully vaccinated, but untested, people who will bring Covid into non-Covid areas of the hospital.

    But let’s keep pretending that the vaccine is “extremely safe and highly effective” for a while longer even though that narrative has been dead for quite some time.

          1. That makes no sense. The transmission rates are the same so why would unvaxed not be allowed and vax allowed if all the other precautions are in place? Why in the world would they ban unvaxed if the vaxed pass it along the same rates. This is insane.

            1. Transmission rates are lower in vaccinated population due to decreased duration and amount of viral shedding. But as has been pointed out several times, and seems to be ignored, is the fact that vaccinated individuals infected with coronavirus FEEL less sick, and therefore are less likely to stay home. We may find as time passes that vaccination has inadvertently increased transmission rates among the general populace of a given region. Because of this phenomenon, the only way to make the vaccine work effectively is to have the entire population vaccinated (as opposed to just a percentage required to achieve herd immunity like other vaccines that actually protect a person from becoming infected). Of course the entire population will not get vaccinated and thus the government sees fit to make sure they suffer social and economic hardship… which is unarguably the hallmark of authoritarian rule.

              1. It’s nice to see you know about the duration and viral shedding are decreased but present nonetheless. The vaccine doesn’t provide direct immunity in the nose and throat, which is where the virus first infects and why those who are vaccinated can still become infected and shed the virus. But since the vaccinated have a head start, their immune system can respond more quickly and minimize shedding and severity of symptoms.

              2. Wait, what?!! The only way to make the vaccine work is to jab everyone, because the vaxxed are too dense to recognize that the myriad symptoms they are experiencing but ignoring (and that are listed, oh, EVERYWHERE!) could be Covid? Did you actually just say that out loud??

            2. Who says the transmission rates are the same?

              “Vaccines remain highly effective at preventing severe disease, breakthrough infections and disease among vaccinated individuals remain uncommon, and most of the new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. are among unvaccinated people.”

              “Breakthrough infections are still uncommon, and breakthrough disease is rare.”

              “The vaccines are designed to stop serious disease, hospitalization, and death and they are doing that to an extremely high degree—even against the delta variant.” J. Hopkins

              I will believe John Hopkins Medical Group before someone online claiming to be a nurse and that has been proven to lie continually about the effects of this virus.

              1. Who says the transmission rates are the same? The CDC. This has been discussed multiple times here with sources.
                I posted this above, but will share again.
                “ High viral loads suggest an increased risk of transmission and raised concern that, unlike with other variants, vaccinated people infected with Delta can transmit the virus. This finding is concerning and was a pivotal discovery leading to CDC’s updated mask recommendation. The masking recommendation was updated to ensure the vaccinated public would not unknowingly transmit virus to others, including their unvaccinated or immunocompromised loved ones.”
                If you did not know this already then maybe you should reconsider where you get your news from.

                1. It does in respect to the decision made by St. Charles. They are acting as if being vaccinated prevents the transmission of covid, which is why they are only allowing vaccinated guests. The vaccine does not prevent against transmission.

                2. Barney. You are running in a circle. No one is arguing the vax does not make symptoms less and that it “undermines its effectiveness to prevent serious symptoms. The data is clear on that. The data also is quite clear the transmission rates are not lower with the vax, per ever major health organization involved. You willing to see that piece of the data as well or only the data that fits your narrative?

            3. It’s a political agenda. A shot in every arm. No matter what you status is. Even if you have natural immunity. They want to shoot you with their experimental chemicals. They are paid shills for big pharm

          2. So then what’s the point of getting vaccinated? To protect myself..right! Being vaccinated doesn’t protect anyone but the person with the vaccination.

            1. Totally not true. St. Charles reported 83 COVID-19 patients as of early Tuesday, 16 of whom were in the ICU, with 12 on ventilators. Fifteen of the 16 ICU patients were not fully vaccinated, while 66 of the 83 total patients were not fully vaccinated, the hospital said. And that affects EVERYONE, those 1,000s waiting for non-emergency but vital procedures, etc.

              1. Your logic is truly remarkable. I could argue the same that overweight people affect EVERYONE because they have been clogging up our health care system for years. Is that an insane way to look at it? Of course it is so don’t do the same with people who do not want the vax. It’s an individual choice. My body my choice right?

                1. The CDC defines obesity as a “national health crisis” in the USA… the Wuhan lab virus ??? “a mild virus”- to be treated with fluids- bed rest and OTC medications for the sniffles ! No red herring herring Barney- along with “heart disease” it has killed more Americans for decades than this virus- which has been declared to only be solely fatal in less than 2% of all cases- again as defined by the CDC and the OHA. 42% of Americans are obese- so where is the outrage- the concerned- the daily flogging of overweight Americans who refuse to exercise- diet- monitor their weight ? Again… where ?

                2. Total bull. If transmission rates are the same a vaxed and unvaxed are transferring the virus the same. Your argument was that unvaxed were clogging up the hospital. That’s not a transmission problem that is an individual health choice problem just like obesity. Both have the same effect on the hospital load.

                3. Comparing obesity to a contagious virus says more about the person making the comparison than the facts of the crisis at hand. Getting a contagious virus and falling very ill from it — odds much greater for unvaccinated, officials say — is not “an individual health choice problem” and affects many, many people.

              2. A person cannot argue in favor of vaccine mandates and at the same time express concern for the 1,000s waiting for non emergent healthcare. Come Oct 18, St Charles will lose 20%-25% of staff, systemwide, due to vaccine mandates. Many of these departments are already understaffed, and qualified replacements are years in the making. I don’t think people understand the gravity of the situation before us, and the far reaching impact it will have on residents of central Oregon. Those on the inside who DO understand are terrified. Lot of sleepless nights in management right now. And nurses? They look like deer in the headlights. Many are considering early retirement or changing careers altogether. There are 3 waves of departure facing St Charles right now. First, traveling nurse contracts are up, and they are leaving. Second, vaccine mandated terminations. Third, those who quit in the subsequent chaos. People who gloat in targeting “anti vaxxers” as disposable misfits are about to get a lesson in reality.

                1. Read the article again.
                  “RGoodman also confirmed Tuesday that about 90% of the St. Charles Health System workforce is now fully vaccinated or has gotten the first of the two COVID-19 shots, up from about 76% in July.”
                  If 90% are vaxed, highly unlikely 20 to 25% will leave due to vax status. Now leaving due to burn out because of high rates of very sick and high death rate among unvaxed patients. Could be. Best way to fix that. Get vaccinated. Wear a quality mask in appropriate situations. If you feel ill, stay home.

          1. Look at the Israel data. Or Great Britain. They are both ahead of us in vaxed percentages and their cases are skyrocketing. It does not help with transmission rates. Anyone that believes the vax lowers transmission rates are denying the clear data coming out of those 2 countries.

              1. I dont think so. My understanding of a vaccine is to prevent the contraction of a virus…measles,mumps, ect. It appears to me this “vaccination” is not much more than a glorified flu shot.

                1. Vaccines, to a layman, are to prevent getting seriously ill. Have posted plenty of links here where scientists say these vaccines are having that impact, along with sadly but rare adverse impacts.

                2. Some of these vaccines kill- sorry- but I missed your comment today on this story here at KTVZ21-… “Washington state health authorities say a woman in her late 30s has died from a blood-clotting syndrome after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.”… I encourage people to go to the VAERS data base before getting any vaccine… you can find the link at both the CDC and FDA websites.

              2. 2 shots. No you need a third. No, you will have to have a shot every three years. Wait for it. You will need a monthly shot. For crying out loud, why don’t they just hook everyone up to an IV

                1. So what! I get an annual flu shot. This booster can be incorporated into the flu vaccine. Covid isn’t going away anytime soon. It’ll go away a lot quicker if more would vaccinate.

              1. “Nearly 60% of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Israel fully vaccinated, data shows
                Erica Carbajal – Thursday, August 19th, 2021″…

                “This is a very clear warning sign for the rest of the world,” said Ran Balicer, CIO at Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest health maintenance organization. “If it can happen here, it can probably happen anywhere,” he told Science…. “The country has one of the world’s highest COVID-19 vaccination levels, with about 78 percent of those ages 12 and older fully vaccinated, mostly with the Pfizer vaccine.”

                1. So why is the vaccine roll-out such a failure in Oregon- right after Brown opened the state at 70% vaccinated rate- we saw new cases explode to record levels- and deaths surge- only to hear slanted accusations that it’s the unvaccinated suffering the most- we then learn that the vast majority of those unvaccinated are Oregonians in their 70s and 80’s… many too weak to tolerate the adverse effects associated with as many as 1.7 million jabs… I wonder how many doctors advised their patients to not get the vaccine ? Sure would be a good question for some journalist to ask.

              2. “Despite high levels of so-called “breakthrough cases,” morbidity in the country hasn’t overtaken the peak seen in January, which is widely attributed to the vaccination rollout.” This statement, while true, is an obscene disregard for the plethora of hard-won advancements in our understanding of how to keep people alive. Rates of death are falling because we have learned how to treat the disease. This isn’t due to Ivermectin, wishful thinking or vaccination. Patients with severe illness (both vaxxed and unvaxxed) are being kept alive due to advancements in medical intervention. This, coupled with decreased rates of severe disease due to vaccination, is the driving force behind reductions in morbidity. As an interesting hypothetical, if I had to choose only one to save me from death, I believe the numbers favor medical intervention over vaccine, at least when compared to early in the pandemic.

                1. We don’t have to choose. Vaccinate to reduce the rate of spread. Treat those who become infected with our arsenal of medications and quality care. It’s not an either or. Do both.

          2. Links only give what they want us to know. I know from personal knowledge. People I know who are sick or have died fully vaccinated. And many adverse affects from the vaccine itself ranging from covid symptoms to anaphylaxis to heart related complications, clots, disability, paralysis and death. I am only one person who knows one person from each category. They are not being publicized

      1. How rare that our kids may not die from the vaccine but have life long medical issues of heart inflammation😠. I had one friend come down with Covid-19 after getting vaccinated and I had a relative die after getting vaccinated. I fully support anyone who has doubts and fear of being vaccinated, will refuse the shot. I also find it ironic that ALL of our first responders who worked tirelessly from the very beginning of this pandemic are now being demonized if they don’t want to be vaccinated.

        If there is so much care and concern with the health of our nation why are we not so concerned with the hundreds of thousands refugees and illegal immigrants not being vaccinated?

          1. Barney, post-Covid vaccine myocarditis among adolescent boys is a real thing, and a complete informed consent discussion with a physician is SUPPOSED to include this — how “rare” it is for a 17-year-old male depends on a lot of factors, so a flippant “rare” from you isn’t cool. I know you like to slam VAERS as completely unreliable information, but that’s not an accurate assessment of what the HHS actually has to say about the matter. It is poor reporting to cherry-pick the parts of the VAERS Disclaimer (that support your company’s position based on Section 230) without providing the link so everyone can read it disclaimer in its entirety. VAERS is the best of what we have, and it takes a lot of time and energy to report to it, so if anything, adverse reactions are very likely UNDER-reported. For your reading pleasure:

      2. Barney…If you think Vaccine Breakthrough infections and serious injuries and death are unique, or that it’s not so prevalent here in Oregon…think again. Go to #wedid, #realnotrare, #vaccineinjury, #riskvsbenefits, #notrare, #covidvaccinesideeffects, #mybodymychoice, #stopthemandate, #protectyourfamily, #MedicalFreedomForAll, #medicalemergency and more. These are real people and there are THOUSANDS more. It’s not rare and outbreaks caused by Fully Vaccinated persons have happened in Madras, Prineville, and Bend just in the last month.

        1. Info via social media hashtags is not proof in any way, shape of form. Separating facts from opinions based on misinformation is not a job I have time for.
          No one has, to my knowledge, disputed the doctors, nurses and hospital officials who point to the vast majority of patients/deaths being among those not or not fully vaccinated.

          1. Barney, real people do tell the truth, unlike the sensational media which is deliberately only showing one side of the equation. Growing up in a household where one of the last TRUE JOURNALISTS lived, I can tell you that I learned what is media and what is journalism. NONE of today’s media is journalism. Journalism, unfortunately, used to mean truth. A true journalist tracked down the truth, no matter the hours it took, the difficulties it would present. They also made an effort to interview and get facts from both sides, presenting them equally so the reader could decide for themselves which way the issue fell.
            Alas, there are no true journalists anymore. It is a shame that I had to call out one of the people my father trained and let her and the Oregonian know that my father would be ashamed of the slant of the stories told.
            You have time to research, you have time to look into the truth-but only if you truly are a journalist and not a sensationalist. I spent three weeks, 3 days a week researching and speaking to, emailing, IMing people from the hashtags I posted. I verified they were all in VAERS and that they were truly issues with the vaccine. CDC has been “removing” VAERS data that they feel are not truly related. When you have perfectly healthy people suddenly within days of the vaccine go from normal, working, family-oriented to hospital-bound, incapable of working, no longer able to care for themselves, the correlation does not need to be CDC approved. In fact CDC has proven itself it cannot be trusted.

            1. I continue to work every day with young journalists and our many sources of info to prove you wrong. Journalism is alive and well and does present both sides, to the extent possible (if one side isn’t willing to talk, we can’t make them.)
              Usually folks who accuse the media of agendas have their own and don’t see us biased in their direction.

    1. I wish no illness on anyone, but for the sake of smacking politicians in disguise upside the head with facts…what is going to be the repercussions when a fully vaccinated person, with asymptomatic COVID comes into the hospital and infects someone…killing them?! They purport to be scientists but actually don’t follow ANY science. This is another purely political play as a way to push blame for actually making an adult decision. Where are the numbers showing that this particularly is a current issue facing the hospital…I will wager they don’t exist…since I have been running numbers from March 2020…NOTHING these people do is backed by facts. Nothing!

      1. Amen! Science is a word they use, manipulation of data through Quantify vs Qualify. Quantify is taking numbers and determining their value…this is best utilized in research when you have a “scientific theory” you are working on. So basically you are proving your theory, right or wrong.
        Qualify describes the data utilized. In the case of OHA, St Charles, and the media, they are skipping the Qualifying information, only utilizing data that is LUMPED without Qualification together to show a narrative that Covid is deadly, easily spread, and going to kill us all. If you Qualify the data they lump together, it shows nothing of the sort. Force them to split out Unvaccinated, Partially Vaccinated, Vaccinated within 14 days waiting period, and Fully Vaccinated. Right now they lump all three of the previous data together and show it against the Vaccinated data. That is manipulation of data and it should be fraud.

  3. This just goes to show what the hypocritic oath truly means to any of those to provide care. Now if someone has a disease or something prohibiting being being vaccinated they just sentenced them to death wait a go all this goes completely against providing care for all those sick and injured they’re all about profit they’re not about helping people say say what you want the they’ll be the trolls out there that will.

      1. Asthma, or severe allergic reactions to medications. My wife has both and her Dr advised her not to get covid vaccine for as long as possible because of possible side effects.

        1. She needs to find another doctor. My sister has asthma and COPD as well as is allergic to several run-of-the-mill medications and she got her J&J shot in May. She had zero side effects. Stop with the misinformation/disinformation. If your wife has asthma she is going to REALLY hate Covid-19.

        1. Put your money where your mouth is and share. Indulge me on the pages and pages of information stating that diseases are preventing people from getting vaccinated.

    1. No vaccine, no entry, no business. As long as businesses don’t go crying to the government when they have to shut down for lack of business. Hospitals, while businesses, are similar to utilities in that they are a public service and thus have a more global responsibility that goes beyond just turning a profit. It is ironic that the same people that universal healthcare is a ‘right’ want to remove that ‘right’ from people they don’t agree with.

      1. But in far lower percentages than unvaccinated, by all official stats we’ve seen. Oregon’s latest report was that breakthrough cases are about 1 in 4 – and that’s beside the point that very few fully vaccinated people are reported to be hospitalized, as the daily stats for St. Charles have shown.

        1. Barney, look at Israel. You will see that here in the states soon, I believe. And those breakthrough cases, how many thousands, don’t just say 1 in 4. You act like it’s rare and it is very common.

    2. As I heard somewhere else “If the carrot won’t work, the stick will”
      I agree, kudos to St. Charles for protecting vulnerable patients from unvaxxed covidiot visitors.

      1. Vaccines do not prevent a person from being infected or spreading coronavirus. It’s important we stop spreading misinformation. COVID vaccines reduce severity and duration of illness and unfortunately, that’s all they offer. If you want people to get vaxxed, show them good reasons. Unbiased information has a far greater effect than ridicule. You cannot beat a virus with a stick.

          1. Yes it’s a good reason but there is more to consider. There are valid reasons people refuse the vaccine and it’s important to try and inhabit their headspace. Take for example a frontline healthcare provider who has risked their own life to care for a multitude of sick and dying patients for more than a year in the face of a deadly disease. They are hailed as a hero for doing such. Say this person contracted COVID, recovered and now has robust natural immunity. But now, not because of science, but because of a MANDATE, this skilled healthcare provider is deemed unworthy of employment despite the fact his immunity is 10X stronger than his vaccinated peers. When rational, common sense objectives are met with ridicule and force, that only makes a person more likely to resist. It’s how humans work.

            1. “The data is clear: Natural immunity is not better. The COVID-19 vaccines create more effective and longer-lasting immunity than natural immunity from infection.
              Of course there are valid reasons, but the whole “natural immunity is 10x stronger,’ what reputable source do you have that from? Got a link?

              “More than a third of COVID-19 infections result in zero protective antibodies
              Natural immunity fades faster than vaccine immunity
              Natural immunity alone is less than half as effective than natural immunity plus vaccination
              The takeaway: Get vaccinated, even if you’ve had COVID-19. Vaccine immunity is stronger than natural immunity.”

  4. The term “rascist” means nothing anymore.

    When you apply labels, terms, words to anything or anyone on a daily basis, without understanding either accurate definition or context, the word loses it merit in truly serious discussion.

    A better phrase, IMHO, is “Whatever St. Charles.”

    Thank the good Lord my care and treatment is provided by the VA…and yes, they are much better than this and within federal guidelines and policy.

      1. What if you have had COVID? Studies show that COVID infected people have a higher probability of not GETTING a breakthrough case, and thus not being infectious, than those who are vaccinated. So why not allow people with antibodies to come to the hospital. If PPE is so effective, since it is mandated in our state, why not just wear approved PPE devices?

          “The study demonstrates the power of the human immune system, but infectious disease experts emphasized that this vaccine and others for COVID-19 nonetheless remain highly protective against severe disease and death. And they caution that intentional infection among unvaccinated people would be extremely risky.”

        2. I think that’s a fine idea with no way to execute at the moment. There are lots of different types of antibody tests with different levels of assessment. Which do you use? There’s also no clear idea about what levels of antibodies correspond to which level of immunity.

          Maybe someday. But today the vaccines are far more controlled and studied. It’s a known quantity that can be used for risk assessment.

        1. And of course there’s nothing about the severity of cases in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated, which is the thing health officials repeatedly stress (the cases are by and large much milder than in unvaccinated.)
          It also says: “In summary, even as efforts should be made to encourage populations to get vaccinated it should be done so with humility and respect. ”
          So it’s not saying to not get vaccinated!

          1. Barney, you cut the quote off. It continues with “Stigmatizing populations can do more harm than good. Importantly, other non-pharmacological prevention efforts (e.g., the importance of basic public health hygiene with regards to maintaining safe distance or handwashing, promoting better frequent and cheaper forms of testing) needs to be renewed in order to strike the balance of learning to live with COVID-19 in the same manner we continue to live a 100 years later with various seasonal alterations of the 1918 Influenza virus.”

          1. But that’s not what the st Charles article is about. It’s about not allowing people in unless they are vaccinated. Which only protects the vaccinated person.

  5. This announcement says hospitals and clinics. Is a patient who is going in for an annual exam required to be vaxxed? If they bring along another person, are they a visitor and need to be vaxxed?

  6. Death rate in Oregon
    NOTE: Oregon’s population has been steadily increasing which means the number of deaths would also increase. Example: Oregon’s population increased by 31,655 to 4,268,055 in 2020.

    2016: 35,799
    2017: 36,640
    2019: 37,397
    2020 (January to October): 40,181

    According to the CDC, Oregon’s leading cause of death is still cancer. Heart disease is at the top still as well over COVID deaths. I think St. Charles would do well to focus on creating the “healthiest community” as their mission statement suggests by promoting real solutions such as healthy eating, exercise, lowering stress levels, etc. In general, unless someone is old, most patients are in the hospital from poor lifestyle choices such as obesity, poor nutrition, smoking, drinking, and drugs plus not enough exercise. Instead, they promote only shots so they can get their financial kickbacks.

    1. So are you disputing that primarily unvaccinated patients with COVID-19 are the ones filling ICU beds?
      The hospital and other health facilities here have been promoting healthier lifestyles for many years, of course. This is a crisis, one can argue the blame until the cows come home, but it’s not the same thing in any way.

      1. I want to know more about who’s in the ICU beds which can affect the numbers.I know of several cases where someone was admitted to the hospital for a completely different trauma issue, but just happened to test positive for COVID. As required by the hospital, they had to be put in the COVID ICU unit despite having no symptoms. So, I would like to also know how many “COVID” patients in the COVID ward only tested positive but had no symptoms.

          1. Barney, that is your job. To tell the facts. Why are they not releasing that information? Does it not seem odd to you? Prior to the last 18 months, you were able to talk to the hospital and get straight answers. Why is it different now? Have you ever stopped your MODERATION of comments long enough to think why they won’t release the data FACT CHECKER asked for?

            1. Doesn’t seem odd at all. Even in this crisis, federal patient privacy and confidentiality laws apply. But the social media hounding surely makes everyone in reputable positions think twice about how much valid data they want to release, only to be twisted and falsified by those with an agenda, or used to attack the agency/facility unfairly.

        1. If someone is admitted to the hospital and has Covid AND was admitted for something else… they must be treated as if they were highly contagious because THEY ARE. That means additional PPE, isolation, etc. This really isn’t that hard. They MUST be kept separate from say, the maternity ward. Dontcha think?

  7. Barney, would you please clarify with the Gods of St. Charles if this also pertains to outpatient services (i.e., if someone is going in for a colonoscopy or outpatient radiology) which are located INSIDE the hospital? Also, maybe they’d like to also clarify what they mean by unvaccinated visitors are banned from “clinics” — are they saying someone driving an Alzheimer’s patient to their doctor appt isn’t allowed to accompany the patient into the clinic, or is the Alzheimer’s patient herself not allowed in?

    1. Got the answers, will add to story:
      Simply put, patients don’t need to be vaccinated, but visitors do. That applies to any St. Charles facility, whether a hospital or clinic (so yes, this policy applies to the outpatient setting.)

      In the Alzheimer’s patient scenario, the patient would be permitted, but the person accompanying her would not (if not vaccinated) unless they are considered a “support person” under Oregon law. (A “support person” is a family member, guardian, personal care assistant or other paid or unpaid attendant selected by the patient to physically or emotionally assist the patient or ensure effective communication with the patient.)
      (Lisa Goodman also noted that many places of business are now requiring vaccination.)

  8. What does that mean for the unvaccinated and pregnant mother and father? Will the father be allowed in? I didn’t see any information regarding that.

      1. LOL, so no contact with your preemie in NICU, because you’re not vaccinated. That should end well. St. Charles just doesn’t get why everyone in Central Oregon hates them.

        1. If I had an infant in the NICU right now I wouldn’t want anti-vax idiots near my extremely vulnerable child. I’m entirely happy with St. Charles and their team of doctors & nurses. I was in the Bend hospital for over a month about 5 years ago and have absolutely zero complaints about how I was treated. They are doing their best, using science, to keep the most vulnerable of us, safe from the most selfish of you.

          1. Do you think your infant would be safer around a vaccinated person? If so, how? You’ve labeled those who don’t want the vaccine as idiots, but your comment sorta makes you look…well.
            Hint: look up what the CDC says about covid transmission with the vaccinated.

          2. I’m not entirely sure if you even know how an icu works with a comment like that. They don’t just let random goons visit others babies like a show and tell. Each baby is isolated and protected by a check in process. It’s not been a show and tell for years and that’s the way an icu should be. Using an impossible or unlikely situation to prove your point is dumb, get educated please.

    1. Oh pffft, c-diff isn’t carried by visitors unawares nor is it highly contagious and deadly, especially to those in compromised state of health. Oh wait, c-diff is all those things. Yeah, it does make you wonder about their rationale.

  9. Sister Catherine is rolling in her grave. She used to tell stories about letting homeless people sleep in the lobby because St. Charles will never turn away anyone. Disgusting.

    1. “It’s for the good of everyone as they put it…” Since everything St. Charles and our wonderful government has done so far worked so well. This will to fall into the list of many things that have failed over the past 18 months+

      1. She truly would be saddened by what St Charles is doing. Sad not many remember her and how strong she was to get things accomplished for those that were weakest. She would be fighting this harder than us about to lose our jobs. RIP

  10. St. Charles “new” policy is asinine and not basing it on science. Not allowing someone who has had Covid-19 and now has the antibodies, requiring them to be vaxed is just putting money in the pockets of greed. If this vaccine is so GREAT, why should ANYONE who has been vaccinated care if they come in contact with someone who isn’t; it’s because the vaccines DON’T protect ANYONE PERIOD, just like the mask mandates.

  11. I work for St Charles and I think this is BS!! Our patients that are stuck in the hospital for days and even months need to have their family to help their healing. This is going to prevent people from coming in for medical attention that won’t go alone. . it’s just going to hurt the patients. This is going to end badly.

  12. My husband and I have been married for many, many years and yes we both have been vaccinated but if one of us ended up with a break through case of Covid-19 I would rather take my chances with animal de-wormer than possibly die alone in an un-caring hospital of strangers, where my family would NOT be allowed. Just wonder how many others will feel the same way.

    1. Considering how many die at home, as seen in the daily COVID reports, I’d say many others feel that way. Maybe this is part of the master plan to deal with the impending staffing shortage. Conspiracy theory yes, but it does pencil out.

  13. People who get the Vaccine spread it and die from it. People who survive Covid have way more antibodies and more protection than the VAXED. Facts

      1. Sadly when it is reported how many people have contracted Covid or have Died, often times they leave out another important factor…How many have recovered / SURVIVED? Why does the media leave this out?

  14. NOTHING has made me want to take our 7 businesses and flee Oregon more than this. This is the most inhumane, irresponsible, unscientific move ever. It is the biggest disservice to our community. I had my Covid antibodies drawn last month. The lab tech who does ALL of the Covid antibody testing was losing her job due to the vaccine mandate after TWENTY YEARS of service and 300 accrued vacation days. She told me that the average vaccinated person antibodies come back at 30-50, and the average person who actually gets COVID, upwards of 900. Hers were 1201 a year after getting COVID. The last vaccinated person she tested was 34. And SHE was being fired. I will take my natural immunity any day over the long term unknown side effects of a STILL FDA UNAPPROVED (Did anyone know the US versions are still FDA unapproved?) versions of this rushed-to-market injection with ZERO liability. The inhumanity, and frankly, EVIL nature of this stunt under the guise of “public health protection” is unfathomable. Oregon, you have taken a beautiful, innovative state and utterly trashed it with garbage policy. And St Charles, I will die at home amongst my loved ones before I step foot in one of your clinics or hospitals ever again. NOT worth it. Life is too beautiful to spend in fear, isolation, or oppression. And this from someone with a degree and career in science and healthcare. Never have I been more repulsed or seen the true colors of a “health” system like this before. Truly ashamed that this is the community I live in.

    1. This pretty much sums up the sentiment I am hearing from nurses who work for St Charles. They are in shock, vaccinated and unvaxxed alike. There is no divide. All think this is stupid policy, and many are now looking for a way out with some going so far as to express envy of their soon to be fired unvaccinated peers.

    2. Dear CRS totally agree. This is communism at its finest. I am 73 and smoke and have several of the “underlying conditions” they refer to. My husband is 75 doesn’t smoke but has asthma and other underlying conditions. We both got China Virus in Sept.2021 1st time after taking our first plane trip since this virus started. We survived with just our vitamins and other healthy immune system boosters. We have not ever got the JABS and certainly don’t intend to. I am thankful we survived it of course, but we always felt we were in no more danger of dying then if we got flu complications. and bingo we survived. But having problems later down the road getting the vax is my biggest fear. I trust in God, my immune system he gave us and common sense.
      I know everyday we take risks and it should be our personal decision what risks we are willing to take. Not our government, nor others that don’t agree with us. If the pharmaceutical co.’s are not taking responsibility for complications from the JAB why should we be forced to take it?? THIS IS SOOOOO WRONG!
      I am very happy we got the covid the natural way and now have much better immunity then the vaxers.
      BTW I have friends that got both jabs still got Covid twice afterwards and he died from the last bout. That’s just one of many horrible stories I can tell you of personal friends and problems they have had from the JAB.
      PROUD TO BE A “organic”, “Systemically Non-Modified” PERSON.

        1. Barney really? and risk getting fired or slandered by their peers. I wish some brave soul ready to retire will step up. and why do they have to be local? Is there something extra special in vaccines given to our locals? or do people outside of our community don’t count? and how can they prove it ? that it would satisfy you?

          1. We focus our resources on local news, of course. And that’s what I try to bring up when folks say “why don’t you report this or that.” We need folks on the record, preferably on camera. People have valid reasons not to, of course – but that gives us valid reasons, not excuses, why we face some limitations in what we can report – not the false ulterior motives flung at us and so many media organizations.

        2. But apparently you are not interested in talking to a medical professional who witnessed a critically ill unvaxxed patient denied an ICU bed at SCHS so a less critically ill vaxxed patient could have it. I can ask the RN to contact you, because clearly you don’t believe me. You seem to be too busy moderating to do any investigative reporting.

  15. I’m not going to refer to people that haven’t gotten the shot as “unvaccinated” anymore. I think we should be referred to as “organic”, “systemically non-modified”.

    1. Especially, the people who refuse vaccines but slug back Mountain Dew and pound down processed foods all day. Give me a break. I don’t agree with mandates but every anti vax person isn’t helping their credibility with paragraphs of drama and ridiculous statements.

  16. How very socialistic of them, and KATE! So upon research… the shot does not stop you or anyone else from getting or giving to another… OK. Secondly.. it only “MAYBE” make you’re symptoms less “MAYBE” so again ,.. tell me how an unvaccinated person matters to anyone but themselves. IDIOTS,.

  17. Gotta Love it. So when the unvaccinated illegal that was allowed to come into our country down south where the open border policy exists they did not have to get vaccinated. Let them show up in Bend with Covid and get admitted or have some other medical issue. But there unvaccinated illegal friend that also walked into our country and got a card to check in with the Feds in the future won’t get to visit their friend at the hospital because they have not got the vaccination. Very confusing time.

  18. Poor Sister Catherine’s hard work gone. Many of you don’t even know who she was. Let homeless sleep in the lobby because, her words “St. Charles Will Never Turn Anyone Away”. St. Charles has become everything she fought to build the hospital about. PATHETIC!!!

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