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Bend HS football team cancels game due to COVID-19

Not enough healthy players to play

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- High schools are gearing up for Friday night lights once again, but Bend Senior High will not be on the field this week.

The Lava Bears' assistant football coach confirmed there are not enough players to fill a full roster due to Covid-19.

Assistant Coach Kevin Cooper wouldn't go into details but said there's a mix of players who tested positive and those who are quarantining as a precaution.

The Oregon Health Authority lists at least two staff members at Bend Senior High with Covid-19.

Cooper also said next week's game has been postponed to Saturday, but that the reason is not COVID-related.

Looking at the number of Covid-19 cases reported recently by Bend-La Pine Schools, Bend Senior High is leading other schools with 21 cases. Mountain View High is close behind, with 19 cases. Caldera High reports 13, Summit High has nine, La Pine seven, REALMS High with two, and Skyline High with zero active cases.

NewsChannel 21 reached out to the school district and Bend Senior High coaches. Both declined to comment, saying to provide details would violate HIPPA federal patient privacy laws.


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Carly Keenan

Carly Keenan is a multimedia journalist and producer for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Carly here.



    1. There were players that tested positive. What are you babbling about? BTW here is some science, PCR tests are not accurate and if you are vaccinated you can still get and spread covid. Go take a microbiology class.

    1. As opposed to the hate filled mongers of the so called Conservative party? Those students almost got to experience civil war because of the party of disinformation and I’m not talking football

    2. – all the young people know that you are their champion and advocate – your concern for their well being brings a tear to the eye – oh the tyranny and destroyed lives!

  1. Meanwhile, College football stadiums are filled to overflowing and no one wearing masks. Even though the “expert” Fauci said this would lead to a huge increase in Covid, it did not happen thereby making Fauci no longer an “expert”. When a true expert states something, it is found that what they stated is true. Then some people wonder why a lot of people will not listen to Fauci’s advice. The people have also shown that they hate mandates, and they express this with chants that try to encourage a guy named Brandon to get going.

    1. – the sequential line of “reasoning” that someone convinced you of, and you so willingly repeated, has some really tragic, glaring fallacies – maybe a basics class on logic and reasoning would help? – as far as people hating mandates… well duh – of course they do, but for the most part Americans comply with not letting five year-olds drive cars or smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, most wear seat belts in a moving vehicle and drive their vehicles on the right side of the road, most pay their taxes, most don’t intentionally subvert their own country, etc. even though we all hate mandates – tragic blow to your “rights”

      1. No one convinced me of anything. I just know what Fauci said and I know what actually happened. If you want to refute those facts then go for it. All I see is you offering a lot of meaningless words that did not address what I stated in any way whatsoever. It was all just a lame attempt to insult someone who offered verifiable facts that you cannot handle.

  2. So…two things: First, it’s pretty clear that there is a significant number of young people catching COVID, and second there are parents who are taking the responsible approach of not allowing their kids to participate in high-school sports in order to reduce the risk of infecting their own families and the greater community. I commend the parents who are keeping their kids away. As to the STUPID assertion that kids’ lives are being messed up by not being allowed to participate in scholastic sports–well I say that y’all who are saying that are just…well…STOOPID.

  3. Wasn’t there a COVID problem with the Bend football teams in August? And an uproar from the covidiots over wearing masks? Reap as you sow. Of course they are testing positive what did you expect?

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