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Oregon Health Authority to add 550 COVID-19 related deaths omitted due to ‘technical error’


SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Over the coming weeks, the Oregon Health Authority said Thursday that it will begin reporting about 550 deaths among people who died with COVID-19 but whose deaths only became recently known to state epidemiologists due to a technical computer error.  

Most of these deaths occurred between May and August, the agency said.

The deaths will be reviewed during the data reconciliation process over the next month. People who have died and meet the COVID-19 death definition based on death certificates will be reported on the OHA's COVID-19 dashboards and its daily COVID-19 media releases.

As a result, daily reported COVID-19-related deaths will be higher than usual until the backlog is resolved. Details of all deaths will be listed in OHA’s daily COVID-19 media release, which is published weekdays.

OHA’s reporting of COVID-19 deaths involves reconciling death records to case records, which is done manually. OHA has been working to automate the process, but that has led to periodic backlogs, such as what was reported Thursday.

“We are taking steps to ensure that our reporting is comprehensive and transparent,” said OHA Director Patrick Allen. “We extend our condolences to everyone who has suffered a loss to COVID-19, and we deeply regret the pain this disclosure may cause.”

The additional deaths will affect Oregon’s national standing in COVID-19 death rates. Presently, Oregon has the sixth-lowest death rate in the nation, OHA said. The newly reported deaths are expected to push Oregon’s death rate past one or two other states. However, Oregon’s death rate will remain well below the national average and the fatality rates of most other states, the agency said.

State health officials estimate that if Oregon’s death rate matched the national average, another 4,000 or more Oregonians would have died from COVID-19.

Health officials attribute Oregon’s comparatively low death rate to vaccinations, mask wearing and other social distancing measures, which Oregonians have practiced to a greater extent than residents of many other states.

Death is a lagging indicator and generally follows a surge in cases. In addition, there is often a delay in reporting as OHA epidemiologists review death certificates. 

OHA expects that reported deaths may continue to be high even as daily case counts decrease. This is due to the time period between when a person tests positive for a case of COVID-19 and when they die with COVID-19.

The newly enhanced COVID-19 Case Severity dashboard visualizes the time lag between when case onset and dates of death. Peak deaths routinely trail peak case onset by two weeks.

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  1. Oregon needs to fall in line behind New York and California and get rid of the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals. Yes, those two very stringent states have no mandate for vaccinated people.

  2. Who is really buying this crap?!?! Lets inflate the numbers so it shows people died from Covid.. Dont worry we will chip that # down later. Keeping the covid fear alive with all that mess. Seriously Sheeple you’ve been duped with these BS numbers since day 1 and good ol Barney and the KTVZ crew have been part of the problem..

    1. First they “find” 550 deaths from 6 months ago;
      next then they tell us,
      ” if Oregon’s death rate matched the national average, another 4,000 or more Oregonians would have died from COVID-19.”

      Someone got a phone call “Find us 4550 more votes! I mean deaths!”

      To prepare us for even more unreported deaths.
      Grossly deflated numbers, so the State can strut around bragging about being #6.
      See where that got us? Now we are #8 or #9! At this rate the sad fields of lost children, will make us undistinguished from any run of the mill, red state.

      1. Ya notice that all these new numbers come right on the heels of St Charles forcing hundreds of medical pro’s out of work because of Biden’s/Brown’s mandates ? Yer right- this is another “money run” and it’s more sickening than anything this “mild” virus” could ever produce.

      1. “Who’s buying this?”… The same “guys” who bought Fauci’s felonious lies to congress about not funding Gain of Function research- Yeh- those guys !

  3. When is CNN going to cover that Fauci did indeed lie to Congress?

    Is Fauci really what you thought him to be? In my case yes, Fauci is exactly who I thought him to be. When Rand Paul questioned him, it was obvious to me and many others that he was lying about GOF research funding. The NIH wrote a letter confirming that they did indeed fund GOF research at the lab in Wuhan China.

    Simply google “Fauci lied” and see all the coverage.

    I remember speaking to a doctor in early 2020 and the doctor became really upset and brought up Fauci whom I had never heard of at that time as Covid was just getting started. That doctor told me then that Fauci could not be trusted. To be honest, at that time I thought that doctor was exaggerating. I now see that doctor was 100% correct. Do you still trust Fauci? Do you still think he is an expert?

    1. He is most certainly more of an expert than you. He has been doing ground breaking research for decades even if you’ve never heard of him. Everyone in the scientific world knew who he was. Is he perfect? No,no one is. Quit expecting it.

      1. No but we should expect that he is honest and that he won’t lie about financial contributions to China’s gain of function research. No one is perfect but we should expect honesty and integrity

      2. Fauci lied. That is the point that you entirely missed. His groundbreaking research is very likely the reason we are now faced with Covid-19 according to many other experts. Just because you respect someone as an “expert” does not mean that they are infallible. It is now clear that Fauci lied. The NIH admitted that they did indeed fund GOF research at the lab in Wuhan, China. If Fauci was a witness in a trial and he was caught lying on, the opposing attorney would use that to show the jury that he was not a credible witness. Enough with the hero-worship of the guy who may very well be responsible for pushing research that led to the death of millions of people. I was never expecting Fauci to be perfect and anyone who has read my many comments about “experts” on here knows that I warned people about not expecting him to be. I was expecting him to be wrong and he was. Then he lied about it to top it off.

      3. The revelation of his deeds- lies- and level of participation in this global catastrophe (millions dead)- now has Anthony Fauci’s name being mentioned in the same breath as “Dr. Josef Mengele”… and that is no exaggeration !

  4. Do we ever see the OHA review numbers and DECREASE the number of reported covid deaths? There are multiple people who has died with a positive covid test but with multiple medical problems but they are listed as a “covid death”. If a 90 year old with severe heart and lung disease dies and 1 of 4 covid tests is positive and no covid symptoms, is that dying due to covid? Or is that dying because you are old with multiple medical issues and your body is worn out. Our government is manipulating numbers for political reasons and Oregonians need to say enough is enough

    1. It doesn’t matter what Oregonians say. That ship has sailed. Oregon government answers to itself. It doesn’t even matter how you vote. If they don’t like it, they find a way around it. You’re just along for the ride.

  5. Oregon wants you to believe our low death rate is the result of government intervention. It’s interesting when you compare the ranking of state obesity rates with covid death rates, they line up quite well, irrespective of a particular state’s imposed health mandates. There are outliers such as florida that has a low obesity rate but makes up for it with high average age. It is well established that age and comorbidities associated with obesity are the primary factors in predicting covid morbidity, not government imposition. See for yourself.

    1. All those gloating Brown supporters who thumped their chests and boasted of Oregon’s low fatality numbers have suddenly gone quiet. Conned and duped again while the rest of us just shake our heads in disbelief… how many times ya’all gonna fall for this garbage ?

  6. OHA has had a credibility problem from the beginning. They were and are over their heads and gave bad advise to the governor and the people of Oregon. Remember these were the same people that were responsible for the Cover Oregon debacle.

    1. You are correct… Oregon’s CV19 numbers became artificially bloated the day the OHA changed the vocabulary from ILI to CLI- even though there was no test at the time to differentiate between the flu or the corona- this is how the seasonal flu disappeared on October 13th of 2020 and the CV19 exploded out of no-where. This is at the heart of the hoax- the scam- and I challenge anyone to prove it wrong.

  7. The story is chalk full of contradictions and double speak… “OHA said Thursday that it will begin reporting about 550 deaths among people who died with COVID-19″…. followed by… “The deaths will be reviewed during the data reconciliation process over the next month.”… If the OHA will begin reporting these deaths- why “review” them ??? This doesn’t sound like a technical error- more like data manipulation. Our GOP state legislators and senators should demand an investigation !

  8. Have you noticed its just the anti-vaxer MAGA Clowns constantly complaining about “covid fear”? Thats kind of a tell that you are actually pretty scared. The rest of us who are vaccinated, are not concerned if the death stats are published daily. I bet you Clowns suck at poker too.

    1. I have no fear of Covid. I dislike Trump especially now that it has been revealed that his administration was played by Fauci into resuming funding for GOF research in 2017 after Obama had canceled that funding due to the dangers therein in 2014. Then in April 2020, Trump found out that GOF research funding had resumed and immediately canceled it. Fauci knew the NIH was funding GOF research and he lied about it openly. Ignorant people put others into a strawman box just because of a single position that they take on a subject. I can like some of Trump’s policies and not like the man at all otherwise. For you, it seems it is all or nothing. You want people to agree with everything you believe or they are a MAGA idiot. Got it. Yours is a very ignorant position. Part of poker is keeping what you are holding secret and you suck at that.

        1. Is Trump or MAGA all you have to offer? It is getting pretty old. Even though I just commented that I don’t like the guy. you come right back with the same attack thereby proving exactly what I was saying about you. Trump is in your brain 24/7. If you spill your coffee do you scream out “TRUMP!”

    2. Actually what I’ve noticed- is that the media seems content with letting the OHA take the heat on this- when in reality- and in accordance with that special place the press gets in our US Constitution- this can all be attributed to a lax- lazy- colluding- call it what you want… Media. Who refuses to get out and interview- challenge- get answers. Cut and Past press releases has become the norm- so this is exactly what you get- lies- manipulated data- a never-ending global hoax

  9. How many cases are added because of “presumptive” cases where they don’t even bother testing. And as a reminder. They are never giving up this power. And why should they? Everyone gave it to some bureaucrats without a question.

    1. Presumptive cases were used to keep the hoax ‘alive- the con going- stoke the fear wagon… this is turning out to be another “Russia-Russia-Russia” perpetuated by the wild eyed left and promoted by a colluding media… America is in deep trouble.

  10. Why is no one talking about the fact that OHA labels a death as “covid related” if the person dies from completely unrelated things to covid, but just happened to test positive within the last 60 days? They can test positive, recover from covid, then die later from something else, but OHA will still call it a covid related death if it was within 60 days. Why is no one talking about this?

  11. I heard from a woman today that her 90-year-old mother had died in a nursing home. She had no symptoms and it was just old age. But then when her death certificate arrived her death was listed a covid related. The woman was going to get the cause of death changed, but then she found out that if someone dies and the cause of death is covid related FEMA will pay or help pay the funeral expenses. So she decided not to fight it and get the check. I wonder how many deaths are said to be covid related due to this.

    1. I so don’t believe any of this…. Years later, we will find out that Russia was behind the covid misinformation that so many of the simple people fall for.

      1. “don’t believe any of this”… so what do you believe ? That the computer wizards at the OHA just mysteriously lost 550 CV19 deaths on a tech glitch ? That Joey Biden has 81 million supporters ?? That Kalamity Kate didn’t know the Delta virus would create four months of sky rocketing new cases and surging death counts- even though record numbers of Oregonians are vaccinated with multiple doses ??? You believe all that ? The floor is yours.

  12. Give me a break please,THIS again??.
    Numbers start to fall and “oh by the way,here are some we “forgot”” as with a few months ago adding numbers to the count in July(?) from November 2020?.
    Enough already.

    1. Right up there with the resident “expert” Dr. Anthony Fauci telling congress- under oath- that the NIH never funded Gain of Function research in the Wuhan labs on his behalf… we now know better as the local media suffers another black eye of humiliation !

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