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Eastern Oregon school district fined $11K over COVID violations

Adrian School District

ADRIAN, Ore. (AP) — An Eastern Oregon school district has been fined $11,000 for failing to uphold the state indoor mask mandate and other violations.

The current state mandate requires students to wear masks indoors to help stop the spread of COVID-19. The Adrian School District, near the Idaho border, is a small district that includes an elementary and high school with about 300 students total.

Aaron Corvin with Oregon OSHA told KGW-TV an inspection was done in response to three complaints about a lack of mask usage.

OSHA inspectors said they found two COVID-19 violations and two unrelated violations.

Two of those violations were marked as “serious” at $420 each. Another citation is defined as “other than serious” at $100 and a “willful violation” related to mask-wearing garnered the bulk of the fine at $10,500.

“It certainly is the largest penalty we’ve issued over COVID requirements to a school district,” Corvin said.

In August, Adrian School District superintendent Kevin Purnell was fired after the school board wanted him to defy the governor’s mask mandate but he wouldn’t. A new superintendent started this week.

The school district’s website does include a safe return to school plan saying students and staff are required to wear face coverings. School officials said they filed an appeal and requested a hearing for three of the four violations, including the one for $10,500.

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    1. Why aren’t Abbott and DeSantis’s mandates preventing and punishing school districts for enforcing CDC vaccine and mask recommendations to protect kids with immunocompromised status, pre-existing conditions or disabilities considered an attack on the schools? Isn’t that also taking control out of the hands of local school districts and parents? How is that different from Nazi Germany where schools had to adhere to the Nazi doctrine or suffer the consequences? Here we have fines. In FL, it’s loss of funding or salaries. In OR, it’s to save lives. In FL, appealing to a political party base?

      1. Blah Blah Blah when our mandates include not allowing illegals that are unvaccinated and more than likely infected with Covid flood our country maybe then people will take these mandates seriously .

        1. And your left-field comment is supposed to answer my question how? Distraction and whataboutism aren’t the effective debate tactics they once were. As a matter of fact, they are more and more generally utilized by the losing side.

      1. No ! We are now a nation of Executive Orders- Illegal Mandates- and Government over-reach… which has just finally been challenged with Biden’s humiliating court loss over his vaccine mandates for companies over 100 employees- which you and many other “day-time regulars are not a part of- and should stay out of a conversation you know nothing about… Than You very much.

    1. ROTFLMAO!!!! Classic trump kook reply: get someone else to pay for your disastrous decisions and then cry about it to the “greatest enemy of the American people”. (The free press). Sooooooo much losing for the trump Borg!!!

  1. Good job OSHA,
    for every kid or family of kid going to school there, that gets covid, the Adults (I mean grown up babies) should each been personally fined of thousands each.
    or fired.
    next time lock someone up.
    Rest of will just ignore the Anti Kate trolls from Belarus, Or Minsk.

    1. If your masks are such a vital part of OSHA’s CV19 mitigation policy- why aren’t they included in the company contact tracing follow up questionnaire ? Fact for you and Dale- at no time is anyone asked about “mask” usage during the contact tracing portion of these events… now why is that ?

    2. Agree 100%! Anyone that doesn’t conform to Kate’s dictates should be jailed immediately! These parents have no right whatsoever to decide the well being of their children. That should be left up the State and the State alone! 🤡

      1. Why does not Kate fine the schools for no mask wearing every Saturday at football games, or outdoor venues? The mandate says to wear mask outdoors. People are done with masks so she and the minions picks on little Adrian to make her point? It’s all about control.

      1. Sorry- you lost with me two false allegations that have nothing to do with OSHA’s heavy-handed and illegal attempts to strong-arm this school district. Minsk ? Belarus ?? Have Trolls ???

      1. Why did these 800,000 die ? The CDC and OHA says that only 2% (or 16000) can place the blame “solely” on Fauci’s virus… so what accounts for the other 98% ??? The way some of you toss numbers around is truly amazing- pure science denial.

    1. Nah. I’d rather laugh at conservatives who claim to be all about personal responsibility but then recieve tax dollars from Salem to pay their tab in a settlement. A settlement they caused since they couldn’t figure out a way to legally get rid of a superintendent who did nothing more than follow some common sense guidelines. Whats that called? Socialism. “Leftists” Lol.

      1. The only tax dollars I receive is what Biden has taken previously- record setting levels BTW- of which I have to fight tooth and nail to get back. I’d personally rather laugh at 81 million Biden supporters who now find themselves slack jawed over fuel and energy payments- gas prices- how they gawk at empty shelves- look at the employment figures and wonder why 11 million jobs remain open- and of course- nervously bite their nails over when Biden’s economy will address 30 year high inflation rates ! You are looking at the worst President in US history- how funny is that ?

        1. Even before the sun comes up, some people start their day grousing that all is wrong with the world – and sure who to blame for it.
          Others know the sky is still blue, the sun is still shining and there’s a lot of wonderful people in this country doing wonderful things every day.
          What a mindset.

          1. Not bad Barney- you made it all the way to the bottom of the thread before tossing another one of your unsolicited opinions my way. So you find fault with thse who start their day grousing – do you ??? I won’t elaborate on the fact that there are those out there have had managed to avoid the day to day hardships of this virus- those who have maintained employment from day one- never had to deal with closed schools- are not affected by mandates due to company size- don’t bother with OSHA for the same reasons- go maskless- even on air. So I think for those folks- mocking the millions in Oregon who are at their ropes end- let’s try not to be so smug.

            1. Typical attack mode, trying to make me feel guilty for being thankfully spared the worst of the past couple year’s problems.
              As have you.
              But I don’t attack. I defend, and state facts.
              Smugness is in your corner, not mine.

              1. I’m pretty sure my comment was in response to your attack on those out there “grousing” abut the current status of our “Un-United States”. I have not been spared anything- I’m out there everyday dealing with Biden’Brown’s attempts to ruin our personal lives. I’ve said it before- immediate family lost jobs- 20 year careers- young-uns locked out of schools- vaccine for kids gone awry- I’ve had to answer to every one of Brown’s suspect and irrational corporate EO’s and mandates- you have not. That is not an attack- that is an honest view- so lets stop defending those things you have no actual experience in.

                1. We try to reflect all those issues in our reporting, as we can, with folks willing to speak on camera – I have of course no proof you are or do anything you say, and I’d give you the benefit of the doubt but with your constant attacks on me and false unproven “conclusions,” belief in everything being so horrible due to one governor and one president, why in the world should I?
                  How someone who is reportedly so helpful in real life could be so sour and over-the-top negative/attacking all the time here, well, maybe it’s your outlet.

  2. By the way Barney, thank you for what you do. It would drive me bat crap reading these comments all day, everyday.
    How often do you see stories like this come across your desk and just go “*#%@* here we go again.” 😂
    Anyway it is appreciated. Even if if doesn’t feel that way at times.

  3. If you look at the scientific facts regarding COVID and children, their risk, their risk of transmission to each other and adults, and vaccinated adults risk from unmasked children, and the deleteriouseffects of masking children in formative years, the only logical conclusion is that masking children in school is much more harmful than benefits gained. I applaud the Adrian school district for having the fortitude to stand up to the garbage our state is mandating.

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