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Bend-La Pine Schools drop outdoor mask requirements, but still recommend them


BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Based on recent revisions to requirements by the Oregon Department of Education*, as of Monday, wearing masks while outdoors for Bend-La Pine Schools’ students and staff is recommended but not required.

"This change applies to students in grades K-12 and staff in outdoor settings that include, but are not limited to, recess, lunch, PE, etc.," families were informed Monday by email. 

Additionally, the school district said, families or other visitors outside on school campus (for instance during student drop off or pick up) are recommended, not required, to wear masks.

Unvaccinated individuals not wearing masks who are exposed to a positive COVID-19 case while outdoors will need to follow quarantine protocols if they are identified as close contact, the district said 

Masks continue to be required indoors, they noted.

The school district also said curricular activities may take place outside, where six feet of distance can be maintained. Masks are recommended in these settings, but not required.


*OHA adopted updated temporary rules OAR 333-019-1025 and OAR 333-019-1015 which revised the statewide indoor/outdoor face covering rule and the K12 face covering rule. The revision to OAR 333-019-1025 maintains a statewide requirement for mask use in indoor settings and removes the requirement for everyone age five (5) or older to wear a face covering outdoors where people from separate households gather. Revisions to OAR 333-019-1015 removes the outdoor face covering requirement for K-12 settings.

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    1. Exactly. Focus should be on vaccination entirely. That’s how we’ve ended pandemics past. The masks served their part before the vaccines. Now it’s just another divisive issue with minimal benefit if there still is any benefit.

      1. Lots of interesting information in this PDF on COVID-19 in children aged 5-11. For instance, hospitalizations and death from covid finally made the top ten list. Barely. Covid now accounts for a whopping 1.7% of all deaths in children aged 5-11. If that sounds flippant, it is. Covid still lags common respiratory viruses in these metrics. That’s important because these other viruses have been with us EVERY YEAR and nobody loses their minds crying for government to restructure society. In the last year, for every two children that died from covid, 3 died from flu, 18 died from malignant neoplasms and 34 died from unintentional injuries, mostly vehicle collisions. What is a neoplasm? I don’t know but it’s 9 times more likely to kill a child than covid.

        1. Of that 1.7% of deaths “attributed” to the CV19- how many had underlying conditions ? I know in Oregon- not a single “healthy” child- one without UC’s has fallen to this virus- and that is over a year long time period – and counting. This focus on schools and children is intentionally over-blown and needs to stop. Vote Republican and lets get control of our lives back.

  1. Wake up people… The fear mongering is over .. Let the kids breath…mask don’t do anything… Especially from a virus that less deadly to young kids the then the real flu. It’s sicking brainwashing the kids

    1. My friend’s kid still can’t speak after he got COVID. And you know SO MUCH MORE than the neurologist trying to fix his brain. Wow, can I take all of my medical advice from you? You sound brilliant!

      1. I hope your friend’s child has a full recovery. My child will still keep a mask on during recess. I know the vaccination rate is very low for elementary aged kids.

        1. The children I know will be reminded for the rest of their lives- which party in office “ruined” their childhood. Shutdown their summers- closed their schools- put Mom and Dad on welfare- forced them to wear masks and take experimental injections that fixed nothing… Yup- you do what you want with your kid- the ones I know will get a complete education.

  2. Wait a minute “Unvaccinated individuals not wearing masks who are exposed to a positive COVID-19 case while outdoors will need to follow quarantine protocols if they are identified as close contact”. What about the vaxxed do they not have to do this? Because I’m 100% sure they can still get it and transfer it.

    1. It’s not about common sense, it’s about blind obedience. This “vaccine” has done a waaaaaaay better job of dividing the country than all the other tactics. They are going to ride this one out for as long as they can. If they can empower the uneducated and provide a platform for the bullies who push their narrative then they have hope in succeeding with their new world order. This is only the beginning. Their #1 best means of blind obedience is to silence the opposition and label it as “misinformation”. It’s genius. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. To crush a country as strong as ours, it needs to be done from the inside out.

      But don’t worry, some of us see through it and are willing to fight back for the sake of us all. Some of us took an oath to defend our country from enemies both foreign and domestic and we take that very seriously. So, even the weak who spew their hate towards us have protectors willing to protect their ability to spew their hate even if those seem to “cancel” or delete posts based on their judgement of “misinformation”.

  3. Its insanity that there even is an article about this, that this is even a thing. What is wrong with us? Why are people behaving like subjects and not citizens? This is only a thing in certain political hot zones. Children contract, trasmit and die of the FLU more than of covid. More children were shot last year along in Chicago than have died of covid in the entire US. Children literally have a 10x greater chance of dying of drowning, but lets put masks on them and greatly damage their psychy for years to come.

  4. Will be interesting in the next 20 years, to see the long term emotional, mental and physical effects of these masks on our kids, and adults. They do not stop a virus, but certainly have brought a level of fear into so many. For those who say, “yes they do”, this 40 year medical professional says no, they don’t. Go out and get yourself a fitted P-100 cartridge mask, then you will be safe.

    1. Heck even those only filter down to .3 microns where the SARS virus can be as small as .1 micron. I have my full face respirator with P100 cartridges for other reasons but to stop a virus was never one of the reasons. People wonder why so many medical professionals rely on their training over the media and government misinformation. It’s because we know the facts, we just cannot convince the loyal CNN fans otherwise.

  5. Why has KTVZ decided not to cover Kate Brown getting caught at a social event without her mask? Pretty appropriate news.

    Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, was spotted maskless at an event in Washington, D.C., despite pushing for mask mandates in her own state.

    Brown was a “featured guest” at the LGBTQ Victory Fund’s 30th anniversary gala in D.C. and was caught without a face covering in a photo published by an attendee on Twitter.

    The Oregon governor’s appearance at the gala coincides with a push for a “permanent” indoor mask mandate in the state.

    1. Its because the masks are a part of the scam. They are about suppression, oppression and control, nothing more. Even if they worked, they wouldn’t be needed for a virus with over a 99% survival rate. A virus so deadly they had to manipulate the death count using a faulty PCR test with up to 97% false positive rate. So deadly 5 democrat governors had to push covid patients out of hospitals back into nursing homes to infect and inflate the count to create the narrative to push mail in ballots preemptively to steal and election (insert censor here). Now its about revamping the economy and collusion with big pharma who owns the MSM and politicians. Why have over 200 congressman been treated with ivermectin by MD’s? Because it works, but they can’t have you know that so they censor and lie and push fear. Welcome omicron, the next “variant” of the next 72 variants to come. Time to move back to America, ie almost anywhere but CA, OR, WA, NY, NJ, IL where people are behaving like true Americans not communist sheep.

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