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‘Covid fatigue’ impacting mask enforcement at some C.O. businesses

(Update: Adding video, comment from business owner, Oregon OSHA)

PRINEVILLE, Ore. (KTVZ) -- Traci Haley is the co-owner of the Yo Central frozen yogurt shop in Prineville, and she acknowledges: “Covid fatigue is real.”

But two years into the pandemic, she is still enforcing an indoor mask policy in her store.

“I get really tired of telling people, ‘Hey you need to wear a mask, to pull it over your nose.’ It’s tiring, but it’s important,” Haley said Thursday.

Haley is a cancer survivor, and immune compromised.

She said other stores seem to let mask-wearing go, but with her situation, she can't afford to.

“I especially don’t want to see what Covid would do to someone like me, so I ask my customers to wear a mask,” Haley said. 

On Wednesday, all three Central Oregon counties had the highest rate of covid cases per 100K people in the state.

Crook at 2,099, Deschutes at 2,117, and Jefferson at 2,070.

Oregon OSHA said it is still actively enforcing mask-wearing policies, giving at least 219 citations and issuing several hundred thousands of dollars in fines since the pandemic began.

OSHA said it follows Oregon Health Authority guidelines, ensuring businesses, “make reasonable efforts to ensure customers, guests, visitors and other individuals comply with this rule within the indoor space.”

But not everyone seems to care.

NewsChannel 21 asked Doug Deurden, who lives in Prineville, if he wears a mask in a store with a sign telling him to do so.

“No, I don’t,” Deurden said. “I don’t think they need to be worn anywhere.”

One man told NewsChannel 21 if he knows the store enforces the policy, he’ll keep the mask on. But if he knows that they don’t really care, he’ll take it off.

Haley said, “That’s their right -- they don’t have to wear a mask, But they just can’t not wear a mask here.” 

Haley said she’s lost business, been called names to her face and harassed over the phone.

But it’s not going to change her mind.

 “I can’t compromise on what I believe is right just for the sake of building my business,” Haley said.

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



  1. Chin diapers don’t work. If people really listened to the science and not fauci, you would know this. Studies show the chin diaper is useless at preventing the spread of disease. Read and research on your own the media is not vested in telling the truth.

    1. Perhaps if you and others wore them properly – covering mouth and nose and not just the chin – we could have a rationale conversation about this. And another “do your own research” person here, good times.

      1. So why doesn’t Z21 on-air news casters wear masks- even when guests are 4 feet away on their news desk ? What a horrible message to send to the wild eyed easily influenced out there.

      2. Many people adamant about masking gladly go into restaurants, surrounded by other people, and take off their masks. If you can go maskless in a restaurant, why not elsewhere? What makes a crowded restaurant so different than a grocery store? What is lacking is consistency in the policy, which is helping drive divisiveness.

        1. True that. And as you will notice, People wear the mask before they are seated, but a large amount of people don’t wear the mask to leave the restaurant. Its all for show. I mean seriously, what are the servers going to do, ask them to leave while they are already headed out the door?

          1. Read the whole thing, not just passed the “peak case load”, but cloth/paper masks not effective with Omicron, vaccination status irrelevant as far a susceptibility and transmittability, Europe and Great Britain recognize natural immunity is as effective or more than vaccinations.
            The reason they are dropping Covid restrictions is because of the ineffectiveness of the restrictions, not because Covid has been conquered.
            The susceptible members of society remain at risk, and that will not go away.
            There is no conquering Covid, we have no choice but to live with it.

            1. Yeah, you’re still not reading and interpreting that correctly. At least you’ve got the name right. Now go back and read it again. Pay attention to phrases like “people are still advised to wear coverings in enclosed or crowded spaces and when meeting strangers”.

    2. Yeah every time I see a surgeon on TV wearing a mask when they do surgery, I just think that is such Hollywood make-believe. Louis Pasteur was a fake. I also wish doctors and nurses would stop wearing gloves, they are not very fashionable.

      1. Surgeons don’t wear it to prevent themselves from getting sick by the patient they work on. They wear them, not cut the risk of spreading germs to the patient while the body is open. Our bodies ability to fight anything is in our nose and mouth, not in exposed body tissues. Obviously since post operative infections occur, these masks do not always work even for the reasons they designed.

        1. OK genius…let me walk you through this and play back what you just said. The surgeon is wearing a mask because why?….is it so that his germs coming out of their mouth and\or nose does are not exposed to the patient? The correct answer is….yes. Are germs, including viruses, blocked 100% by our nose or mouth (or in other words, are our nose and mouth a 100% protective barrier from airborne particulates getting into our system)? Correct answer is……NO, otherwise the flu and common cold would never spread and infect people the way it does. So (here is the part where you need to really pay attention), a person (like a surgeon) is wearing a mask so as to not spread germs. That same concept can be applied to a person around that surgeon. If you wear a mask, you can prevent germs from other people getting into you. There you go, lesson over.

          1. Surgeons wear masks to prevent bacteria to be slit into a open wound in a sterile operating theater. It to prevent respiratory virus transmission which is airborne and aerosolized. You look dumb. Go take a A and P and micro class.

            1. I look dumb??? Who can’t write a coherent sentence? And you think that the only reason that surgeons wear masks is so that they don’t spit (slit?) into a patient??!!! It is hard to really understand your simpleton argument (if there is one) with how poorly articulated it is. Go take a few elementary school class and learn how to communicate again. Then after that, go back to 1860s and learn the modern germ theory.

          2. I hate to debunk and run, but I will go ahead. Surgeons are not using cloth masks or bandanas. Neither are they using imitation hospital masks. Surgeons are no longer using the old style surgical masks they are using N95 respirators. The old style surgical masks do not stop disease. They were simply to help fight off bacterial infection but do little against a virus ≈0.1 μm in diameter. A hospital grade mask also does little. Even the CDC has recently stated that you should upgrade your masks to either a KN95 or an N95 because the masks that are being used are worthless against the Novel Coronavirus variants like Omicron. Although the Omicron hasn’t proved to be anywhere near as deadly as the Delta or the original strain.
            If you want to try my knowledge in this area, just let me give you my answer ahead of time. I have had 28 different surgical procedures. I have seen the mask change first hand.

            1. Enlightened Truth – N95 does nothing to prevent germ transmission from the person wearing it. What is does is helps the wearer not to get others germs. Those who are scared, by all means go get a N95 mask. I have no problem with you wearing it to protect yourself. I have a problem when others expect me to wear a mask to protect them, you don’t know my health issues, so do not presume that I can and will wear a mask for you. Not that I don’t care about others. It is that I care about my breathing and my body, masks cause indescribable pain and difficulty getting air out of my lungs. Masks should be a choice based on your health, not a government choice.

          3. Capt Obvious- you missed my point. Despite masks post operative infections remain very high. Again, an open wound is extremely susceptible to bacteria. Masks do not prevent post operative infections, they just cut the risk a bit. Same with Covid, which is one of the smallest particles, if we are to believe the science people are pushing, escapes the masks. What good does it do? If we were to give people 6 ft of space, shouldn’t that be enough? The plexiglass barriers at stores…is that not enough? Masks are causing health issues in a large number of people. Is the risk of serious infections in the lungs and body damage from re-breathing carbon dioxide worth it? Especially children whose brains are still developing. There is enough data, per the science you all speak so highly of, that masks are not an acceptable alternative to good hygiene like hand washing.

            Take Florida…oldest population by state. No mask orders, no vaccine orders, and lowest rate of infection in the united states right now. What is different with them compared to here? They have given up trying to control a virus and have embraced it. They got over the infections and they are living their lives. Likely most of their residents have immunity now, which is why they are not getting sick. We humans feel the need to control everything, even our colds. We are not capable of controlling viruses. To play God with a virus is only going to create the situation we have now. Fatigue doesn’t even begin to express what is happening in Central Oregon. We are angry. We are tired of being told how to live our lives. We have the right to take care of ourselves, but not the right to impose our will on others. Non-compliance will continue as long as people who think they “know better” continue to try to dictate what life should look like for all.

        2. Exactly. I worked in the OR at SCMC and can say with certainty that’s why we wear masks. When someone had a known case of TB, we were issued special masks that were fitted to our face to protect us from getting sick. Normal paper or cloth masks do little to protect someone from getting ill.

    3. Chin diapers don’t work because you’re wearing what is supposed to go over your face under your chin. Studies DO NOT show what you state, they actually state the complete opposite.

      I love how every one of you are so liberal with your “listen to the science” routine when not a one of you *actually* listen to the science. Likely because you don’t understand it.

      1. Please show the link to the study that shows where a cloth mask works against a virus. Almost everyone is wearing a cloth mask. I’m waiting. You are not listening to the science. There seems to be no logic in your version of science.

    1. The CDC certainly did not say “masks don’t work”. What they said is that you should upgrade your mask to either an N95 or KN95. Obviously a mask made out of the equivalent of T-shirt material is literally worthless. Then there are those out there who think a bandana or a gaiter is also a useful mask. these, so called masks< are just face coverings that do nothing but cover their ugly mugs and maybe stop others from smelling their bad breath. KN95s and N95s work against a virus the best. And even they are not fool proof. And there certainly are a tremendous amount of fools out there.

    1. Science denier? Go look in the mirror. You wear masks that don’t work, go get fit tested for a N 95 and then we can talk. You get experimental vaxxed over and over despite the fact that you still get Covid. That is anti science. Go get 4 boosters next year.

      1. Hahah holy crap, this kid has no idea how vaccines work against different types of viruses. I’m not surprised the public education system failed you so badly.

  2. Why follow a mandate when there is inadequate evidence supporting it? The evidence supporting the mandate should be presented by those declaring the mandate. It’s not up to the rest of us, two years into the pandemic/endemic, to disprove the mandate. Heck even Governor Brown doesn’t follow the mandate when out of state: what difference does it make if she is in Oregon or not?

    1. Hey Prolife — tell that to my friend – who has worked in retail for almost 2 years now. Religious about wearing a mask – but refused the vaccine. That individual is now in the hospital going on 5 days. Low oxygen levels. Struggling to return to “normal” breathing again. And guess how much the average COVID hospitalization costs…so even with the best insurance it is still going to be costly. And then there is recovery.

      So feel free to go maskless and vaxx-less but keep in mind, choices bring consequences. Not always positive.

      1. What about the 75 year old man who was told to get his 2 jab, booster and a flu shot? Wanna know the rest… Since, My Father-in-law has 5 stokes, 1 brain bleed and is now on deaths door. My Wife is about to head to FL to say goodbye to him. All because he fell victim to the pressure of ” Just get the vaccine for the great good”.. This vaccine is not safe

        1. You have said that before, very sorry about his illness. Have his doctors said they are certain the vaccinations caused or worsened his health problems? It would seem that would be major news there – if it was here and doctors were speaking about it on the record, I’m pretty confident it would be here.

          1. You’re kidding yourself.. This is happening to so many people and the news has stayed silent on any subject that paints the VAX or VAX manufacturer’s in a bad light..

                1. Yep, about the same time we are presented all the evidence supporting the massive election fraud.

                1. I will no longer respond to comments that begin with calling me “Fife.” I have that right, and you are insensitive to the person reading all this stuff.
                  Besides, “proof something doesn’t happen” is backwards. Proof is about what does happen.

      2. Some of us trust our immune system over the VAX manufacturer’s and MSM based on their track records.. Too much criminal conduct to list from both..

      3. While I am so sorry about your friend Frogs eye, I can’t believe that they are in hospital when if given the RIGHT therapeutic protocol, they would be better already. How do I know that? Because I was sick with COVID, very low oxygen levels, passing out and throwing up. I was treated, at home, with Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Budesonide inhalation, and some steroids along with an oxygen concentrator. Within 24 hours, I was better and another 24 hours I was right as rain! It saddens me to see all the people who don’t understand and are not prepared for if they get sick. I do hope your friend gets better. The faster they get out of hospital, the better they will be.

        1. It’s too bad we will never know how many lives would have been saved and hospitalizations would have been prevented if doctors would treat patients instead of telling them to go to the hospital when their symptoms get bad enough.

      4. I have to agree with orred. Your friend’s mask didn’t do him/her much good, did it? To be quite frank, I had a friend who did both. He wore the mask everywhere and had three shots. He is no longer with us. I am not an anti-vaxxer, I am vaxxed. But don’t fool yourself.
        As for your friend, ask their doctor about sedation. Whether or not they are keeping them sedated and how strong of a sedative. Sedatives can reduce breathing while sedated.

        1. As for how I know sedatives reduce breathing, while sedated after multiple surgical procedures, nurses had to wake me to tell me to breathe. I was on milder forms of sedatives. Patients on respirators are placed on stronger sedatives and already weakened breathing.

          1. Agreed, I was also awakened by the nurses during the night after surgeries. I was told the main reason they check vitals during the night is to check breathing levels. That’s how I found out about how sedatives reduce breathing levels as well.

            1. People who are selfish, self centered and need attention even if it’s negative won’t understand what you are saying. To bad that unless they can prove a made up statistic or information you could just block it? Instead you go back and forth debating with ignorance which I don’t get?

                1. Barney, who appointed the media to be what is true and what isn’t? That is why I am constantly calling Media out. You are supposed to give all sides, not make the determination of which is correct and which isn’t. That is for the readers to decide. That is a good part of the reason why so many distrust the current narrative. Truth is not something force fed to us. Truth is not always black and white. Just like trust the science isn’t true. Science is all about proving and disproving the theory.

            2. This is a true statement. However, it’s also been proven that the so-called vaccine doesn’t keep us from contracting or spreading the virus either. Perhaps it is time to quit having the COVID narrative constantly shoved down our throats? We need to move on!

                1. There are so many falsehoods on this no one can differentiate which are misinformation and which aren’t. Thus I stand by my comment. In my opinion, the media is responsible for COVID fatigue.

        1. When one side is doing stuff that causes the problem, in this case the mask and vaxx deniers, they need to be blamed. If they are tied of being blamed vy everyone, then let them do the right thing and work together to protect society rather than crying like spoiled brats about “muh freedoms”.

        2. That’s not gonna happen I know wishful thinking hummp. They will swear till they’re 🔵 in the face they’re right and we’re ignoramuses for not believing them. They say we know better than to question the current administration. At least we’re not going down the road Australia 🦘 is for now

      1. Hopefully folks are confident to think for themselves and detach from the ever bearing push from media to gaslight those in the medical community into thinking what they’ve always known to be science is actually backwards. Your best target for your false science is those not involved in practicing medicine. But you unfortunately cannot control your choice of audience, your best bet is to silence or ridicule those who speak against your propaganda. Hence why ktvz “is one of the last news sources with a comment section, and that will probably change because of all the trolls”.

        Sorry dude, some of us folks are wiser than that.

          1. Just like the stories in lately are all facts…have you laid eyes on any of the Peacekeepers or Peoples Rights people to assess for yourself what facts are? Honestly I can say you have not. You have taken great pains to avoid finding out for yourself the truth about both groups. Instead you choose to believe the few who want everyone to believe the worst.
            I mention both because the Peacekeepers are actually doing some amazing things for the homeless. I hope they continue to help them, but within the bounds of the law. Just like the Peoples Rights group is not far right extremists. You would truly be shocked that most of the group you interact with daily and have no idea they are members. They are your neighbors, friends, business owners grandmothers, mothers, and more.
            Both groups get maligned, though one has caused a few instigation and issues, which they seem to be growing out of now. Why don’t you try actually going out in the community and really interacting with people for a change before you label them.

            1. We have interviewed Luke Richter for a story in recent days (cleanup of the Barry Washington Jr. Memorial.)
              Please don’t put words in my/our mouths or claim to know what I’m/we’re thinking. It’s not true. I will endeavor not to do that to you/others/

      2. Very few people are wearing proper masks Barney. As it stands, the masks being worn by the majority of the population most certainly do not work against a virus ≈0.1 μm in diameter.

        1. The virus itself might be 0.1μm, but the respiratory droplets they hitch a ride with have a minimum size of ~4.7μm.

          Lee, B. (2020). Minimum sizes of respiratory particles carrying SARS-COV-2 and the possibility of aerosol generation. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(19), 6960.

    1. It is more accurate to say that surgical masks, based on the best available research, slow the transmission down 11% when worn 43% of the time. They do not stop the transmission, which is the main justification of mandates. Now, some will say that slowing down is the same as stopping transmission, but it is not. There will be no herd immunity, and thus slowing down only slightly delays the inevitable, which to people like you and I, realize is insufficient to justify a mandate.

      The part that really makes the mandates unjustified is that they don’t demand surgical if not N95s and given that omicron is many times more infectious than when the studies were performed, there is no longer any basis for the mandates. Omicron infectivity will likely reduce the effectiveness even of N95s.

      1. Who says “stopping” as opposed to reducing transmission are “the main justification of mandates”? What rule or guideline applies and works 100%? None. The absolutism is akin to whataboutism and sad elements of the Blame Society.

        1. The vaccines against polio and smallpox reduce the transmission to a sufficient degree these diseases can be abolished as herd immunity will occur: small pox has been eradicated and polio also would be if the last few spots were allowed access to the vaccine by the local warlords. Herd immunity occurs when the Rnaught is less than 1. Covid will never be harnessed or controlled with 100% vaccination and masking as it is simply too infectious. The mandates would have to lead to herd immunity, and there is no way we are going to do that with masks or mandates in general. With omicron, there is no protection of others by those individuals wearing masks.

          Masks even with a 20% decrease in transmission will not likely decrease the spread to be less than 1. In other words, omicron is so infectious, the vast majority if not every single person, will be exposed. So how can it possibly be argued masks will “protect others” or otherwise “stop the spread” if it is inevitable everyone will be exposed?

          1. I don’t believe anyone ever used the term “stop the spread”. I believe they used the term “slow the spread”. Which can never be gauged. Since there is not one person on this planet that can tell us what the future holds, then there is not one person who can tell us, definitively, that the spread has in fact been slowed. So far, every time they say the numbers are down, it isn’t long before they say the numbers are up again. All we can do is make an attempt to do our best to keep ourselves healthy. I do know this. There are a vast amount of people who need to make better choices.

      1. Perhaps it’s just as accurate as CNN? It’s an alternative point of view and open minded people look for alternatives before making decisions.

      1. you didn’t read the full article. Every major city that imposed mask mandates saw their massive spike occur after the mandates indicating zero, in fact, a negative correlation.

        and what you missed in that article was: Conclusion: Wearing masks (other than N95) will not be effective at preventing SARS-CoV-2 transmission, whether worn as source control or as PPE.
        N95s protect health care workers, but are not recommended for source control transmission.
        Surgical masks are better than cloth but not very efficient at preventing emissions from infected patients. Cloth masks must be 3 layers, plus adding static electricity by rubbing with rubber glove.
        The cloth that serves as the filtration for the mask is meant to trap particles being breathed in and out. But it also serves as a barrier to air movement because it forces the air to take the path of least resistance, resulting in the aerosols going in and out at the sides of the mask.

        1. Sorry. Posting news, working with reporters, etc. — that comes first. Reading assignments from anonymous commenters who clearly have a lot of time on their hands for their “research” and use it as ammunition to reject info we post here daily… not so much.

          1. deflecting. The studies against masks are too many to count from around the world including major medical journals. Again, if masks work, why didn’t they? There is zero correlation of effectiveness, in fact, we have the opposite effect. Every major city shows spikes soon after mask mandates. Click that link, scroll down for a few graphs from cities around the world. I could post a lot more links and create more work for you. Apparently no one is capable of sharing research except from approved journalist otherwise they will call it “research”.

                1. I’m no robot. Some times I have more time than others. Maybe you are 100 pct. consistent in your life. With a screen name such as yours, such snark is expected, and given all the respect it deserves.

  3. The interpretation of studies is how one differentiates between them. What are the endpoints and what are the social values and legal standards that establish those endpoints? This is where people are having difficulty stringing everything together. I am aware of the Bangladesh study, but the article referenced is interpreted by a science writer, who do not have the same level as education as the researchers or physicians that I follow. Yes, the surgical masks do show an 11% reduction with an overall 43% compliance rate. The crux of a mandate is that there is science showing that by mandating one person to wear a mask, that it prevents transmission to other people, not just a modest reduction. For example, you want your brakes to result in your car stopping, not just slowing down but still causing an accident. Given that masks only slow the transmission rate, but don’t stop transmission at the population level, the mandate is an overreach based on insufficient evidence. Now if masks truly stopped transmission at the population level, then it could be argued that the mandate is saving lives. If it isn’t obvious by now, we are all going to be exposed to covid, unless you live a hermit lifestyle. The masks will not change this eventuality and thus in my opinion, mandates are unjustified.

      1. Useless, no. But quite possibly they do more harm than good. Unless it is a properly fit N95, you are merely performing theatre. If you can feel air escaping around the mask, it isn’t working. If your mask is an old T-shirt it does not do much. Some homemade masks have been shown to spread particles worse than no mask.
        The real problem with the masks that are not very effective at stopping virus particulates is that it still blocks your face. With adults,.no big deal. Some of you look better masked. Myself included. Kids are wear the problems start. Kids socialization is suffering. They are already socially handicapped by screens. Now when they are torn away from the screen, they still can’t read someone’s face for emotion. We are socially retarding a generation of children for a very dubious benefit. The masks as currently mandated do not adequately slow down the transmission of covid. The person in the story should get a properly fit N95 mask, and stay away from big indoor crowds, etc.

        1. That’s not the entire picture. I wish I could find the data source, but if you’re wearing nothing you have the highest risk of transmission and infection. Wearing a paper/cloth mask reduces transmission significantly and reduces infection slightly. If you want the most protection for yourself, then a properly fitted N95 or equivalent is going to give you significant coverage against transmission and infection. This is a very, very simplified explanation, but it gets the idea across.

            1. Ditto. Have learned they have had up to 200+ out sick with covid positive tests…but they are ALL vaccinated. now, the government is okaying bringing them back to work on day 5 sick or not due to shortages. Was letting go of all of those un-vaccinated workers worth it? Especially since most are now making 3-5x more money in Oregon as traveling nurses, which don’t have to be vaccinated. Makes sense.

    1. Make sure you remind your surgeon before you get surgery to not use a mask, since they don’t work and haven’t been working the last 100+ years surgeons have used them to prevent disease spread during surgery.

  4. First, there are masks and then there are masks. Some were calling pulling a on ply see through handkerchief over just your mouth a mask. So, a person needs to pin down what the virus filtering ability of the mask you are promoting or demoting. Also, the virus has changed. Covid 1.0 wasn’t all that transmissible but caused much serious symptoms. Today with omicrom variant, we find the virus is 100 times more transmissible (fewer particles needed) but way less serious symptoms. Tying it all together, at the start of the pandemic a so so mask was adequate because it only had to block most of the virus particles. Currently we need a very very good mask that blocks nearly all the particles. So, you can see how over time, we can get data and studies that come up with different conclusions based on the changing virus and no common definition on what a mask is. I started with a two ply cotton at the onset of this disease. I’ve since moved to N95. What you knew a year ago may very well be nonsense today. You have to change with the changing situation.

    1. Might consider a full face respirator with some P100 cartridges. N95 filters 95% of particles down to 1 micron where P100 goes down to .3 micron. But don’t research too hard because you’ll be bummed to know that COVID is a .1 micron virus.

      I’m sure anytime now media is going to turn their focus to gaslighting the science on N95 respirators.

      1. If you only understood how viruses are transmitted you might be onto something. Covid could be a tiny fleck of absolute nothing and a plain old paper mask would still catch it as it leaves your body, because they don’t float around and get ejected all on their little lonesome. So, all you need to stop is the transmission “vehicle”. In this case, respiratory droplets of about 9.3 microns are about the minimum size necessary to pack Covid out and float around.

          1. Hey Matt – I know science is hard. Maybe somebody with plenty of time to waste and some fat crayons can explain it to you someday. That’s not me though.

            1. And we resort to name calling and belittling those who do not agree with you. This is what is wrong today. Instead of discussing things rationally, we resort to force feeding your view and emphatically forcing others to agree with it or you begin name calling/shaming. Way to go. Maybe this is why people are no longer listening. As a teenager who listened to their parents when they emphatically told you not to do something? Likely about 80% did it anyway.

        1. Sorry, if the virus is aerosol then it escapes with your breathe out the sides, top, and bottom of the paper mask. Go outside in cold weather and watch how your breath escapes your paper mask. Not good enough.

  5. Fife,
    Perhaps the reporter can provide the info on what merchants are requiring masks so those that don’t want to wear a mask will know where not to go.

  6. For all of you who are mask resistant — scroll up to a comment on ProLife’s remark (by me). They do work – as do the vaccines, but only if you are being preventative and thinking about others, not just “self”.

    Good luck to y’all. Happy trails.

        1. Or – now, hear me out – it’s about realizing that living in a society requires one to sometimes think about people other than themselves? Some dude I think had something to say about that actually… Let me see here: GALATIANS 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”; HEBREWS 13:16 “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”; ROMANS 12:13 “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”; PROVERBS 3:27 “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.”. I could go on for a while, but maybe it’s not all about you.

          1. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ESV / 94 helpful votes
            Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.
            1 Corinthians 3:16-17 ESV / 32 helpful votes
            Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.
            Romans 12:1-2 ESV / 30 helpful votes
            I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.
            1 Corinthians 12:27 ESV / 21 helpful votes
            Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it.

  7. The hypocrisy of the right is just laughable…
    If a “private” business chooses to follow the mask mandate it is no longer about “your” personal rights. It’s about the rights of the “private” business. Every time some idiot goes into a private business and makes a political stink about masks they’re automatically wrong. I’ll be damned if somebody’s going to come into “my” business and try to tell me how things are going to be. Follow “my” rules or get out. That is my right.

    1. Most people on the right aren’t speaking out against private businesses that require masks, most of them are speaking out against 4′ something” tall idiot Democrat Governor with Harry Potter glasses forcing masks on ALL businesses within the state. Apparently you don’t listen to the foolish Democrat politicians, if you did, you would truly understand hypocrisy.

      1. “Most people on the right aren’t speaking out against private businesses that require masks”

        No they’re just going to private businesses, breaking their rules, and then getting in the faces of the employees over their disagreement with Kate Brown.

        Perfect embodiment of exactly how stupid you people are. Kate Brown bad, but you’re going to private businesses to mess and disrupt them (while they are most likely understaffed) and you’re shocked the world thinks you’re a sad, idiotic joke.


    2. Amen, BigD!! The woman who was interviewed has the right to enforce people to wear masks. It is HER business! I am astounded and saddened by the lack of empathy some people have towards our fellow humans. This store owner is a Cancer survivor and people are still acting like ignorant children in HER place of work. I also noticed that people are calling her on the phone to harass her. Not only are they bullies, but they are cowards as they don’t do it in person. Just mind blowing and shameful.

  8. It really doesn’t matter to me if the messaging is inconsistent and/or the science unclear. If a business that I don’t own has a sign on the door to wear a mask I wear it if I want to go inside. Politics and science arguments aren’t relevant. It’s common courtesy until such time they change the sign.

  9. the bottom line to all of this isn’t even if masks work or don’t, but that masks, nor jabs, nor any medical procedure should never be mandated on a healthy, let alone even a sick person without their consent. Cue Nuremberg code and Title 7 under the US Human Rights Act which actually protects all patrons of businesses against wearing a mask against their consent as refusal of service qualifies as discrimination. People don’t know this and they should.

    1. First of all there is no Human Rights Act in the US, and if you meant the Civil Rights Act, Title Seven pertains to employees not customers.
      ” Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a federal law that protects employees against discrimination based on certain specified characteristics: race, color, national origin, sex, and religion…”

    2. You apparently don’t know it either. But that’s about par for you – you love to take a tiny piece of knowledge and believe you know it all. Every time you get an inch of rope you think you’re a cowboy. Pretty sure you’re the picture in the dictionary next to Dunning-Kruger.

  10. It’s amazing, if you travel just one state to the east, there is almost none of this nonsense, and even in Boise, mask wearing is a fairly small percentage. Yes yes, I know, I should move there. BTW England is dropping all the mask mandates too.
    Question for you mask aficionados: How long are you going to wear that thing? Another year? Until the governor says you can stop? When Reverend Fauci says so? Forever?

      1. Maybe they do have a bit higher vaccination rate, but there was a time where Oregon had reached its target, and then suddenly that goalpost moved and we’re back in the naughty corner.
        Also, yes we are “different” here, and for the better. As much as some people among us hate that, Americans have a largely different view on the relationship between governments and citizens.

    1. Being immuno-compromised I will probably be wearing a mask the rest of my life. I have no problem protecting my own health and possibly not spreading something to someone else. Fred Meyer Redmond is one of the worst offenders in this area not enforcing wearing of masks even though their sign on the door says masks are a must.

  11. Wow, so many local epidemiologists I had no idea!

    To understand why Deschutes County (and Central OR) has some of the highest covid rates in the state, one might simply can refer to the comments section of the local news here, or perhaps visit a Bend grocery store and see how many still refuse to wear any form of PPE because they have “done their own research”.

  12. The fact that there were hardly any reports of the flu and no one I know had a cold in the winter of 2020, is proof that masks work. More people were wearing them then. Duh!! If you’re not spitting on other people, less germs.

      1. Hmm if only there was a scale for how contagious and spreadable a virus is compared to other viruses.

        Yeah it’s super hard to understand why the virus that reproduces at a rate 1.4-2.4 times higher than the flu and 3-5 times higher than the common cold with a longer window for contagious transmission than the cold or flu could be spreading while the less contagious versions aren’t. So weird dude.

  13. It’s over. No one except the brainwashed are wearing masks. As I’ve said all along, toss the masks. No one says anything. If they do you don’t get in trouble because guess what there is no law. Oregon is one of very few with many mandates, how are those other states surviving? You see how many countries are ending their mandates as well? Sorry you liberals who drank the koolaid and got 3-4 experimental vaxxed, it’s over. Serious question, how many boosters will you get before you wake up?

      1. That same statement could be applied to the finger wagging Branch Covidians who claim to know better because they have the backing of “science” which is clearly politicized.

    1. All the boosters they’ll give me. I have a career in medicine and research behind me. I actually understand the papers you “very fine individuals” link on a regular basis. I’ve also worked in developing countries with limited access to vaccines. I’d say you were like the blind leading the blind but they have the apparent advantage of being able to hear and comprehend.

    2. Oregone, just because someone wears a mask. Doesn’t mean they’re brainwashed. The other day I went to a local business and noticed the lady coming out didn’t have a mask on. I Iooked inside and saw the cashier didn’t have a mask on either. I decided I wasn’t going to wear mine. Then i saw a little old man walking in with his N95. I put my mask on for the sake of this individual. I do not know him but I’m compassionate about others and didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. All these religious “do good” types can’t even practice what they preach. Instead they use a basic vocabulary of words against anyone who disagrees. Sheep, brainwashed, socialist, propaganda. Words I guarantee they didn’t use before the pandemic or trump became president. Ever read the comments on Facebook? Absolutely vile and disgusting. Have some free time? Look them up on public records. Almost all of these people have a record a mile long. Wonder why no one wants to enforce the mask mandate. Probably, because owners are in fear of being verbally or physically assaulted. Or even shot. The hypocrisy could be pointed on both sides but the MAGA crowd is really something else. A lot of these folks seem to forget they’ve had to take vaccines. Remember the sugar cubes in grade school? Masking isn’t perfect and the vaccine won’t stop you from getting it. However, it greatly reduces your chance of hospitalization or death. Anyone who thinks “ let’s go Brandon” is funny. Probably laughs when someone farts. Trump has divided this country beyond repair.

  14. You are right, Oregone- it’s over. Only the sleepers are insisting on the vaccines and masks. It is silly to believe you can stop a virus with a mask. Nor do the vaccines work-actually the reverse is true. They do real damage to many people. Prove it to yourself by visiting the VAERS site. There you will see deaths over 24K due to vaccines. Yes, these are self reported and reported by physicians. But I doubt 20K is far off from the actual truth. Ask some insurance companies about the 40% increase in deaths SINCE the introduction of vaccines. They are distressed as are funeral directors. The deep State call these Covid deaths. Hmmm-wonder why we have MORE deaths now after all these amazing “vaccines”. Doesn’t make sense does it? And I am not a genius but I know how to critically think. Calling someone ignorant without backing it up with facts is for the lazy. As for me, I can’t wait for the truth to come out. It will be difficult for many vaccine advocates to accept but indoctrination is hard to overcome. Just keep an open mind and pay attention to what you see around you. NOT what you hear from the mockingbird media. Those are misleading headlines and outright lies.

    1. “Only the sleepers are insisting on the vaccines and masks. It is silly to believe you can stop a virus with a mask.”

      Right on — make sure you remind your surgeon of this indisputable fact next time you’re about to get a surgery performed on you. You better insist and insist that they don’t wear a mask, as they have done for the last 100+ years of recorded medical science, because they patently do not work at preventing the spread of disease.

      I would never want to see you be a blatant hypocrite and allow people to use surgical masks or other protective equipment when treating you. And I’m sure you don’t want to be a liar and hypocrite as well — so make sure you put your money where your mouth is. No masks when performing surgery on you. Period.

  15. Is Ms. Haley vaccinated? Is she triple jabbed? If so. She has nothing to worry about. Unless we have been mislead about the usefulness of these “vaccines.”

      1. 100% BS and you know it. President Joe Biden said “If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die.”

        1. Who cares what Biden said? People that have a basic understanding of reality don’t take their medical advice from politicians. You should try it.

    1. Yes, I’m both vaccinated and boosted and very fortunate to have not gotten covid the entirety of this pandemic. But I’m also immune compromised, as mentioned above, and know that, just like masks, the vaccine doesn’t work 100%. I take multiple precautions in hopes of lowering the chances of getting sick, or spreading illness to others. I was hospitalized in October with the common cold, so I’d prefer not to see what covid would do to me.

        1. One single N95 is enough to prevent droplet transmission — not that you care, understand, or have a brain.

          It’s been funny watching you stooges fall flat on your faces in this thread. Nothing like watching a bunch of angry, stupid yokels go full Dunning Kruger.

          Just make sure you’re not a pathetic hypocrite in the future. Tell your surgeon to stop using them while treating you. Doctors too. They don’t work, after all, right? If you get medical treatment from anyone wearing a mask you’re a blatant hypocrite and your opinion would be totally invalidated due to you’re blatant hypocrisy. Don’t give in, stand up for what you believe in, and stop accepting care from people who don’t share you’re insane delusions.

  16. Ok, so if you grown babies cannot wear a little itty bitty mask for a few minutes out of respect for others who may not be as fortunate as you to be immune to illness; how about have some respect for the businesses that you frequent? Do you realize how short staffed businesses are? How over worked and fatigued people who actually work for a living are? How dare you be so selfish that you jeopardize those workers who perhaps work for a corporation whose rule is to enforce mask mandates? If 1 person gets sick in a business, that’s a 2 week absence of work, and then the dominoes fall and more staff get sick, catching on? Bottom line, stop being whiney a** babie, grow up and JUST WEAR THE MASK
    Give people a break! I should not have to police grown men who come into a business making sure I see the gun on his hip and his bright red Trump hat, if you don’t want to abide by our rules then STAY OUT, shop online.

    1. That happen to you a lot? That little story at the end? Be honest….

      I travel a lot. Oregon is by far the most restrictive place I have witnessed when it comes to masks. I’m not sure Oregon’s covid rates are any different. I have zero problem with any business asking me to wear a mask. I doubt most masks are very effective, but that is beside the point. If a business wants me to wear a mask, I will wear the mask. A real one too. I do take issue with Kate’s decree. Many businesses put up the signs, and force their employees to mask up because he queen says so. They don’t believe in it, but they won’t risk her ire. These are the businesses that don’t enforce the mandate at all. Some business owners are true believers in mask magic. These are the ones that enforce it. That is their right. We would be way better off if Salem would get it’s boot off the necks of the businesses, and let them choose how they want to handle the issue. If I want to go in a business that wants me to mask up, I will. It’s not that big of a deal to me. Given a choice, and if there are few people in the store, and I’m not going to be in there long, I would rather not wear a mask. If the store is crowded, and Im gonna be in there a while, I mask up without being asked. Regardless of if there is a sign or not. For my safety. With a real mask. It’s not too much to ask at this point for the government to let us assess our own risk and choose accordingly. If these masks were wildly effective, maybe I would feel differently.

      1. Yes sir, I’m sorry to say that is a true story. It has happened on more than one occasion, and it is always men who act so childish, one man actually called my co-worker a liar and pushed her aside. I have met more “mask-holes”(as I like to call them) in the past year than I have ever met. I just hate how a mask is now a political statement, when it should just be a humanity statement.

  17. Ah yes, the old “they’re uneducated rednecks” snarky response to people who disagree with your worldview. I doubt you’re as superior as you claim to be.

    1. What else would you call a bunch of imbeciles with zero degrees or expertise in viruology or medicine in general suddenly believing masks no longer work despite 100+ years of indisputable disease prevention use in medicine?

      “I doubt you’re as superior as you claim to be.”

      It’s not like the bar is set super high, you’re just so damn stupid you chose to be in the bottom 10% of intelligence and the obtuse idiocy you’re displaying here is a great example of why you’re doomed to be dumb unless you can serious reconsider how you evaluate information.

      1. Son? Don’t be silly, you can call me Daddy, sweetheart. You keep pretending that being subservient and incapable of forming your own opinions without an “expert” makes you intelligent. The only thing people like you are good at is complying for brownie points.

  18. I wonder if anyone that was hospitalized for a “cold” would question if it’s because their immune system was weakened by continuous “vaccination” with the mRNA system? No? Think about it. I hope I’m wrong but I fear I’m at least somewhat right about this.

      1. Logic and science? You’re clearly an easily manipulated drone. Your so called “scientists” have done nothing but lie and contradict themselves for 2 years. So shut up. Enjoy your shots and masks forever. I’ll never comply with any of it. It’s a cold. Deal with it and clam up.

  19. You are spot on Orred-let the individual decide. If one doesn’t want to mask up in a store that requires it, don’t shop there. This is how we get our liberty back. Business owners will eventually make the sensible decision to drop their mask requirement for their economic survival. Masks don’t do much good unless you’re sneezing strongly across the room. There are many studies that prove this and the risk of continual mask wearing (decreased o2, increased CO2, bacterial infection, and social repression) far outweigh the benefit of possibly stopping a momentary “sneeze”. Did you know that long ago slaves were masked by their owners to shame them? And finally I can add: “Those that would trade liberty for security, deserve neither”-Benjamin Franklin.

  20. Time for Karens like “Haley” and the local snitch mobile to can it. OSHA has no legal enforcement powers- they been told to back off with their gestapo tactics- it’s killing the US and global economies to the extent that little lyin Joey Biden now has the worst approval ratings of any US President “EVA” ! So lets be clear- “face coverings” don’t work- N95 masks with twist offs under the chin and a negative pressure check “do” ! The whole idea of the 6 foot rule denied both science and OSHA’s standard “buffer zone” policies… the skam continues to unravel- pay attention- vote Biden 24 and really send a message to those with emptying bank accounts who still don’t get it.

    1. Everyone in my family’s bank accounts are getting fatter. What’s so bad in the economy. I have a 24 y/o making 2k a week truck driving. I have another son working locally as a painter making 1k+/wk. My wife and I are doing well. Perhaps all the fear you read and watch is making you part of the misinformation flock?

      Trust me, Joe is a one term and done. Many of us are just grateful the good Lord didn’t allow us 4 more years of the Spoiled Sore Loser.

      Happy Friday!

      1. Unless yer shoplifting groceries- siphoning gas from yer neighbors gas tanks at night- and simply not paying your ever-increasing taxes… NO- your bank account is not getting fatter- your bloviated lies maybe- but the consumer price index begs to disagree- so I would challenge you to explain in just a tad bit of detail where we all can go to get “your gas prices- your consumer goods- and reduce our tax bill to money grubbin’ Joey and Hunter”… Do CO a favor- and do tell !

    2. Dude, you keep regurgitating the same garbage almost everyday. Perhaps if you clack your heals together three times it might become real? Like the orange moron at rally’s you really need to get some new material.

      1. This coming from the bartender loser “stoner”. 8 guarantee you don’t even pay for your own groceries. I do through taxes. Enjoy your weed and meaningless life bud.

      2. Here- lemme regurgitate one more thing all over your morning bong hit… I’m all in for giving oey and Hunter another term- I think folks like you and SOT would greatly enjoy even more escalation of consumer prices- fuel- overseas conflict- hell… even he never ending mandates of confusion seem to bring you joy- so why should I interfere…. 7 more years is the battle cry from me ! “Go Joe Go… We need 7 Mo” !

  21. The mandate states they are supposed to have masks provided by the business if a person does not have one. This is supposed to be offered as a courtesy, NOT as a sale.

  22. It’s actually very, very simple: If you don’t want to wear a mask, then don’t go where they are required. Freedom of choice means you have the freedom to not wear a mask, and the business owner has the freedom to not let you in their store. The End.

    1. How about this? If you’re scared of a cold, stay home. Wear your masks. Get your shots. I’ll continue to do whatever I please. And you won’t tell me otherwise. Ever.

  23. Pretty sad state of affairs our country is in, when half of the men in our country can fall for the dopiest man in the United States and call him their leader.

        1. Sorry, but I can allow only this, the least objectionable of your four attempted recent posts, including offensive personal attacks and a threat of violence. Here’s hoping you can follow our very limited Terms of Service to greater success in the future. Have a great weekend.

      1. So what’s Joey Jerk and Hunter Ho done for you this past year- besides suck yer bank account dry- reboot never ending global conflict- and take naps while the nation falls apart over a mild virus ? The guys a complete catastrophe- but I’m all in for seven more years- “Go Joe Go- We need Seven Mo” !

    1. Haven’t you heard? He was fairly voted out the year before last! Even more sad to find a woman in this age that places such importance on the opinion of men. Wake up and smell the roses, Buttercup. Women have been voting for a while now.

      1. News travels pretty slow to the basements of Moms house where many here have found shelter since Biden and Hunter took over. They depend on Moms home cookin’ and trips to the local “mart” when they need their “prescriptions” filled… a sad bunch really- never learned what real world consequences look like when an election chalk full of irregularities is allowed to change the course of the planet. One can only smirk ! Might be one of my new handles… “Smirky” !

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