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St. Charles Bend has 79 COVID-19-positive patients, expects Omicron peak to hit soon

Hospital expects to have 130 COVID patients by early February

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- St. Charles Bend is once again becoming filled with Covid-19-positive patients.

Doug Merrill, the St. Charles Health System's chief medical officer, said Friday that things are getting scary. 

“Our emergency rooms are full, we’ve got lots of kids admitted with COVID so this is a pretty dire state,” Merrill said.

He said while the Omicron variant was believed to be less severe than Delta, the sheer number of people contracting the far more contagious virus variant has caused the increase. 

“Although it appeared to be less diabolical than the Delta variant, because so many more people are catching it, the percentage of people who may need hospitalization may be lower -- but since its hitting so many people, we are actually seeing a larger number of people come into the hospital,” Merrill said. 

He said the symptoms are similar to that of the Delta variant. 

“Those who are sick enough to get hospitalized are pretty similar,” Merrill said. “But there's a higher percentage of people who are not in the ICU. They’re sick, but they’re able to be cared for outside the ICU than was true with Delta, where we really saw a lot more people in the ICU.”

As of noon Friday, St. Charles Bend had 79 Covid-positive patients, four in the ICU and on ventilators.

At the peak of the Delta variant in December, it had 118 Covid patients.

The latest data predicts Omicron in Oregon will peak in the beginning of February, and St. Charles is expecting to have nearly 130 Covid patients in the hospital at that time.

If you’re unvaccinated, officials say, the chances of needing hospitalization are far greater.

“Very high,” Merrill said. “About 10 times more people who are unvaccinated than those who are vaccinated.”

With the help of traveling nurses and the returning role of the Oregon National Guard, St. Charles is able to staff 348 beds, as opposed to their usual 295.

But with the patient increase, more minor surgeries will have to be delayed, officials say, and more staff will be overworked.

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Noah Chast

Noah Chast is a multimedia journalist for NewsChannel 21. Learn more about Noah here.



    1. Tell that to my healthy non vaxxed friend who’s in hospital, oxygen assisted. 6 days now ~ no clue as to release. One if many in that position.

      Not the “bat flu”.

          1. Threats of violence should not make it onto this site Barney. Why did you allow his threat? His comment should have been deleted. Making a threat is not something that should be held lightly.

            1. So a person whose mother is hospitalized throws out an “if” that cannot happen because no one knows who the person is… yeah, guess I’m human, not a robot. I’ve deleted it anyway. Just hope the folks who hold the moderator to such a line follow that line themselves. There ARE hypocrites in our comment crowd, as you know – ones who think they have the right to say things that others do not.

        1. They are many people who got the vaccine that still ended up getting very sick. This isn’t something that I have heard going around. Its what I have seen with my own eyes with my neighbors. (Some) people who get covid that havnt gotten vaccinated don’t even get that sick.

          So who’s to say the vaccine even does any good? All the vaccinated are still spreading it to eachother as well as unvaxed.

        1. Hump ~ thx for the wiseass comment. The individual was healthy and worked with the public (essential worker). Wore a mask every day for two years, dealt with multiple jerks ~ nonstop. The issue is/was ~ not being vaccinated. The outcome ~ omicron, hospital stay. So far seven days in the hospital ~ oxygen assisted. Fact: it will take a toll. Cost wise ~ $80k for starters, aside from loss of work recovery. Pity your compassion, empathy are missing.

          1. unvaxxed and uninsured, yikes! Too bad its not factual! Here are the facts- the data shows its the residents of Bend, not Central Oregon, not Prineville, Not Trump voters; NO! Its the residents of Bend that live in 97701 & 97702 that spread the virus! Get the log out your eye before complaining about the splinter in others! You are a Buffoon!

            1. Redmond and Prineville hospitals do not care for covid patients. Not sure about Madras, but all other Central Oregonians seeking care are transferred to Bend. If that pertains to what you are getting on about, I’m not sure.

    2. Why would you go to the hospital for the common cold? Isn’t the article about the number of patients who require medical care? If you’re advocating for vaccination, then you’re spot on. Fully vaccinated people experience mild symptoms. Thus, no need for the hospital. Get it?

      1. Are you suggesting that fully vaccinated persons do not die from the virus ? You are 100% wrong… its not about vaccine status- but underlying conditions and age- you been conned !

    3. It is true that for most people, omicron is just a cold. But there is the one exception, which needs to be addressed.

      It is a fact that we are colonized with trillions of bacteria and fight off multiple incursions from bacteria, viruses, and fungi on a daily basis, without symptoms and are thus not considered to be “infected”. To be “infected,” at least in my opinion, is to have symptoms from the immune response fighting off the invading pathogen. I then divide the continuum of infections into mild, moderate or severe. I’m not sure if it is correct or not, but I differentiate between colonization and infection based on whether or not one has symptoms or tissue dysfunction of some sort. It is also necessary to note with covid there is a significant difference between the symptoms from infection of the respiratory tract and the more serious consequences of systemic dysfunction, which then lead to the ICU and possibly death.

      It is this latter category that is most important and is what the vaccinations reduce significantly: this possibility must be accounted for. The fact the vaccinations don’t prevent infection of the respiratory tract isn’t that important, to the extent the more serious complications requiring hospitalization don’t occur. The fact that vaccines don’t stop respiratory symptoms is a weak argument against mandates. Short of needing hospitalization, I am not concerned if I, you or anybody become infected. However, choosing to not get the vaccination despite the calculated risks of infection being greater than the known risks of the vaccine and becoming hospitalized, is where the micromanaging pro-masker/vaccinators get their legitimate criticism. I am for free choice, but ignoring this one aspect of the arguments undermines those who argue against mask and vaccine mandates.

      But to those who support vaccine mandates and booster mandates, is it ethical to do this in a rich country when the virus is a worldwide pandemic and those in poorer countries continue to go without their first vaccination? Not prioritizing at least one vaccination in the entire world’s population is an ethical and strategic mistake. In my value system, we should be demanding that vaccines should be distributed world wide and access to everyone be given before any mandate of boosting be considered beyond the our highest risk population here in the US.

    1. “It’s all Kate Browns Fault.™️”… You are right- as nobody else has signed a single Executive Order to muck this up the way she has. Good call- trademark and all !

  1. And as of 2 days ago 315 COVID positive caregivers. Wow it’s a good thing St Charles got rid of all the unvaccinated caregivers and put a stop to unvaccinated visitors so that everyone would be safer…. Look how well that turned out…

    1. The only thing that the high number of caregivers getting COVID indicates is how contagious the Omicron variant is. We knew from South African statistics that the vaccine and natural immunity from past COVID infection do not provide antibodies to prevent the infection in the first place. However, it seems that the B and T cells are doing their jobs. Meanwhile, the unvaccinated continue during this Omicron surge to make up the majority of hospitalizations and nearly all of the ICU patients. That alone should tell you that vaccines work and St Charles employees are back on the job sooner.

      1. With some cities admitting that close to have of those hospitalized with covid were not hospitalized because of covid, this makes me wonder if the same is true at St Charles. Not saying this is true, just wondering if it may be.

        1. I’m more concerned with this: “Our emergency rooms are full, we’ve got lots of kids admitted with COVID so this is a pretty dire state”
          It is true the ED is very busy, but talking with those who work there, it’s not from the virus. The report I got from the Redmond ED said NOBODY was there for covid, at least on that particular day, thursday I believe. And notice Doug said the kids are admitted WITH covid. He did not misspeak. I believe he is referring to incidental covid which while truthful, is terribly misleading in context of the article. Of course, don’t expect KTVZ journalists to clarify the issue.

  2. The ignorant comments that are posted on here as the number rise are so discouraging.
    Thank you to the people who wear a mask in public. To those that are vaccinated and understand that this is more than “a common cold.” Just because you did “OK” does not mean you did not spread it to somebody who did not do “OK”.
    You are not being asked to wear a mask to be told what to do, you are being asked to wear a mask to protect YOU and those who CAN NOT protect themselves. It is a virus so you can catch it more than once. Nobody is invincible regardless of what you believe. I agree all the information out there can be confusing, but it is going to keep on changing because the virus is changing.
    The vaccine works, it does not mean you will not get covid or spread it, hence the use of masks. I encourage you to look up why and how vaccines work on the CDC website or ask your Doctor.

      1. I take care of covid patients all day, every day. I wear a mask properly (not below my nose or on my chin). I wash my hands all day long. I am vaccinated with a booster. There is still a chance I will get covid. If I do there is a chance I will have mild symptoms or I could get very sick. I still go to work and take care of my patients, vaccinated or not. I do my best to help them without judgement.I probably won’t do my “own research” because I do not have the time or equipment to do so. I do however follow the guidelines of the CDC Knowing that recommendations will continue to change as we learn more about this virus. The masks will not protect you 100% percent but they definitely do help. I have worn many different types of masks due to availability.
        If I am in a room with 10 people and I am wearing a mask but i’m the only one in the room doing so and get sick, it would be really easy to say that the mask doesn’t work but in reality you need everyone to wear a mask.

        1. People like you who won’t do your own research and blindly follow what public officials say are part of the problem. He didn’t say do your own scientific study, he said research the effectiveness of masks for yourself. If you did, you’d find studies using the best methodologies show little to no effectiveness for cloth masks. About 10% reduced infection rate for surgical masks. Don’t forget that the number of “covid hospitalizations” is inflated by 50% due to them being incidental positive results. If hospitals treated covid like in other flu season, they wouldn’t be as “overwhelmed” (and higher back all the employees they let go for no reason). Yes, it’s true the majority of people who are hospitalized because of Covid (not with covid) are unvaccinated, so get the vaccine to protect yourself and leave the rest of people alone who choose to not take the chance. If you are young and healthy, you have about as much risk from covid as your risks from your daily driving routine (this is supported by the data). If you say, “but but but unvaccinated will cause breakthrough cases to vaccinated”… That is not true plus, again, if you are vaccinated your chances of complications at are very low. How low do you need the threshold of risk before you want things to return to normal? Many people have already decided we are at low enough threshold of risk for things to return to normal. At some point common sense has to take over and people have to realize you can’t bring the threshold of risk down to 0% to make things return to normal.

        2. Thank you. Its amazing that emotionless common sense thinking like you display causes a certain segment of society to just melt down into partisan talking points and ideological lies.

        3. What kind of mask do you wear? And how effective is being fully vaccinated against Omicron? I am fully vaccinated but I know the vaccine does little to protect against Omicron. Not even the booster will help much against it. Which is why so many at St Charles are getting it.

            1. If you are only asking what I believe, then the answer is no, I do not believe that it does. I believe that Omicron is a milder form as it is and the vaccines do very little against Omicron infection. I am fully vaxxed but I do not believe the vaccine is that effective in this case.

            2. Do you believe that a virus has a survival mode, for lack of a more technical term, which causes it to mutate? If so. In your opinion, what causes the virus to go into survival mode?

              1. Of course it has a survival mode, it’s a living organism. Just like other viruses, it’s going to continue to mutate in order to find a host. Do you have a survival mode? Aren’t you going to do whatever you can to prevent yourself from dying?

                1. It aint Ebola- its a mild virus- much like having a cold… why the hyperbole Martha ?

            3. Do you believe it (the jab) reduces the risk of serious illness against Omicron? … What does the data say ? It clearly shows that after more than 6 million injections state-wide- that Oregon still set record highs for new cases- hospitalizations- and deaths in the past 60 days. This is “not” any form of protection I would trust.

    1. You really need to do some research outside of CNN. First off the CDC already debunked your mask debate Which I’m hoping you’re smart enough to realize that in your own comment if I’m sick and the mask works and you’re wearing the mask then you have nothing to worry about so you don’t have a reason to bitch at people not wearing a mask. Next off I would say you should be smart enough to know the definition of a vaccine but obviously you’re not and you don’t have Google a vaccine is an immunity to one or more diseases so if this vaccine works then you are immune to Covid so is it a vaccine?

      1. vac·cine
        Learn to pronounce
        a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.
        “every year the flu vaccine is modified to deal with new strains of the virus”
        Learn to pronounce
        the ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin by the action of specific antibodies or sensitized white blood cells.
        “immunity to typhoid seems to have increased spontaneously”
        So… by googling we get a definition that does NOT mean immunity is 100 pct. protection.

          1. By the definition of immunity I read/posted, which is not absolute, it surely does reduce the risk of serious illness or death, based on the daily stats here and elsewhere and officials many still trust despite the anonymous comment crowd attacks.

            1. Merriam-Webster

              Full Definition of immunity
              : the quality or state of being immune
              especially : a condition of being able to resist a particular disease especially through preventing development of a pathogenic microorganism or by counteracting the effects of its products>>>>>>>Definition of active immunity
              : usually long-lasting immunity that is acquired through production of antibodies within the organism in response to the presence of antigens>>>>>>>>Definition of passive immunity
              : short-acting immunity acquired by transfer of antibodies (as by injection of gamma globulin)>>>>>>>Therefore to merely reduce the risk of serious disease, is the truly immunity, or just a reduction in risk?

            2. If the definition of immunity is not absolute- then why do you insist on using it out of context. “Immunity” provides protection against the measles- the mumps- rubella- polio… these injections provide no such remedy… so why not say it… these are not immunizations- these are immune system enhancers… much like an apple a day- a healthy lifestyle- avoidance of drugs and alcohol… you know- common sense healthy country living… a far cry from what Portland street homeless and drug addicts prescribe ! Is that where you are confused ?

          1. So you don’t believe their comments in that very article (thanks for link, provides context.)
            “However, a CDC spokesperson told McClatchy News the “slight changes in wording over time … haven’t impacted the overall definition.”

            The previous definitions could have been “interpreted to mean that vaccines were 100% effective, which has never been the case for any vaccine, so the current definition is more transparent, and also describes the ways in which vaccines can be administered,” the spokesperson said.”
            It seems that, in general, much of the worst of the Blame Society is built on the foundation of False Ulterior Motives – any changes are subterfuge, designed to deceive.
            Others would say that’s an issue more of the accusers’ mindsets and (to use their terms) “narratives/agendas” than the often-simpler (and truer) reality of any specific situation.
            Again, thanks for the link!

      2. I hope you understand that CNN is a place to get news. It is not a place to do research. Nor is whatever media source from which you got your ideas that the CDC “debunked” the effectiveness of masks, the silly line of “if masks work, then you shouldn’t have to worry if you’re wearing one”, or the stupid argument about whether the vaccines are really vaccines.

    2. “The vaccine works, it does not mean you will not get covid or spread it”… Then it is in no way working like yer Daddy’s vaccinations for polio-measles-mumps-rubella… and should therefore not be confused as such- it should have been the first thing Lyin’ Joey shoulda done- instead he did just the opposite- declaring that if you get the vaccine- you won’t get the virus… this ongoing mess and constant state of incompetence is solely on the Demokant party- they’ve told you- yer on yer own- so stop complaining about anyone but yerself… You are on Your own !

  3. No sympathy for st. Chucks. This is their job, this is what they do. Maybe they should have been prepared instead of laying off staff. Stop complaining about treating people that have symptoms no worse than a common cold.

        1. Not hardly a mic drop LOL
          Bottom line is it is indeed their job to deal with whatever medical emergencies walk through their doors. That is in fact the bottom line. It’s like being all psyched to be a cop when it’s just driving around town looking for jaywalkers but when it starts to get a little rough you complain, I don’t think so. That’s not how that works.
          Now I do have sympathy for them, I bet it is rough. But of course everybody who has been employed continuously and not on paid vacation for the last year or so is worn really thin. We’ve all been working for understaffed businesses with no end in sight. I’m not sure why everyone has to be all one way or another. It’s okay to have compassion and feel sorry for someone, yet say that when it comes down to it that’s their job and they can either do it or go do something else.

      1. My Janitor didn’t demand a pay increase or threaten to walk off the job when the erasers vanished ! He grabbed an old rag and did the old fashioned way- without complaining ! Charles has made a mint off the misery of their patients… they’ve delayed surgeries that have made people sicker- over a mild virus that the National Guard can handle. You been conned- hoaxed- and lied to. Now vote for Biden for another term and put your money where your mouth is.

    1. Great point! Why didn’t they listen to the science and get prepared for the surge? Is it because the math indicated they could offer elective surgeries, generate some cash and rely on the Media and politics to cover them while they all make serious cash?

      1. We’re gonna be in this for the the long haul till midterms. Who knows how many more variants we will have to deal with. Omega will be next one probably.job Thats possible job security Yoda for the custodian, but job security is hard to come by in these ever changing times.

    2. They never signed up to minister to those who make the problem worse, you ar part of the problem or part of the solution,, there is no middle ground. Your attitude is part of the problem and sadly driving nurses and others out of the business thru sheer exhaustion. This is their job is bs, their job is to try to keep you alive but not when you are hell bent to get sick and to sicken others thru irresponsible behavior. The polio epidemic was stopped thru responsibility behavior, those patients never signed up for a life time of trouble, because you do not get over polio, you stop the epidemic thru responsible and cooperative behavior. Your 40 year republican education agenda is showing

      1. Good rant but you clearly have no idea what is actually going on in healthcare. Even more disturbing is the train of thumbs up. If this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that most of what most people believe to be true is wrong. And it is not a partisan problem. It’s a human problem.

  4. “Covid positive patients”. Nice word play. How about number of patients in the hospital due to actual Covid complications. So tired of the misrepresentation of data to make this virus into something it isn’t. It’s sickening.

    1. Regions that do report incidental positives show the number of patients hospitalized FOR covid account for 40% – 60% of the total. So just cut the reported number in half and you should be close. But I’m not certain St Charles includes incidental covid in their official reports so you need to find that out first. There is no standard of reporting, which is why some lawmakers in some states are pushing for a standard.

  5. It’s no wonder Central Oregon leads the state in covid cases per capita. The ignorance in this comments section is astounding. Do the schools around here even try to teach critical thinking skills Oh, and let us not forget the alcohol and dope helping things along. I’ve been here too long, I’ve got to find another place to live. All you clowns can skip the “don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out.”

    1. A phrase I learned from a wise person who did a lot of public speaking to audiences who were not always in perfect agreement with the message. “Never argue with the village idiot(s). They will always have the last word and always win.”

    2. Covid cases don’t matter when it’s a common cold for the vast majority of people. The only number that actually matters is the number of hospitalizations BECAUSE of Covid (not with covid, aka incidental covid). Most states arent gathering that stat though. Luckily, at least some “experts” and officials are starting to realize that problem in the data, even though many people have been pointing out the issue since almost the beginning.

      1. Yes, I read a Time magazine piece this week calling for more targeted, narrowed stats – but along with hospitals/health officials trying to balance patient privacy and public awareness, what I highly doubt after 1,000s of nasty comments posted here over the many months is whether ANY stat won’t be torn apart, spun, dismissed and misstated by those with a specific perspective/politically-driven agenda to promote.
        We’re back to Colbert’s ‘truthiness’ – if I believe it, it’s true, if I don’t believe it, it’s false.
        Dangerous mindset with way too many folks.

    3. Bad news Boomer! The data shows Bend in 97701 & 97702 leads the state in COVID cases per capita! Its not Central Oregon, its the liberal elites like yourself who enjoy telling others what to do! Vote Democrat if you want to see serious crime go up, along with increased murder rates, increased homelessness and poverty and children being shot dead in increased numbers. Vote Johnson for Governor! Throw out the Democrat Overlords!

  6. Hospitals Are full…hmm Didn’t kgw run an article on how Oregon has the least number of hospital beds per capita in the country!!
    Wonder if that has any thing to do with it! Lol

      1. No kidding! I don’t know what regulatory body is responsible for oversight here but it seems they have definitely let us tread into dangerous waters. To be dead last in the country is quite embarrassing honestly

  7. I would like to see a video of what kind of shape these people in the hospital are in and how they feel about it. I think maybe that would give us some perspective.

  8. What would Jesus do for the vulnerable?
    For his community and fellow humans?

    Would Jesus whine about keeping his mucus restrained a little bit?

    1. Jesus was a conservative who promoted Christian morals ethics, a healthy lifestyle void of drugs and alcohol abuse… read your Bible if you really wonder what Jesus would do.

  9. With everything starting to come out on how Trumpy tried to overthrow the election, I find it hard to believe any sane person still believes what Trumpette said about COVID AND WHAT FAUX NEWS still says. Really, read the material coming out, the man is a crook and a traitor. Everything he and Fox News told you about COVID and the election is a lie. Wise up before our democracy disappears and we are living under a narcissistic sociopath dictatorship.

  10. I’ve been a nurse 25 years. Funny, I don’t recall taking care of patients with “common colds” who require high flow nasal cannulas and bipaps to just barely maintain acceptable oxygen levels while just lying in bed. Could it be possible that is isn’t just a common cold? 🤔 Just thought I would offer some actual facts obtained by gathering the informative with my own eyes.

        1. Perhaps. (There are many… nominees vying for that title.)
          But The Oregonian’s weekly look at cases by ZIP Code does indeed show that for the past week ending Wednesday, Bend 97701 has the most cases numerically – not rate, but numbers, 1,511, followed by 97702. Why can be and will be argued (endlessly) of course. Thankfully, the milder nature of this variant doesn’t translate into the extreme burden that could put on St. Charles.

        1. Exactly. Each individual is responsible for their own health, or lack thereof through their own choices. The new idea, brought on by Covid, that I am responsible for anyone else’s health is insane.

          1. From parents helping youth make healthy food and lifestyle choices to caring for our seniors… many people see a definite responsibility for others’ health. Second-hand smoke regulations, etc. etc. It’s a long list, goes back a long time. Caring about and for other community members, in a variety of ways. (That’s different? If you say so.)

            1. Are you equating parenting, elderly care and second hand smoke with vaccine mandates and the rhetoric that is used to push them? C’mon Barney…

              1. No, you made a broad statement about not caring/having responsibility for others. Seems many anonymous commenters these days are pretty much anti-community and harbor a “that’s your problem” mindset, unless it’s folks who agree with them politically. All part of the sad, toxic and dangerous hate of the Blame Society.
                Speaking in general, of course, not of you personally.

                1. I said nothing about not caring. Stop it Barney. I know you know the difference between responsibility for others and caring for others. I know a ton of people that don’t agree with me politically and are against mandates. Also know a lot of people that have been vaccinated that feel the same way. Do you not think the people that blame others for their health issues are part of your “Blame Society?”

                2. So saying we’re all in this together and need to care and watch out for each other is “blaming others for their health issues”? I disagree, strongly.

          2. It’s not a “new idea” nor insane….yes, you are responsible for your choices and if those choices involve endangering the health of others in the community, you’re responsible for that, too. If you don’t want to be a member of a society and all that goes with it then you best go live in a cave.

            1. Cmon now Martha… “if those choices involve endangering the health of others in the community, you’re responsible for that, too.”… Do you really think the makers of soft drinks fast food, video games, alcoholic drinks, drug dispensaries… believe a single thing you just wrote ? Are they all not members of the community also- Go ahead M- Super-Size Me !

      1. I do my job. I love my job. Not complaining about supporting people that are ill. Just trying to offer some first hand perspective for anyone willing to listen.

    1. These people are so fixated on trying to convince themselves it’s all conspiracies that they don’t realize that the majority of people do not believe that one is put in the hospital for a cough and sneeze and how stupid they sound by saying such.

  11. Why don’t they give the number of patients in the hospital that are fully vaccinated? They do it every morning on the radio? Must be a significant % that are or they would be saying all the patients are unvaxxed.

  12. The comment section here is proof that Darwin was right. It is just a matter of time before we know which side is correct and who gets to reproduce future generations. This is unfortunately a problem that fixes itself given enough time and enough bodies. That seems to be the direction our society has chosen to go. The end result is not going to be pretty but it will give us lots of teachable moments for the future.

    1. If covid had the mortality rate of say ebola, maybe you’d have a point, but on the flip side, if covid did have that kind of mortality rate, there’d be far less resistance to vaccine mandates. So basically, you are living in your own pipe dream.

  13. Would be nice if everyone would quit pontificating about all of it and be decent considerate human beings and get vaccinated and wear masks so we can at least SEE if it works. But noooo. Everyone has to act like a 2 year old, pitch a hissy, stomp their feet, say no, you can’t make me! What happened to common decency? What happened to doing something for the greater good? Narcissism.That is what has happened.

  14. Partyofcommonsense: SCMC posts #COVID, vaxed, unvaxed, on their site M-F.

    Copied from that site:
    COVID-19 hospitalizations: fully vaccinated vs. not fully vaccinated
    Inpatient numbers are reported each weekday.

    As of 4:50 a.m. on Jan. 21, 2022, we have

    70 COVID-19-positive inpatients, three of whom are in the ICU, three on ventilators.
    In the ICU, none of the patients are fully vaccinated.
    Of the 70 COVID-positive inpatients, 26 are fully vaccinated
    29 are under the age of 60 (8 fully vaccinated)
    41 are aged 60 or older (18 fully vaccinated)

  15. The vaccine obviously doesn’t work and is still considered an experimental gene therapy. Do you REALLY believe the numbers the hospitals are providing to the media? REALLY? Who do you know in the hospital that are completely vaxxed and the patients that are not? I think the numbers have been reversed.

    It’s amazing how almost all deaths now are attributed to Covid. Really? Omicron is a 3-4 day cold now. Viruses fade and get weaker over time. NO, THEY DO NOT get stronger-they weaken. Those of you arguing that viruses get stronger need to do your research. And the fact checkers are corrupt too as is the censoring across the internet. So try PubMed for the true facts.

    And my goodness, the mortality rate of Covid is 99.68% across the general population. I would be afraid if this was Ebola with a mere 10-20% survival rate. Why have we all acted as if this WAS Ebola? A big con and so silly. “It is easier to con someone that to convince them they’ve been conned”

    Let’s move on and put this behind us. Too many have died. Stop taking experimental gene therapy with scant to little studies. You are playing Russian Roulette. The TRUTH is coming out and I am so sorry for all you who believed your physicians and the Government. I hope there will be justice for what has been done to the human race.

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