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Oregon Health Authority reports more than 44,000 May COVID-19 cases, 52% ‘vaccine breakthroughs’


PORTLAND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Oregon Health Authority’s most recent update on COVID-19 breakthrough cases, released Thursday, reported 44,363 cases of infection during the month of May, more than half "vaccine breakthrough" cases.  

Of those cases, 21,100, or 47.6%, were unvaccinated people, and 23,246, or 52.4%, were vaccine breakthrough cases. Among the breakthrough cases, 14,506, or 62.4%, were fully vaccinated and boosted. 

To date, there have been 233,873 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases in Oregon. Of those cases, 69,105, or 29.5%, were fully vaccinated and boosted at the time of infection.  

To date, 2.6% of all vaccine breakthrough cases have been hospitalized, and 0.6% have died. The median age of vaccinated people who died is 80. 

OHA said COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at protecting people from getting seriously ill, being hospitalized and dying. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends everyone age 5 years and older stay up to date with their vaccines, including getting boosters when they are eligible.  

The latest breakthrough report can be found here.

Note: The next Breakthrough Report will be published Thursday, July 7.  

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  1. Good thing all you sheep got your shot 😂 meanwhile people that think for themselves and didn’t run out blindly to get an experimental shot, had covid and had a cold. But keep virtue signaling, sheep. Keep wearing your masks for zero reason. It’s hilarious watching you dummies choke yourselves.

    1. Sheep tend to follow populism. There was this failed business man that mail ordered two brides that made his followers wear red hats. I bet you were one of them.

      1. Give me a break. At no point did Trump make anyone wear red MAGA hats and you know it…at least I hope you do. Otherwise you are more delusional than I thought. However, there is this career politician currently in the White House who has accomplished nothing in his 40+ year career. He lies to your face on a daily basis by claiming that the economy is great, his policies are great, and anything that isn’t going well, it is either Putin or Trump’s fault. Former Vice President Biden is well past the pull date.

          1. I understand economics. When America is one of the top oil producers in the world, and Biden’s policies cause less production, he is contributing to the supply problem. He is sitting on the sideline and throwing his hands up in the air acting like he can’t do anything about it while blaming everyone else. By the way, Trump did not require everyone that attended a rally to wear MAGA hats. I can’t find any evidence of that. Prove me wrong.

    2. I’m extremely happy that lots of Americans got Trump’s vaccine. It was the one thing that kept us from seeing bodies piling up in hospital parking lots.

      1. Trump has no clue about science. It was not his vaccine. He did however spread virus propaganda prior to vaccinate distribution that helped kill many of his constituents. It’s all on video and twitter.

        1. More Americans have died under Biden’s incompetent handling of the virus that he promised to shut down- in about half the time- during your fake media driven pandemic- than under DJ Trump ! What says you- your lies- your dangerous misinformation ?

  2. More people than not getting covid isn’t news, as it’s been this way for months and months. We are done with your crap anyway, and are not going to deal with those people anymore either

  3. “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,” Joe Biden July 21, 2021. On December 14, 2021 CNN Town Hall, Joe Biden stated that; people vaccinated for COVID-19 “do not spread the disease to anyone else.” October 2021, Joe Biden stated that; people who are vaccinated for the coronavirus “cannot spread it to you.”

  4. We’re selfish and small minded to barney who swears cnn or msm has never lied during this and everyone who refutes any of his findings has false ulterior motives

  5. This has to be fake news all we have been told is the shot was a wonder drug will keep you from getting or spreading the vid. Glad I lost my job over this. Lol

  6. Some interesting comments and opinions above- but what does the actual data compared to the lies (which Barney says don’t exist) within the article… lets look at this sentence: “OHA said COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at protecting people from getting seriously ill, being hospitalized and dying.” A) we don’t know if the vaccines are safe because there are no long term studies to prove that- but we do know for a fact- that these “vaccines are not effective”- with a 52% failure rate- these injections can no longer be considered a “vaccine” in the same category as mumps- rubella- polio injections which are actual vaccines.

  7. To continue the provable lies- the current number of new cases- today-right now is 2284- Under DJ Trump- this state “never hit such a high number for daily new cases” ! And again- the lie from above-OHA said COVID-19 vaccines are… effective at protecting people from… dying” ! As of today- right now- the state is suffering through a 7 day average of deaths at 7 and climbing- under DJ Trump- without a vaccine- the state didn’t hit that average for 9 months ! March- November 2020 !

  8. Time for the wild eyed left who promoted this scamdemic for over a year to explain to the common folk- why the injections are failing more than half the time- why the new cases numbers are higher now than under Trump- why the number of current cases (64000) is higher than Trumps highest total of 55,000. Fact- these are not vaccines- they prevent nothing- they support your immune system for a short time like vit. B12 or high doses of vit. C… why does the OHA lie- and why is it presented here- unchallenged by the Z21 news crew ?

  9. According to their report (I’m looking at the graph on page 3 of the “OHA Covid 19 Breakthrough Report”) the vaccine does provide some level of protection from getting Covid and if you get boosted you are quite a lot less likely to get Covid. That doesn’t seem to line up with my limited observation of who I know getting the nasty stuff. And that is pretty much opposite of the statistics coming out of the UK and Canada where it seems the more shots you get the more likely you are to get sick. Either the OHA is massaging their data for us or Oregon got better vaccine than the rest of the world.

    1. “a lot less likely” ? The vaccines have a 52% failure rate… so many think they are free and clear- act irresponsibly- get infected- and are dying. We were much better when DJ Trump was leading the national strategy.

  10. I would love to see the media hole Biden to the Biden standard for Trump. Biden and the democrat blamed every single death on Trump. Now that Biden is in charge…. Crickets. Ah bit we all know the game. With few exceptions the “press” is nothing but the campaign production for the democrat party. There is no lie big enough they won’t spread for the party.

  11. In short- after looking at the data- the high rates of current infections- the increasing deaths- the fact that Kalamity Kate Brown shut down our entire state for over a year- even though the numbers now are higher than they were for 10 months under President Trump… How can anyone not say- that this was the biggest con ever perpetuated on the American public- to destroy their economy- all because “politicians” and a colluding media- simply didn’t like the US President who was in office- DJ Trump ! Real Americans will never forget this coup- and those involved will have to take their deceitful acts to their graves ! So be it !

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