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Portland police to wear helmets with 3-digit identification

Portland police riot arrest firearm 75
Portland Police Bureau
Firearm recovered during early July arrest in downtown Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The Portland Police Bureau will make it easier to identify officers during crowd control events like protests in response to public feedback.

KOIN reports the bureau will assign each officer a three-digit number that will be displayed on their helmets during events.

Officers currently wear lengthy personnel numbers instead of name tags, which can be difficult for people to see or remember.

The agency did not report any new arrests early Saturday due to overnight activities.

Work on the three-digit number system for officer helmets is underway. The PPB said the project will be finished by Nov. 15.

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  1. um, cant them be duplicated. wouldnt it be easier and safer to do electronic i.d. like the military, rather than an easily faked 3 digit number stickers on a helmet. the feds are in it, break out the cool stuff already

    1. did you have an aneurysm while typing? – do you not understand the reason for the visible id? – why do you act as if this is all a big game for your entertainment?

    1. thought you, of all people, would be cheering this – if even one officer is doing stupid, illegal things, that casts doubt on EVERY SINGLE COP – if that bad apple is identified and isolated, his/her bad reputation ends with him/her and doesn’t stain the others

  2. Each person rioting should be given a 4 letter word to wear and then their free government checks taken away. Portland is crazy bag of nutts. Show the public what happened before each arrest and let the Police do their jobs. Please keep these insane people out of Bend…oh wait, we are advertising via Visit Bend invite them.

  3. Any rioter (oh, sorry “protester”) arrested more than once should be likewise be required to wear a three digit number as well.

    That way the world can see who the repeat offenders are. Fair is fair.

      1. Aren’t you one of the people who believes no right is absolute? If one can’t yell “fire!” in a crowded theater then one can’t set fires in a crowded streets either.

  4. Unmarked, unidentifiable and unaccountable secret police are the most effective.
    Belarus has it figured out … kinda.

    Or maybe community policing, everybody with a gun takes it downtown and enforces whatever law they chose or imagine exists however they see fit. Just think of the tax revenue saved by vigilantes making the Portland Police Bureau obsolete.

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