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Portland protesters damage Democratic headquarters, later attack ICE offices

Federal officers were on hand in downtown Portland Jan. 20 as protests again turned violent
Federal officers were on hand in downtown Portland Jan. 20 as protests again turned violent

(Update: Portland police arrest 8, Seattle arrest 3)

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Police say a group of about 150 protesters carrying anti-Biden and anti-police signs marched in Portland streets and damaged the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Another violent clash occurred later at federal immigration offices.

The group smashed windows and spray-painted anarchist symbols Wednesday at the political party building. Police said eight arrests were made.

Police say it was one of four groups gathering in the city on Inauguration Day.

A group of about 150 people also marched in Seattle, where police say windows at a federal courthouse were broken and three people were arrested.

Federal officers later declared an unlawful assembly outside the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) building in Portland, the site of numerous clashes over the past year, KGW reported.

Police said people were throwing rocks, eggs and vandalizing the building. KGW said federal officers first warned demonstrators on a loudspeaker not to trespass on federal property, then used munitions and tear gas to disperse them.

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  1. Barney, why aren’t you naming them who they are? ANTIFA! Didn’t you name the capital thing as Trump supporters? You named specific groups, yet you won’t even utter the word antifa as they spray paint anarchy symbols all over and smash windows. Good reporting Lefty Lerten.

      1. Ok, I guess KTVZ had stories that named groups about the Capitol, not you…I apologize. But, KTVZ or you will call these people what they are, antifa. They literally post the locations and times they are going to riot, like tonight. But Democrat leadership or main stream media refuses to name them. Why? Do you agree it’s a little one sided to name certain groups and protect others?

        1. try and keep your mindless drivel to a minimum karen!! try actually reading the story or better yet, having someone read the story to you, before you run your mindless whining yap please!!! thank you very much and have a nice day!!!

      2. Barney, I think the bigger question is why a news agency consistently relies on national sources to report on local & state news. That kind of is your job, no?

        1. We do some local stories on issues of statewide interest, but like just about every media outlet in the country, we use AP content for news elsewhere in the state and in our case, the CNN wire for national news. And we don’t write national news for reasons I hope are obvious to most. Do we localize issues? Sure. But folks expect us to focus on local news, and we do.

      3. So because you don’t have REAL reporters you get your news from the AP Does not look like reporting the real news to me as we get propaganda passed down through these outlets . Good job guys

        1. Interesting. Recognized journalist (Oh!, but isn’t that a dirty word?) who is tweeting. Umm. Even FOX , OAN, NewsMax etc. don’t have a link? No one to buy this story?

        1. A guy selling an “unmask antifa” book posts claims that some graphics are about an antifa riot, and that’s all it takes for you to believe it? Lemme’ guess—you know Trump was the greatest President ever, because that’s what he told you, right?


          That’s the original tweet, if anyone would like to give the reporter the views instead of Andy the Nazi. Unless they’re fighting for racial equality or against police brutality, I completely condemn their actions. That’s the difference between you and me, I wont make excuses for people just because they wear a red hat or whatever. Fighting for what’s right is right, being a criminal is wrong. Looking forward to you condemning the republican domestic terrorists who attacked the US Capitol on the 6th.

      1. As if you and CNN didn’t fuel hate and division for four years- Why this blatant attempt to erase your shameful past ? CNN and their affiliates (Z21) nationwide were key players for the resistance- no matter how outlandish their attacks against President Trump and his millions of supporters were. There was no intent to deceive the public when Hillary destroyed numerous phones that had solid proof of her illegal unsecured e-mail server- The whole Russia coup attempt- funded by Hillary and organized by Obama and Biden- the blatant attack on our US economy via a fake viral pandemic response ??? You all passed the pathological liar phase years ago- and you will never recoup your reputations. I’m gonna laugh if Donald Trump takes his billions and buys CNN from AT&T- just to make you all eat your words- it would well be worth the price of admission fer sure !

        1. Billions?! So why is it he needed his MAGA followers to donate to his legal fund, which he used to pay off campaign debt…and pocketed what was left over? Asking for a friend…

        2. I agree what the MSM has done is unamerican and this is why we won’t stop letting people know the truth
          Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.
          Harry S. Truman
          All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently, the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship.
          George Bernard Shaw
          One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.
          Golda Meir
          Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.
          Thomas Jefferson

  2. Funny… I remember when protesters were out during the Trump inauguration, the right wing hypocrites here commenting said right wing folks would NEVER do anything of the sort. As usual, they were wrong.

      1. One you say? One mentioned in this story. How about the mother of them all at the U.S. Capitol building? More in many other states that have turned violent and destructive and not just today.

  3. These are not anarchists- theses are patriotic Americans (many from our military) who refuse the four years of our corrupt media’s lies- a Joe and Hunter Administration- and more than a year of lockdown over a fake pandemic that is not over-running our hospitals- has a 99% recovery rate- and has been weaponized to remove a President ! There will be no peace- this will go on and on until Joke Biden steps down or is impeached for treason. The media thinks they got one over on the whole of the USA- they didn’t ! Now prepare for the worst Joke Biden and Hunter can dish out- they’ve already promised to raise your taxes- make Amerika dependent on Middle East oil- and encourage more abortions among the black community ! Is this really what you voted for ??? Well- it’s what you got- and it ain’t even 24 hours since the least attended inauguration in American history- nobody there- nobosy wanted to go- nobody beat the the walls down to get in- just silence- like a funeral ! Welcome to your new normal !

    1. Criminals are never patriots. What you really mean is that YOU will never be happy. The majority of the country will. The very definition of democracy is that majority rules. This means, not you. Let me provide another definition for you.


      1. a comic performer, as in a circus, theatrical production, or the like, who wears an outlandish costume and makeup and entertains by pantomiming common situations or actions in exaggerated or ridiculous fashion, by juggling or tumbling, etc.
      2. a person who acts like a clown; comedian; joker; buffoon; jester.
      3. a prankster; a practical joker.
      4. Slang. a coarse, ill-bred person; a boor.
      5. a peasant; rustic.

      Which one are you?

      1. I’ll see your clown definition and raise you- “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Nelson Mandela (spent 27 years in jail) !

      1. “You forgot to mention Biden is coming for our guns and that he’ll no let us celebrate Christmas the next 4 years.”… That’s right ! Thanks for the reminder !!!

  4. Like Biden just told us today, we will deal in facts now. Lets do that shall we.
    These are confirmed to be ANTIFA/ BLM activists.
    A few months back Kamala Harris said they should continue being violent and they are.
    Inciting violence is worthy of impeachment.

        1. I have reporter stories to get out, breaking news on a local outbreak and it’s city council night. Feel free to keep arguing among yourselves and laying out blame, don’t expect me to go to all links (and folks, if you see a comment with a link that needs removal, please advise, hopefully privately.)

        2. Barney doesn’t like seeing stuff like that. He challenged me about the radical Marxist roots of BLM once so I sent him their “about us” page. He was suddenly too busy reporting again to read it. He has his job. CNN, AP, KTVZ, Ganette, all the way to Barney have one job. To protect the democrats and destroy their enemies.

      1. Barney Lerten has now officially entered the Dunderhead Zone with his lies and blatant denials of the truth… I mean really- you already conveniently forgot this- “Biden says he would have ‘beat the hell out’ of Trump in high school for disrespecting women”…//…. Mr. Lerten continues to promote the Demokrat agenda that has left you all out of work- out of schools- and out of poopy luck ! My advice- ignore this old farts comments like week old donuts at “Seven Helleven” ! In short- his schtick may work with the liberal Oregon Duck crowd- but this is Beaver Country !

  5. Barney, my point is that the headline makes the reader think republicans are doing the rioting on a democratic headquarters, which is VERY misleading. Then, in the story it never clarifies WHO is doing the damage, even though with a quick search, you can see it’s the same thugs (antifa) that have been destroying Portland for over 9 months. Yet, in all this time KTVZ REFUSES to name antifa or blame BLM for their destruction. Yet, are quick to blame anything on the right. Do you understand that you are not reporting truthfully?

    1. I will continue to use our national and state news sources as I can and will update, though I’m sure it will be insufficient for some (many?) – our focus of resources will remain on local news, that’s what folks beyond the endless argument crowd turn to us for primarily.

    2. Do you also go to Fox and Newsmax to demand they report the news as you see fit? Also…just a thought…but if you despise KTVZ and Barney so much why do you come to the site? You do realize you are free to go to any news source you like. For now…until the democrats take away all rights. They are coming for you!!! Bwahahahaha!!!!

    3. “Do you understand that you are not reporting truthfully?” Readers take note ! That attempts at respectful dialogue will still get you the same results… spin- denials- and arrogance ! Anything to avoid accountability for four years of hate- anger- and Demokrat propaganda for the sheer purpose of ousting one of the most effective President’s we’ve had in a century ! This is the “swamp”- now on steroids ! You will see your taxes go up- your services go down- gasoline prices will double in a year- the China virus will magically disappear but China will never be punished- you will all lose more and more of your civil liberties and rights as more state’s initiate Oregon’s brand of Martial Law- just call it an executive order- and bingo- social compliance by the weak minded fools in your state ! Make no mistake- this is exactly how the Third Reich came to power ! Thanks Barney ! We couldn’t have done it without ya !!!

  6. I’m confused. Covid21 says this is Antifa, but I thought Antifa=Democrats? But wait, they are attacking Biden and a Democratic headquarters! BGHW says they are not Trumpies, but patriotic Americans, but I thought Patriotic Republican Americans believed in law and order and were against rioting? I wonder if they just have a bad case of Biden Derangement Syndrome? Or maybe these two serial posters just have no coherency of thought?

  7. Its kind of like this is antifa nd blm’s way of saying the payment is due. They are saying remember us? Ya gotta pay the piper or we gonna hate you as well. NeXT it will be not only defund and abolish police and jails but the military as well and give us all the money.

  8. The Sore Loser False Equivalency crowd is apoplectic tonight, poor dears, their world is crashing down around their ears. You were lied to. You have no one to cry to. No one to blame for the sickness inside you. Deal, clowns, deal…

  9. Gawd almighty, here we go again. Portland really needs to get a grip on dealing with this sort of violence or it’ll become the New Normal. First thing is to get a county DA that’s willing to drag the rioters before a hanging judge.

  10. Jesus C people, lay off Barney! The poor guy has a job to do, sometimes he reports the news and sometimes he posts stories from the wire. I’ve subscribed to the Oregonian and the LA Times and they both did away with forums like this onethat we all enjoy. I don’t mind you abusing me or the next guy but please lay off the host. Here’s to four POS years ahead of us.

  11. When the hell is someone in leadership in our mismanaged state going to get the ***** to get tough on these thugs. Our Governor needs to get the hell out along with Wheeler in Portland. We are the laughing place in America.

  12. Antifa has no political affiliation, never has, they are anarchist. Antifa is the guise or label that these punks mostly in the NW coward under. To argue red or blue when it comes to this group is is off base. You are all bickering the same argument pointlessly. At least come to you senses and agree vandalism is a crime.

    1. Lot of bitterness here and as usual it’s easier to try and point fingers and make accusations than clear the haze of hate and ask what is really going on.

    2. Amazing how quickly violent and blm are disowned by the democrats. They were the pride and joy of the party praised by none other than Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris for their “uprisings.”. Now…. Not so much. What changed?

  13. Lay off Barney! I have known him for years and he is the very definition of professionalism in the news! KTVZ covers local stuff, they do not have reporters crawling all over the state and beyond. Ktvz is careful about the outside stories that it refers to as well. About this whole issue in Portland if you do not agree with what is reported go find out yourself, unless you like going to your corners and yelling at each other. I believe that there are agitators manipulating you on both sides but that is not what happens here at KTVZ nor with Barney!

    1. If that’s the case, and I see no reason to dispute it: So why do both sides waste so much time trying to blame the other for the violence, rather than pressing for tougher efforts to stop it? (I guess it’s because we live in a Blame Society;-/

        1. So why do so many haters work hard to find “evidence” of allegiances and blame the other side, rather than unite in calling for a crackdown on violence, from whatever quarter? Because for way too many it’s more about winning and blame than solutions, I guess.

          1. Like you stated, we live in a blame society. I never said ANTIFA was connected to democrats. But I guess I do blame that group. Guilty as charged. Have a nice day Barney.

  14. Protesters dressed as far-left, antifa demonstrators have taken to the streets not only in Portland, but also in Seattle, Boston and Washington. They were graffitiing buildings with “**** Biden” and carrying signs that read “We are ungovernable”; “We don’t want Biden – we want revenge”. They were calling for ‘revenge for police murders, for imperialist wars and fascist massacres.’
    Unrest rocks America. And everyone in the world watch these protests with horror. Who knows what can happen if the newly-elected authorities are overthrown? Whose orders will military and law enforcement forces have to obey then? And in whose hands will be the button that launches the US nuclear missiles and other weapons of mass destruction?…

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