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Two Bend men arrested in 6 recent car thefts; 3 stolen guns also recovered

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Two days after Bend police reported a 56% jump in car thefts last year and plans to curb the trend, officers announced Thursday the arrest of two Bend men in connection with a half-dozen recent car thefts.

Police recovered vehicles stolen in Bend, Sisters, Redmond and Eureka, California, as well as three stolen guns.

Bend police over the past couple of months had noticed a trend of stolen vehicles, particularly Honda cars, Lt. Clint Burleigh said.

On Saturday, police recovered a 1992 Honda Civic stolen out of Eureka after the driver eluded officers, Burleigh said. Several stolen items were found in the car, he said, and officers are working to connect the items with victims throughout the area.

Later that same day, Bend police and members of the Central Oregon Emergency Response Team recovered a stolen 1999 GMC Sierra pickup, an incident police reported on Tuesday. A 19-year-old Bend man was arrested, and a subsequent investigation found him to be responsible for another four car thefts and a variety of other charges.

On Wednesday, police working on the investigation determined the location of a 24-year-old Bend man with an arrest warrant for parole violation who was the main suspect in recent stolen vehicle cases, Burleigh said.

That man was located at a home in northeast Bend. He was the passenger in a vehicle that was not stolen, but the female driver refused to stop for officers and eventually pulled into the Juniper Swim and Fitness Center parking lot. Both occupants fled, but the wanted man was arrested without incident near Juniper Park.

So far, six stolen cars have been recovered, including a Toyota Tacoma stolen in Redmond, a Toyota Tundra stolen in Sisters, a GMC Sierra, two Honda Accords, a Honda Civic and a Honda CRV, Burleigh said. Three stolen guns also were recovered.

The 19-year-old was lodged in the Deschutes County Jail on a variety of charges, from theft and five counts of car theft to felony and misdemeanor eluding police, reckless driving, ID theft and fraudulent use of a credit card. The 24-year-old faces a car theft charge.

Burleigh said more charges are expected against both men as the investigation continues. He told NewsChannel 21 it's believed the two were working together.

"At this point," he said, "it appears they were being used for transportation, and most likely vehicles to commit further criminal activity in, based on multiple stolen items found in a recently recovered stolen vehicle."

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  1. I was right in the middle of this pursuit. It did not end in the Juniper Park parking lot, though…it was on 6th, half a block north. The car flew by me ran a stop sign locked up his brakes and slid to a stop in the front yard of a house. Two people got out with big packbacks and ran separate directions into the park. About 30 seconds later, three cop cars showed up, I stopped the first one and told them where the two guys were and pointed out the car. They did not thank me or anything, but it is good to see that they caught them They would not have caught them without my point out where the guys ran to, because they were out of sight by the time the cops showed up. Not looking for credit, but just wanted to fill in the facts.

    1. Yeah, you are looking for credit so here you go: Wow, cool story bro! You totally saved the day by being in the right place at the right time! Too bad those lame cops were so ungrateful that they didn’t even thank you because you are the true hero! There… feel better?

      1. I assume you are related to one of the cops whose job I had to do for them? No other reason for such a dumb comment. btw my main interest was pointing out the occasional discrepency between what the police report and what actually occurs. It is a caution tale if you are ever accused or involved in a crime.

    2. Bro, give it a rest. Nobody cares where you were or what you did in this matter. You aren’t important, stop trying to get people to thank you for something you didn’t do. Get a life

      1. I don’t understand why people react like this when someone helps the cops. I guess it just a lot of cop haters. both people were dressed in black, wearing hoodies and ran pretty fast haha

    1. Sorry, our current policy is to not always name crime suspects, not before formal charges and even then a judgment call in terms of severity of crimes due to the permanent nature of the Internet. (It’s not a common stand, at present, so the info is understandably not hard to find…)

    2. It’s as easy as looking up the Deschutes County Jail roster. KTVZ is a decade behind the rest of the new world, you can find their names on Central Oregon Daily…

    3. The 19 year old was identified in the Bend Bulletin on February 4th. He is still in jail if you’d like to look him up. Hopefully, now that they have determined he has stolen multiple vehicles, they will jack up the bail. He is only be held now on a parole violation.

      1. tomd is upset? Do you defend LaPine and Prineville when those towns are ridiculed in these comment sections or just Bend? besides tomd, be happy, no worries, China Joe Obiden will fix everything!!!

        1. Sombody is still a little butthurt about their hero turning out to be a traitor? Just wait until trumpie the TV Clown gets sued for defamation ; the MAGA tears will start all over again.

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